Sunday, May 31, 2015

TWINS(Nolasco) over Blue Jays(Hutchison) parlayed with ARIZONA(Anderson) over Milwaukee(Wagner) parlayed with ASTROS(Hernandez) over White Sox(Danks) +590-------Batters hit .315 so far off Nolasco but he has gotten good run support and the Twins keep rolling along...........Who is Wagner?  Nobody knows,  the internet doesn't know but Anderson,  aside from getting rocked by Colorado, has been consistently effective.(Lose 7-6 and 6-0...........Who would have guessed that Danks would get a CG-SHO ?   Wow,  and now I'm betting Houston again today.   At least the Twins won,  with Ryan Pressly getting the W with 2/3inn after JR Graham had to go 3inn after Nolasco got hurt.)

Saturday, May 30, 2015

MIAMI MARLINS(Koehler) +115 over New York Mets(Niese)-----Mets 27-22 record may be a bit too good for their low .237 team BA.   Both teams have scored almost the same number of runs,  the Mets have taken 14 more walks.........yet the Marlins hit .257,  which pretty decent.   Koehler does have the Pitcher Revenge against the Mets here and is hard to hit.   Miami is 19-30  that's.......looking like something that can be improved on.     Niese has been getting shelled lately.(Win 9-5.........What a WAY to make a livin...........and its..........GETTIN by.......there's no takin and no givin..........Stanton 2HR but the game-winning RBIs game on the bases-loaded double by Christian Yelich.  JT Realmuto 2-4,  HR..........Dee Gordon 2-5 moving to .374.........never thought of him as a high-average hitter but he hit .304 his first year,  and .289 last year.)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Hellickson) +127 over Milwaukee Brewers(Lohse)-----Hellickson is not as good of a pitcher as Lohse,  but after Josh Hamilton hit 2HRs yesterday we can take a look at that JH.   AZ is scoring ok right now,  and they are actually 6th in baseball in batting average at .265.(Win 7-3.......2HR Paul Goldschmidt............Hellickson 2-3 as a hitter...........Mark Trumbo 3-5.)
BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Chen) -137 over Tampa Bay Rays(Ramirez)(Lose 3-0.........Ramirez dominates)

Friday, May 29, 2015

SAINT LOUIS CARDINALS(Lackey) -120 over La Dodgers(Bolsinger)-----in 25 innings vs Sf,  miami,  Col,  and SD,  Bolsinger has been dominant.   I haven't seen him pitch so I don't know what he's doing.  But you have to look at the holes in the Dodgers offense.............they exist.   The Cardinals don't seem to have any holes;  Heyward bats 8th and his average is .239.  Pretty good hitter though for the #8 slot.   So,  while its a close decision,  I'll go with the 36-year-old Lackey who has done the job this year.   You have to admit he's been effective.(Win 3-0..........Peralta 2-3........Lackey 7inn,  1 BB and 9K's)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Bettis) +145 over Philadelphia Phillies(Hamels)-----Phillies at 19-30,  losing more than 3 for every 2 that they win they shouldn't be favored.   However good you think Hamels is,  Utley is still mired at .188 and Galvis has declined to .303:  There's no offense improvement.   Despite Carlos Gonzalez being at .208,  the Rockies can sometimes score pretty well.(Win 4-1..........Troy Tulowitski 4-4,  2HR........Bettis an 8inn 2-hitter with no walks)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

ATLANTA(Miller) +124 over San Francisco(Heston)--------Chris Heston,  who gets rocked every other game about,  is inconsistent.   And the Braves have Jonny Gomes.......on the same day that Julia Goerges beat the 5th ranked player in women's tennis.(Lose 7-0...........Fuck this losing garbage.  How bad does the Braves offense suck????  18th out of 30 teams in batting average:  .246.   Ok;  they suck.  But you can't hit fucking Heston???   Fuck you.)

TEXAS RANGERS(Martinez) -102 over Boston Red Sox(Rodriguez)-----I guess nobody thinks the Rangers can hit lhps.  Because,  with Rodriguez having zero MLB innings,  there's no respect in this line for Martinez pitching at home here.(Lose 5-1..........Guess they're right:  Rangers get 3 hits off the left-hander.   Not good.)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

MARINERS(Hernandez) -122 over Rays(Archer)-----Archie Bradley did terrible this bet makes sense against Archer.(Win 3-0........GWHR Nelson Cruz.   Mariners get only 3 Total Hits in this game.   Gotta thank Felix)

SAN FRANCISCO(Vogelsong) +114 over Milwaukee(Fiers)------Giants offense just looks so solid;  all starters are either at .300 or above or just below.  Vogelsong coming off 4 good starts after starting the years poorly.(Win 3-1......Joe Panik 2-4,  HR.........Angel Pagan 2-4)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Bradley) +145 over St. Louis Cardinals(Garcia)-----A number of Diamondbacks----including 'lite-hitting' Ahmed----have hit lhps this season and,  while Garcia's had only 1 start this year---which was an effective one,  given what happened to Jeremy Guthrie yesterday,  this could be a good day to go against Jaime Garcia.(Lose 6-4........Nick Ahmed 2-4, HR..........but Bradley was terrible.........just fucking terrible:  3 walks, 5 hits and 6 ERs allowed in only 3 innings.   The worst.)

Monday, May 25, 2015

TEXAS(Klein) +125 over Cleveland(Marcum)------Both teams are on 6-1 runs but Rangers offense looks hotter.(Win 10-8........Klein and Marcum both rocked..........Elvis Andrus and Adrian Beltre both 2-4, HR..........Fielder 3-5, HR)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

CINCINNATI REDS(Iglesias) +176 over Cleveland Indians(Bauer)-------Bauer:  hard to hit but he walks people.   But I saw that windshield:  187 shots and the cop's Not Guilty,  Cleveland?  Psshhh.  I take that as a problem with Cleveland.   Reds........7-game losing streak,  ok,  looks like that have about 3 averages among starters,  including Bruce and Hamilton,  that are "problematically low".  I think Jose Iglesias was 2-2 for the Tigers yesterday,  wasn't he? (Lose 5-2...........NO walks by Bauer.  And Reds fail for me again.   Iglesias:  Terrible with 3 walks and 4 hits in only 3innings)

SAINT LOUIS CARDINALS(Wacha) +106 over Kansas City Royals(Ventura)-----Both these teams have won a lot of games----and the Royals have won as many as the Astros,  so you know they're good.  But with Mike Wright pitching a 7-inn 3-hitter for Baltimore yesterday while Mike Bolsinger pitched an 8-inning 1-hitter with no walks and Mike Napoli hitting 2 HRs for the Red Sox,  I think Wacha's a must-bet today.(Win 6-1)
 PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Harang) +150 over Washington Nationals(Gonzalez)----Nationals on a 6-1 run but Gonzalez..........not doing so great.   Harang,  on the other hand,  has walked fewer than 1 every 4 innings and really deserves to be bet on at this price.   While Utley and Howard are in the process of raising their low averages,  the Phillies do have some promising rh-hitting talent in Galvis, Franco and Ruf.(Lose 4-1............Very disappointing loss by Phillies;  probably Gonzalez' BEST start of the year against us.)

Friday, May 22, 2015

HOUSTON ROCKETS +1500 to win series with Golden State Warriors----------Wo!  All they gotta do is beat the Warriors,  and I get 15-1?   In for a penny,  in for a POUND.  Yes! know............makes a lot of 3s.   But you know when you shoot from long range,  2 things can happen.  And 1 of them is bad.(Lose 3-1.............How do they lose Game 3 like that?   Huh?  Its their 1st home game in the series at which they are down 0-2.    Where the fuck's the Win in that game?  I mean,  they lost Game 3 by about 35 points.   ?????)
LOS ANGELES ANGELS(Richards) +107 over Boston Red Sox(Porcello)-----Porcello has gotten better over his last 4 starts and,  admittedly,  we have had a significant history of compiling some very,  very bad results betting on Angels' games.   However,  we will give this team a chance to win for us today.  Mike Aviles 4-5 HR yesterday on the Indians;  Michael Cuddyer 3-3 on the Mets;  Michael Mckenry HR and 3 BB yesterday...........and the Angels have a star hitter with that name.  And Richards hasn't really gotten hit this year;  he's walked 17 in 39 innings,  but he's throwing a .169 BA.(Win 12-5..........Wow,  a huge win.   Trout 3-6,  Erick Aybar HR,  Iannetta HR,  Matt Joyce 2-3.........Albert Pujols 2-6, HR.........Giavotella 3 BB.)

LA DODGERS(Greinke) -200 over San Diego Padres(Cashner)(Win 2-1)
LA DODGERS(Greinke) -1.5(+125) over San Diego Padres(Cashner)----Cashner's not bad but I'll still take this.  LAD hitting .261 to Padres .246...........but Dodgers have scored only 5 more runs than the Padres.(Lose 2-1.....Chris Hatcher with the W in 1/3.........Joc Pederson GWHR)

YANKEES(Pineda) over Rangers(Lewis) parlayed with RAYS(Archer) -1.5 over A's(Kazmir)(+300)-----Christian Bethancourt 3-4 yesterday to get to .190 and I'm gonna go with Archer.   Pineda only 3BB in 51innings.  Wow.  I expect to see some run support for him tonight.(Lose 10-9........At -180,  all the Yankees had to do was win...........and I would have had a lot of money.   Very unfortunate for the Yankee organization that they couldn't win here for us------the Gregorius error was a tough hop,  but Pineda also made an error so they lost this on unearned runs.)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

HOUSTON ROCKETS +10 over Golden State Warriors(Win 110-106)

LA DODGERS(Frias) -120 over San Francisco Giants(Hudson)-----Giants have scored 30---yes, 30 runs---in their last 3 games..........and they now have Pence in their lineup.   Maybe they can let up for a game..........uh,  Hudson doesn't walk people but,  with batters hitting .291 off him,  he's not unbeatable.   Carlos Sanchez had the GWRBI for the White Sox last night while Carlos Gomez was 2-5 w/HR for the Brewers in a win while Carlos Torres got the W for the Mets in 2 innings of work.  That's pretty broad on that name,  so I like Frias.(Lose 2-0)

Friday, May 15, 2015

CHICAGO(Rodon) +115 over Oakland(Hahn)-----GWHR last night for underperforming Carlos Gonzalez on the Rockies.........and here we have Carlos Rodon;  2HR yesterday by Anthony Recker and CWS' Alexei Ramirez mirrors that.  Hahn was pretty good last year.........but this year he's at least "beatable" if not kinda bad. (Win 7-6..........Rodon walked 6 in 4 innings........Scott Carroll got the W.......3 RBI by LaRoche,  2 by Garcia.........Fernando Abad and Fernando Rodriguez combined to get this game lost for the A's)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Anderson) -116 over Philadelphia Phillies(Billingsley)-----Theoretically,  this bet should work due to the massive differential in SP's performance.........Arizona,  though itself a sub-.500 team,  does have some guys who are hitting.(Lose 3-4........PHGWRBI by Francoeur)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

HOUSTON ASTROS(Hernandez) -104 over Toronto Blue Jays(Hutchison)------Astros 21-13 with 7 starters in their lineup today hitting under .233.   Wow.   What's going on with this team?  Hutchison is throwing a .298 average to opp bats but has managed to pick up 3 wins and avoid any know,  I think I'm gonna go a little harder..(Win 6-4)
HOUSTON ASTROS(Hernandez) -1.5(+170) over Toronto Blue Jays(Hutchison)--------with Aaron Harang shutting down the Pirates today-----AJ Hinch at manager.(Win 6-4..........Honestly,  I watched the first 6innings of this game----till Fields came in-----and,  aside from Tucker,  I saw some of the worst hitting  BY HOUSTON that I've ever seen.   Like,  HOW can this team be winning 2/3 of its games with this kind of inept batsmanship?  Rasmus and Carter.........their bats coming no where near the ball,  not knowing which pitches to swing at.   It was,  of course,  a pleasant and unbelievable surprise that Houston came back to win both these bets.   Give Hutchison credit:  He challenged these hitters throughout his start..........well,  Josh Fields came in for Houston and got the win.)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Hamels) +115 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Liriano)-----Lotta low averages on both these teams.  However,  aside from Utley, Howard and Revere,  multiple Phillies HAVE had some success vs lhps this year.  And Kang and Marte look like the only Pirates who have hit lhps.  Still,  its risky betting Phillies:  this is an 11-23 team this year,  but,  if a Port Richmond Frankford Junction 7-car derailment Level III Mass Casualty Event can't help this team turn the curve,  I don't know what COULD.(Win 3-2.......Galvis 2-3 with the GWRBI----at least the Phillies have him in this,  their time of crisis with Utley hitting .123.  Ruiz an RBI but not many hits in this game.)

REDS(Iglesias) over Braves(Stults) parlayed with KANSAS CITY(Ventura) over Texas(Gallardo) parlayed with DODGERS(Frias) over Marlins(Cosart) +434------Seems to be some interest in the information for this Reds pitcher---I don't trust the Reds' offense myself but,  seems,  it'd be hard to be shut down by a guy like Stults.  I think Ventura's ok here,  he's just allowed a lot of runs for some reason.  I know the Dodgers won big yesterday but...........they are at home and I've seen Frias throw and,  tho he hasn't pitched deep into a game yet or had many starts,  he looks good to me.(Lose 5-4 and 5-2..........Again Ventura can't avoid allowing runs.  Iglesias sure kicked ass but.......Adam Liberatore take the L for the Dodgers' bullpen)
HOUSTON ROCKETS +600 to win series over La Clippers-------Sorry,  the information just changed..........Clippers looked like they were gonna fly after going judenrein at the ownership level.  (But Ballmer looks kind of obnoxious,  doesn't he?).   Clippers just couldn't close in time.  Wow,  Rockets have Corey Brewer and Terrence Jones;  thats looking better now.(Win 4-3.........You saw,  with the Clippers driving their lead in 3rd quarter in Game 6,  Chris Paul do his "Satyr-Hop" while he dribbling.............right?  Yeah,  no celebrations or exuberant moves when you're way ahead.  Bad luck............"Kriss-tees with my at tha MO-MA.........bake dares an turkey-bacon smell d'Aroma..........")

MEMPHIS +535 to win series over Golden State------This series is tied!  And its still +535!!?   I can see why Houston is +600 because they can't lose again.(Lose 4-2............Well,  Memphis,  if a guy on the other team is gonna make a 2/3-length-of-the-court shot at the buzzer in your own arena,   your luck's just not right.  There's no way to win when that happens.)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

LA CLIPPERS -3 over Houston Rockets-------2 no-hit innings by Matt Barnes to get the win for Boston yesterday........that name plays for the Clippers who are looking pretty good in this series.(Lose 124-103.........Griffin yes,  with 30pts and 16 REBs;  Redick no,   with 1-8 on 3ptrs;  Matt Barnes no, 1-8;  Rivers 3-11........don't think its gonna happen for Clippers now,  at least they beat the Spurs in dramatic fashion.)

DIAMONDBACKS(De La Rosa) +127 over Nationals(Strasburg)----Diamondbacks disgraced me yesterday but..........I  just   don't    like the Nationals right now.(Win 14-6........Trumbo 2HR,  David Peralta 3-5,  Aaron Hill 3-5,  Owings 3-5,  Nick Ahmed!  .....2-3 boosting his average to .150........Inciarte an HR and Rubby De La Rosa gets his first career RBI.   What a game!  Career Worst by Strasburg with 8 R allowed,  7ER allowed ties his career-hi.   14 Runs allowed by Nationals sets new career hi for them since they became a team in 2005.)

Monday, May 11, 2015

BOSTON(Porcello) +108 over Oakland(Kazmir)-----Slick Rickie Fowler,  birdie-ing and eagling out to make the playoff...........then winning the TPC at Sawgrass yesterday.   We'll go with Rick.   David Murphy was 4-4 yesterday,  Red Sox have Ortiz.(Win 5-4............GWHR Pablo Sandoval)

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Peralta) -110 over Chicago White Sox(Samardzija)----Brewers have won their last 2,  but they have a long way to go to achieve a respectable winning percentage. (Win 10-7..........Elian Herrera and Carlos Gomez 2-4 w/HR each.........Parra 2-5 and Khris Davis w/  an HR)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Collmenter) +138 over Washington Nationals(Scherzer)----Don't believe the hype:  Nationals suck.  Horrible,  stupid team.   Remember how they "shut down" Strasburg for the post season and then went out pathetically??   Idiots.  Morons.   And Scherzer......he really doesn't have much besides a fastball.   In the aridity of Arizona,  which he's not used to,  I'm predicting some wildness from him.(Lose 11-1.........Yunel Escobar like this..........makes you not wanna even get on the train in the morning.)

BRAVES(Miller) +128 over Reds(Leake)-----------Reds are horrible........just a wisp of a team.  I don't care who's pitching for the Reds;  they're not gonna win.   And Miller is kind of good.(Win 2-1........Simmons 2-5 HR)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Young) -101 over Detroit Tigers(Greene)----Greene's season has been curious:  3 very good wins followed by 3 brutal rockings.  One might opine that he now deserves to do good again.  Young has only 1 start which was a 5inn no-hitter.   With Khris Davis going 3-3 yesterday in a fine destruction of the Cubs,  I'll bet Young.  In fact,  if the Tigers can't beat the mediocre Jeremy Guthrie for me,  I'm gonna play this REALLY HARD,  as the Tigers Fucking Suck Game of The Year.  ok,  Gordon Beckham beat me and the Reds with a GWRBI single off Chapman.   Royals have Alex Gordon.  YOU know..............what that name means to me........So if that little fucker isn't at least 3-4  in this game,  YOU know what city's gonna fucking burn.   NOT Kansas City.(Win 2-1.......................Very nice:  HBP on Gordon....who becomes the Game Winning Run.   Just so long as you're THINKING.......lest my persecution by in vain.)
WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Zimmerman) -1.5(+135) over Atlanta Braves(Wood)-----Well,  on May 5th,  when the Nationals were getting shut down by Mat Latos,  Harper was hitting .245.   Over the next 3 games,  Harper averaged 2 HR and 4 RBIs PER GAME...........and is not hitting .292.   While Zimmerman has been rocked once(by Boston) and batters have hit .281 off him,  he looks like he's done ok,  not giving many walks.   Wood has been hittable,  and,  Ryan Zimmerman and Werth should pad their (weak) stats by hitting him.  Nats on a 3-0 run now,  and,  while they've been projected as great,  and they're just above .500 now,  we'll guess they're only in the EARLY stages of a winning streak.........and ON WISCONSIN.(Lose 5-4........WITH SUNGLASSES ON Bryce Harper loses a routine fly ball in the fucking sun,  allowing a run to score and losing this bet.   What the FUCK was Jayson Werth doing jacking off between 2nd and 3rd after Zimmerman knocked in the tying run???  GODDAMN IDIOT.  fucking dumbass piece of shit.  motherfucking DICKHEAD.  If Werth hadn't been caught out,  he would have scored on Wilson Ramos' double and this bet would have won.  FORGET THIS FUCKING TEAM.  Dumbass retarded PHAGGOTS.  MOTHERFUCKING MORONS.  Fuck this goddamn shit-ass Washington.  Shit head dip shit fucks.)

REDS(Lorenzen) +100 over White Sox(Danks)------CWS hitting 10 points higher than Reds but they are underscoring every other team in baseball.   This line just came down from +112.(Lose 4-3.........Reds offense is the worst in baseball.  You can't beat the White Sox??  The White Sox with Johnny DANKS' weak-ass shit??? You suck.  You fucking suck.  You're the worst.   But lemme tell you fucking losers what you had:  Cozart doubles to tie the game.  You have runner on 2nd,  no outs.   Billy Hamilton,  after a futile effort trying to bunt in which he pathetically pops it foul,  strikes out.  1 out,  tie game,  winning run on 2nd.  Marlon Byrd takes strike 2 followed by strike 3,  right down the middle.  WHAT ARE WAITING FOR YOU FAT-ASS ROCK??  This guy's not fucking around,  he's throwing strikes.  Backward K by Byrd.   Now,  considering that,  I don't disagree with Votto's decision to swing at the first pitch.  But Votto's such a WEAK-ASS, PATHETIC hitter that he grounds it out.   So then Chapman loses it by allowing 3 straight singles with 2 outs----with a 100mph Wild Pitch advancing the runners in between.   He's big but............if you can't change speeds,  you really shouldn't be in MLB.  100mph pitches are hittable if that's all you throw.  FUCK the Reds,  this team is fucking shit.  Totally weak,  slow,  fat, out of shape..........can't fucking score.  They'll be one of the very worst teams in the National League this year.  What a pathetic fucking failure.  Just get out of the fucking MLB if you're just gonna walk around like you don't fucking care.  Quit.   Stop pretending you wanna fucking be there.  Losers)

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Vogelsong) -108 over Miami Marlins(Latos)(Win 3-2)
SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Vogelsong) -1.5(+195) over Miami Marlins(Latos)-----Phelps beat Bumgarner?? yesterday?? Cisco, Texas was taking a tornado-hit.   We'll see if the Cisco Giants can bounce back today.   Vogelsong HAS had 2 good he's capable.  Orioles couldn't win for us,  perhaps Vogelsong can. (Lose 3-2..........Vogelsong good.........SF lucky to win cuz their offense is so weak.)

TWINS(May) +155 over Indians(Salazar)--------I agree that Salazar is the better SP.   With Salazar getting a huge number of K's,  May has also gotten his fair share of strikeouts.   But..............Twins just way too hot right now for this price. (Lose 8-2...........2 Total Hits by Twins.  1 hit and 0 walks allowed by Salazar in 7 innings.   Forget the Twins,  they won't win 2 consecutive games for the rest of this fucking season.   Pshhhh.  The Twins:  May 6 ER in 4inn and he's proven he's the worst SP in fucking baseball.   Joke.  Loser.  )


Saturday, May 09, 2015

ANGELS(Shoemaker) -110 over Astros(Keuchel)-----Ok,  21 hits off Keuchel in 45 innings.  How's he doing it?   Ok,  Astros 19-11..........biggest story in baseball----how is this being done.   Astros have 2 batters hitting better than .300,  but the rest..........not so great.   Team batting average for Angels is .226: one of the worst.   But they've scored as many runs as the Mets and more than Colorado.   With all their rhbs,  Angels look like they should hit lhps(Trout and Pujols are below .200 vs lhps for the season).   Shoemaker did ok in his last start,  tho Angels didn't win.   Angels at home here on a 3-5 run.(Lose 6-5.........boy you really FUCKED UP this time,  didn't you?  Despite Mike Trout's 3-4, HR,  Angels fucking lose.   Angels lose because Matt Shoemaker SUCKS......and Albert Pujols goes 0-5 w/ 5 LOB(and I never thought that guy was a very good hitter----why is he still in MLB??  I don't know;  guy sucks and always HAS.)   Angels get 10 Total Hits,  Astros get 6 Total Hits.  Angels lose.   DOESN'T MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE, DOES IT MOTHERFUCKER?)

MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES +175 over Golden State Warriors-----I guess Curry doesn't hit his 3s every game.   I'd say that with Brandon Belt and Brandon Guyer going a combined 6 for 7 yesterday in baseball,  Memphis will have an advantage with Zach Randolph.(Win 99-89)

TIGERS(Sanchez) over Royals(Guthrie) parlayed with ARIZONA(Anderson) over San Diego(Ross)(+215)-----After what Sanchez did for Toronto yesterday,  gotta try Detroit here with Anibal.(Lose 6-2 and 6-4..........Right out of the fucking gate Sanchez loses me this bet.   Hard to believe the Tigers would fuck me like this.  Chase Anderson did do well---7inn 1ER.   But the Tigers had already ruined the day long before that happened.)

Thursday, May 07, 2015

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(De La Rosa) over San Diego Padres(Despaigne) parlayed with ROYALS(Volquez) over Indians(Kluber)(+290)------Eduardo Escobar 3-4,  5RBI, HR yesterday so bet Edinson.(Win 11-0 and 7-4.........David Peralta 4-5,  Mark Trumbo 2-4, HR,  Paul Goldschmidt 2-4, HR,  Tomas 3-5,  Tuffy Gosewich 3-4, 4RBI..........Volquez walks 6 in 3innings but Royals still win.......Mike Moustakas 3-4,  Morales 2-4,  Perez 2-5,  Hosmer 2-4 HR.........Franklin Morales gets the W with 2innings pitched)

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Jimenez) +100 over New York Mets(DeGrom)----Probably fair to say that Orioles will be better than their current .500 record.  Mets are 17-10 and have been carried so far by Colon.  Jimenez hasn't given any reason why he shouldn't be trusted this season.(Lose 5-1.......Dilson Herrera 3-3, HR.  Who the fuck is Dilson Herrera?   Jimenez:  Worst start of the year.  Jimmy Paredes 1-5 with 5 LOB.  Orioles K 9 times vs Degrom.  Oh,  I'm so fucking grateful these birds couldn't win for us.........
(Grady Gideon Byrd told CNN that his son, 53-year-old Greg Byrd, and two grandsons, Christopher, 27, and Phillip, 25, were on the plane.).....)

MIAMI MARLINS(Koehler) +195 over Washington Nationals(Scherzer)------Nats were a "projected Top Team",  supposed to finish 20 games over they are 13-15.   Nuttin special.  Yet,  they've still got the big price........Ok,  true,  Scherzer has allowed only 5 BB and 25 H in 35 innings but..........look at all those sorry-ass batting averages on Washington.   This team is just not ready to win,  not ready to be -235,  even at home.  (Lose 7-5.........You know,  this bet would have won if Bryce Harper hadn't hit 3 Home Runs against me.   Huh.  If Harper had hit only 1 Home Run and had only 2 RBI(instead of 5),  I would have won.   Yeah,  and Stanton had 5 LOB for me in addition to his HR.  What a waste of a +195 opportunity.)

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Heston) -133 over San Diego Padres(Kennedy)-----Heston took 1 rocking in Colorado and,  besides that,  he's been excellent.  Giants going for the sweep here at home and,  while the Padres DO have some hitters who have hit .300 this year,  I'll bet that SF's offense is gonna be more on the ascendant going forward while Kennedy remains one of those perennially "beatable" pitchers.(Lose 9-1.......Heston fucking sucks.   It's one thing that the shit-ass Giants,  somewhat surprisingly,  couldn't hit Kennedy.  But Heston allowed 11 hits in 5innings,  5 ERs and 3 walks.   Thanks a lot,  DICK-HEAD.   Oh,  here's Jedd fucking Gyorko raising his average to fucking .182 with a 2-5,  2RBI.   Sick fucking loss---FUCK the Giants.)

ARIZONA(Ray) +131 over Colorado(Lyles)----Very interesting to see Ray making an MLB start after giving up exactly 26ER in 28innings for the Tigers in 2014 while having batter hit .350 off him.  I guess after Archie Bradley got line-drived in the face Ray is the replacement.   I'm guessing Ray has worked some kind of wonders in the minor leagues so..........Look,  Rockies are hitting .275 but they've scored fewer runs than the Cubs.......and fewer than Arizona too.   Lyles has walked 16 in 29 innings.   Surely this game will be decided by the bullpens.(Win 5-1........Ray:  6inn no walks.  Gosewich 3-4)

Sunday, May 03, 2015

MARLINS(Cosart) -1.5(+115) over Phillies(Gonzalez)----Zack Cosart went 3-5 with an HR to beat BCLI yesterday,  which was strange,  because the pitcher for the Reds in that game was Marquis,  the worst pitcher in baseball.   Marlon Byrd was 2-3 w/HR for the Reds also.  And Russell Martin was 3-5 w/ HR for Toronto yesterday while Marwin Gonzalez was 2-4 and Marisnick was 2-4 for Houston.  Martin Maldonado was 2-4 for the Brewers in a very rare upset victory for that team.  Texas...........did win as an underdog with Nick Martinez as their starting pitcher yesterday and with the Marlins having Martin Prado(who was 2-3 w/HR yesterday) and Marcell Ozuna(2-5 yesterday),  the tectonic plates will absolutely create another treMAR if this MARTIAL LOCK Game of The Year does not win and win BIG.(Lose 6-2..........Unfucking believable.  Howard's hitting .193 and he does 2 for 4 against me??????   Sizemore goes 2 for 5 against me at .191?????   This is absolutely sick.  The Marlins can't beat the fucking Phillies for a GOY???????  Clearly,  one of the biggest disgraces in BCLI history.   And who the hell is Severino Gonzalez????  Epic failure by Marlins.)

Saturday, May 02, 2015

ATLANTA BRAVES(Stults) -110 over Cincinnati Reds(Marquis)------Eric Hosmer 3-4 yesterday while Eric Sogard was 2-4 for Oakland so I like Stults A LOT more than Marquis.(Lose 8-4..........Fuck both these teams;  they're both making me lose this year.   Top 4 hitters in Braves' lineup go 0-16 for me with 5K's.   Reds never win for me when I bet on them.)

Friday, May 01, 2015

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Burnett) +135 over St Louis Cardinals(Lynn)-----Cardinals are way out ahead of da game at 15-6.........Pirates' averages still low,  with McCutchen still under .200.  However,  as effective as Burnett has been,  I'd say the Pirates' offense owes him a win. (Lose 2-1.........2 hits allowed by Burnett and he had his team's only RBI.  Psshhh.  What a joke this Pirates offense is.  Bases loaded for Pirates in the 6th,  no outs:  Harrison gets behind 0-2 but fouls off a ton of pitches to get to 3-2,  then pops up swinging at a pitch over his head.   McCutchen takes to 3-2 while swinging and missing at 1 strike.  He's patient........and then he takes strike 3.   Then Walker strikes out.   That's #2,  #3 and #4 in their order and Harrison's pop-up was the only ball put in play with bases-loaded.   Absolutely the worst offense in baseball.   No more bets on Pirates,  but maybe Pirates-Under)

PHILLIES(Williams) +137 over Marlins(Koehler)----Obviously at 8-15,  the Phillies deserve to be the underdog here,  and something,  ah.........catalytic is probably going to have to happen to,  u know,  get the Phillies to start winning........because look at this offense:  Utley .114,  Howard .194,  Sizemore .147.  That's their 3, 4 and 5 hitters all under .200.   They do have Galvis at .355 but........they just have to hit a lot better overall.(Lose 4-3.........only 5 total hits by Phillies but they did have bases loaded 1-out in the 4th----Galvis K'd and Howard was caught stealing home on the Wild Pitch.   Bad luck;  Phillies aren't totally dead to me like the Pirates are;  Utley did have an HR.........Marcell Ozuna 4-4 w/GWRBI)

BALTIMORE(Tillman) -106 over Tampa Bay(Colome)------This game is listed as a home game for the Orioles but............I think it's in Tampa.   Tillman has been rocked twice this year but,  even at 10-10,  the Orioles have been,  hitting .286,  close to the best offense in baseball so far.(Lose 2-0......3 hits allowed by Colome in 5inn;  very strange that Orioles' offense gets shut out here.)