Monday, June 30, 2014

BRAVES(Wood) over Mets(Wheeler) parlayed with CUBS(Arrieta) over Red Sox(Peavy) +250----- Braves coming off a 4-game sweep of Phillies;  Mets coming off a disgraceful loss for BCLI yesterday.......I think Braves should come up with just enough runs to win this game at home.  Peavy...just not that good this year.   Cubs...way below .500,  good chance for a win here with Arrieta.(Win 5-3 and 2-0...........Arrieta a no-hitter into the 8th,  Schierholtz an HR..........BCLI would like to thank Campbell,   Familia and Lagares for their cooperation in the Braves game.  Greatly appreciated.)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

METS(Colon) +108 over Pirates(Volquez)----Apparently this guy can still pitch.   1 walk every 7 innings over more than 100 innings for Colon.(Lose 5-2.........Colon rocked.  Why did that suddenly happen in THIS game?)

ORIOLES(Gonzalez) -103 over Rays(Cobb)(Lose 12-7)
ORIOLES(Gonzalez) -1.5(+185) over Rays(Cobb)-----Cobb seems to be an on/off pitcher,  hopefully he'll be off today as the Orioles definitely have the revenge against him.........see if we vin for Meh-hee-co.(Lose 12-7.......well,  Gonzalez only gave up 3 of the runs..........Matt Joyce 5-6,  2HR)

YANKEES(Whitley) -101 over Red Sox(Lackey)-----Yankees do have the Team Revenge against Lackey and,  while the Yankees haven't bee scoring much,  they've actually been a more productive offense than Boston this year.(Lose 8-5)

CINCINNATI REDS(Bailey) +107 over San Francisco Giants(Hudson)----Batters hitting .282 off Bailey this year which is high..........but I'll still take this as the Reds have been so red-hot lately.(Win 4-0........CG 3-hitter by Bailey)
COSTA RICA pk (-130) over Greece(1-1)
COSTA RICA +145 over Greece(Lose 1-1.........Oh come on!  Is this a fucking 90' +1 goal by Sokratis?   Great;  turned a 13 dollar win into a 9 dollar loss.   Why?   What the fuck is the point?)
COSTA RICA 3-0 (+2500) over Greece-----Although I may be biased after losing a little betting Greece against Colombia,  I'm surprised Greece made it to this point---they've been outscored 4-2 in their games.   And,  with Eric Campbell filling in at 3rd base for the Mets yesterday and going 3-4 in a win,  Costa Rica has Joel Campbell.(Lose 1-1)

Mexico vs Netherlands DRAW(+250)----From what I've seen,  Mexico is small and weak but they can pass and control the ball very well.   Both teams are good and its a shame they have to meet so early in the tournament.(Lose 2-1..........Worst call in FIFA history allowing a penalty kick for Huntelaar to score the game-winning goal.   Again,  incomprehensible.  Why not let it be a shoot-out?)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

COLORADO ROCKIES(Chacin) +139 over Milwaukee Brewers(Garza)-----Rockies..........still hitting an amazing .283 scoring 5 runs per game on average...........yet they are now 10 games below .500.   With Julio Cesar saving the game for Brazil in the shootout.......gotta be a better than average day for JCs............and Brewers are about 20 points weaker vs lhps.  Is Rockies' pitching that bad?(Lose 7-4...........ahhhh, they fucking suck.  They suck.  Chacin gives up 11 Hits and 7 runs in 5innings.)
ALGERIA to win World Cup +20000------Too big a number for such a fine team.  Gotta put a bit on this,  it could happen.

COLOMBIA to win World Cup +1200
COLOMBIA -1/2(-105) over Uruguay------I think Colombia's record speaks for itself:  they've won their games by a combined score of 9-2.   Uruguay has scored 4 goals and allowed 4 so far.(Win 2-0.......James Rodriguez 2 goals)

CHILE +1(+107) over Brazil(Win 1-1)
CHILE +350 (Draw pushes) over Brazil----I just like Chile a little better.   They beat Spain and lost to the Netherlands(a good team).....mmmm,  Brazil tied Mexico(also a good team)(Push 1-1)

Friday, June 27, 2014

ANGELS(Shoemaker) +107 over Royals(Vargas)-----Vargas has a good-looking winning record,  but the Royals are only 8-8 when he starts.   I've seen him pitch;  he's not that good......throws a lot of junky curveballs in the dirt.(Lose 8-6..........Cinderella-Honeymoon period over for Matt Shoemaker after THIS brutal,  CJ Cron 2HR and Angels lose........Omar Infante GS, of course,  the big hit..........Michael Mariot gets the Win as Vargas also got rocked)

TIGERS(Verlander) over Astros(Peacock) parlayed with MARINERS(Young) over Indians(Bauer) +250------Verlander brought it back down to earth last start after going on a 7 game run where he allowed 5+ ERs per game on average.   Hopefully he can get good again........or maybe I just can't see Peacock beating the Tigers having walked 38 in 66innings.   Mariners at home on a nifty little 8-3 run.(Lose 4-3...........1 WP and 1 Error by Verlander but this wasn't his fault;  an amazing 0-14 hole in 2-3-4 middle of Tigers' batting order composed of Hunter-Cabrera-Martinez...........Blaine Hardy takes the L in extra innings allowing the GWHR to Jason Castro)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

UNITED STATES to beat Germany without allowing a goal (+1100)(Lose)
UNITED STATES to win both halves against Germany (+2200)(Lose)
UNITED STATES to beat Germany(Draw pushes) +375-------I had thought that the USA's goalkeeping looked a bit shaky against Portugal.   But then...........Tim Lincecum pitched a no-hitter yesterday.(Lose 1-0..........Had to give this country a chance to pay back what it stole from me.  Damn.   Could have won so much..........Germany....definitely a much better team in terms of passing and ball possession(are they better than Mexico at passing?)........should never bet against Aryan-pure Germanic race but.....US coach is German.   Let my patriotism get the best of me,  that is,  The Last Bastion of a Scoundrel.)

GHANA +1/2(+110) over Portugal(Lose 2-1)
GHANA +260 over Portugal----------Black Stars.(Lose 2-1............"own goal" by John Boye)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

TWINS(Gibson) +162 over Angels(Wilson)(Lose 8-6)
TWINS(Gibson) 1st 5 Innings +160 over Angels(Wilson)-----Look at how good Gibson has done:  10 hits allowed in his last 21 innings?   Gotta play him.(Lose 7-6.......Unbelievable.   Gibson is totally destroyed in 2innings.   Seriously,  the guy was dominating;  I bet on him;  he gets killed.   Pshhh,  thought he was kinda good---Not)
COSTA RICA +1/2 over England parlayed with COLOMBIA -1/2 over Japan parlayed with COTE D'IVOIRE -1/2 over Greece (+670)(Lose 2-1.........Damn,  fucking Ivory Coast)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

LA ANGELS(Shoemaker) +107 over Texas Rangers(Darvish)------Big Team Revenge for Angels against Darvish for a 14-3 beating on May 4th.   Yeah.  And Tanaka lost today 8-0 at -235 makes sense.(Win 5-2..........HRs by Cron and Calhoun)
UNITED STATES +1/2(+110) over Portugal(Win 2-2)
UNITED STATES +290 over Portugal------I didn't have a good feeling about how the US "protected" its lead against Ghana as they seemed to get blasted by shot after shot,  or drive after drive.  Who knows if the US is even a "World Caliber" team as Altidore,  I've heard,  might be OUT.   But with the sun having already set on both the British and Spanish dispatches to this World Cup........and,  let's just say,  with the dinero colonial looking to be markedly inutil,  I think I might even put something on Guatemala or El Salvador against Portugal in this spot.(Lose 2-2.......Zusi taken out at 90'+1 before Portugal immediately scored the tie-goal)

BELGIUM -1/2 (-115) over Russia-----No, Russia,  I don't think so.  You couldn't even beat Korea,  which is bad enough.   But what about the time I lost 41 dollars betting Russian hockey to win the Olympics?  Honestly,  the Belgium names are looking better;  with Adam Wainwright winning yesterday,  who could ignore Axel Witsel?  Fellaini,  how 'bout that?  And with the heroic effort of Vincent Enyeama for Nigeria yesterday---who has not allowed a single goal in 2 games----Belgium has a Vincente.(Win 1-0.............GOOOOOAAAAALLLLL 88th minute by #17 Divock Origi)

ALGERIA pk +120 over Korea(Win 4-2........goals by Rafik Halliche,  Islam Slimani Abdelmou Mene and Yacine Brahimi...............this is a good team here,  can't believe they were underdogs)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

NIGERIA  +1/2 (+100) over Bosnia(Win 1-0)
NIGERIA +325 over Bosnia-------Nigeria failed to score against Iran so........they don't have a win yet.   I'm just thinking they should be able to do this.   Ghana,  as an underdog,  got the Draw against Germany just today so you have to figure that's a positive for Africa.   Nigeria is much bigger country,  you know.(Win 1-0..............GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL.....Peter Odemingi off a pass from Emenike)
CUBS(Wood) +108 over Pirates(Worley)------Cubs only hitting .235 compared to Pirates .260.   But Starlin Castro has gone 11-23 with 9RBI over the last 5 games.(Lose 5-3.........Worley throws 68 strikes in his 89 pitches----that's 76% strikes.   Wow.  He is..............not afraid of the Cubs)

LOS ANGELES DODGERS(Beckett) -116 over San Diego Padres(Ross)----Ross has walked 1 every 2.25 innings(which isn't good) but,  we must conclude,  he's been a good pitcher........and Beckett has been as good or probably better.   Offensively,  though,  there's just no approximation to equality;  Dodgers have hit 44 points higher,   scored more and walked more.(Win 4-2)

Friday, June 20, 2014

MARLINS(Alvarez) over Mets(Matsuzaka) parlayed with ANGELS(Richards) over Rangers(Saunders) +165------While Matsuzaka may or may not do well for the few innings that he usually lasts in a start,  I'm focusing more on the offensive weakness of the Mets lately;  the team has scored about 2.5 runs per game on average over their last 10.   Seems that the Marlins could muster up enough offense to win this game at home regardless of how good Dice-K is.   Saunders occasionally shuts a team down, but overall,  he's been hittable.    Angels' offense is scoring just a bit less than 5 runs per game;  they look ok and have made huge steps in increasing their walking which,  for many many years,  was something that they just didn't do.   AND,  besides getting rocked by Oakland and Houston,  Richards has been very consistent.(Win 3-2 and 7-3......Marcell Ozuna throws out 2 runners at home for Marlins and CJ Cron was 2-4 with HR with David Freese 2-4 for Angels)

DETROIT TIGERS(Porcello) +144 over Cleveland Indians(Kluber)-----Detroit...........bankrupt city.....Verlander brutalized.........Tigers still 5 games above .500 after a bone-chilling 11-19 Porcello good enough to save this sinking team...........with its new star Suarez after the glorious triumph by Uruguay in dispelling England from the World Cup?   It could be time.......time for salvation.(Win 6-4...........JD Martinez 3-4, HR......Victor Martinez HR)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

WHITE SOX(Quintana) -107 over Twins(Pino)----Quintana coming off 2 rockings...........he has NOT tended to win at 3-7..........his 1st start of the season he gave up 5 Run,  but only 2ERs,  to the Twins.   We'll give him a chance today with the Sox having won their last 2 with a combined 15 runs of offense(could they be starting a run?).   Looks like Pino's first MLB start here.......Quintero scored a goal in Colombia's World Cup win today so........maybe that would help Quintana.(Lose 4-2..........not enough offense by White Sox)

HOUSTON ASTROS(Mchugh) +153 over Tampa Bay Rays(Archer)----After going on a 14-5 run,  Houston is now only 1-4 over its last 5.   Mchugh,  we could say,  has the Pitcher Revenge against Tampa and.............he's been pretty hard to hit this year.   Astros' offense has recovered to become rather respectable of late and they've actually won more games now than the Rays have.(Lose earned runs allowed by Mchugh but......3 TOTAL HITS BY ASTROS!   SUCK.)

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Hahn) -139 over Seattle Mariners(Ramirez)(Win 4-1..........Maybin 2-3)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

CHILE +1(-115) over Spain(Win 2-0..........GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL.....Eduardo Vargas!!!)
CHILE +425 over Spain------Whatever may have changed since the Iberians lost 9-1 in a combined 2 games against western European teams,  the location has not----its still in Brazil.  And while Chile itself is not western European,  it has a fine record of hosting refugee Nazis in the chaotic post-WWII period in which Nazis were discriminated against,  oppressed,  hunted and misunderstood.(Win 2-0 ............GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL........Charles Aranguiz en el minuto cuarentitercero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

PHILLIES(Kendrick) +165 over Braves(Santana)-----Phillies have the Team Revenge against Santana for April 14th when he shut them down.   Both pitchers have the same ERA,  so let's see if the Phillies really suck or not.(Win 5-2.......HR Ryan Howard.........Cesar Hernandez 2-4)

METS(Niese) +150 over Cardinals(Wacha)(Lose 5-2)
Mets(Niese) vs Cardinals(Wacha) UNDER 7.5(-120)------Well,  the Cardinals' offense isn't that good either.(Win 5-2)
MEXICO +1 1/2(-125) over Brazil(Win 0-0)
MEXICO +800 over Brazil(Lose 0-0)
RUSSIA -1/2(-130) over Korea-----Russia's got an Italian coach........we'll go with that(Lose 1-1)

ALGERIA +1.5(-118) over Belgium(Win 2-1)
ALGERIA +875 over Belgium-------While Belgium has a 'Romelu Lukaku',  I don't see anything else particularly meaningful while Algeria has a Rafik Halliche,  a Halihodzic at coach,  a Mohammet or 2 and an Islam.   The choice for Algeria is very clear here as Islam is finally blossoming into a beautiful Islamic Republic in Iraq and Syria---at least for Sunis----after so many years of American-backed and American-propped-up Shiia oppression and dictatorship coming out of a guy named Maliki,  whose oppression techniques were deemed too harsh and severe by even Saddam Hussein.(Lose 2-1........Ohhhhhhhh Algeria do you know how much money you almost made me???   1-0 lead at halftime...............ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.   It was happening!  It could have happened.)

Monday, June 16, 2014

COLORADO ROCKIES(Matzek) +170 over La Dodgers(Ryu)------Dodgers are much worse(at .213) vs lhps.   Matzek's had one start,  which was good,  and the Rockies lost to Ryu last meeting,  giving them the Revenge here.   Add to that the fact that Colorado is a much better offense which actually hits better(.299) vs lhps.(Lose 6-1........Dee Gordon 4-4)
Portugal vs Germany DRAW(+255)-----Draw this game.(Lose 4-0............Thomas Muller 3goals)

UNITED STATES pk +115 over Ghana-----Despite the deep-sixing of Landon Donovan I do see a path to victory for this team with----and the story of this World Cup has been the #9 if you've been paying attention----#9 Aron Johannsson at that number for the Stars and Bars and you'd think,  with the US outsizing Ghana so much as a country that more good players would be able to be found in the United States.(Win 2-1)

NIGERIA -1/2 (-120) over Iran----#9 Emmanuel Emennike,  thats the guy,  he'll win it for them.(Lose 0-0)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

ARGENTINA -1.5(-105) over Bosnia-----Ohhhh,  I'm so depressed that Ecuador did that to me.  I CANNOT believe that shit.   awwww,  shit.   How could that HAPPEN?  We'll give Argentina the OPPORTUNITY to make this right.   But I don't know if they can;  I don't know if I'll ever feel like LIVING again!(Lose 2-1............Not good enough, Argentina-----Oh,  and you saw how it was Bosnia's #9 who scored to blow this bet, right?)
A's(Chavez) -172 over Yankees(Nuno)(Win 10-5)
A's(Chavez) -1.5(+120) over Yankees(Nuno)-----If the Padres can beat me with Jesse Hahn,  I should be able to win with Jesse Chavez and the MLB-leading A's(Win 10-5........Derek Norris 3-5 HR.....Coco Crisp 2-4, HR)
ECUADOR pk (+130) over Switzerland(Lose 2-1)
ECUADOR +215 over Switzerland-------Wow,  the gang is really all here with this Ecuador team;  Angels win 11-6 last night in Atlanta---Ecuador has Luis,  Gabriel, Michael.........they have a Dominguez,  with Matt Dominguez getting 3RBI last night.(Lose 2-1.......They HAD this!   a 1-0 lead..........squandered.   and the winning goal was by another #9 Haris Seferovic.   FUCK!)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

ITALY pk(+115) over England-----A---ZUUUUUURRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIII !  Get PUMPED Cesar.(Win 2-1......goals by #8 Claudio Marchisio and #9 Mario Balotelli)
METS(Wheeler) -121 over Padres(Hahn)----PH game-tying RBI last night by Ryan Wheeler for Rockies so we'll go with Wheeler here who is coming off a bad start but is capable of doing well.  Padres are near,  or setting,  league lows in hitting,  walking and scoring.(Lose 5-0........Oh how meretricious,  to lose 5-0 at home to Jesse Hahn and the Padres,  who never score 5 runs?????  )

CLEVELAND INDIANS(House) +131 over Boston Red Sox(Peavy)-----Peavy is getting scored on pretty consistently and,  while House may not be an established starter,  Indians offense is respectable.(Win 3-2.........Jason Kipnis 3-5)

NATIONALS(Strasburg) -130 over Cardinals(Miller)(Lose 4-1)
COSTA RICA +1(+105) over Uruguay(Win 3-1)
COSTA RICA +775 over Uruguay(Win 3-1..........Wow,  huge victory for coach Jorge Luis Pinto,   when have I last won a +775?   Goals by #9 Joel Campbell,  #6 Oscar Duarte and #21 Marcos Urena)

GREECE +1/2(+105) over Columbia(Lose 3-0.......terrible futbol team Greece has.  What a joke)

Friday, June 13, 2014

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Hernandez) -110 over Chicago Cubs(Arrieta)(Lose 2-1)
PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Hernandez) -1.5(+190) over Chicago Cubs(Arrieta)-----With the only goal in the Mexico-Cameroon game(well, the only goal that the officials allowed) being scored by ORiBe Peralta,  and 4 goals in the Netherlands blowout going to Arjen RoBBen and RoBin van Persie,  this is certainly THE BCLI RB GAME OF THE YEAR.  That is,  the Phillies having not just MaRlon Byrd,  MayBeRRy,  Ben Revere and Reid Brignac,  but also RoBerto Hernandez as the starting pitcher.(Lose 2-1......Despicably pathetic performance at home,  by the Phillies,  for us,  in a GOY.   I cannot fucking believe this.   Phillies SUCK.  Philadelphia SUCKS.  I piss on that city of losers.   And.............oh,   home-plate ump Mark Ripperger ejects Hernandez in the 6th---with no warning----after he nails Starlin Castro.
Well,  Castro had hit an HR off him in the 4th so.......and on review,  it was the 1st pitch of the at-bat,  pretty far inside,  looked like it hurt.   Ok,  but thats not the point.   Hernandez did pretty well for him,  the point is that PHILADELPHIA DIDN'T SCORE---they didn't hit and they suck.)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Anderson) +190 over La Dodgers(Kershaw)----Good price for an undefeated pitcher.(Lose 4-3...........Arizona actually would have won this game if Will Harris and Evan Marshall hadn't have combined to allow 5hits and 2ER in 2inn.)

ROCKIES(De La Rosa) +123 over Giants(Lincecum)(Win 7-4............PHGT2RBI by Ryan Wheeler)

MEXICO +118 over Cameroon-----While we consider the nominology of the Mexican team,  and the recent papicidal crime in Arizona,  it seems a possible interpretation to mark the phenomenon as an event of anti-Catholic connotation.  In other words,  Cameroon's team doesn't really remind us of Catholicism.   And,  of course,  this is soccer,  not religion.  Why does Cameroon's team have a German-sounding name on its coach?  It seems incongruous.  But we recognize that Germany is currently dominating the US Open.   Having said that,  Charlie Blackmon and Charlie Culberson went a combined 5 for 8 yesterday on the Rockies and Carlos Corporan went 3-4 w/HR for the Astros as Hector Sanchez had a PH 2RBI for San Francisco......and Mexico has 2 Hectors and 2 Carlos'.   And Mexico's coach is Herrera,  which is like HERR so,  tell ya what..........we're gonna give Mexico a chance to take care of this for us in regulation.(Win 1-0........GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL.......Oribe Peralta in the 61st minute!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

COLORADO ROCKIES(Matzek) +121 over Atlanta Braves(Teheran)----Teheran is a good pitcher but he has blanked the Rockies earlier this season,  giving the Rockies the Team Revenge,  and,  just recently,  I've seen the Revenge win----against BCLI 4 days ago when we took Volquez at home and the Pirates got blown out.   And,  while the Rockies haven't won for us recently,  and outside of the starting pitcher matchup,  there is just no real comparison between these offenses:  the Rockies are better.(Win 8-2.......Cory Dickerson 2-4,  Josh Rutledge 3R,  Drew Stubbs 2-3.....Tulowitzki 3-4)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

WHITE SOX(Danks) +136 over Tigers(Verlander)(PPD)

GIANTS(Bumgarner) -130 over Nationals(Fister)(Lose 2-1)

MINNESOTA(Correia) +144 over Toronto(Happ)(Win 4-0..........Brian Dozier HR,  Danny Santana 2-4)

Monday, June 09, 2014

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Morton) -145 over Chicago Cubs(Jackson)---Pirates have lost for BCLI recently............we'll give them another chance.   Morton is 2-7 but it seems that he's not that bad of a pitcher and he's probably due for better luck.(Win 6-2.......Starling Marte 3-4.....Andrew McCutchen 2-4, HR......Ike Davis HR......Pedro Alvarez 2-4)

DIAMONDBACKS(Collmenter) -137 over Astros(Cosart)----So Jerad killed the cops and left the flag with the snakes on them in the Las Vegas shooting.   Do you go with the snakes,  which would be the Diamondbacks,  or the killer?    Well.......Astros are on a 11-4 run which has brought their record only up to the lowly level that the Diamondbacks are at.(Lose 4-3........Go with the human being not the reptile)

Sunday, June 08, 2014

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Anderson) -105 over Atlanta Braves(Harang)(Win 6-5)
ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Anderson) -1.5(+185) over Atlanta Braves(Harang)(Lose 6-5......pointless HR in the 9th by Ramiro Pena to make this lose.   David Peralta 2-4, HR)

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Hutchison) -143 over St Louis Cardinals(Garcia)(Lose 5-0)
TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Hutchison) -1.5(+135) over St Louis Cardinals(Garcia)----Hutchison has pitched some good games this year and  And Toronto does have Jose Reyes 1 day after Joel Rosario won the Belmont.(Lose 5-0........Unbelievable that Toronto can't hit for us in this spot;  Garcia dominated them and he hasn't done well at all this year)

MARLINS(Alvarez) -108 over Cubs(Arrieta)-----After sweeping Tampa Bay,  Miami is playing this game to avoid getting swept by the Cubs.   Marlins offense is solid while Cubs are hitting .233.  I just don't see the Cubs being good enough to sweep the Marlins.(Win 4-3)

ROCKIES(De La Rosa) +136 over Dodgers(Kershaw)----Rockies hitting .297 vs lhps........see if they can do something in this spot.(Lose 6-1)

NATIONALS(Zimmerman) -124 over Padres(Stults)-----Nationals hitting better(.280) vs lhps and,  although they've rocked Stults this year,  they didn't win that game so they technically have the revenge against him.(Win 6-0...........Zimmerman CG 12Ks 2-hitter........Danny Espinosa 3-4,  Ian Desmond 2-5, HR)

Saturday, June 07, 2014

PIRATES(Volquez) -115 over Brewers(Garza)(Lose 9-3)

Friday, June 06, 2014

YANKEES(Whitley) -109 over Royals(Guthrie)(Win 4-2)

RED SOX(De La Rosa) +138 over Tigers(Smyly)(Lose 6-2)

MARINERS(Young) +143 over Rays(Bedard)(Lose 4-0)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Rienzo) +184 over La Angels(Weaver)-----Aside from his last 2 starts,  the White Sox won all the games Rienzo pitched in.   Weaver usually does pretty well,  but these offenses are equal and this price isn't.(Lose 8-4...........Rienzo totally rocked,  7ER in 3inn)

Thursday, June 05, 2014

STL CARDINALS(Wacha) -110 over Kc Royals(Ventura)-------In Kansas City but..........look at this guy Ventura;  he's slipping............he's on the way out.(Lose 3-2)

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Danks) +161 over La Dodgers(Beckett)-----Dodgers weaker vs lhps.(Win 2-1...Leury Garcia 2-3, HR)

RANGERS(Martinez) -102 over Orioles(Norris)-----Martinez pitches about 5 or 6innings in his starts and so far he's been effective.(Lose 6-5)

OAKLAND A's(Chavez) -140 over New York Yankees(Nuno)-----Pitching mismatch(Win 7-4)

MARLINS(Koehler) +200 over Rays(Price)----Well,  Rays are 23-36 and Miami is not a bad offense---Rays ARE a bad offense.  This price is WAY too good for Miami.(Win 5-4.....Donovan Solano HR, 3 RBI,  Adeiny Hechavarria 2-4)

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Anderson) +154 over Colorado Rockies(De La Rosa)(Win 4-2.......Chris Owings 3-4, HR...Nick Evans HR)

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Gallardo) -150 over Minnesota Twins(Deduno)(Lose 6-4)
MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Gallardo) -1.5(+135) over Minnesota Twins(Deduno)----It looks like Gallardo has not done well in May(compared to how he did in April).  But we'll give him a try here as the Brewers are on a scoring spree.(Lose 6-4...........Gallardo gave up all the runs in only 5inn)

Sunday, June 01, 2014

OAKLAND A's(Gray) -144 over Angels(Weaver)(Win 6-3)
OAKLAND A's(Gray) -1.5(+140) over Angels(Weaver)(Win 6-3...........Sogard and Callaspo 3-4,  Jed Lowrie 2-3, HR........Josh Donaldson 2-4)