Sunday, September 11, 2016

ARIZONA -9.5 over Patriots-----Reds win 8-0 today as underdogs. Red sox win today as dogs.  Az is---i think-----a redder team than NE in the uniform colors.(Lose 23-21..........Starting QB Tom Brady OUT,  serving his cheating suspension----the one he should have been serving during the Super Bowl 2 years ago.   Ninkovich,  OUT for PEDs.   Gronkowski OUT.   It seems those are significant players.  And the Patriots............on the road in Arizona.  And Arizona's a pretty respectable team right(they're not the Browns,  right?)   And guess who won the turnover ratio by 2 in THIS game?   Arizona.  How do they SUCK this bad?  How do they suck so bad to actually lose the game outright?  They have Tyrann Matthieu,  right?    Unbelievable)


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