Friday, September 02, 2016

HAWAII RAINBOW WARRIORS +39.5 over Michigan Wolverines-------Red Wolves are sucking worse than I've EVER seen a team play in Arkansas State;  Wolverines?  No.  The line's down to 39.5,  but that means I still win a 42-3 game.   If Michigan scores 3 TDs per half while Hawaii doesn't score at all,  I'll lose.  Michigan lost its last regular season home game by 29 points,  but I still think its pretty hard to win or lose a game by 40 points.   Ohio State only beat Hawaii 38-0 last year.   Indiana..................took Michigan to OT last year.   Is the Big Ten already overrated with Michigan State failing to cover its line by more than 3 TDs?  I don't know.(Lose 63-3..........After all I did creating the first US president from Hawaii.............and this shit.   Oh,  Hawaii was definitely under-sized.   But that's no excuse for losing by 60 points.  Hawaii played better against the Japs at Pearl Harbor.)


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