Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TORONTO(Tallet) +133 over Kansas City(Greinke)--------Greinke is due to give up some earned runs and Blue Jays offense is MUCH better than the Royals'. Opposing batters hitting only .181 off Tallet(Lose 11-3........Tallet...........Midwest City, OK.........TEN runs given up in 4inn.........Now OK is swamped.........GOOD........fuckin loser)

DODGERS(Stults) +133 over Giants(Lincecum)----------Giants offense is just too weak; they're not walking, not slugging. Dodgers offense is doing great and Stults is not bad.(Lose 9-4........when do the Giants score 9 runs in a game? This is unreal)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NATIONALS(Lannan) +1.5(-125) over Phillies(Hamels)(Lose 7-1)
NATIONALS +160 over Phillies----------------Nat's are walking, hitting and slugging much better than their 4-14 Win-Loss record indicates; they're definitely due for more wins. HAMels, in a pandemic of swine flu, shouldnt be expected to all-of-a-sudden do well. He has not pitched a single half-way decent game this year, yet the line is valuing him as if he were the same pitcher as he was last year(Lose 7-1...........dude, FUCK Washington and FUCK these losers)

TIGERS(Jackson) -109 over Yankees(Hughes)----------opposing batters are hitting only .214 off Jackson. He had a bit of a problem vs the Angels last he has pitcher revenge here. Looks like Phil Hughes is up from the minors to replace Wang.........nominally, he has a problem as Captian PHILLIPS was abducted by pirates and PHILLIP Markoff has been apprehended as the Craigslist killer. The name is under attack and, with the Tigers offense in good shape, Hughes should get rocked.(Lose 11-0..........Jackson did fine.........Tigers offense cant hit a MINOR FUCKING LEAGUER????!!! Disgusting)

RANGERS(Millwood) -140 over Oakland(Anderson)---------Although the A's have started to score the last couple games, Millwood is doing good; batters hitting only .181 against him. Anderson has done..........nothing special yet and the Rangers offense is slugging a full 200 points(.511 vs .311) better than Oakland. Rangers are also hitting .318 vs lhp's. (Win 5-4)

CARDINALS(Lohse) -120 over Atlanta(Reyes)------------Lohse IS and HAS BEEN much better than Reyes. With Cardinals offense doing so well, -120 looks cheap(Lose 2-1.........So McClelland loses it in Atlanta.........figures)

Monday, April 27, 2009

MARLINS(Sanchez) +140 over Mets(Maine)---------As long as the their stadium is called CITIFIELD(evocative of CITIGROUP, a criminal financial organization, a destroyer of shareholder value, a receiver of taxpayer funds and a fanner of monetary plagues), I think the Mets will not be getting the luck at home and you have to consider taking the juice against them. They have some nice players and should do well on the road but this game.............Maine has not done well so far and Sanchez looks solid.(Lose 7-1...........well, Wright cuts his hair and the Mets let Homer Santos play. Interesting.............. {When Sheffield caught consecutive flyouts in the seventh inning, he twice received standing ovations from the crowd, which chanted his name.

Manuel vowed a visit to the outfield Tuesday.

“There’s something going on out there. I got to find out. It’s only out there when we’re out there,” he said. “It’s not out there when they’re out there.”}...................Bwaaaaaaaaaaa. Keep a watch on that outfield)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

OAKLAND(Eveland) -102 over Tampa Bay(Sonnanstine)--------At 6-10, the A's need to fucking win here. Batters hitting .379 off Eveland..........I cant believe he's that bad. He has the revenge here; revenge against his previous fatuous failures. Orlando Cabrera, at .190, needs to fucking hit today.........or get sent to the Minors. Garciaparra started to hit yesterday; he needs to raise his PATHETIC .222 average. Giambi is somehow at .211; he's better than that even without 'roids. (Win 7-1........Cabrera was 2-4. Eveland only allowed 4 hits in 5inn...........Sonnanstine got rocked...........Ok, what was so hard about that? “This is so early right now, a lot of things can happen,” said Orlando Cabrera, who had two hits and an RBI after being mired in a 3-for-37 streak. “It’s like playing poker. Fortunes can change so quickly, you know? The most important thing for us is just to keep it together and win ballgames.”)

INDIANS(Laffey) -130 over Minnesota(Perkins)---------Indians are walking and they are hitting well(.284) vs lhp's. The Indians record (6-12) is WAY below what it should be with their offense doing well. Laffey is by far the Indians' best pitcher this year. There's no way Perkins can sustain his numbers so far; the guy is weak and should get rocked. Twins offense sucks(Win 4-2)

PIRATES(Ohlendorff) +175 over Padres(Peavy)----------Peavy not nearly as good as he used to be and Pirates offense is doing much better this year(Win 8-3..........That's what I like: a team that can win by 5 runs at +175. Pirates have two A. LaRoche's..........and they both hit in this game.)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

BLUE JAYS(Burres) +143 over White Sox(Buehrle)--------At 13-5, you might say Toronto is due to lose. But their offense is strong enough now that +143 is hard to ignore. Buehrle has faced Minn and KC(weak offenses) and Tampa(not very good so far).........and done ok. Toronto's offense is MUCH stronger(or has been). CWS hitting only .215 vs lhp's(Lose 10-2.............fucking disgusting)

NEW YORK YANKEES(Burnett) +130 over Boston(Beckett)---------I'll try AJ as an underdog here; matchup looks pretty even(Lose 16-11.........these are probably two of the best paid MLB pitchers...........and they both fucking suck. And they cant send them to the Minor Leagues, where they belong, because they're paying them so much fucking money. This game was a fucking farce.)

Friday, April 24, 2009

ATLANTA(Vazquez) -110 over Reds(Volquez)---------Reds are 9-6 hitting .229; an unsustainable winning percentage with that kind of offensive weakness. Volquez is walking almost 1 batter an inning(Win 4-3)

CARDINALS(Wainwright) -130 over Cubs(Dempster)----------Wainwright seems to be doing ok.........Stl offense is crushing. Cubs hitting .252(Win 4-3)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

TIGERS(Jackson) -136 over Angels(Palmer)----------Im too impressed with the Tigers offense to ignore them against the weak-hitting Angels. Inge is showing confidence with the increased torquing of his bat with the hand-cocking before the pitch; he trusts his hands to be fast..........and he's slugging .660. Opposing batter hitting in the .160's vs Jackson.........Angels looking to become a MUCH worse team than experts ranked them as before the season.(Lose 10-5...........Eddie Bonine gets rocked...........what the fuck?)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TIGERS(Galarraga) -103 over Angels(Weaver)---------In 11 IP so far, opposing batters are hitting .311 off Weaver. OBA vs Galarraga is .191 so far. But even if we posit these starters are "close to equal", these offenses are totally imbalanced. Angels have only 4 batters hitting above .250; Guerrero is out; their teams is slugging only .360 while Tigers offense is in great shape(Lose 4-3)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

DETROIT TIGERS(Jackson) +137 over Seattle(Bedard)---------Starting pitchers are close; But I think Jackson can pitch much deeper into a game. At 8-3, the Mariners are winning way above the rate they should be with their weak offense. Tigers offense is strong and they're above .300 vs lhp's right now. +137 is a good price(Win 2-0..........ED-win gonna have a great year)

Reds(Harang) vs Astros(Rodriguez) UNDER 8---------Aaron Harang and two weak offenses in the NL(Win 7-0........Wandy k's 10; Harang gives up 10 hits.....hmmmm)

Friday, April 17, 2009

BALTIMORE(Guthrie) +133 over Boston(Penny)-------Orioles offense is in too good of a shape to ignore this price with Guthrie. Boston is due, having a sub.500 record, but their offense is shabby now with Ortiz and Pedroia under .200. At +133, I think Orioles are worth it(Lose 10-8........Orioles blow a 7-run lead. Yeah, thats natural(not).)

DODGERS(Wolf) over Col(De La Rosa) parlayed with TORONTO(Purcey) over Oakland(Outman) (+190)--------With this play you get the 'Wolf' AND Aaron Hill. LAD and BJ offenses are rolling with Dodgers over .300 vs lhp's; De La Rosa is shaky and altho I liked how Giambi was swinging the bat when I saw him, the A's are only hitting .251(Lose 8-5........4-run lead blown by BlueJays.....Goddamnit)

TEXAS(Harrison) -107 over Kansas City(Meche)------------At 4-5, Rangers are due for a win; their offense is in shape and KC............they just cant hit and.............. nothing special against lhp's(Lose 12-3............Harrison is absolutely pathetic. How the fuck do you get rocked by the Royals? This is a disgrace. Send Matt Harrison to the minors. Seriously there are SO MANY pitchers in MLB that fucking suck. MLB pitchers are the most overpaid, overvalued frauds. I could pitch in this league and overperform these overgrown retards for a fraction of what they're being paid. This is a joke. A sick joke)

Tigers(Verlander) vs Seattle(Hernandez) OVER 7.5(+100)----------We're gonna fade this number. Detroit's offense has been hitting, walking and scoring. Im not sure if Verlander is gonna be good this year; he's gotten blasted in the early going(in terms of earned runs). In April, with pitchers not really warmed up a DH AL game.........I think 7.5 is too low no matter how good they think Felix is(Win 6-3)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

TORONTO(Halladay)-132 over Twins(Liriano)----Liriano is post-injury.....and could turn out to never be very good again. Blue Jay offense is too hot to ignore at this price(Aaron Hill...tearing up April. Interesting how Harang had a complete game shutout 3 hitter a couple days ago. Ride that) so we'll give them another chance.(Win 9-2........Hill 3 for 5 Visalia, CA)

PHILLIES(BLANTON)-133 over Nationals(Martis)-------With Damaso MARte getting rocked(nice 1st grand slam in the stadium gRAday Sizemore) to ruin the Yankees home opener, Martis could be doubly marked(his first name.....well, it has genocidal implications and he wont make it as an MLB'er past the all-star break I predict) today. Nat's are 0-7.......Phillies offense doing ok it looks like(Lose 8-2.....Phillies have a problem with lhp's)

METS(Maine) over Padres(Peavy) parlayed with DODGERS(Stults) over San Fran(Zito) (+180)-------Hudson is on fire for LA while the Giant offense has been (predictably) weak. So far, the Dodgers are hitting over .350 vs lhp's and Zito........he has a long history of getting destroyed by LA, doesnt he? The Mets at 4-4 are due for a win while the Padres, I think, are playing over their heads at 6-2. Nominally, the Mets have a Pedro and a JJ in their bullpen(that looks good). Two Carlos' and a Luis(I like that). Church should continue doing well(post-Easter). Padres have a Chase.....and Im gonna have to ask Hal a favor....ummmm, let's get this done; I need a win.(Lose 6-5.....To be crystal clear: I WANTED YOU TO THROW THIS FUCKING GAME, HAL......not go 4 for 4. Ok, so its opposites? If I say, "Hal, throw this game." that means you're gonna play?)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BLUE JAYS(Romero) +116 over Twins(Perkins)--------With Rolen, Wells and Hill this team should kill lhp's and so far they are doing that. In fact, Toronto's offense is ripping everybody. (Lose 3-2........Romero did fine; Toronto's offense.........despicable. Im fucking disgusted. Perkins is the weakest lefty in the game........and you miserable failures decide to stop hitting........pathetic)

ANGELS(Loux) -107 over Seattle(Silva)---------Angels are only 3-3 so far but they're a serious team. Mariners are 5-2 but I do not consider them to be a serious team nor do I consider Silva a serious pitcher.(Lose 3-2.......Wrong. The Angels are not a serious team or offense.......not when you can only get 4 hits off Silva's weak ass. Napoli OH for FIVE????.......Guerrero OH for FOUR?????? Its doesnt get any easier than Carlos Silva, dude. Forget the Angels; their season is done and their offense is a joke.)

Stl(Carpenter) vs Az(Scherzer) UNDER 9(-115)---------Carpenter has done very well in his first start. Arizona has no offense yet. Scherzer.......should do well this time of year(Lose 7-6.........Carpenter out after 3inn........Josh Kinney....Coudersport(WHAT KIND OF A FUCKING NAME IS THAT?), PA blows the save and blows the under)

Monday, April 06, 2009

SPARTANS +7.5 over North Carolina(Lose 89-72)
SPARTANS (+300) over North Carolina--------MSU running too good to ignore this overlay. Of course, MSU has the revenge.......but they also have the +ATS. NC has the better offense. Hansbrough, I think, can get shook. Especially in big games. Lawson runnin' bothers me a bit but look at the drift: "Pop-LAW-ski" popped the 'law' in Pittsburgh, right? Man, fuck the law. TRC, the ghost of whom I represented long ago........for a halloween costume, you gonna buck 'em down, right? Give Lawson a hardwood kiss or two. Obama's a chalky picker with a winning record.........but he crossed the line here taking a slave state up north. (Lose 89-72..........What a tragedy. 21 TO's AGAIN vs NC........Sure, Michigan's a failed state.......we know that........but they COULD have at least covered and they could have won. This SUCKS. Lawson had EIGHT STEALS. That's unnatural. He never had more than 4 in a game.........he averages 1.7 steals in a game. Some of you disembodies probably think this is funny. I THINK YOU ALL OWE ME. I cannot suffer my FUCKING LIFE continuing to get stolen from me.)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

SPARTANS +4.5 over Conn(Win 82-73)
SPARTANS +170 over Conn--------At this stage in the tournament, you want the luck in your favor because, with all the teams being pretty good here, luck plays a huge role. And with MSU.......I'm seeing a lot of 'next level' stuff. Of course the space aliens would be on the Spartans........duh! Travis Walton(they like him).........Marquis Gray(the greys are a breed of space alien). MSU doesnt have too many blemishes on their season early season blowout at the hands of NC......a loss to Maryland. And USC, Kansas and Louisville.........if they can beat those teams......Thabeet is tall and could become a problem. But the bigger they are, the harder they fall, as they say. We'll get him in foul trouble saw what Orlando did to Cleveland last night....YES! The winds are with us. So Conn be wary....
..Detroit red.......put Thabeet to bed.......... any means.........necessary(Win 82-73)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

CLIPPERS +3.5 over New Orleans--------LAC has the revenge, +3 days of rest and home-off-road-loss. They're only 15-21 ATS at home but this is a good spot to improve that number with NO having played a close game last night(Lose 104-98.......New Orleans must be good......cuz I cant believe the disrespect the Clippers are showing their fans by losing in this spot)

NEW JERSEY -1.5 over Detroit-----------NJ's got it all here: +ATS, revenge, the +offense, +1 day of rest.........David West came thru for 40 pts last night and he's from Teaneck so.......this figures(Win 111-98)