Thursday, May 31, 2007

BCLI line (official line)

SD--Maddux -112 (-136) (The Man)
Mil--Vargas -128 (-158) (The Man)
Cin--Arroyo -155 (-119) (The Man---Williams)
Col--Cook -140 (-162) (BCLI--Thompson)
Tor--Halladay -185 (-147) (BCLI)
Cleve--Sabathia -109 (-145) (The Man)
Sea--Baek -120(-163) (The Man)
Laa---Escobar -157(-210) (BCLI--Burres)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

TAMPA(Shields) -109 (BCLI line -141) over Det(Robertson)---------In Robertson's last 20 innings, he has allowed 37 hits........what's wrong with this guy? I used to think he was pretty good. Shields is just too good and he's pitching almost the entire game. Opposing batters have hit .290 off Robertson but only .220 off Shields (Win 5-3)

CLEVELAND(Byrd) +163 (BCLI line +133) over Bos(Matsuzaka) (Win 8-4)
Cleve +1.5(-110) over Boston-----------Byrd has a way of getting out of jams. The Red Sox take a lot of walks but they wont get any from Byrd whose ERA is 3.81 despite the fact that he gives up a lot of hits. Dice-K's ERA is 4.43. Strange, since he is harder to hit than Byrd. The difference must be walks(tho Matsuzaka doesnt have a walking problem, he, like all pitchers, walks many more than Byrd) and big hits: Byrd doesnt give these up while Matsuzaka does. Its time for the Indians to win one. This line is too big and these offenses are about equal. (Win 8-4)

CINCINATTI(Harang) +102 (BCLI line Cin -120) over Hou(Rodriguez)--------Look at the Astros recent scoring: 1, 4, 4, 3, 1, 1, 2, 0. thats 8 GAMES of scoring 4 runs or less. And a total of 16 runs. Over that time, the Reds have scored 46 RUNS!! Houston simply cannot be the favorite.(Win 4-3)

BCLI line (official line)

Phi--Moyer -132 (-105) (The Man--Johnson)
SD--Young -132 (-153) (The Man)
LAD--Lowe -129 (-155) (The Man)
Cubs--Lilly -120 (-136) (BCLI--Mitre)
Nyy---Clippard -121 (-155) (The Man)
Laa--Weaver -108 (-130) (The Man)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

*TORONTO(Marcum) +142 (BCLI line Tor -133) over Nyy(Pettitte)--------First of all, this line is wrong....its WAY off. Marcum has been great; look at his numbers. BlueJays hitting .297 off lhp's, this is their specialty. They scored 7 yesterday and 9 a couple days before that. Toronto is slugging .433 this year against Yankees' .431. Yanks have gone 2, 3, 1, 6 runs per game over their last 4. THIS IS THE PLAY OF THE WEEK. (Win 3-2)

*SEATTLE(doesnt matter but probably is Feierabend) +150 (BCLI line Sea -110) over Laa(Santana)----------- 12, 7, 9, 10, 12 runs per game for the Mariners going back. Definitely the hottest an offense has been in baseball this year and they meet Santana who is holding opposing batters to a high .290 average. +150 for Seattle?? Its too good. (Lose 4-1.......Santana does good at home; forgot that)

METS(Perez) -149 (BCLI line -180) over Sf(Lincecum) (Win 5-4)
Mets -1.5(+150) over Sf-----------Lincecum's numbers are good.........because he got to face Houston twice and Colorado once. The Phillies crushed him. SF offense too weak, Mets offense too good. Perez too good this year. (Lose 5-4)

Florida(Willis) vs Cubs(Marquis) UNDER 9.5(-120)------------Wind is currently only 10mph at Wrigley. With a 10mph wind this year, 7 games out of 10 have gone under at Wrigley Field. Marquis has been great; Willis a bit worse than past years, but he's still good and capable of pitching late into games. Marlins 5, 4, 2, 2 going back, so they're not hitting that well. And the Cubs got shut out yesterday for 6 innings by KIM????? I like the pitchers, offenses not scaring me, 9.5 is good number to go under in national league. (Lose 9-4......Fucking Wuertz...would have been fine if he hadnt come in in the 8th)

BALT(Guthrie) -130 (BCLI line -121) over KC(De La Rosa)------------Orioles have scored at least 8 runs in each of their last 3. KC has scored 4 or fewer runs in each of their last 5 games. Guthrie is great this year, De La Rosa fucked me up last start and looked shaky. O's hitting .275 vs lhp's (Win 6-2)

BCLI line (official line)

Phi--Lieber -140 (-150) (BCLI--Owings)
LAD--Penny -150 (-170) (The Man)
Cin--Belisle -110 (+122) (BCLI)
Cubs--Marquis -120 (-130) (BCLI--Willis)
Stl--Looper -120 (-110) (The Man--Lopez)
Bos---Beckett -170 (-200) (The Man)
Det--Bonderman -152 (-180) (The Man)
Minn--Bonser -143 (-116) (BCLI)

Monday, May 28, 2007

BALTIMORE(Trachsel) -123 (BCLI line -131) over Kc(Elarton)---------KC has gone 4, 1, 2, 3 runs per game over their last 4 while the Orioles have scored 8 runs in each of their last 2 games. Elarton.....quite frankly, has always sucked while Trachsel, tho old, is having an excellent year. (Win 9-1)

PITT(Snell) -111 (BCLI line -105) over Cin(Lohse)-------Pirates have gone 14, 9, 10 runs per game over their last 3 and now face Lohse, a pitcher who has really been soft as of late. Add to that Snell, one of the better starters in baseball this year, and I think you have to bet this. Its not my favorite bet, but it must be made. (Lose 4-0)

BCLI line (official line)

Mil--Capuano -116 (-140) (BCLI--James)
Cubs--Marshall -141 (-165) (BCLI--Kim)
Col---Francis -129 (-150) (The Man)
Phi--Garcia -128 (-145) (BCLI--Davis)
Minn--Santana -160 (-200) (The Man)
Bos--Schilling -135 (-165) (The Man)
Oak--Gaudin -107 (-150) (The Man)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

WASH(Chico) +162 (BCLI line +117) over Stl(Wainwright) (Win 7-2)
METS(Sosa) -118 (BCLI line -123) over Fla(Olsen) (Win 6-4)
CLEVE(Carmona) -112 (BCLI line -120) over Det(Maroth) (Win 5-3)
LAD(Wolf) -124 (BCLI line -105) over Cubs(Hill) (Win 2-1)
BALT(Cabrera) -102 (BCLI line -145) over Oak(Blanton) (Win 8-4)
SF(Lowry) -160 (BCLI line -190) over Col(Buchholz) (Lose 6-4)
SF -1.5(+125) over Col (Lose 6-4)
LAA(Lackey) +125 (BCLI line LAA -101) over Nyy(Mussina) (Win 4-3)
SEATTLE(Washburn) -126 (BCLI line -140) over KC(Perez) (Win 7-4)
TAMPA(Kazmir) +135(BCLI line Tampa -105) over Cws(Vazquez) (Win 11-5)
Tampa vs Cws UNDER 8.5(+105)(Lose 11-4)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

ANGELS(Escobar) +170 (BCLI line +123) over Nyy(Wang) (Win 3-1)
Angels +1.5(-120) over Nyy--------I'm just gonna put this one up right way this is a +170. Just the fact that the Angels scored 10 yesterday is enough to bet it. But Escobar, the only time this guy was rocked this year was when i bet on him against Seattle. .225 BA against. LAA non-walking team vs Wang, non-walking pitcher. (Win 3-1)

PHIL(Eaton) -103 (BCLI line -105) over Atl(Carlyle)-------Carlyle was getting rocked in the minor he comes up to start in MLB? If the phillies can rock Hudson, as they did yesterday, they should be able to rip Carlyle. Eaton has had 3 very good starts..... (Win 6-4)

SD(Germano) -115 (BCLI line -123)-----------Germano has started against STL(weak), Sea(kinda weak) and Atl(good offense) and has only allowed 1 earned run. Its time to give him a try. Vargas going for redemption here.......maybe an under, but SD scoring 8 runs yesterday, I'll bet on a continuation and possible offensive breakout. Vargas IS good, or has been, but who knows how good Germano could be with the numbers he's put up. (Win 6-3)

OAK(Kennedy) -116 (BCLI line -118) over Balt(Burres)--------Kennedy has been very effective yet his record is only 1-3. A's OWE Kennedy a win the way he's pitching. Burres has had 3 starts and done pretty terrible, tho he faced good offenses. Orioles offense not impressing. (Lose 8-3......first time Kennedy gets rocked....first time Burres does good......why me?)

BCLI line (official line)

LAD--Hendrickson -120 (+110) (The Man--Zambrano)
STl--Thompson -165 (-180) (The Man)
SF--Morris -126 (-145) (BCLI--Cook)
AZ--Webb -141 (-180) (The Man)
Bos--Wakefield -113 (-140) (The Man)
Det--Verlander -125 (-111) (The Man--Sabathia)
Cws--Vazquez -160 (-200) (PPD)
KC--Bannister -106 (+112) (The Man--Baek)

Friday, May 25, 2007

TEXAS(McCarthy) +171 (BCLI line +116) over Boston(Matsuzaka) (Lose 10-6)
Texas +1.5 (+105) over Boston-------------McCarthy has had 4 straight good starts during which he went 3-0. This line is too big. Dice-K has good numbers EXCEPT his ERA which is 4.06, meaning that when hitters connect, they get big hits off him and Rangers are that type of team, slugging for a high average and have only scored 12 fewer runs this year than the Redsox. Rangers fucked me last time, but they did get 13 hits. With Drew still killing it, Boston has averaged only 3.6 runs over their last 5 games. Tx can win this. (Lose 10-6.....Rangers offense did their part, but this drunken RED FACED SAVAGE IRISH piece of shit, McCarthy walks four and gives up four runs in 2 innings. Then the bitch says he's got a blister.)

FLORIDA(Mitre) +125 (BCLI line Fla -101) over Mets(Hernandez)---------Mitre is not chopped liver! He's had 7 starts and his ERA is 2.25. Hernandez is pitching his first game since April 24th and Fla is in a team revenge situation as he k'd 10 Marlins last meeting. Marlins offense is statistically almost as good as Mets and they've scored 5,7,5,4,7,8 runs per game over their last 6. There's nothing wrong with that. Mets have gone 1,3,1,2 the last 4. Price is good. (Lose 6-2.....7innings O earned runs for Mitre. That's what i bet on, Sergio Mitre and he fucking delivered. I DID NOT bet on this fucking Venezuelan thug Pinto, who lost the Marlins the fucking game.)

TAMPA(Shields) +135 (BCLI line tampa -107) over Cws(Buehrle) (Lose 5-4)
Tampa vs CWS UNDER 8(-120)-------------Shields has been too good to ignore, whitesox offense sucks. No way whitesox are -145 against Shields....NO WAY! (Lose 5-4......first time ALL FUCKING SEASON that Shields gives up 10 hits in a game...and against the sorry Whitesox?? What the hell is going on?)

DETROIT(Robertson) -120 (BCLI line -135) over Cleve(Byrd)
Detroit -1.5(+155) over Cleve---------------In my opinion, Robertson is a lot better than Byrd. However, opposing batters are hitting about .280 off both of them. Tigers are crushing right now averaging 8+ runs per game over their last four. Indians are hitting well also. Tigers dont take too many walks and Byrd has only walked 3 this year. I think Byrd gets rocked here. (Lose 7-4.......Tigers should have had 3 more runs in this one but were robbed of a 3run HR by a fence catch......I will give Byrd some credit tho, he never walks anyone and somehow gets by scattering hits and avoiding big innings. Robertson's no good this year. I'd look to bet against him after this)

Cubs(Lilly) vs Dodgers(Lowe) UNDER 7.5(-110)-----------I would bet Cubs but they didnt score much vs SD. Lilly's greatness alone warrants an under bet (Lose 9-8.....first time ALL GODDAM SHIT FUCKING SEASON that Lilly walks more than 2, first time he fails to pitch as many as 5 innings. What the fuck is going on? what the fuck did i do to deserve this shit?)

Col(Hirsh) vs SF(Cain) UNDER 8(-120)--------One would be remiss, seeing Cain and the Rockies weak offense in the same game, to miss an under play. lhb's hitting only .222 off Hirsh. Cain always hard to hit (Push 5-3......Thanks Benitez, YOU FAT GORILLA, for allowing 2 instead of 1 in the 9th fucking inning. It wasnt necessary, but you did it anyway. Now go stuff your BLACK MOTHERFUCKING PIG FACE)

BCLI line (official line)

Atl--Hudson -151 (-165) (BCLI--Moyer)
Stl--Reyes -150 (-175) (BCLI--Bowie)
AZ--Gonzalez -120 (-130) (The Man)
SD--Maddux -120 (-130) (The Man)
Cubs--Lilly -105 (+112) (The Man--Lowe)
Nyy--Clippard -127 (-140) (BCLI--Weaver)
Minn--Baker -120 (-150) (The Man)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

*Toronto(Marcum) vs Balt(Guthrie) UNDER 8.5(-105)----------I remember think i should bet Toronto against Moyer, a lhp, because the bluejays do hit lhp's. I didnt do it, because Toronto's offense had just been so weak. On that day, they scored 13 runs and won at, like, +150. I thought maybe they might start hitting after that, but they did not. Well, they didnt hit Eaton.....and they got shut down by the Orioles bullpen 2 games straight....but they DID hit Cabrera, which I thought was surprising. Guthrie, now, is definitely a rhp and is definitely coming with something. In his 3 starts, one against Boston, he's given up only 13 hits in 21 innings. That's about the best you can do. Marcum is coming off 2 successful starts, the first being his 6 inning no hitter. These teams scored 7 with McGowan and Trachsel yesterday.........with Marcum and Guthrie......I see equal amounts, or more, of offensive weakness. And if you look at the matchup grid on this site above, you see that Toronto and Balt have both gone UNDER 25 times against only 17 and 18 overs. (Lose 5-4......its not only that this game DID go under after 9 innings at 4-4, its that Marcum had to walk Markakis with 2 outs before giving up the 3 run HR. That's what pisses me off. This game should have gone under......and did, until extra innings)

KC(De La Rosa) +120(BCLI line KC -107) over Cleve(Sowers)---------Royals have gone 11, 4, 10, 4, 5 runs per game in their last 5. Indians have gone 7, 3, 5, 5, 5 in their last 5. Based on only that, you might think KC's offense is better(34 runs to 25). They're not, but right now they certainly are more confident. Sowers is coming off 3 bad starts, and has been hittable this year. No reason to bet against a continuation today with KC hitting......and especially with De La Rosa, who has been getting the job done. Indians are also hitting 20 points lower at .251 vs lhp's. (Lose 10-3.....SEVEN walks by this million-dollar wetback? Disgusting)

BCLI line (official line)

Fla--Willis -138(-115) (BCLI)
Cin--Belisle -178 (-150) (The Man--Bacsik)
Atl--Smoltz -110 (-140) (The Man)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

WASHINGTON(Simontacchi) +155 (BCLI line +145) over Cin(Lohse)-------Nat's stepping out with 8 runs and 7 runs in the game before yesterday. Could they really be breaking out? worth a bet here because Lohse is NOT hard to hit. He's coming off 2 bad starts and if Washington is serious about continuing this offensive surge, it wont be too difficult to do it against him. Simontacchi has been acceptable, if not good, in his 3 starts so far. Reds scored vs Cleveland, but did you see them against SD? 2 runs a game or less. (Win 12-7)

METS(Perez) -108 (BCLI line -115) over Atl(James)-------Mets are still at .332 vs lhp's(and despite Delgado rally-killing .163 total batting average, HE'S HITTING .308 VS LHP!). James does not seem as good as he was last year and I believe this is Perez's breakout year--he's doing great. (Win 3-0)

Philly(Garcia) vs Fla(Kim) OVER 9(-120)-------Ok, they're hitting .300 off Garcia and who can expect Kim to shut down the phillies? Cant happen. Although i wouldnt say the phillies are hitting now, exactly, Florida has put up some high scores recently. And with Hamels and Olsen pitching yesterday, 8 runs were scored. Now Garcia and Kim are simply no where near as good as Olsen and Hamels. (Win 8-7)

TEXAS(Tejeda) -118(BCLI line -145) over Minn(Bonser)---------Rangers offense is fascinating in that they are hitting only .250 and not walking much, yet they've scored MORE RUNS THAN THE METS and only 4 fewer than the Yankees. Bonser is ok but i like Tejeda a little better. Santana shut down Texas yesterday(not a big surprise) but the 2 games before that, Texas scored 14 runs PER GAME. They could still be on an offensive power surge. (Lose 5-3.....Texas out hits them 13-8 and

WHITESOX(Garland) -135 (BCLI line -134) over Oakland(Gaudin)--------CWS have scored 10, 8, 10 runs per game in their last 3. I'm thinking, if there's a time to bet whitesox, its probably today with Garland who is killing teams and, on average, is pitching into the 8th inning. Whitesox need to catch up offensively after their sick, terrible early season efforts and seem to be starting to do that.(Lose 4-0......Damn, I knew Gaudin was good. Shouldve bet under. Fundamentally, these offenses suck)

BCLI line (official line)

Col--Francis -107(+103) (BCLI)
Det--Durbin -115 (-102) (BCLI)
Nyy--Pettitte -105 (-123) (The Man)
Balt--Trachsel -130 (-140) (The Man)
Tampa--Fossum -120 (-107) (The Man--Batista)
Cleve--Lee -152 (-175) (BCLI--Elarton)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Seattle(Washburn) vs Tampa(Kazmir) UNDER 8.5(-120)--------Seattle has scored 3 runs or less in 5 of its last 6 games. Tampa is still on the decline but i thought they might win this game. However, the main shocker of Tampa's offense is that Carlos Pena has somehow raised his average to .307, something I NEVER thought he was capable of doing. Pena does not hit lhp's at all though and might not play here against Washburn. Both pitchers are very good and both seem to be going for redemption, Kazmir having walked 6 in 4 innings last start. Baldelli and Delman Young have been plunging (Win 5-2)

METS(Sosa) -125 (BCLI line -125) over Atl(Davies)-------Davies shut the Mets down early in the season so this is a team revenge against him(and I dont think he's good enough to shut down the Mets again). Sosa, on the other hand, has been smoking hot. Just 3 games, but he's allowing less than 1 hit every 2 innings---an incredible and, of course, unsustainable pace. So he must have something. Braves blew it for me last time by scoring only 3 runs so......I have no problems going against them here especially with the Mets. (Lose 8-1)

YANKEES(Mussina) -170 (BCLI line -165) over Boston(Tavarez) (Lose 7-3)
Yankees -1.5 (+115) over Boston-----------Mussina going for redemption after giving up 5 runs in 5innings vs the Whitesox. Yankees going for team revenge against Tavarez who shut them down(for 5innings) last meeting. Tavarez is a hittable pitcher with rhb's hitting .321 off him. That's not a lot to make a bet, especially at a high price, but the 6th sense is kicking in and I think that Giambi's revelation-----THE TRUTH----about using "the stuff" was a good thing. He's got a little more off his chest and when a suppressed truth is released, the effect is cathartic and powerful enough, I think, to break a whole team out of a slump. And they've won 2 straight. Not a great price tho (Lose 7-3......this was a stupid bet and i take full responsibility for being a stupid idiot to make it. Everybody KNOWS the yankees arent worth -170 against anybody. I will NEVER bet on the Yankees again this year.)

CUBS(Hill) +160 (BCLI line +126) over Sandiego(Peavy)--------Hill is coming off 2 bad starts yet still opposing batters are hitting .198 off him. Thus, he is JUST as hard to hit as Peavy. With the equality I see in these pitchers, and the fact that the Cubs offense is hitting .273 vs SD's .241.........I think this line is wrong. Padres have a lot of games where they score, like, two runs. I'll take this juice. (Lose 5-1)

BCLI line (official line)

CWS--Danks -130 (-145) (The Man)
Tampa--Kazmir -132 (-116) (The Man--Washburn)
Balt--Cabrera -120 (-103) (The Man--Burnett)
Det--Maroth -105 (+110) (The Man---Lackey)
LAD--Wolf -120 (+100) (BCLI)
AZ--Hernandez -155 (-145) (The Man--Fogg)
Cin--Saarloos -155(-165) (BCLI--Chico)
Phi--Hamels -106 (-133) (BCLI--Olsen)

Monday, May 21, 2007

HOUSTON(Sampson) +125 (BCLI line +125) over Sf(Lowry)------Giants offense has scored 4, 2, 3, 2, 1 runs per game over their last five and Astros are hitting .292 still against lhp's. rhb's hit .268 off Lowry and Astros bat right(Lowry is, however, very effective vs lhb's). What's disturbing about SF's offense is that take only 1 walk every 11 at bats(that's about the 6th worst in baseball) despite having Barry Bonds, the biggest walker of all time. And they're on another stretch of weak scoring. (Lose 4-0.......SF did their part, there were only 2 earned runs in this game.......Astros are a FUCKING JOKE.......i cannot believe I passed up Padilla for the fucking astros)

BCLI line (official line)

Cin--Arroyo -200 (-240) (The Man)
Az--Webb -141 (-180) (The Man)
Tx---Padilla -118 (-108) (BCLI)
Cleve--Sabathia -176 (-240) (The Man)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

ATLANTA(Hudson) -125 (BCLI line -130) over Boston(Gabbard)-------Braves lost 3 out of 4 to Washington. This was sick; they knew it and came back yesterday and rocked Matsuzaka, a good pitcher, proving themselves. So they scored 14 runs yesterday off a multi-million dollar pitcher and today they face.....well, Gabbard has about 25 career mlb innings. And Hudson is arguably the best pitcher in baseball this year. He pitches 7 or 8 innings per game and he shuts you down, Mets, Phillies, Florida, it doesnt matter. He has shut everyone down. Red sox offense has scored 0, 4, 2 runs per game in their last 3. They're not hot. The price is fair. Good bet. (Lose, Hudson gets rocked for the first time this year. Yet STILL Braves out hit them 13-9. Bullshit)

METS(Maine) -143 (BCLI line -172) over Nyy(Clippard)--------Although Maine has faced AZ, Col, Washington and STL, 4 terrible offenses, He HAS held opposing batters to a .210 average. You cant do much better than that. The thing is, the Yankees bullpen pitched the ENTIRE GAME yesterday. Rasner got hit with the ball and had to come out after getting nobody out in the 1st. The Yankees best relief pitcher, Mike Myers, got rocked for 2 HR's and then the Mets proceeded to rock the yankees' next pitcher. Oh, and the Yanks have to bring up Clippard from the minors for this game. Hmmm. Yeah, I think I'll take the -143.(Lose 6-2)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

CUBS(Marquis) -124 (BCLI line -162) over Cws(Vazquez)-------Whitesox are hitting .222 for the year. Cubs are hitting in the .270's. Opposing batters are hitting .180 off Marquis.....True, Marquis has faced STL and PITT 2 times each, 2 of the weakest offenses in baseball, and he has faced Houston. But the Whitesox are JUST AS WEAK. I like Vazquez, and his numbers are pretty good, but he has also faced weak teams(KC twice, Minn twice and Texas). -124 simply does not reflect the offensive advantage that the Cubs have over the Whitesox. (Win 11-6)

METS(Glavine) -126 (BCLI line -150) over Nyy(Rasner) (Win 10-7)
METS -1.5 (+155) over Nyy--------Opposing batters hitting .276 off Rasner and .239 off Glavine. Yankees are 18-22. Mets are 27-14! How is this only
-126 with the game at Shea? Have to go here again. Rasner has only been rocked once vs Baltimore. He has faced Seattle twice and Oakland once...both offenses that I don't respect(well, I respect Oakland more now that they got Cust and dropped Piazza). He has not thrown more than 5 innings in a single start this year. Yanks have gone 2, 1, 3, 1, 7 runs per game in their last 5. Hopefully, Mets will rip Yanks soft bullpen after Rasner goes out(which should be early). (Win 10-7)

KC(Meche) -108 (BCLI line -130) over Col(Buchholz)-------opposing batters have hit .350 off Buchholz while Meche has been rock solid. I certainly cant guarantee that KC will hit or score, but they'll have a large starting pitching advantage that's worth more than -108. (Lose 6-4)

BCLI line (official line)

Cleve--Sowers -132 (-170) (BCLI--Belisle)
Mil--Bush -138 (-165) (BCLI--Baker)
Det--Robertson -157 (-170) (The Man)
Fla--Willis -130 (-120) (BCLI)
Oak--Haren -113(-140) (The Man)

Friday, May 18, 2007

*METS(Perez) -102 (BCLI line -155) over Nyy(Pettitte) (Win 3-2)
Mets -1.5(+180) over Nyy--------Mets hit lhp's very well......Perez has given up 33 hits in 42 innings. That's great. Pettitte is a stooge. EZ winner. (Lose 3-2)

CUBS(Lilly) -130 (BCLI line -162) over Cws(Buehrle)---------Lilly walking only 1 every 5innings and his ERA is 2.53. Lets look at the Cubs vs lhp's: Soriano .375, Lee .368, Aramis Ramirez, their best Home run hitter, .346, Barrett .300. Buehrle has put up good number, and or course, the no-hitter, but against KC twice, Oakland, Angels twice and Texas...mostly weak offenses. AND, the whitesox do not hit or score, their offense is pathetic.....hitting .198 vs lhp's. Another EZ winner (Win 6-3)

KC(De La Rosa) +160 (BCLI line +125) over Colorado(Francis) (Win 5-2)
KC +1.5 (-130) over Col (Win 5-2)
KC vs Col UNDER 9(+100)------------DeLaRosa is no joke and Francis has been more hittable this year. Colorado is averaging 3 runs per game over their last 5 games and KC is averaging 5.5 runs per game over their last 5. Neither offense is good enough for this NOT to be a close game (Win 5-2)

TEXAS(Tejeda) +106 (BCLI line Tx -115) over Houston(Albers)---------rhb's hitting .216 off Tejeda and Astros bat right. Texas has scored 14 runs over the last 2 games while Houston has scored 3. Astros suck.(Win 7-4)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

*DETROIT(Durbin) +182 (BCLI line +120) over Bos(Schilling)
Detroit +1.5 (-110) over Boston--------Both offenses are hitting about .270 and scoring about 1 run every 6.5 atbats. Boston takes more walks and Schilling is a more famous pitcher than Durbin. However, in 2007, Durbin is harder to hit than Schilling. Yes, its true. Durbin has allowed 1 hit for every inning pitched and Schilling has allowed 2 more hits than the number of innings he has pitched. Rhb's are hitting .304 off Schilling. This should NOT be a +180 line.......but it is!! (Lose 4-2.......Tigers out hit them 9-6, LEAVE 24 ON BASE, and Sheffield goes 0 for 5 and leaves 8 on base. Just despicable. Absolutely fucking sick. Sheffield KILLED this bet.)

BCLI line (official line)

Fla--Nolasco -126 (-113) (The Man--Armas)
Hou--Oswalt -157 (-180) (BCLI--Lincecum)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

BCLI line (official line)

Atl--Davies -160 (-150) (The Man--Speigner)
Fla--Olsen -138 (+101) (BCLI)
Col--Cook -106 (+115) (BCLI)
SD--Peavy -145 (-200) (The Man)
LAD--Wolf -183 (-165) (BCLI)
Cleve--Sabathia -166 (-200) (The Man)
Bos--Tavarez -125 (-140) (PPD)
Tor--Burnett -163 (-175) (The Man)
Tex--Padilla -110 (-125) (BCLI--Fossum)
LAA--Lackey -117 (-130) (The Man)
Oak--Blanton -165 (-240) (BCLI--Perez)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

LAD(Lowe) -146 (BCLI line -210) over Stl(Wainwright) (Win 9-7)
LAD -1.5 (+145) over Stl-------I really dont understand this line. Lowe is a good, experienced pitcher. Wainwright has not proven he is capable of being an effective major league pitcher. Opposing batters hitting .330 off him this year. Cardinals offense not getting any better hitting .238; Edmonds at .130, Pujols at .150, they have no .300 hitters this year. Dodgers have score 66 more runs this year than the Cardinals. If you posit that the home field is worth 20 cents, the line at -146 is only valuing LA's offensive advantage + their starting pitcher advantage as ONLY 26 CENTS! I think its very wrong. (Win 9-7)

Tampa(Shields) vs Texas(McCarthy) UNDER 8.5(-105)---------Opposing batters hitting .198 off Shields and Tampa's offense continues to get worse. McCarthy coming off 2 good starts(after sucking before that). Rangers offense hitting .245. I think 1 or both of these offenses could score zero runs. (Win 4-3)

Laa(Escobar) vs Seattle(Hernandez) UNDER 7.5(-125)----------Mariners offense has gone 2, 2, 3, 3 runs per game in their last 4. Escobar shutting hitters down; Hernandez coming back from injury here. If he's anything like he was.......6 hits in 17 innings......should be low scoring. (Lose, Escobar rocked by Mariners??!!! what's going on?)

BCLI line (official line)

Atl--Hudson -150 (-210) (The Man)
Phi--Eaton -120 (+103) (BCLI)
Fla--Mitre -110 (+105) (BCLI)
Mets--Maine -158 (-146) (The Man--Zambrano)
SF--Morris -121 (+105) (The Man--Williams)
Cleve--Byrd -144 (-165) (The Man)
Nyy--Mussina -133 (-155) (PPD)
Sea--Hernandez -135 (-121) (BCLI)

Monday, May 14, 2007

WASHINGTON(Bergmann) +160 (BCLI line +140) over Atlanta(Smoltz)-------Nationals coming off a sweep of Florida and must be, psychologically, at a height they've not experienced yet this year. They averaged about 6 runs per game over the last three days. This is double team revenge against Smoltz as he shut down washington twice before. Its also team revenge against Bergmann who shut the braves down. Opposing batters hitting only .175 off Bergmann while lhb's are hitting .295 off Smoltz. Braves offense IS much better, but +160 for Bergmann at home with Nats just finding the habit of victory.........I think its worth it (Win 2-1)

PITT(Gorzelanny) -115 (BCLI line -101) over Fla(Willis)-------Good chance to exploit decline and fall of Florida's offense. Marlins just got swept by Washington so, yeah, its safe to say their offense is slumping a bit. Rhb's are hitting .333 off Willis and Pitt seems to bat totally right except for LaRoche, who, hopefully, will sit out this game. Sanchez, Bay, Paulino, Doumit and Nady are all hitting .300 or better vs lhp's, and Jack Wilson is hitting .296. Willis not so great this year and Gorzelanny has been great this year with only 1 ineffective start, and even in that game he completed 6 innings. Pirates explode for 13 runs yesterday.......could be a breakout. (Win 7-0)

PHILLIES(Moyer) -120 (BCLI line -135) over Mil(Bush) (Win 8-6)
PHILLIES -1.5(+170) over Mil------------opposing batters hitting .215 off Moyer. Rhb's hitting .350 off Bush. Before scoring only 1 yesterday, Phillies offensive has gone 11, 7, 9 runs per game and looked to be breaking out. Dont like Bush too much, but I do like Moyer. (Win, what luck, Turnbow loses it spectacularly)

BALTIMORE(Bedard) -128 (BCLI line -130) over Tor(Ohka)----------Bluejays offense is ABSOLUTE SHIT. Shut down by Seo yesterday. Disgusting. I piss on this Blue Jay offense. They are PATHETIC pieces of human garbage. Bedard can pitch. Ohka needs to go back to Japan. (Lose 5-3)

BCLI line (official line)

SD--Maddux -109 (-140) (The Man)
Lad--Tomko -190 (-150) (The Man--Thompson)
Bos--Matsuzaka -120 (-150) (The Man)
Oak--Haren -145 (-175) (BCLI--Meche)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

TORONTO(Marcum) -150 (BCLI line -150) over Tampa(Seo)-------Seo has had 7 starts, he's had his chance......and opposing batters are HITTING .380 OFF HIM!! I'm sorry, you just cant be a major league pitcher and have people hitting that high off you. Blue Jayz have scored 5 runs each of their last 2 days. They have an excellent opportunity to come out of their slump here. I liked Marcum from last year.....good competitor. (Lose 2-1.....Marcum pitches a no-hitter, IDIOT BLUEJAY management takes him out after 6inn. Then Tampa scores. This was one of the most DESPICABLE and DISGUSTING losses I have ever experienced. It wasnt enough to get only 2 hits off Seo or for Ryan Roberts(.000) to make an error to put Crawford on base. It was LYLE FUCKING OVERBAY, may his soul rot in HELL, who fielded a ground ball at first AND REFUSED TO THROW THE BALL TO THE PITCHER COVERING FIRST BASE!@@@@@!!!! Instead, he tries to run to the base himself and is too late. a run scores on the play......the winning run. Lyle Overbay ruined this game and that BITCH owes me money. Goddam Lyle Overbay you MOTHERFUCKER.)

BCLI line (official line)

Mil--Capuano -105 (+105) (The Man)
Fla--Obermueller -113 (-130) (BCLI--Simontacchi)
SF--Cain -113(-140) (The Man)
Stl--Reyes -108 (+120) (The Man--Germano)
LAD--Hendrickson -135 (-180) (The Man)
Bos--Beckett -200 (-260) (The Man)
Cws--Vazquez -151 (-200) (BCLI--DeLaRosa)
Laa--Santana -125 (-110) (The Man--Wood)
Oak--Gaudin -120 (-110) (BCLI)
Nyy--Pettitte -165 (-200) (BCLI--Ramirez)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

BALTIMORE(Trachsel) +215 (BCLI line +165) over Boston(Schilling) (Lose 13-4)
BALT +1.5 (+115) over Boston---------This is team revenge against Schilling who did well vs Orioles last meeting. despite my disgust with the Orioles offense, I think you have to acknowledge that they (sometimes) can score, as they scored 17 runs over the last 2 games. The official line is not giving Trachsel the respect he has earned. He's only been rocked once this year(by Tampa) lhb's are hitting only .164 off him(and Boston has Drew, Ortiz, Varitek...lhb's), and he's pitched a lot of good games. Schilling, of course, is Schilling, but rhb's are hitting .321 off him. I'll take this juice. (Lose 13-4)

ANGELS(Colon) -110 (BCLI line -146) over Texas(Loe)--------Colon has walked only 2 in 26 innings. That's a confident pitcher. I still have no respect for Loe, or the Rangers offense, which is hitting .243 against the Angels' .268 (Win 6-3)

DETROIT(Durbin) -125 (BCLI line -115) over Minn(Ponson)--------Ponson has allowed 1.5 hits for every inning what if he USED to throw hard. Durbin doing much better after rough start.....I like his stuff. Tigers, red hot and scoring. Twins...3, 0, 3, 7, 3, 2, 0. Lotta zeroes and threes. (Win 8-2)

Arizona(Hernandez) vs Houston(Oswalt) UNDER 7.5(-110)-------Hernandez has only had one bad start and his others have been pretty dominant. Two bad offenses......Oswalt consistently good. Either teams could get shut out. (Lose 10-4.....just remembered, Minute Maid Park is about as big as a large living room.)

Stl(Looper) vs San Diego(Young) UNDER 7(-105)----------Young improving, going deep into games. Looper has been good all year with only one bad start. Both offenses pathetic. I predict a 1-0 final score. (Win 5-0.....thank god these offenses suck enough to overcome Sledge's 3-run error.......score should have been 2-0)

BCLI line (official line)

Mets--Pelfrey -105 (+108) (The Man)
Phi--Garcia -146 (-132) (BCLI)
Fla--Nolasco -150 (-132) (The Man--Chico)
Atl--James -162 (-140) (BCLI)
Hou--Oswalt -152 (-185) (The Man)
Sd--Young -128 (-140) (BCLI--Looper)
LAD--Penny -145 (-170) (The Man)
Tor--McGowan -137 (-125) (BCLI)
Oak--Braden -120 (+115) (The Man--Carmona)
CWS--Buehrle -169 (-210) (The Man)
Nyy--DeSalvo -126 (-140) (The Man)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tampa(Kazmir) vs Tor(Burnett) UNDER 8.5(-110)--------after going 3, 2, 2, 4, 1 runs-per-game, Toronto actually gets shut out yesterday by Tim Wakefield??? Tampa scores 6 yesterday after a long string of low scores. At the beginning of the season, these offenses looked good, now they are definitely struggling. Kazmir is good and Burnett can shut you down on any given day.(Win 5-1)

ATL(Davies) -101 (BCLI line -110) over Pitt(Duke)--------Im no fan of Davies, but opposing batters are hitting about .250 off him(and he's pitched against MUCH stronger offenses than Pittsburgh's) while opposing batters are hitting .330 off Duke. Pirates have scored 114 runs against Atlanta's 168. Pirates have walked 83 times against Atlanta's 146. Pirates hitting 25 points below Atlanta. Atlanta hitting .272 vs lhp. gotta play this. (Win 4-1)

Phi(Hamels) vs Cubs(Hill) UNDER 8.5(-110)------Two of the best young pitchers in the game. Have either of these offenses been making noise? Not really, Phillies ripped Arizona bullpen after doing poorly vs Randy Johnson. But other than that........take the under (Lose 7-2)

KC(Perez) vs CWS(Garland) UNDER 9.5(-120)--------Royals can never be expected to score, Garland is shutting teams down(with his eephus balls). Perez is hittable but WhiteSox hitting .206 vs lhb's and only .223 overall. I just realized something.......its an UNDER type of time in baseball because......STEROIDS ARE BANNED! wow, what a revelation. (Win 2-1)

FLORIDA(Olsen) -113 (BCLI line -135) over Washington(Hill)--------First of all, Marlins are going for revenge vs Hill, who shut them down, and Olsen is going for revenge vs Nationals, who got 10 hits off him in 5 innings last meeting. I know, this strategy hasnt been working very well. But look at this: Washington is 9-25. NINE AND TWENTY-FIVE. That means a correct line for them this year has been +280. Hill is good, but Washington doesnt score and they dont win. Florida's offense has slipped, but they've still scored 77 more runs this year than Washington. EXCELLENT PRICE here. (Lose did Florida's offense turn into such a sick joke?)

SANDIEGO(Peavy) -200 (BCLI line -185) over Stl(Wells) (Win 7-0)
SANDIEGO -1.5(+110) over Stl--------Wells looked good early on but he has allowed 7 runs in each of his last 3 starts while Peavy has been dominating and K-ing everybody. Padres offense isnt the best, but they've scored once every 8 at-bats while Cardinals have scored only once every 10 at-bats. (Win 7-0)

BCLI line (official line)

Sea--Washburn -120 (+106) (BCLI)
Cws--Garland -144 (-175) (The Man)
Minn--Santana -172 (-200) (BCLI--Maroth)
Tor--Burnett -105 (-127) (The Man)
Cin--Arroyo -105 (+110) (The Man--Wolf)
Phi--Hamels -139 (-119) (BCLI)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

HOUSTON(Albers) +144 (BCLI line +135) over Cin(Harang)-------Yes, things are very, very bad here at BCLI. And I'm taking the Astros. This is a perfect revenge situation, tho, with Albers having done well against everybody he has faced EXCEPT Cincinatti. So he goes for revenge. And Harang shut Houston down K'ing 8 in his last meeting with them. Albers HAS been significantly harder to hit than Harang. Astros on a mini winning streak beating the Reds by 1 run the last 3 days. (Lose 9-5......Albers rocked AGAIN by Reds.......Kid, make a fucking adjustment!)

ATL(Hudson) -183 (BCLI line -182) over Sandiego(Wells) (Win 5-3)
Atl -1.5(+110) over San diego----------Braves have an offensive advantage, tho they havent been scoring much. But they also have a HUGE pitching advantage here as Wells has been so hittable and Hudson hasnt. lhb's hitting .400-something off Wells and rhb's hitting .300 off him. (Win 5-3)

BALTIMORE(Cabrera) -155(BCLI line -147) over Tampa(Fossum)-------Orioles offense certainly not reliable enough to bet on at this price. However, Tampa has fallen into a 3 runs-or-less-per-game skid lasting 5 days while Orioles have put up 8 runs twice during that time. Fossum's era is 7.34 and is subject to revenge by Balt since he did well vs them last meeting. And I've been wanting to bet Cabrera as he appeared to have solved his BB problem early on, though he's been walking more lately. He has not, however, been getting hit while Fossum has been. (Win 11-6)

BCLI line (official line)

LAD--Lowe -117 (-132) (BCLI--Mitre)
Cubs--Zambrano -188 (-200) (BCLI--Maholm)
Col--Cook -105 (-118) (The Man)
Det--Verlander -180 (-250) (The Man)
Nyy--Wang -235 (-300) (BCLI--McCarthy)
Minn--Silva -105 (-118) (BCLI--Contreras)
Tor--Halladay -130(-150) (BCLI--Wakefield)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

TEXAS(Tejeda) +185 (BCLI line +112) over Nyy(Mussina) (Lose 6-2)
Texas +1.5(-105) over Nyy(Mussina)-----------Texas has gone 2, 3, 11, 7 runs in their last 4 games. Not totally terrible. Tejeda went 6inn 6 hits 3 runs 1walk and 6k's vs the Yankees last start. Ok. Mussina shut the Rangers down in 5innings vs Texas last start. This is revenge for Texas. Mussina hasnt proven anything yet this year. He's old, Tejeda is young and clearly is showing some skills this year. I'll take this number (Lose 6-2......Ranger offense is shit. Bottom line: They are shit, they suck. If I wanted a bet on Tejeda, why didnt i just take the under? Note: Play more unders when Texas is playing)

OAKLAND(Haren) -120 (BCLI line -124) over Kc(Meche)--------Royals offense is crap. A's have this new guy, Cust. He looks decent as a hitter. Haren is dominating, Meche good. Could be another under but I like A's with Haren at this price. (Lose 3-2......yeah, it WAS another under. God, these offenses suck so bad.)

BOSTON(Matsuzaka) -167 (BCLI line -172) over Toronto(Ohka) (Win 9-3)
Boston -1.5(-110) over Toronto-------------Matsuzaka going for redemption here after walking 5 and getting hit last start. Boston going for revenge against Ohka, who did pretty well vs them for 5inn last meeting. BlueJays offense is declining, not scoring and, not a very good pitcher. (Win 9-3)

PHILADELPHIA(Moyer) +105 (BCLI line Phi -120) over Arizona(Johnson)--------- Lhb's hitting .333 vs Johnson while Moyer has totally been getting the job done. Diamondback offense hitting .230 vs lhp's and overall is pretty poor. Phillies playing to avoid the sweep it looks like. (Win 9-3)

BCLI line (official line)

Mets--Maine -140 (-150) (The Man)
Fla--Willis -117 (-130) (BCLI--Tomko)
Balt--Bedard -108 (-130) (The Man)
Minn--Ortiz -151 (-140) (The Man--Danks)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

*SAN FRANCISCO(Cain) -102 (BCLI line -110) over Mets(Glavine)-----Giants offense is red hot....Cain going for redemption....I feel this win. rhb's hitting just .116 off Cain. Glavine's ERA is 3.27....he's good, but he's gotten to face Wash, AZ, and Stl, 3 terrible offenses. (Lose 4-1.....well, if I'd have know that the Giants, after averaging SEVEN runs per game over their last 5 games, were planning on scoring ONLY ONCE against Glavine's weak ass 78mph garbage, I wouldnt have made this fucking bet. Todd Linden, thanks for the 3 k's you goddam idiot.)

Oak(Gaudin) vs KC(De La Rosa) UNDER 9(-115)-------De La Rosa is not bad at all and has been pitching late into some games. Gaudin, I like him, he's good for 6. Both offenses very weak.....I'll try an under here (Win 6-1)

BCLI line (official line)

Fla--Obermueller -107 (+115) (BCLI)
Mil--Bush -197 (-225) (The Man)
Balt--Guthrie -105 (-130) (The Man)
Det--Bonderman -165 (-200) (The Man)
Nyy---Pettitte -167 (-250) (The Man)
Bos--Beckett -160 (-200) (The Man)
Minn--Bonser -122 (-110) (BCLI)
Laa--Santana -125 (-115) (The Man---Lee)

Monday, May 07, 2007

CINCINATTI(Lohse) +130 (BCLI line +111) over Houston(Oswalt)------Reds going for revenge against Oswalt who went 8innings 4 hits and 1 run against them last start. Reds scored well the last two days(of course, it was the same thing the last time i made this bet and Reds got shut down by Oswalt) but I still believe in revenge. And most importantly, the Astros have too many liabilities in their lineup. Lee is the only guy you need to walk. Lohse is more than good enough to beat the Astros, Reds just have to score 3 to 5 runs and there's a good chance for a win(Lose 5-4)

BCLI line (official line)

LAD--Penny -107 (-120) (The Man)
Atl---James-138 (-125) (The Man--Young)
Stl--Reyes -110 (-125) (BCLI--Francis)
Cleve--Carmona -105 (-127) (The Man)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Update: After the catastrophe below, BCLI plays are now 37-42(-5.47units) for the season and playing the BCLI lines against the official lines listed below the plays would have made you go 90-108 (+3.41units).

SEATTLE(Washburn) +130 (BCLI line Sea -107) over Yankees(Rasner)-----Washburn HAS faced weak offenses(Oakland twice), but he's been pretty close to dominant. Rasner has pitched 4 or 5 innings per game and he hasnt proven that he's any good. With Mariners offense having put up 15 against the Yanks 2 days ago and having scored 7 in 5 innings off Matsuzaka before that, I'd expect them to have enough punch to hit Rasner. I think +130 is enough to play Washburn here. (Lose 5-0.....Seattle offense sucks the fucking wad. What a wasted opportunity)

KC(Greinke) -105 (BCLI line -113) over Det(Durbin) (Lose 13-4)
KC vs Det UNDER 10.5(-115)---------Statistically, both these offenses have been weak this year. Looks like KC is playing at home to avoid getting swept and Greinke is going for revenge against the Tigers who hit him last meeting AND for redemption after the Angels hit him last start. He's had 3 good starts this year and 2 bad ones. Durbin....going against his former team.....maybe he comes with something. He hasnt been very good statistically but I like some of his pitches when i saw him. Very low chance this game goes over AND the Tigers win, in my opinion. (Lose 13-4.....Greinke has nothing but a fastball and hanging slider. Tigers prove they can hit a fastball.)

TORONTO(Burnett) -118 (BCLI line -132) over Texas(Loe)--------This is risky only in that Toronto has been losing and not scoring. Burnett going for redemption. Loe is a pitcher I dont like; I think he has no skills. He's 6 foot 7, thus he gets to the major leagues. But he's too hittable. Jays and Rangers are scoring at about the same pace but Toronto hits for a higher average. If Toronto doesnt hit Loe, they really suck. (Lose 3-2.....Yes, Toronto FUCKING SUCKS. Burnett did his part, Toronto offense==shit.)

BCLI line (official line)

Atl--Davies -107 (-118) (The Man)
Fla--Olsen -112 (+140) (The Man--Peavy)
Cubs--Guzman -166 (-150) (BCLI)
Mil--Sheets -182 (-220) (The Man)
Stl--Looper -113(-145) (The Man)
Az--Hernandez -105 (+107) (BCLI)
Phi--Hamels -149 (-130) (BCLI)
Oak---Blanton -105 (-130) (The Man)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

MILWAUKEE(Suppan) -145 (BCLI line -160) over Pitt(Duke) (Win 6-3)
MILWAUKEE -1.5 (+145) over Pitt--------Brewers offense has been showing outbreaks of power lately and the Pirates are consistently scoring less than 4 runs per game. Pitt's offense is terrible. Duke got murdered by Milwaukee last meeting and I dont think he's got the stuff to get his revenge.....he's getting hit by everyone. Suppan has been a very solid pitcher this year pitching deep into the game. Good chance to go against a sorry, pathetic offense. (Win 6-3)

SF(Lowry) -110 (BCLI line -112) over Phi(Lieber)-------SF's offense has been exploding of late going 6, 7, 7, 9 in last 4 games. Lhb's hitting .107 vs Lowry......Howard hitting .135 vs lhp's. Lieber HAS been doing good for 5 to 6 innings per game but I dont think he's the type of pitcher who is gonna never get rocked. (Win 9-4)

BCLI Line (official line)

Cubs--Hill -260 (-220) (BCLI)
Fla--Mitre -122 (-112) (The Man--Wells)
Atl--Hudson -162 (-150) (The Man--Lowe)
Nyy--Wang -220 (-300) (The Man)
Balt---Cabrera -107 (+104) (BCLI)
Minn---Santana -155 (-240) (The Man)
Tampa---Kazmir -175 (-145) (BCLI)
Tor---Halladay -153 (-165) (BCLI--Padilla)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Cleve(Byrd) vs Balt(Bedard) OVER 9.5(+105)--------Indians are hitting now and are going for revenge against Bedard who k'd 11 of them last start. Byrd is very hittable and is (sometimes) effective only because he doesnt walk people. The Orioles dont take walks against anyone so its no disadvantage for them. Balt should break out of their offensive slump against the weak Byrd and even if they don't, Cleveland's gonna be mad about those 11 k's. (Lose 3-2.....terrible offensive effort from both teams. Orioles hitting sucks; if you cant hit fucking Byrd, who can you hit? INDIANS CANT HIT GOOD PITCHING! They are a sophmoric offense; they can rip bad starters and bullpens but........well, this was a bad bet. Indians only hitting .222 vs lhp's. I guess team revenge doesnt always work. I'll give Bedard credit, he knows what he's doing.)

WASHINGTON(Bergmann) +205 (BCLI line +160) over Cubs(Zambrano)------Nationals OWE Bergmann a win and Im confident they put forth a good effort. Opposing batters hitting .150 off Bergmann?!!??! He's got something going and I cant ignore him getting this much juice. He has dominated some offenses that are much better than the Cubs. (Lose 6-4.....This is a SICK and PATHETIC Washington ballclub. They're now 9-20? Jesus Christ, you'd have to get +222 just to break even on them this year! +205, which I thought was good, actually constitutes an OVERVALUATION of their chance to win a game! Seriously, to score 4 in the 1st inning and then nothing the rest of the game.....they must feel like shit. And they should because they ARE shit. Maybe they'll actually get worse after picking up .068 Ryan Langerhans.)

METS(Maine) -126 (BCLI line -118) over Arizona(Johnson)------Johnson is 43 years old, hasnt shown effectiveness yet, Mets hitting very well vs lhp's, Az offense looked prett weak to me last time i bet on them and Maine........very hard to hit. Mets offense possibly the best in baseball this year. (Win 5-3)

BCLI line (official line)

Fla--Willis -139 (-125) (BCLI)
Cin---Belisle -147 (-128) (The Man--Hirsh)
Atl---Smoltz -133 (-155) (The Man)
Stl--Wainwright -120 (-130) (Pitching change)
Nyy---Igawa -173 (-200) (BCLI--Baek)
Balt---Bedard -134 (-114) (BCLI)
Tampa---Fossum -105 (+125) (The Man--Haren)
Det--Verlander -132 (-170) (The Man)
Laa--Escobar -105 (-140) (The Man)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

BCLI Line (official line)

Hou--Rodriguez -105 (-128) (The Man)
Mil---Bush -122 (-140) (BCLI--Gorzelanny)
Mets--Glavine -129 (-140) (The Man)
SF--Cain -135 (-145) (BCLI--Eaton)
Laa---Weaver -109 (-122) (BCLI--Meche)
Cleve--Lee -124 (-170) (The Man)
Tampa--Shields -120 (+100) (BCLI)
Bos---Matsuzaka -181 (-240) (The Man)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

TEXAS(Tejeda) +140 (BCLI line Tex -130) over Nyy(Pettitte) (PPD)
Tex vs Nyy UNDER 10.5----------I think the linemakers are sleeping more than a little bit on Tejeda. He throws 94-96 late into games and changes speeds well. This is probably the best chance for the Rangers to beat the Yanks here. Pettitte IS going for redemption so maybe he comes with something and Tex has only scored 5 runs over their last 3 games. Tx is, however, hitting 40 points higher (.275) vs lhp's. HAVE to exploit this juice at +140. (PPD)

CIN(Lohse) +159 (BCLI line +152) over Hou(Oswalt) (Lose 3-1)
Cin vs Hou UNDER 8(-110)---------Lohse going for redemption here; Reds 3 straight games of 8 or more runs scored; Houston always sucking. Lhb's hit .284 off Oswalt and Reds best hitters Dunn, Griffey, Hamilton and Hatteberg all bat left. (Win 3-1)

ATL(James) -118 (BCLI line -152) over Phi(Garcia)-----betting a lhp against Phillies is always a good idea and this number is just too low. Garcia has NOT shown much effectiveness yet. James has beaten Phillies once so this is a team revenge against him, something that, normally, I would consider a plus for the phillies. But James is a quality lhp and this number is too wrong. (Win 4-3)

BCLI line (official line)

SD--Hensley -152 (-180) (The Man)
Bos--Beckett -167 (-200) (The Man)
Cleve--Westbrook -135 (-155) (The Man)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

TORONTO(Burnett) +135 (BCLI line +128) over Cleve(Sabathia)------Toronto has scored 6 or more runs in its last 3 games and they're still hitting .322 vs lhp's. Burnett coming off a total shutdown of the Yankees.......he can definitely match Sabathia pitch for pitch. Sabathia is getting his k's but is not close to unhittable. (Lose 12-4)

ARIZONA(Hernandez) +145 (BCLI line +123) over Dodgers(Penny)------both pitchers have faced weak offenses this year and done well......the difference is that Livan has been dominant and Penny has merely been good. This is a revenge game for AZ as Penny shut them down last meeting. (Lose 2-1.....this Diamondback offense sucks)

CINCINATTI(Arroyo) -110 (BCLI line -124) over Hou(Albers)--------Reds: 17 runs over last 2 games......could this be a breakout? With Arroyo against Astros, I think its worth a bet at this price. Astros still very weak. (Win 11-2)

SEATTLE(Washburn) -115 (BCLI line -125) over Cws(Vazquez) (Win 5-2)
Sea vs Cws UNDER 8.5 (-110)--------This is a redemption game for Vazquez as he did bad last start. He may do well but I like Washburn better; he's rolling. And White Sox are hitting .197 vs lhp's. Mariners averaged 5 runs per game in their last series with KC while CWS average 3 runs per game in their last 3 game series. I think Washburn is worth a couple of bets here at fair prices. (Win 5-2)

BCLI line (official line)

Cubs--Lilly -136 (-150) (Delayed)
Mets--Pelfrey -137 (-150) (BCLI--Nolasco)
Phi--Hamels -148 (-125) (BCLI)
SF--Ortiz -120 (-132) (BCLI--Buchholz)
Bos--Schilling -186 (-175) (The Man--Blanton)
Tampa--Jackson -124 (-103) (The Man--Ponson)
Nyy--Hughes -111 (-150) (The Man)