Saturday, January 31, 2015

VIRGINIA -5(-105) over Duke------Yeah,  with the James Madison Dukes getting blown out by 19 at home by W + M,  I'll go with this.   Duke's a little weaker than they usually are.......Kendall Anthony getting 22pts today for Richmond in an upset win over VCU and..........Virginia has Anthony Gill. (Lose 69-63......
London Perrantes turnover
Anthony Gill misses a layup
Mike Tobey misses a free throw
Mike Tobey misses a layup
Mike Tobey misses a layup)............I want these game-throwers investigated and prosecuted.  Mike Tobey,  Anthony Gill and London Perrantes.   You can't be winning the game by 9 points for most of the 2nd half and then just throw it away in the last 2 minutes.  Nobody does that unless they're intentionally trying to throw the game.   I guarantee you those 3 players are being paid by gambling syndicates.   But how was Virginia even winning for so long?  Justin Anderson was 1-6 on 3s.   Virginia FUCKING SUCKS.    No,  they SUCK...........and they're throwing games.   Orange should have won here after yes,  Clemson and Tennessee had already won.   This is FUCKED up.   A crime.  A shameful disgraceful crime.) 

OKLAHOMA STATE COWBOYS -2.5(-115) over Oklahoma Sooners----OK off a huge beatdown against Texas Tech........they do have the +offense but OKST has +1day of rest and the home revenge....and Anthony Hickey and Anthony Allen.   So we'll go with the orange here too.(Lose 64-56........Oklahoma State gives up a 22-10 lead..........but is still leading 32-25 at halftime.   Then,  Oklahoma State opens the 2nd half with absolutely no scoring for 2.5 minutes.   Michael Cobbins:  5 Personal Fouls and 3 Turnovers.   Phil Forte had 5 TOs,  but 3 Steals.  Anthony Hickey went 2-9 on 3s:  Stop trying you piss-ass losing scum.  Fuck these goddamn losers.  You quit on BCLI,  disgraced quit on your coaches,  your alumni,  your predecessors,  your gods.......fuck this shit.   Oklahoma State had everything:  home court,  revenge,  more rest.  What the fuck??  I'm sick of this shit.   I'm not gonna tolerate this shit.)

NORTHERN ILLINOIS HUSKIES +4 over Toledo Rockets-----Toledo has the +offense;  No. Illinois has the home-off-road-loss and.............Anthony Johnson.(Lose 80-69...........Maggots get out of here you low-life scums.   What a fucking joke.)

PENNSYLVANIA QUAKERS +8 over Harvard Crimson-----Penn definitely has the +ATS...........and they have Tony Hicks and Antonio Woods here at home.(Lose 63-38.........Congratulations Darnell Foreman of Pennsucken, NJ!  You just set a record for coughing up 4 Turnovers in only 13 minutes of playing time!   Tony Hicks!  2 for 8 with 4 PFs and 1-2 on FTs!  You SUCK!   Antonio Woods 0 for 3 on Free Throws!!!!  That FT percentage is perfect!  you fucking disgraces.   But congratulations on upping the bar on disgracing your school,  your parents,  your ancestors,  yourselves and all of college basketball)

MEMPHIS TIGERS +17.5 over Gonzaga-----That's just too many points.  Gonzaga can't be winning games by 20 points all the time.   Oh,  Memphis has Calvin Godfrey!(Lose 82-64........oh.   You're gonna lose for me too,  you fucking pieces of shit?   What the fuck is this shit?   Shaq Goodwin 0-6 on FGs in 23minutes,  long enough playing time to pick up 4 PFs.  Great!  Trashon Burrell 3-10 FG with 3-6 on FTs.   What the hell kind of garbage name is that?   Fuck Memphis.  Fuck these hopeless losing disgraces.)
CENTRAL MICHIGAN CHIPPEWAS -8.5 over Ohio Bobcats----CMU has the +ATS and the home-off-road-loss.(Lose 74-69............Fuck this goddamn shit)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

CHICAGO BULLS -9.5 over La Lakers-------Bulls off an OT win against GS,  the team that almost never loses..........uh,  Lakers do have the home revenge but..........with Nikola Pekovic getting 14pts and Jusuf Nurkic getting 15 in wins yesterday,  we'll go +SLAV here with Mirotic on the Bulls and hope for a blowout.(Lose 123-118............Bulls lose the GAME!  Unreal.   I could understand not covering.....but the Lakers had only won 13 games this season before this!  And Derrick Rose was terrible:  7-26,  1-7 on 3s.  Can't believe he'd suck that bad for me.)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ST JOHN'S -1.5 over Creighton----SJU did pretty well against Duke last game,  at least in the 1st half.   Creighton......while they are 7-4 SU at home,  they don't seem to win this year,  and certainly haven't won lately.(Lose 77-74..........10 for 17 on FTs didn't help St John's who were 10 of 18 on 3s.......Hmmm.   Toby Hegner 5-6 on 3s from Berlin, Wisconsin.   Sucks that Creighton should suddenly win when I bet against them,  doesn't it?)

AUSTIN PEAY +3 over Morehead State------It's clear that Morehead is the better team here,  but AP is at home with 'Davis' and 'Smith',  2 names I've seen doing pretty well lately. (Lose 82-69......Austin lost the 2nd half by 13pts-----THIS IS A TEAM OF FUCKING QUITTERS.   Look at this shit:  Ed Dyson 2-9,  1-4 on 3s???!.   Garbage.  Fucking garbage team and  a garbage effort.) 

HOUSTON ROCKETS -4 over Dallas Mavericks-----Houston at home with the +ATS.   With Nick Calathes and Kosta Koufos winning for Memphis while Milwaukee won with Gianni Antetokounmpo,  I like the fact that Houston has a Greek.   Dallas off 3 straight Ls/FTCs.(Win 99-94)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

NEW ORLEANS +3 over Dallas------With Rapheal Davis leading Purdue to victory yesterday with 24pts while Khalil Davis got 14pts to lead Austin Peay over Eastern Illinois,  Davis looks like a good name on New Orleans.  But its more than that as you will note the Utah Jazz winning by an incredible 35 points yesterday........(with Gordon Hayward scoring 24).   But look at Omar Sherman and Omar Prewitt in the Miami and William + Mary wins!  And New Orleans has the revenge.(Win 109-106)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

MARQUETTE GOLDEN EAGLES +1.5 over Georgetown Hoyas-----Marquette has the +ATS(and is a very good ATS team this year),  is home-off-2-road-losses and has the revenge.  With Derrick Rose dominating over the last 2 games for the Chicago Bulls,  Marquette also has Derrick Wilson.(Lose 95-85..........Luke Fischer 2-7,  5 Personal Fouls in 33 minutes of play.......but the rest of Marquette seemed to do well.   Has Marquette lost for me before this season?)

MIAMI HURRICANES +2.5 over Syracuse Orange----Although Miami had some strange losses early in the season,  it seems they can beat Duke and take UVA----a great team this year----to OT.  Miami has the +ATS and Syracuse..............has won,  yes,  but hardly put on any domination in conference games.   So we'll play Miami on the road here.(Win 66-62.....Tonye Jekiri 13, 15REBs.........Davon Reed 3-4 on 3s......Omar Sherman 8pts)

PACIFIC +24 over Gonzaga-----Looks like Gonzaga's average win is by 18pts----although they only beat Pepperdine by 2.   Pacific,  at 10-10,  has lost to Santa Clara by 17,  but they don't always lose and when they lose they don't always get blown out.(Lose 91-60.........that Polach Karnowski hurt us with a 6-8 13pts but.........Thomas Peters 0-4 on FT?.......Dulani Robinson 3-13.....Pacific sucked.  Thought I try it,  but with the Republicans allegedly having invited Netanyahu(the world's major Mass-Murderer) to speak IN  the United States,   its clear that 'Pacific' is not the current trend;  Of course the world is headed for an Apocalyptic World War.)

KANSAS STATE WILDCATS -2.5 over Oklahoma State Cowboys------Kansas State has the home-off-road-loss and the revenge.  We'll try it.(Win 63-53............Nino Williams 20pts......Justin Edwards 14pts, 4-4,  2-2 on 3s and 4-5 FT)

KANSAS JAYHAWKS +4 over Texas Longhorns-----Both teams are winning and covering.....Kansas had a loss at Temple;  Texas lost to Ok St and Oklahoma..........I'll play the underdog.(Win  75-62..........Brannen Greene 14pts 4-5 on 3s..........Frank Mason III 12pts......Cliff Alexander 15pts...........Perry Ellis 14pts)

PURDUE BOILERMAKERS -1 over Iowa Hawkeyes-----Purdue has the +ATS and the home-off-road-loss.  (Win 67-63..........Rapheal Davis 24pts 3-5 3s...........Basil Smotherman 13pts)

BOISE STATE BRONCOS -5.5 over Air Force Falcons-----Line just came down from 6.5.....I'll still take it.......BSU does have a Derrick(and James Webb,  with LeBron James dominating last night).   Boise just looks better,  coming off a 50pt win over San Jose State,  a team AF only beat by 22.(Win 77-68......Derrick Marks 28pts 4-5 3s............Nick Duncan career-hi 20pts 6-8 3s)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS +550 to win Super Bowl-----Came down a bit from +600.  Patriots,  having fallen behind by 14 points twice last game to piss me off and not cover,  look unprepared,  too old and not that serious.   Green Bay of course won their way to this point on the worst call in NFL history.  And while Seattle is a pretty good team,  they did lose to St Louis and they are only 4-4 ATS on the road.   While the correct odds for 4 equal teams is +300,  and you are getting a good deal here if you believe in the Colts,  and Wiggins did get a career-hi last night for the Timberwolves,  and Andy Kennedy did coach Mississippi to a pretty big 14pt win over Arkansas last night as a significant road underdog,  consider this:  A National Championship was recently won by URBAN Meyer,  and who would want to match that but IndianaPOLIS. (Lose..........I'll have my revenge for this.)

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS +7(-120) over New England Patriots(Lose 45-7)
INDIANAPOLIS COLTS +220 over New England Patriots----Colts do have the revenge here.(Lose 45-7..........Andrew Luck 36%??    Ohhhhhh,  you really wanna fuck some shit up, don't you?   You know this is the worst loss I've ever suffered,  right?   You know that, don't you?   And,  yes,  the Patriots cheated.   PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN WITH REGULATION-INFLATED FOOTBALLS or give me my money back.   NFL has sucked,  certainly in the playoff officiating but..............I can't see how the NFL lets the Patriots on the field in the Super Bowl after this blatant fraud.   Its absolutely inconceivable how the Colts could suck like this after beating the Broncos.   This game was fixed.   I can't believe this shit.)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

STANFORD -4 over Connecticut-------While Stanford is 4-1 against the Pac-12,  it looks like Conn has losses against Yale,  Temple and Tulsa.(Win 72-59)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

WAKE FOREST DEMON DEACONS +9 over Syracuse Orange----While Syracuse just lost a player OFTS last game,  it looks like,  Wake is gunnin along at 7-4 ATS.....they're looking like they could be a money team.   And you have to look at what Jones did last night for Ohio State and be liking Demon Deacon Madison Jones here today.(Win 86-83)

DEPAUL BLUE DEMONS +270 over Georgetown Hoyas------Well,  with Georgetown looking a bit soft lately(they still have a middling ATS record),  and with the DC transport area under "smoke-attack" at L'Enfant,  I'm just gonna try to haul off and win a lot of money with one bet.   DePaul WAS horrible,  but now they're on a 4-game cover-streak with 3 of those wins.   I DO need to win a lot of money after that despicable NFL-screw up in the Cowboys-Packers game.   DePaul's at home.....I'll roll the dice with them.(Lose 78-72..............Would have covered if I'd taken the points.  Fuck)

CLEVELAND CAVALIERS +5 over Phoenix Suns------Absolutely horrible 13-25 ATS record for Cleveland.   But here it is,  the Epic struggle,  The darkness of the CAV against  the light of the SUNS.   This is a night game so,  obviously,  darkness should win.   Mozgov,  out of St Petersberg,  should finally have an opponent to Troglodyze and obfuscate with.   Kevin Love!  Yes,  LOVE in the Cave.......its what life's all about,  its a sine qua non.   And, of course,  with Cardale Jones winning the National Championship yesterday..........where's he from?  Cleveland.   Its so obvious.(Lose 107-100..........Kyrie Irving 4-14............Love 3-11............Mozgov 2pts............WHAT a sorry ass team.   Most overrated in NBA history:  LeBron James.)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

DALLAHS COWBOYS +6 over Green Bay Packers(Win 26-21)
DALLAHS COWBOYS +190 over Green Bay Packers-------------Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Yes!  The information HAS BEEN confirmed and BCLI is today releasing its TRUE ISLAM GAME OF THE YEAR..........Although we did take some effort to fix the Lions-Cowboys game and were unsuccessful with Chris Christie in the box with Jones,   it is now clear that the Jihad has prevailed,   with the martyr-name coming AMeDy  Coulibaly,  that's the DMC and we can virtually guarantee that De MarCo Murray will be going for 280+ yards of total offense.  
   76ers win again!   And that would be Tony Wroten with 20pts,  a day before Tony Romo qb's  BCLI to a highly profitable win on this GOY.(Lose 26-21............
(Referee Gene Steratore. He is the head referee for Sunday's Dallas Cowboys-Green Bay Packers divisional-round playoff game.) ............)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

WESTERN ILLINOIS LEATHERNECKS +5 over Oral Roberts Golden Eagles(Lose 66-57)
WESTERN ILLINOIS LEATHERNECKS +200 over Oral Roberts Golden Eagles-----Even though,  as we speak,  New England has just tied its game,   the Patriots were clearly not prepared for their game and I'm really not so confident in "Roberts" as a name to play today,  especially with Tennessee scoring only 38 pts today in an extraordinary offensive failure that featured Robert Hubbs III scoring only 5pts.   And look who the Leathernecks have:  Mohamed (Conde) whose honor as The Prophet has just been avenged,  as the whole world surely knows by now.   And Covington---yes,  that's the name we're looking for,  not 'Roberts'.   And we're going against a Mormon school,   which should work with BYU somehow losing as a 15pt favorite 2 days ago.  And Western Illinois has the home-off-road-loss after a bad 30pts loss to San Diego State.(Lose 66-57..........Jabari Sandifer 0 for 13,  0 for 5 on 3s.....Naperville FUCKING Illinois.   What the fuck you goddam maggot?  MAKE  a fucking basket,  you shitfuck!   FUCK western Illinois and FUCK that SANDIFNIGGER.)
NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS -7(-105) over Baltimore Ravens-----With Ninkovich and Gronkowski,  I see the Patriots as a Rob-positive team.   The 76ers,  who almost never win,  got a win yesterday with Robert Covington having 20pts.   Today we saw Cleon Roberts get 15pts for La Salle in a win.   And don't the Patriots have an owner named Robert Kraft?   Well,  with Tom Brady at QB,  I see the Game-winning-goal by Tomas Fleischman for Florida last night as another plus for New England.   Ravens were +2TO in their win over Pittsburgh last game while NE had a bye,  but I can see how,  today,  things could go more fortunately for the Patriots.(Lose 35-31.........The Patriots were not prepared for this game and didn't deserve to win.   14 RUSHING YARDS by the sorry-ass Patriots!   What the fuck is that shit?  How can you win like that?  Patriots down by 14pts TWICE!  in this game.   I can't see how they were allowed to eventually WIN.   Prior to the game,  the information was there,  the Patriots just shat all over it and,  trust me,  there is no WAY New England will be winning another game this season.   This was a hapless attempt at VANDALISM.   The Patriots clearly had no clue in this game.   They're either too old or utterly without gravitas or both.   They don't really care.   It's a damn shame they actually won with this ass-clownery.   Utterly pathetic.  Go home,  bitches.)

Friday, January 09, 2015

WIZARDS -1 over Bulls-----home revenge for Wizards and...........while the Bulls do have a "Mohammed",  it looks like he doesn't play very much.(Win 102-86..........Gortat 21pts)

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

SETON HALL PIRATES +7.5 over Xavier Musketeers(Lose 69-58)
SETON HALL PIRATES +290 over Xavier Musketeers----Well,  Seton is 12-1 ATS and,  while one might feel that such a record is unsustainable,  Xavier seems a significant favorite here at -7.5.   And with Brandon Goodwin getting 30pts for UCF yesterday in a win against Houston,  I feel good about Seton having Brandon Mobley.(Lose 69-58.............Well,  if I can't win with Seton on 'Hebdo House Down' day,  we're gonna have to make some changes on this fucking website.)

MISSISSIPPI STATE BULLDOGS +2 over Tennessee Volunteers----Daniel Ochefu had 13pts for Villanova in a win yesterday so...........looks like Miss State has Trevor Daniels and....................Oliver Black and,  tho it wasn't a win for his team,  Olivier Hanlan had 18pts for Boston College yesterday.(Lose 61-47..........Fuck this shit fuck Mississippi...........Fred Thomas 1-10,  0 for 6 on 3s and 3-5 on FTs????  What the FUCK is that loser doing!)

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

ST JOHN'S RED STORM +4.5 over Villanova Wildcats-----Harrison Barnes getting 23pts yesterday going 5-5 on 3s...............and..........St John's has D'Angelo Harrison.(Lose 90-72...........What a fucking losing piece of shit you are St John's Red SHITSTORM.   Not even fucking close)

GEORGIA -4 over Arkansas-----Marcus Thornton had 23pts in a 26pt win by William + Mary yesterday and...........Georgia has Marcus Thornton.(Lose 79-75.......What the fuck?)

DETROIT PISTONS +7.5 over San Antonio Spurs-----Pistons on a winning streak at SA here and........they have DJ Augustin............with Zach Auguste getting 18pts yesterday for Notre Dame in a win.(Win 105-104...........Augustin has 19 pts..........Andre Drummond 20pts)

PITT PANTHERS -2.5(-115) over Boston College Eagles----Pitt is currently 3-9 ATS so...........if they don't win here,  we'll just have to conclude that they're overrated.   But......they could win having Cameron Wright 1 day after Cameron Naylor had 18pts in an upset win by Texas State.(Lose 61-60.....don't they have seniors?  How can Pitt suck like this when they seem to have so many players who have been there for years?)

Sunday, January 04, 2015

DETROIT LIONS +7(-115) over Dallas Cowboys(Win 24-20)
DETROIT LIONS +250 over Dallas Cowboys-----Lions can't beat Patriots,  but they could and did go 1-1 against the Packers...........well,   this game is in Dallas,  where the Cowboys lost to the Redskins and whatever other observations a handicapper might look at,  they all must admit that the 'Lupine Trifecta' was hit yesterday as the Nevada and NC State Wolfpacks,  as well as the New Mexico Lobos,  all won and covered their lines by an average of about 16 points.   And a Lion is a lot closer to a Wolf than a Cowboy is.(Lose 24-20.......Chris Christie's in the box with Jerry Jones??!  WTF is that shit?   His fat-ass is from New Jersey.   Umm,  the infamous penalty flag that was picked up........but why was that a pass-play on 3rd-and-1,  with a 3-pt lead,  with 8 minutes to go in the 4th need to be running the ball and running the clock in that situation.  Passing was a gamble.   Didn't work,  for whatever reason,  then there was a 5-yard penalty(You wouldn't have gone for it on 4th and 1,  would you have?  You know you have a top-rated defense,  right?) you HAD to punt.   Why only a 10-yard punt?   Cuz you gambled unnecessarily.   And you lost.  Why does Dallas convert on a 4th-and-6???  Cuz you gambled with a 20-yard pass-play when you only needed 1-yard.)