Monday, April 30, 2012

ORIOLES(Hammel) +155 over Yankees(Kuroda)(Lose 2-1)
ORIOLES(Hammel) +1.5 (-135) over Yankees(Kuroda)-----Jason Kubel 3 for 5 yesterday.....Hammel is good enough to take here.(Win 2-1)

OAKLAND ATHLETICS(Milone) +135 over Boston Red Sox(Buchholz)(Lose 11-6)
Oakland(Milone) vs Boston(Buchholz) UNDER 9.5(-115)-----Wade MILey another great win yesterday;  gotta take MILone.  (Lose 11-6)

DETROIT TIGERS(Below) -142 over Kansas City Royals(Hochevar)------Hochevar is off 2 good starts but with Jed LOWrie out of Salem, Oregon getting 3 RBI with HR for the Astros,  I like the Tigers----clearly the better team---at home with Below.(PPD)

Twins(Blackburn) vs Laa(Wilson)-------I will be betting $1 on this game......Nick Young HUGE for the Clippers last night with 3-4 on 3ptrs(will I bet on Nick Blackburn?).   Wilson Betemit HUGE with the GWHR yesterday for Baltimore(will I bet on CJ Wilson?).   If I bet Twins,  it will be at +200 as #22 Jones for the Yankees had a perfect offensive day yesterday while #22 Valencia went 3-4 for the Twins.  If I bet Laa,  it will be -1.5(-110).(Lose 4-3......see?  couldn't possibly win either way.   For the record I bet on the Angels.........which I won't be doing anymore)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

COLORADO ROCKIES(Moscoso) -136 over New York Mets(Gee)(Lose 7-5)
COLORADO ROCKIES(Moscoso) -1.5 (+140) over New York Mets(Gee)-----Knicks losing big with Yankees a time when the Rockies offense seems to be getting strong.  Moscoso's first start.(Lose 7-5..........not enough support for Moscoso in Colorado;  dont know why the Mets decide to hit far beyond their ability if not simply to make me lose money)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Peavy) +106 over Boston Red Sox(Lester)-----Huge win for Jake Westbrook yesterday.....gotta try Jake Peavy at home.(Lose 1-0........wasted CG by Peavy)

NATIONALS(Strasburg) -117 over Dodgers(Billingsley)------LA is a good team but..........with 'Battle: Los Angeles'----a painfully bad movie-----hitting the cable-movie channels and........that meteor exploding out there and.......that Camp Pendleton "Marine murder" out there and then the 3.8 today.....Hey,  top prospect Bryce Harper is gonna play for Washington today!(Lose 4-3......Horrible BS by Henry Rodriguez(I would call it a loss too).   Rodriguez scored for 2 Wild Pitches but this was also pathetic catching by Wilson Ramos.  How many down-and-in 100mph fastballs can you consecutively throw to Dee Gordon?  Just throw it up and over the plate...........just once!)

Friday, April 27, 2012

DETROIT TIGERS(Verlander) -118 over New York Yankees(Nova)------Huge boost for a team on a losing streak from Delmon Young;  Always come into Hymie-town on the offensive.(Lose 7-6.....Key, stark,  blatant,  flagrant error by Don Kelly ruins a game totally within Verlander's control at the time.   Alex Rodriguez 3-4, HR as Alex Avila is charged with the walk-off Passed Ball----You don't think I know Philip and Alex?  Philip and Alex,  Philip and Alex..........they "go to GETH er like dipdeedipdeedipduwopdiduubeedue............" they'll "always be.....toGETHer.....waahhhuuuu-ya!"  Ray Kelly's an occupational racist and everybody knows his son's a rapist.   Pshhh;  watch out for the Flying SUVs in the Bronx Zoo)

ST LOUIS CARDINALS(Westbrook) -128 over Brewers(Gallardo)(Win 13-1)
ST LOUIS CARDINALS(Westbrook) -1.5 (+170) over Brewers(Gallardo)(Win 13-1.......Matt Holliday 3-3,  Skip Schumaker 3 RBI........Cardinals a quality organization)

HOUSTON ASTROS(Rodriguez) +120 over Reds(Leake)----Offensive breakout for the Astros over the last 4 games.......Heat may have been resting starters last night but.....what a blowout by Wizards.....Wandy's season looking good.(Win 6-4)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Arrieta) -128 over Oakland(McCarthy)(Lose 5-2........Orioles not hitting today)

PIRATES(Burnett) vs Braves(Hanson) UNDER 7(Push 6-1)
PIRATES(Burnett) +162 over Braves(Hanson)------Maybe Burnett will be good this year(Lose 6-1......decent start, no offense from Pirates)

ANGELS(Weaver) -150 over Indians(Masterson)------Don't know if Angels will win for me but.....this is a pitching mismatch as Masterson hasn't done good and he's walking over 1 every 2 innings(Lose 3-2.........GWRBI Asdrubal Cabrera going 3-5......2nd loss for me this year by the Angels Weaver pitches a 6-inn shutout)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Toronto(Drabek) vs Baltimore(Hammel) UNDER 8.5-----#4 Brandon Phillips had 3RBI w/ HR yesterday while #4 Pete Orr when 2-4 with 3RBI.   So #4 Drabek looks playable here coming off 3 good, winning starts......altho he's given some walks.  Jason Hammel looks even more playable as Jason Kubel is on a 3HR-in-4games run for Arizona during which he went 6-15 and......the Mariners won for Jason Vargas yesterday as a big underdog at the Tigers.   Hammel's gotten a good number of K's and the Orioles still have some low batting averages.(Win 3-0)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oakland(Milone) vs White Sox(Floyd) UNDER 7(-115)----Excellent game by Wade Miley yesterday so I'll bet Milone UNDER as the A's offense is too weak to actually bet on a win.(Win 2-0......a 3-hitter with no walks by Milone)

Braves(Minor) vs Dodgers(Harang) UNDER 7.5------Kemp does have 4 HR against lhp's this year---thats a risk.   However,  Peavy threw a CG 3-hitter last night wearing #44 for the White Sox.....and Harang's # is 44.   I'll try to play some defense for him today although he doesn't seem like an 'under pitcher'.......he can pitch deep into games.   Minor's had 2 good starts.(Win 4-3)

Monday, April 23, 2012

METS(Gee) +102 over Giants(Bumgarner)-----GE-rardo Parra, 4 RBI, HR yesterday for Arizona and GuthriE a 3-hitter to beat Milwaukee as an underdog.  Mets have some hitters with fine averages.....Wright is over .400.(Lose 7-2.....You know General Electric's a piece-of-shit Corporation when they need $3 Billion from Buffett in a pinch.   Should have known about those fucking losers.  Without Beltran, lets see.....Reyes and Pagan,  the Mets are a fucking joke.   Can't remember seeing more pathetic hitting than these Mets.)

METS(Batista) +140 over Giants(Lincecum)-------5 ER or more in each of Lincecum's 3 starts this year?  We'll try a home team against him............we'll try the poet.  I mean,  if MLB has decided,  with its suspension of Ozzie Guillen,  that Castro is no-good,  what must they be saying about Batista?(Lose 6-1.......Guillen was right;  Castro's a living god-----the only reason the Cuban economy is in a recession is that the fucking USA hasn't been trading with them, only 90 miles off the coast of Florida,  for 50 FUCKING YEARS!  What a failure of diplomacy by the USA.   Just can't beat the bad luck of the criminal Citibank-Wilpon-Madoff trifecta.   And what the fuck with Ike Davis???  2 K's,  a 3-run Error, a GIDP rally-killer and then.........THEN after all of that failure,  he's allowed to bat with the bases-loaded????!!!!   Colossal failure in management by Davey Johnson:  Pinch Hit for him!   Even with the horror of the Mets' offense,  they did take 5 walks off Lincecum.  I think they could have taken 2 more.   But does it matter?  If you're looking to David Wright and Ike fucking Davis for you RBIs,  forget it.   This Mets team will make a race to the cellar with the Cubs;  they have no hope unless they get that 'Citi' off their fucking stadium)

ROYALS(Chen) -107 over Blue Jays(Morrow)------Chen did win for the Orioles yesterday so..........could be the time for an offensive break-out from the Royals here.  They are at home.(Lose 4-1.......Minor League offense in KC;  maybe try unders with them)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

RANGERS(Lewis) over Tigers(Smyly) parlayed with WHITE SOX(Danks) over Seattle(Millwood) +230-------Colby Rasmus 2 HR's yesterday while Colby Lewis has only walked 1 this year.   esMIL Rogers took the bad L and BS for the Rockies yesterday;  can't see MILwood getting a win here with the ultra-weak Mariner offense.   Who got the win for the Pirates yesterday:  AJ Burnett.....Cws have an AJ who is hitting well;  huge day for Alex Gonzalez with a 3-4, HR for Brewers and......White Sox have Alex Rios.   White Sox have some hitters who are currently weak.  But with Dee Gordon going 3-4 yesterday,  Gordon Beckham could do well today.(Win 3-2 and 7-4.....Robbie Ross picks up another W for the Rangers;  at 3-0,  with nearly 25% of the Rangers' wins this young season,  and having pitched only 5.1 innings,  you have to see some serious value in that player.   Alex Rios 3-4, 3 RBI for the White Sox)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

GIANTS(Vogelsong) over Mets(Pelfrey) parlayed with NATIONALS(Strasburg) over Marlins(Sanchez) +210-------Godfrey can't win for us at home so why should Pelfrey be able to win at home?  P-A-G-A-N !(Lose 4-5.........Come on, Giants!  Pelfrey's not that good)

Friday, April 20, 2012

OAKLAND A'S(Godfrey) +102 over Cleveland Indians(Jimenez)------A's offense is horrendous but........KURTiZ Granderson had 3 HR's last night and the A's have KURTZuzuki.  With Freddy Freeman having 2 HR's yesterday,  GodFREy's gotta be ready to roll.(Lose 4-3.....Suzuki doesn't play; 5 walks by Godfrey----to hell with monotheism)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Collmenter) +115 over Atlanta Braves(Minor)-----Considering the Wizards win last night with Jordan Crawford getting 32pts to tie his season-hi and the MASSIVE run support the Rangers gave for COL-by Lewis two days ago in an 18-3 beatdown of the Red Sox,  Josh Collmenter deserves a look here.   Collmenter's had 2 bad starts and the Diamondbacks don't have any .300 hitters yet this year(the Braves offense does look better).  However,  both these teams are 7-5 and Arizona is at home here.  True,  Cokin is taking the Braves for his free pick here but.........he's had a monster 50-24 free pick run and certainly doesn't need to win this game.(Lose 10-2.......the JC can't win at home for manager KURTZ Gibson,  yet KURTZ Granderson can hit 3 HR for the Yankees????  Don't understand this shit)

NEW ORLEANS HORNETS +5.5 over Houston Rockets(Win 105-99)
NEW ORLEANS HORNETS +200 over Houston Rockets----Home revenge for the Hornets with home-off-road-loss.  Houston has the +offense(Win 105-99........Never would have played this if that huge wasp hadn't banged into my window.  So,  thanks for that tip.)

PHILLIES(Worley) -115 over Padres(Wieland)-----I don't know how good Wieland is but....does the Phillies offense suck without Howard and Utley?   I'd be surprised if it could equal the patheticness of the Padres who just got shutout for 7 innings by a 49-year-old pitcher(Win 2-0)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

HOUSTON ASTROS(Rodriguez) +155 over Washington Nationals(Gonzalez)-----With the Wizards and Orlando Magic both winning yesterday as significant underdogs, I'm definitely going with WANDy for my top play. (Lose 1-0............waste of a good game by Wandy)

CHICAGO CUBS(Dempster) +155 over Miami Marlins(Johnson)-----Cubs' young season was going down in flames before Garza picked 'em up and got a win; Now the Cubs are only 3-7. They could still go down in flames.....but they've still got a chance. Byrd is hitting .065........but the rest of the team is not that bad and they do have a chance here as RYAN Anderson had 26pts for the Magic last night and RYAN Ludwick had 4 RBI and an HR two days ago. True, I have invited the Chicago Cubs to hire me as a management consultant and.........I have not received an email-back. In fact, the very first time I applied for a job with the Cubs was on the morning of January 14th(and I can prove that). What happened next was this:, Ariz. (AP) Chanse Creekmur hit six 3-point shots and notched a career-best 24 points, helping Arizona State overcome a sloppy first half to beat Oregon State 76-66 Saturday night.) If the Cubs' were smart, they would have hired me immediately............but that didn't happen and.........a little while later Chauncey Billups got put out for the season with an injury. If the Cubs don't win this game, I can envision their season getting pretty ugly, pretty fast.(Lose 5-2......Dempster was good,  Cubs just suck.  Curious game by Darwin who went 3-4 but with a GIDP and a 2-run error.   Only 2 ER scored by each team(Dempster also had an E).   It's not the players' fault the management IS SO FUCKING STUPID,  but this team is finished;  completely and utterly unbettable this year)

CARDINALS(Lohse) -120 over Reds(Cueto)(Win 2-1)
CARDINALS(Lohse) -1.5 (+175) over Reds(Cueto)-----St Louis just has too many offensive weapons to ignore-----wow! Who is Matt Carpenter............? 4-4 with 5 RBI two days ago.(Lose 2-1)

PADRES(Bass) +106 over Colorado(Moyer)------Claiming "self-defense" and probably hoping to get off on the Norwegian "stand-your-ground" legal protections, Anders seemed to be in positive spirits giving the Nazi-ish chest-bump salute. So I'll go with an AB here with Bass despite the Padres' extreme offensive underperformance this year. Moyer, of course, is a fossil; if the Padres can't rock him, they need to quit and go home.(Lose 5-3...........a disgrace.  I could pitch in the major leagues myself if I got to face the Padres every game)

Friday, April 13, 2012

WIZARDS +10.5 over Knicks(Lose 103-65)
WIZARDS +500 over Knicks---------Double revenge for the Wizards here in New York. Stoudemaire is out.........Wizards don't win frequently but they have beaten the Lakers and 76ers. Knicks are 2 games above .500 ummmmmm, they can lose, I think, if the Wizards have a good day/night.(Lose 103-65........JR Smith 23pts......I forgot the Knicks had that guy but........a 38pt loss??? They can lose like this and then beat the Bulls...........I don't know)

DODGERS(Harang) -125 over Padres(Richard)------This is a revenge situation for the Dodgers and Harang at home. Harang is from San Diego and went to San Diego St and........he very uncharacteristically walked 5 against the San Diego Padres last game. Is he getting old? I don't know but the Dodgers are 6-1 with Loney ONLY HAVING 1 HIT SO FAR! Maybe Richard turns out to be a great pitcher this year but, with Sarah Palin wearing the gold AH pin on her black shirt on FoxNews last night, I'll go with the AH here.(Win Dodger record for consecutive K's by winning walked-in-run by Andre Ethier)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

YANKEES(Sabathia) over Orioles parlayed with ANGELS(Weaver) over Twins (+144)-----Ipod Steam Play, I don't even know if I like it that much.(Lose 6-5.......Oh, the Angels not winning for me; we've been thru this shit before. Jamey Carroll GWRBI)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ST LOUIS CARDINALS(Lohse) -107 over Reds(Leake)------Matt Wieters 4-4 w/HR yesterday from Charleston, before that Carlos Santana 2 HR for Cleveland.......and the Cardinals replacement for Pujols is Beltran......Don't ask me how you can shoplift on an MLB-salary but....this Cardinal offense is in shape with the RF and Mr Freeze against this 5-finger-discounter.(Win 3-1..........David Freese 2-3, HR)
MIAMI HEAT -7(-115) over Boston Celtics-----Celtics have the +ATS(slightly), Miami has the home revenge and the +offense..........and Obama spoke in Boca Raton today.(Lose 115-107......Either Obama has completely lost his mojo to Colombian whores or the Heat are wasted, fraudulent "talent" in South Beach)

Monday, April 09, 2012

OAKLAND A's(Milone) -111 over Kansas City Royals(Mendoza)-----Wade Miley picking up the W for Arizona yesterday as Joe Hammel, from GREENville, SC, pitches the best game of his career for the Orioles and......the Masters' winner, Bubba Watson, IS endorsed by watch-maker Richard Mille. Of course, Alex Avila had the GWHR for the Tigers yesterday also so.........I'll go with the A's at home here.(Win 1-0.........Kurtz-Suzuki 3-3 but this A's offense looks very lame.......try to take some unders with 'em)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Matusz) +135 over New York Yankees(Nova)----Well, one of the hottest hitters in baseball IS Markakis and, with Jeter, A-Rod, Teixeira and Swisher still starting, the NYY looking a little tired and old this year.(Lose 6-2........A-Wad did his part going 0-4 but Jeter pops up finding some youth going 4-4)

Saturday, April 07, 2012

DETROIT TIGERS(Fister) -108 over Boston Red Sox(Beckett)-----How beer-bellied and out-of-shape will Beckett be this season?(Win 10-0.....Wow! A beatdown......Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder each having 2 HR)

Friday, April 06, 2012

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Kennedy) -104 over SF Giants(Lincecum)------Kinsler homered in a win today so we'll try Kennedy.(Win 5-4...........Lincecum wild; Arizona could have taken more walks)

LA DODGERS(Billingsley) +118 over San Diego Padres(Luebke)(Win 6-0........8inn 3-hitter by Billingsley)