Thursday, September 22, 2016

HOUSTON TEXANS -105 over New England Patriots------Both teams are 2-0........Houston's defense looks good.(Lose 27-0...........Is Houston's starting QB gonna come back soon?  It can't be Osweiler:  that guy  SUCKS.   Osweiler s U C K S.  Houston -3 TO..........
(Tuesday, September 27, 2016 01:41AM

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- We're learning more about a Houston attorney suspected in a violent shooting Monday that injured nine people in southwest Houston. He was wearing military clothing emblazoned with a swastika, had two guns and 2600 rounds of ammunition, according to Houston police.)
    (HOUSTON — A man who police say wore Nazi a emblem as he opened fire on Houston motorists Monday, injuring nine, was in a Jewish fraternity in college, his former classmates tell CBS affiliate KHOU.)
    Says a lot about how the Media was hyping up the debate.............which happened........the same day as the shooting.   An Indian-Nazi shooter..........who was in a Jewish fraternity.   So Awesome.   Only in America----the Land of Diversity.)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Chatwood) +218 over La Dodgers(Anderson)------Brett Anderson has pitched 4 innings this year and given up 14 hits.   Chatwood has walked almost 1 every 2 innings.......but he's pitched a lot and he at least has a winning record, which the Rockies do not have.  If the Dodgers' offense were better than the Rockies',  I might understand this line.   But its not.   In fact,  the Rockies' offense is much better.   Maybe the Dodgers have a good bullpen or something.(Lose 7-4...........Rockies winning 4-2 in 7th inning...........then Boone Logan,  one of the absolute worst:  3 walks and then the Grand Slam.  Unreal.   )


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