Tuesday, December 30, 2008

MARYLAND +2.5 over Nevada------------Major Strength of Schedule differential it seems to me. Maryland has beaten some good teams. Has Nevada even played any? Oh, Missouri 69-17 L non-cover. Texas Tech L non-cover. Nevada has a couple M and M's.......that's about it. Maryland has a CT QB(She's the best out of Illinois....I think its safe to say that.....bwaaa). A Da'Rel....he'll keep it real. And a Darrius. You dont have to speak Farsi to understand this one.....just look around this website a bit. MARYLAND HUGE.(Win 42-35)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

KANSAS CITY +2.5 over Cincinatti------KC off 3 losses and they got screwed by Cobbs and Miami last game(Chiefs outgained them by 89 yards and still lost giving a -2TO to Dolphins). KC's offense is much better than Cincy's and guess who they have at QB? TY-ler Thigpen. How about a little TY-tanic Thompson on this Bengal-beatdown? Cincy is in a "let down" spot after a huge state-owning destruction of America's dirty armpit: Cleveland.(Lose 16-6........well, I bought this pick from Feist for $5. It made sense, so I played it)

COLTS +3(-120) over Tennessee--------Titans have a 'z' which means they've clinced home field.....they should play to avoid injuries; the game means virtually nothing to them. Colts have a home-revenge and +3 days of rest. I think Roz Juarbe should be ashamed of herself as a handicapper to have sold the following information for $19:
[(319) TENNESSEE TITANS (-3, ov39)
(320) INDIANAPOLIS COLTS (+3, un39)
Sunday, Dec 28 2008, 10:00 AM PST
Neither team expecting to play their starters the entire game or players with any injuries at all. Still, the Titans have the better team overall with their outstanding defensive unit. With better depth on both sides of the ball, the Titans should win this one straight up.]
She "CANNOT BE SERIOUS!"(Win 23-0)

SEATTLE +7 over Arizona-------Az has 2 blowouts against the Rams......and not too much more that impresses me. Seattle has the revenge(they gave a -1 TO to AZ in their first meeting). Seattle is on a 3-0 ATS run since putting Seneca in at QB. Life is punishment....but when you have the revenge....well, lets just say I knew Seneca in a "special" way.(Lose 34-21......at least they played hard and didnt seem to give up)

OAKLAND +11 over Tampa Bay-------Buccs lost last week when they should have won....Pirates getting caught over in Somalia....Garcia got beat up....TB gave a -3 TO last week to SD....I think something's wrong there.....3 straight L's. Oakland seems to be ascendant as JaMarcus Russell is throwing 62% over his last two games(vs his 53% for the season). TB should be under the gun at home while Oakland will be more "liberated" with respect to pressure.(Win 31-24.......wow, big problems in Tampa)

LIONS +11 over Packers--------Packers have home-off-road-loss but are a mediocre 3-4 ATS at home. There is more than the obvious trend going on here: Lions are on a 5-0 ATS run on the road(and a good 5-2 ATS on the road for the season). Keary Colbert is a nice complement to the KC bet above. I HOPE 'Orlovsky' is Russian and not Polish(Win 31-21)

MIAMI +3(-130) over NYJ--------(a)Dolphs have the momentum here after Cobbs came out and won the game for them last week while Jets have to wonder what hit them losing to Seattle last week. In a bad weather game, I think we can contain Favre and make him a non-factor. Nothing is clinched in this division so this game means something.....COBBs!(Win 24-17)

DALLAS COWBOYS +1.5 over Philadelphia-------This is a special play. Philadelphia has home-off-road-loss and the revenge. Normally, that would suffice for BCLI to take them here. However, everybody wants Dallas to lose: ESPN and the networks love to hate on Owens; they want Dallas to lose. Even the double-J, Jacques, writing for the COWBOYS' LOCAL NEWSPAPER, pointing out how much money Jerry Jones has invested in his team, comes off as an obvious McKnabb fan and is clearly trying to turn the fates against Dallas' football team. (Note the recent fire in Philly---I think Lucio wants the Cobboys to win as much as I do). I have to say that I LIKE Dallas' players. T. Choice(a TC) is coming on strong. Owens is a winner. Romo.....well, lets just say I LOVE Roma. I can confess to having my doubts in this spot...but
"Our doubts are traitors"---(M4M)(Lose 44-6....."Today, I am embarrassed to call myself a handicapper"---B. Lang. Jeez, I cant believe I actually put money on this bet. STUPID. You simply cant bet on teams merely because you "like" their players.)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

NORTH CAROLINA +2 over West Virginia-----WV doesnt seem to have done anything that impressive this year. They did beat Auburn, a team that plays in a decent conference but has a very low scoring offense. NC beat Georgia Tech 28-7 and had wins over ND and Miami(miraculously). They also seem to have all their QB's un-injured and playable. In their home state.......+2? Take it.(Win 31-30)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

*TITANS +2 over Pittsburgh--------Tenn has home-off-road-loss here and Pittsburgh's luck should come to an end in this spot. I despise what Paterno did in Pittsburgh's state and I despise the thieving manner in which PIttsburgh won its last game. 'Crack nature's moulds, all germens spill at once'.......and let justice prevail in this game.(Win 31-14)

TAMPA BAY -3.5 over Chargers----------Tampa has home-off-two-road-losses and, altho they lost last week even getting +2 on the TO ratio, their defense has been very strong at home this year. San Diego is coming in after an extended period of weakness(a 2-6 ATS run). They have beaten lowly Kansas City twice by only 1 point and in their last 5 road games they have been outgained by a total of 350 yards.(Lose 41-24)

Friday, December 19, 2008

I have "inside information" on this stock: National City (NCC). It is currently trading 2000% below implied book value. It is a screaming buy at $1.68. You could make anywhere between 10 and 20 times your investmnet stake in just 6 months by buying it now.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BULLS -3 over LA Clippers---------Bulls have the +offense and Home-off-road-loss. Clippers well situated for a loss after 3 straight wins(Win 115-109)

UTAH -2.5 over Nets-----------Utah, Lefty's favorite team, has the revenge and is off 2L's(Win 103-92)

TIMBERWOLVES +10 over Cleveland----------Cav's have the +off and +ATS but Minn has the revenge and, seriously, this team just cant keep losing: they have an M & M a CS an RF a Jefferson(guy was a scholar of Greek before he got into politics). All of those are associations pertaining to me. I will not tolerate this team losing any more(Lose 93-70)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

BALTIMORE RAVENS -2.5 over Stealers(Lose 13-9)
Ravens vs Stealers OVER 34--------------Notwithstanding the "flipped script" that erupted out of Ravenswood this week, I think you have to see this game as an excellent home revenge situation........and bet it. Poe, though a better writer surely than football player, should still be operating and with the growing revelation that Pittsburgh's PNC bank has conspired with some of Wall Street's most larcenous "investment banks" to steal National City bank, I doubt that even any "roguish" spirits could still be supporting the Stealers after their last 3 games. Games where the Stealers were +3 TO's against Dallas and +4 TO's against the Patriots and then the Bengals.........a win there that shouldnt really count due to inferior competition. In fact, Pitt's schedule has been weak, with 2 games total against the Bengals. And most experts would agree that the Stealers are probably the least talented 10-3 team in the last 5 years of NFL action. Neither QB has much natural passing skill but with strong run defenses here, you have to expect more passing attempts than in the average game and exploit the low 34 o/u(Lose 13-9.........Yup, if that theft isnt "obvious" to you, I dont see what could be)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

CAPITALS +115 over Montreal Conn-adeians--------this one is pure rage....fucking Toronto scumbag poker player named Jaime wanted me to stake him thru Poker World and Extreme Poker. I did, and he paid back small stakes at first. Then he asked for a larger one. I transferred about $350 to him thru this site i cant remember the name. He said he would get the bonus at Hollywood Poker, play for a few months, and pay me back $700. The PUNK MOTHERFUCKING CANADIAN BITCH said he was just trying to earn money to take a trip to Australia. So he got my money and.....well, i dont know. Then he came back on MSN messenger(his email is like GOLEAFSGO@hotmail.com or something like that). He came on and said hi to me and I asked where my money was....his response was "LOL What?"
FUCK ALL CANADIANS FOR THIS PIECE OF SCAMMING SKUM. FUCK JAMIE. FUCK CANADA. and fuck Montreal too-----by national "association"(Win 2-1)

Friday, December 12, 2008

PHOENIX -1 over Orlando--------Orlando has the revenge(long range: 11/30/07) and the +ATS record but they are coming off 2 close road wins and they look to be in a spot to give one up here. Suns have home-off-road-loss. It would be a disgrace if they lost this one after THEIR 2ND LOSS to the maleficent Lakers. Robin?(Push 113-112.........thanks for getting blownout in the 4th, Phoenix. You know what? This team might not be a good team)

PHILADELPHIA +11 over Cleveland-----------76ers have the revenge and they have 2 straight road wins going back. Cleveland is gassed. Straight up gassed. (18-4 ATS !??) No way that can last. But they do have the +offense and well, LeBronson.........u not getting the shot tonight(you've had too many). B(in da)(SA)RAND currency players.............(Lose 88-72)

MINNESOTA +8 over San Antonio-----------home revenge for Minn as they lost in OT to SA last meeting. Home-off-road-loss also for Minn and altho SA has the +ATS record.........TIMBERWOLVES HAVE 7 STRAIGHT LOSSES GOING IN???!!!!! Its time for them to start playin(Lose 98-86)

IOWA STATE +8.5 over Iowa--------the line is right as Iowa has the revenge and the +ATS record at home. Iowa State is OFFL and doesnt seem to get blown out much(a 13 point loss to TXAM is high for them of late). With 8 and a half........I'll go Fellicitous here and look at the name: Lucca Staiger....doing well with like 24 pts per game........REGI(s) ats....against the spread of the king? Lou? some possibilites there. Lu is, I've heard, "very powerful"(Lose 73-57)

Monday, December 08, 2008

CAROLINA PANTHERS -3(-125) over Buccaneers---------Home revenge for Carolina as Delhomme gave a +3 TO ratio to Tampa in their first meeting(a very bad 27-3 beatdown in Tampa). Tampa has beaten the Lions, Chiefs and Bears while on the road this year and has not lost a game by more than 4 points. I have a hunch that, at night, the Panthers will pounce to the wreath of the Pantheon while Tampa will be slowed by the "serenity" of the uninitiated.(Win 38-23)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

*NEW ORLEANS SAINTS -3 over Atlanta-----------Saints have home-off-road-loss AND the in-season revenge having lost to Atl in a game where they gave a -3 on the TO ratio to Atl; out-first-downed them 25-18 and outgained them by about 140 yards------basically, the Saints should have won the game but somehow didnt. Also, Saints last game they were -2 TO to Tampa. Now at 5-1 SU and 5-1 ATS, $aints are money at home. (Win 29-25)

*BUFFALO BILLS pk over Miami------------Revenge for Bills here as Miami weakens; Dolphins have faced three of the weakest teams in the NFL over their last 4 games and have beaten all of them by an average of about 2.8 points: They're ready to lose one.........B.I.G. In the skydome, they'll be cutoff from the natural "greens" who Im sure have been helping Florida teams WAY too much this year. This is payback and if Miami is smart, they wont play hard enough to take injuries. (Lose 16-3........Disgusting. 3 points after a game where the Bills scored..........3 points. Well, I've certainly paid my FUCKING bills betting on this team)

DETROIT LIONS +10 over Minnesota------------Vikings got a +2 TO ratio against the Bears last game while Lions were -2 on the TO against Tennessee in a loss. Most teams, Im guessing but I havent checked it, usually win or cover after being beaten by the Titans this year. This is because the Titans are getting so much inter-stellar/subterranean "assistance" this season. Lions have +3 days of rest and apparently a new cache of playable QB's with Henson now, Stanton apparently healthy and the pick-up Culpepper. On ANY 3-and-out for the Lions' offense today, I expect them to switch QB's immediately. Surely 1 of them will start a flow........Also, this is in-season Revenge for Lions as they lost only 12-10 to Minnesota earlier. If the Lions somehow dont win this game or dont cover the 10, I guarantee the "GM" label will be stripped off the Renaissance Centre within days and the US government wont even pay the GM employees' pension if they ever have to actually buy that pathetic company. (Win 20-16.....pathetic red-zone offense by Lions)

NEW YORK JETS -4 over San Francisco 49ers-----------Jets have had 3 straight road wins vs decent teams(Tenn, NE and Buffalo) and coming off a loss here to the Broncos I think they should be ready for a win. SF continues to score low while the Jets have scored as many as 56 and 47 in a game. And you have a QB, Favre, throwing 68% versus a 58% QB for SF. (Lose 24-14........Jets outgained by 190 yards? No idea how this happened)

BALTIMORE RAVENS -6 over Washington (Win 24-10)
Baltimore vs Washington OVER 35----------When the Ravens win, they seem to win really big; so I think you can lay 6 points. With two good run defenses here, I expect maximum passing attempts so I'll take the OVER also (Lose 24-10.......5 Turnovers. Damn. At least Pam had her left hand all over Campbell. BWAAAAAAA)

MISSOURI -7 over Golden Bears------------Missouri has the home revenge and the +offense. Theo Robertson?...........ahhhhhhh, No. (Win 93-66......Wow)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

OREGON STATE BEAVERS +10.5 over Iowa State Cyclones---------Oregon state has the revenge and +days of rest while Iowa State has the +offense. OSU also has an O.J. a Double D and a couple of Tarvers.........good names. (Lose 63-50)

MICHIGAN +9.5 over Duke-----------Basketball is more of a finesse game than football; but its also a stamina game. Revenge may be a bit of a "lighter" factor in basketball as opposed to football. And this is like a 7-year revenge for Michigan. Home revenge plus points. Also, Michigan has home-off-road-loss (Win 81-73)

UCLA BRUINS +32.5 over Trojans---------A ridiculous number, 32.5. This game should be close and UCLA might even win it. UCLA has home revenge and +1 day of rest. USC is only 2-3 ATS on the road and while you might not think its "much of a road game" for USC, there is a big difference between Watts and the Rose Bowl..........the trees are more abundant in Pasadena. Or is the Coliseum in Watts? Well, maybe not that far....but its just palm trees mostly. Pasadena's got more green. Also, the greens owe me like $68 which is what I put on UCLA last week. And with ASU getting a +3 on the TO ratio........and UCLA OUTGAINING ASU by like 180 yards, you gotta know they stole it from me. UCLA should win the TO ratio BIG in this game and get an easy cover. (Win 28-7)

ARIZONA -10.5 over Arizona State---------Home revenge for Arizona. Hopefully, the "earthy sprits" will feel sorry for what they did FOR ASU and AGAINST me last week to secure the blowout here.(Win 31-10........Thank you.)

Friday, December 05, 2008

WASHINGTON BULLETS +12 over Lakers----------LA has the +ATS record and the +offense. Bullets have the revenge and are coming a loss. Expect Charon Butler to have a "career"-type game. (Win 106-104)

NEW YORK KNICKS +10.5 over Atlanta----------Knicks have the revenge, the +offense and offL. Atl has the +ATS record. I GUARANTEE Marbury plays in this game and plays hard. (Win 98-95)

GOLDEN STATE +9 over Houston---------Warriors have the revenge, +2 days of rest, the +offense and are offL(Lose 131-112.......Rockets seem to be a strong-North-Right-turning team........Im surprised GS couldnt even cover with the above factors in place)

Monday, December 01, 2008

HOUSTON -3(-120) over Jacksonville----------Home revenge here. I have the feeling that Houston is more talented than their current record indicates. Rosenfels is a 68% passer so far. Jacksonville..........I question their talent, especially on offense. Garrard has a history of being accurate, but he throws mostly short passes. The curse of bad luck afflicting Houston seems to be lifting as the Texans are coming off a W after three previous losses. And by apologizing today, I think Bush did the right thing to finger the Pentagon's benighted "intelligence" efforts. If the CIA KNOWS NOTHING, how could Bush know anything more than nothing?(Win 30-17)