Friday, July 30, 2010

RANGERS(Hunter) +110 over Angels(Santana)(Lose 9-7)
RANGERS -1.5 (+170) over Angels---------Angels offense has had 16 games this month, more than half their games, where they've scored 3 runs or less; their scoring is weak. Rangers have the team revenge against Santana and Hunter continues to dominate.(Lose 9-7..........Juan Rivera 4RBI is that right? By far Hunter's worst start of the year..........BY FAR. Why do I even try betting on Angels' games?)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

OAKLAND A'S(Mazzaro) +175 over Rangers(Wilson)(Lose 7-4)
OAKLAND A'S +1.5(-120) over Rangers---------A's are doing too well for this number; A's are on a 10-3 run starting a pitcher, Mazzaro, who has had 6 consecutive VERY high quality starts........yet they're big dogs here. Rangers offense has scored 1 3 6 2 1 3 1 runs per game going back. They're not at their best(tho we have to watch out for Nelson Cruz). A's have the team revenge against Wilson, a pitcher who walks 1 batter every 2 innings. Did Woodrow Wilson's anti-constitutional, repressive, pro-secrecy policies precipitate the shocking wrongfullness of the Treaty of Versailles? Glenn Beck says there's something there. Ask him.(Lose 7-4.....Michael Young 4 for 4? You know what Mike Johnson said to me, right? FUCK THAT BITCH)

PADRES(Latos) -163 over Dodgers(Padilla)---------Padilla is incredibly hot having given up only 24 hits in 41innings since June I agree with o/u number of 6(it could go under). However, the Padres are 8-3 since the all-star break and, after Matt Garza's no-hitter aided by a grand slam by Matt Joyce, they are starting a Mat (Latos). Dodgers not getting the luck on a 5-8 run.(Win 3-2.......Oscar Salazar GWRBI)

Monday, July 26, 2010

MINNESOTA TWINS(Liriano) -115 over Royals(Greinke)--------Did you know the Royals have the highest team batting average in baseball? (.281) But they dont slug or score that well. Both pitchers are good and Greinke does have the revenge specifically against the Twins who rocked him earlier. However, today doesnt have the "feel" of revenge was notable that Ben Francisco had an HR and 2 RBI for the Phillies yesterday(Does that guy even play that much?). So I'm gonna back Francisco Liriano here as I have a hunch that Kubel will hit well today.(Win 19-1........Joe Mauer 5 for 5 7RBI, Delmon Young 4 for 6........Kubel only 2RBI but Danny Valencia 4 for 4 with a grand slam? 4RBI. Wow! 19-1......thats.......a 9 and two 1's.......thought it was gonna end 17-zip. Bwaaaaaa)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

RANGERS(Hunter) -1.5 over Angels(Bell) parlayed with CARDINALS(Carpenter) over Cubs(Dempster) +215--------Rangers are 8-1 in games Hunter has started for them and he often gets good run support. Considering what happened in Florida last night........ummm.....Jesse Chavez coming in to get the win in the 7th and then in the very next half-inning the Braves erasing a 3 run deficit----by scoring no less than 8 runs----I think Carpenter is the appropriate bet here........Dempster is consistent but I wouldnt be surprised if Stl pulls this out by a run or two.(Win 4-3 and 6-4..........Josh Hamilton 3 for 4 and Felipe Lopez #3 with the GWHR for Stl)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

GIANTS(Bumgarner) -115 over Arizona(Kennedy)---------These teams are moving in opposite directions. Giants are on a 13-3 run while Az is running 5-12. Bumgarner has allowed very few runs so far

Friday, July 23, 2010

REDS(Wood) over Houston(Norris) parlayed with GIANTS(Sanchez) over Arizona(Jackson) +200---------Gotta give Wood respect; he took a perfect game into the 9th.....and his team lost. His team owes him a win. In the 3 games since his no-hitter.....Jackson has not been good.(Win 6-4 and 7-4.........Votto 3 for 4 and Aubrey Huff 2HR's)

Yankees(Burnett) vs Royals(Bannister) OVER 10(-105)(Lose 7-1)
ROYALS(Bannister) +205 over Yankees(Burnett)---------KC is not exactly an offensive powerhouse and Bannister is certainly hittable. However, Burnett has simply not performed at a level that this price seems to indicate. In June, Burnett was horrible. Looked like he was coming back in July........then he got rocked and cut his hands open in uncontrollable rage. I like the OVER a little better but at this price, you gotta go against Burnett until he "gets stable"(Lose 7-1...........Burnett goes 5 innings)

ORIOLES(Guthrie) +123 over Twins(Duensing)-----Guthrie is due for a win. His team let him down last start(when he did good). His team owes him a win and........I just think its time for him to start winning. And, in contrast to that harsh tasering in Philadelphia, Baltimore's laisez faire attitude to their field-runner yesterday should help the team.(Win 3-2.........Luke Scott 1HR)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

LA DODGERS(Kuroda)-182 over Mets(Takahashi)-----Dodgers are only 10-8 in games Kuroda has started but...........look at how bad the Mets are running: 2 runs scored per game over their last 12 games. And if you look at the numbers, the Mets really arent that good at slugging, hitting or walking. They had just been on a winning streak before the all-star break and now.........its over.(Win 2-0..........Matt Kemp 2RBI)

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Ohlendorf) +146 over Brewers(Gallardo)---------Is Gallardo good enough to stop the Pirates' recent offensive explosion? Im not sure he is. I can only speculate about why the Pirates didnt support Jeff Karstens but the facts are that they've scored very high(like 9 or higher) in 4 of their last 5 games. At this price for a home team, I'll try it.(Lose 3-2)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PADRES(Garland) +145 over Braves(Hanson)(Win 6-4)
PADRES +1.5(-150) over Braves------------Padres have scored 18 runs total in the last two games Garland has started and they've scored at least 6 runs in 7 of their last 9 games; but Hanson is a pretty big favorite(Win 6-4.....Scott and Jerry Hairston)

Nationals(Strasburg) vs Reds(Arroyo) UNDER 7(-110)(Lose 8-5)
NATIONALS -129 over Reds-------------Arroyo has been doing well but Nats have the team revenge against him. Of course, the Nats can always find a way to score low on any given day.(Win 8-5..........Christian Guzman HR.........Roger Bernadina 2 for 3)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ST. LOUIS CARDINALS(Carpenter) -1.5 (+120) over Phillies(Moyer)--------Phillies a middling 7-9 this month and Moyer's coming off two bad starts. Cards have had good scoring in 4 of their last 5 games and with the CC beating BCLI yesterday with Milwaukee, Carpenter looks a good bet here.......he usually does well(Win 7-1)

ORIOLES(Arrieta) +160 over Tampa Bay _________ Rays(Garza) 1ST 5INNINGS ONLY--------Tampa's offense has been doing well, Orioles offense has been doing..........nothing. But Garza has been in decline, tho he did well last start. Arrieta a promising rookie and the Orioles do have the team revenge against Garza(Win 4-2..........Luke Scott 3 for 4)

BLACK SOX(Danks) -132 over Seattle(Fister)---------I might have taken the OVER here but Seattle's offense is just so weak; they slug .345 against the Black Sox's .418. Danks is inconsistent but when he's on, he can dominate. And whats up with Fister? He started off incredibly good and then, after sitting out for June, he comes back with 3 of his last 4 starts being horrible. I hate the Sox for making me lose 3 of my 3 last bets on their games......but Seattle just sucks. They suck.(Win 4-0.........Alexei Ramirez good plays in the field AND an HR)

Rangers(Hunter) vs Tigers(Galarraga) UNDER 9.5(-115)---------Hunter doesnt allow many runs or fact, neither of these pitchers walk people. While Hunter is pretty reliable, I have to say I just have a feeling Galarraga may also do well in this game.(Win 8-0.......Hunter dominates again)

Monday, July 19, 2010

PIRATES(Karstens) +105 over Brewers(Capuano)---------McCutchen and Milledge hit lhp's so we'll keep playing the MC. Pirates breaking out offensively........maybe it keeps going........PING had on the big winner Louis Oosthuizen, who dat?(Lose 3-1..........Brewers win this game on THREE TOTAL HITS??? Unreal. Karstens did fine. PING "hat"........PING hat, I guess I typoed it. Pirates can build momentum)

CUBS(Silva) -165 over Astros(Rodriguez)(Lose 11-5)
CUBS -1.5 (+140) over Astros-----------Byrd ripping lhp's especially and he's the story of their offense this year. Soriano vs lhp=good. Silva ceased being a lock about June a corpulent pitcher maybe the heat affects him a bit BUT Cubs on a 3-1 run with an offensive explosion against Halladay yesterday. Maybe it carries over. True, Wandy has had 4 good games going back but the Cubs are managed by a Lou and..........BIG win at the Brit Open so I'll play this(Lose 11-5......CHRIS Johnson 1 HR......... .190 hitting JC 3 RBI.......and Wandy 2 for 3. "Honestly, do you think I need to lose some weight?" HELL YEAH, you do. The Wand burns the whole Forest down. The Astros can do this?)

OAKLAND(Sheets) -112 over Boston(Matsuzaka)-------Wow. A's are favored vs the Red Sox. Whoda thunk it? 2 of Sheets' last 4 starts he's gotten HUGE run support and the A's offense is currently performing(Lose 2-1........Yeah, it was a "Red" day. Too bad I didnt think to play colors.........and now the A's offense is NOT performing)

MARINERS(Pauley) +101 over Black Sox(Hudson)---------If the Black Sox wanna throw games when I bet on them, lets see what happens when BCLI takes Pauley against them...........yeah, lets see what happens.(Lose 6-1.........Fuck this fucking day. Mariners arent worth piss! "Dan" Hudson, eh?)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

CIN(Wood) -150 over Col(Cook)(Lose 1-0)
CIN -1.5(+145) over Col------------With Cook being no better than an average pitcher this year, you gotta give Wood respect at home here; 2 of his 3 starts have been dominant with his last one being a perfect game thru 8innings. Reds offense showed strength yesterday with 2HR's from Stubbs. Olivo is a risk; he's mysteriously hitting like 65 points above his lifetime average this year and he's ok vs lhp's. Let's pitch him carefully(Lose 1-0...........Aaron Cook, are you kidding me?!!! The Reds slug .441, thats the 3rd highest in baseball........and the shutout comes by way of Aaron Cook??? Unbelievable)

OAKLAND(Mazzaro) -115 over Royals(Bannister)---------Bannister has not been a consistent pitcher. And in his last 17inn, not a very good one allowing 13ER's. Compared to Mazzaro's 7ER in his last 27inn..........well, there's no comparison. A's got 14 hits yesterday.(Win least these A's are playing for BCLI)

WHITESOX(Garcia) -113 over Twins(Blackburn)-----------Blackburn has had a very real, and persistent, problem since June 1st. I dont know exactly what it is but the guy has allowed an amazing 40ER in 35inn since that time. You cant really stay very long in MLB at that pace. Garcia's been good and consistent. I bet CWS two games ago and they blatantly threw the game and I lost money. Ha, Ha. Dont do it this time.(Lose 7-6..........was that a 3 run lead blown in the 9th inning with an unearned run to boot? Bobby Jenks retires ZERO batter but walks 2? Santos with the Blown Save? What do you think?)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

GIANTS(Cain) -159 over Mets(Takahashi)(Win 8-4)
GIANTS -1.5 (+150) over Mets-----------Since July 6th the Mets have scored very low while the Giants are 9-2 since July 3rd. Cain has had 2 brutal rockings in his last 4 starts but his numbers are still very good. Takahashi's got a pretty good low fastball but I think the Giants can hit it; Renteria is crushing lhp's and Buster Posey is hitting everybody. With MCcann and Matt Capps winning the all-star game and Melky Cabrera going 2-3 yesterday and MCgehee going 3 for 5, I'm taking the MC here(Win 8-4..............Ike Davis 2HR's Edina, MN.......)

MARLINS(Johnson) -235 over Nationals(Hernandez)(Win 2-0)
MARLINS -1.5 (-110) over Nationals-----Hernandez has give up 24 ER in his last 38inn; he's slipping and Johnson is good(altho the Nats have scored 5ER in 12inn off him which is better than most teams do vs him)(Win 2-0.........PAULINO 2 RBI and Jorge Cantu 2 for 3)

ORIOLES(Guthrie) +127 over Toronto(Morrow)-------Padres crushed behind Jon Garland yesterday, Orioles are on a 4-1 run, Guthrie due for a win as Orioles are winless in his last 8 starts. Toronto owes me some favors........take some walks Baltimore(Lose 3-2........wasnt Guthrie's fault; L and BS for Jason Berken........pathetic)

OAKLAND(Cahill) -125 over Royals(Chen)(Win 6-5)
Oakland vs Royals UNDER 8.5(-105)---------Both pitchers have been hard to hit but I think Rosales should hit the lhp here(Lose 6-5.........Rosales getting the job done with a 3 for 5. Guess I wont go under with the A's)

Friday, July 16, 2010

CWS(Floyd) over Twins(Liriano) parlayed with NATIONALS(Strasburg) over Marlins(Nolasco) +285---------Twins are only 4-9 in games Liriano has started since May 2nd. WhiteSox have to be the hottest team in baseball now with something like a 26-5 run since June 9th. Outside of Konerko and Rios, the Sox dont seem to hit lhp's well. But I'll still take em; Floyd is on a rampage giving 2 ER's or less in each of his last 7 starts. Nolasco doesnt give up walks but he has given up runs AND HR'S........plenty.(Lose 7-4....Hmmmmm: 4 Errors and 5 unearned runs? "I guess y'all fools dont know....why some good rappers cant sell no tapes.....its not the company's fault........the shit sounds fake" But, Liriano had the double revenge. Is that how its gonna be now? The revenge wins?)

CWS(Floyd) +118 over Twins(Liriano)(Lose 7-4)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

NETHERLANDS +280 over Spain(Lose 0-0)
NETHERLANDS +170 over Spain------Paul the Octupus, an expert on picking "German" WC games---games in which Germany is playing, has picked Spain in this game. He's a German octopus in Germany and now they're thinking he can pick ANY WC game regardless of who is playing. The Parrot and George Stephanopoulos' dog have picked the Netherlands. The odds should be more even and they're not; Spain has actually LOST to Switzerland while the Netherlands has beaten Brazil. Spain doesnt score that many goals and if it can lose to Switzerland, it can lose to anyone. Likewise, if the Netherlands can beat Brazil, generally considered the best team before the WC started, it can beat anyone.(Push 0-0..........From the blatant anti-American officiating and blatant failure of Greece to the pathetic failure of every African team(except possibly Ghana) on their own home continent and the racist, anti-Muslim coach leading to France's "moral disaster" to the fantastical 8 and 0 record of a GERMAN OCTOPUS, my gut feeling is that a more "fixed" sporting event than this WC has not been seen in a very long time. At least England got its ARSE kicked)

Friday, July 02, 2010

VERA ZVONAREVA +475 over Serena Williams-------Beautiful setup, beautiful price, a great bet for truth(Lose 2-0)

GERMANY +135 over Argentina(Win 4-0)
GERMANY +220 over Argentina--------Germany controls the ball better than any team I've seen(Win 4-0)
MARLINS(Johnson) -128 over Braves(Medlen)(Lose 4-3.........Omar Infante 2 RBI)

NATIONALS(Atilano) +100 over Mets(Niese)(Lose 5-3.........Atilano rocked)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

CARDINALS(Hawksworth) parlayed with PADRES(Garland) +156----------Coming off yesterday when Chris Snyder went 3 for 4 and Chris Young got 2 RBI for Arizona as Chris Johnson went 4 for 4 for the Astros, a day when the Padres won their game by 10 runs and Jamey Carroll went 2 for 2 with 3 runs scored, I am dedicating this 'Christian-themed' parlay to the great exorcist and king of kings, Jesus Christ.(Lose 4-1 and 6-3...........they BOTH lost, eh? Well, at least I believed embarrassment)

NATIONALS(Hernandez) +115 over Mets(Santana)(Win 2-1........Livan 7inn no walks)