Tuesday, September 06, 2016

COLORADO ROCKIES(Anderson) -140 over San Francisco(Samardzija)------Not only did Samardzija go to Notre Dame(Loss to Texas) but him and the Giants lost for me last start.   Anderson has turned out to be pretty consistent over his 15 starts this year.   And the Rockies have been starting Christhian Adames at shortstop.  I think that's a big positive with Adam Rosales going 2-3 w/HR for Padres in a huge underdog-win yesterday while Adam Wainwright----as a pitcher-----went 2-3 hitting and Matt Adams went 2-6 w/HR while Adam Frazier went 2-2 w/HR for the Pirates.(Lose 3-2.........Adames didn't play SS.  Descalso started at SS.   And Descalso's throwing Error created the unearned run that hung this loss on Adam Ottavino.  This sucks.  I can't fucking win a -140 favorite??  Maybe this is why I don't bet on favorites.  Rockies at home in their launching pad;  and they get only 4 fucking hits for me.  Anderson did well..........Rockies sucked.  ROCKIES SUCK.)

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Clemens) +162 over Boston Red Sox(Buchholz)(Lose 5-1)
SAN DIEGO PADRES(Clemens) +1.5(-110) over Boston Red Sox(Buchholz)----I don't know what Paul Clemens is throwing up there,  but its just not doing the job.   The guy is one of the worst starters around.......yet they keep sending him out there.  Why?   This..........counterintuitive,  give-him-a-chance type of bet.  Yes,  Buchholz has his problems too and SD actually won yesterday(but only scored 2 runs)(Lose 5-1...........Yup:  Dumb bet.  Padres suck.   Clemens actually threw 3 shutout innings.........before getting slaughtered as he always does.   Horrible bet.  Why did I do this?)


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