Saturday, February 28, 2015

SOUTH CAROLINA -9 over Mississippi State-----SC hasn't won a game by 9 points..........recently.  But with that 13pt upset win by Dartmouth last night(a team with the Lithuanian Maldunas),  and with South Carolina having 2 Lithuanians,  we'll give SC the benefit of the doubt.(Win 81-68.....28pts Career-hi for Tyrone Johnson...........Laimonas Chatkevicius 18pts)

ST JOSEPH'S HAWKS +2.5 over Richmond Spiders-----While Richmond is ok,  and St Joseph's is pretty good at home---did you know St Joseph's has Evan Maschmeyer?  I didn't know that----and NC State having disgraced itself and BCLI,  and Michigan playing another pathetic sub-70-point game to destroy the world,  we'll recognize and honor St Joseph's mass murder in Tyrone to avenge Obama's crimes against the Islamic State,  because there really is no justice anymore,  and its all about killing people.   Hawks do have the +ATS,  just barely.(Lose 63-57....Deandre Bembry:  a horrid 3-14,  0-4 on 3s.......Isaiah Miles 0-4 on 3s...........Kendall Anthony 23pts)
DAVIDSON WILDCATS -6.5 over George Washington Colonials-----Well,  GW does have the revenge and,  at 18-10,  usually wins........but they only cover 1/3 of the time.  Looking at Davidson's schedule,  one sees a literal sea of covers.   Davidson has probably been the most profitable CBB team to bet on this year.   With GW's ATS failure this year,  this is probably the most "+" ATS advantage--in Davidson's favor----that a handicapper could imagine.  And Davidson has proven capable of winning some of its home games by 10 points or more:  beating a few teams by 20,  and Saint Louis by 35.  And with GW having the player-name 'Savage',  we could imagine the from-BtG ghost of Chris Kyle coming into the arena to shoot for Davidson,  finishing out the blow-out with high-percentage accuracy.   (Win 77-66........Jack Gibbs 22pts.....Brian Sullivan 21pts.....Jordan Barham 17pts.....Aldridge 2-3 on 3s)

DRAKE BULLDOGS +5.5 over Southern Illinois Salukis----While SIU has the revenge and home-off-road-loss,  a comparison of these teams over their last 10 games shows Drake winning half the time,  while SIU hasn't really proved much winning-capability.(Lose 63-67......Thought Karl Madison might finally step up, but no:  ZERO points for Madison.)
NC STATE WOLFPACK -5.5 over Boston College Eagles----Nc State on a 4-0 ATS streak including 2 road wins in which they were at least a 9.5-point underdog in addition to almost beating Virginia.  So they're hot.   And I just don't see anything........that BC has to compete with that,  you know?  I mean,  well,  BC is the 'Eddie Odio' team but...............what,  is Dimitri Batten gonna beat me?   I think that's not only unlikely but illogical.(Lose 79-63.......Unreal:  NC State can beat Louisville and North Carolina........but they lose by 16 to Boston College??   Ralston Turner 3-14 on 3s?   This team is a disgrace;  DIS-GRACE.)

MICHIGAN +8.5 over Maryland(Lose 66-56)
MICHIGAN +350 over Maryland----------I really think it helps Michigan that Jihadi John's real name is now known as Muhammed.   Mohammed Emwazi----"Jihadi John"----did what everyone in the West says you're supposed to do(Go to college),  and he stood up to Obama's arrogance in the face of continued illegal American bombing of ISIS by showing Obama the consequences of his belligerent actions.    Beneficially,  Muhammed should have his best game of the year today for Michigan.   While Maryland usually wins,  and is coming off a surprising win against Wisconsin(who I think is really good),  we can surmise that Maryland got a bit lucky.   Michigan's recent win against OSU is,  I think,  different because Ohio State is just not as good as Wisconsin.   Yes,  with their height and rebounding power,  Wisconsin is one of the best teams:  Maryland must have gotten too lucky---they should pay back some luck in this game.   Clearly,  Michigan needs the win more,  so we'll take the money-line too.........
     "Smokin weed under star-projectors........
      I guess we'll never know what Harvard gets us....
        ....but seein my family have it all took the place of that desire for diplomas on the wall............and really I think I like who I'm becoming............."(Lose 66-56......Aubrey Dawkins 1-7,  0-3 on 3s.....Ricky Doyle 2-7......Maryland did hit too many shots in the 2nd half but.........this is a lot of points and they couldn't even cover.)

Friday, February 20, 2015

WASHINGTON WIZARDS +3.5 over Cleveland Cavaliers(Lose 127-89)
WASHINGTON WIZARDS +135 over Cleveland Cavaliers--------Revenge has SUCKED lately but Wizards have it and they have the home-off-road-loss.   If I thought it'd help,  I'd tell how much I want Cleveland fucking annihilated..........but I'll ya,   I'm gonna put you in this game.......and if you're not playing THE BEST BASKETBALL OF YOUR LIFE,  FOR the Wizards,  your ass is gonna be right back here on the bench with me.   Equal teams,  almost equal records..............but not tonight.   Tonight Wizards win and dominate.  NO EXCUSES,  NO FUCKING failure.(Lose 127-89...........YOU     FUCKING   SUCK.   This is the biggest loss of the season by the Wizards.  Fucking Randy Wittman......1-16 on 3s......this is the worst team in NBA history.  YOu cann ot SUCK like this when I bet on you.  Fuck the Wizards and FUCK the goddam NBA.)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

UIC FLAMES -1 over Milwaukee Panthers------Ok,  I'll play with UIC at 7-20,  Milwaukee at 10-16.   UIC with the home revenge,  I'll play even though,  from my perspective,  it seems that home teams haven't been covering and teams with the revenge haven't been either.......Ahman Fells and Paris Burns OVER........JJ Panoske and Alex Poehl.(Lose 71-60)

QUINNIPIAC BOBCATS +3 over Rider Broncs-----Quinn has the revenge and the +offense with Chase Daniels after Dauel House's big game 2 days ago for Texas AM and James Ford with Xavier Ford getting 12pts in Buffalo's 15pt win over EMU last night.(Lose 94-83.............26 Personal Fouls by Quinnipiac............Jimmie Taylor 22pts 4-5 for Rider)

LOYOLA MARYMOUNT LIONS +1.5 over San Francisco Dons------SF:  revenge and +off.  LMU:  +ATS and home-off-road loss.   Looks pretty even.   Loyola with the Nigerian Godwin while SF has Christiansen.   If Godwin loses to Christiansen,  of course,  God's self-proclaimed "son" will have become the belligerence of a victorious Crusader.........will it happen?  I'll bet and hope that it won't.(Lose 72-45..............You fucking losing pieces of shit:  ANOTHER 27PT LOSS!  29.8 % shooting by Loyola.   Fuck these bitches.   Look at this:  David Humphries 0 for 8,  0-3 on 3s,  3 for 5 on FTs.   SUCK.   Loyola Marymount SUCKS.  And San Francisco's not even that good.   I cannot believe these failures lost like this for me.)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

RHODE ISLAND RAMS -6.5 over Massachusetts Minutemen-------Revenge.   I need more revenge now that I probably ever have before and.................RI has the home revenge.(Win 75-59)

DEPAUL BLUE DEMONS +4 over Providence Friars-------Friars are strong now with ISIS burnin' em up but.........I certainly need personal revenge against Providence,  such as it has been manifestly interfaced unto me,  and DePaul does have the home revenge......ummmm,  like to be getting a few more points but I'll still take it.  All Praise be Due to Allah as we vest in Forest Robinson.(Lose 84-57............a 27pts loss!????   You 've GOT to be fucking kidding me.  DePaul fucking sucks.  Don't bet on this failure---profound fucking failed team.)

DUKE BLUE DEVILS -8(-120) over North Carolina Tar Heels------Ohhhhhh,  I see:  NC has Isaiah Hicks.   They probably won't win another game this year after that Craig Hicks atrocity killing in Chapel Hill.   Duke has Grayson Allen and,  with '50 Shades' in theaters now,  he should help the team. (Lose 92-90........Duke just fucking sucks.   You saw how they just almost lost to Virginia Tech.)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

MICHIGAN +5.5 over Michigan State (Lose 80-67)
MICHIGAN +180 over Michigan State----MSU does have the +offense by about 10pts,  but I really want Michigan to score more in this game,  more than usual(their offense has been rather substandard).   And Michigan needs to score more because they simply can't let this go to OT,  a period in which Michigan sucks.   Michigan does have the revenge and the home-off-road-loss,  in fact,  Michigan is off 4 SU Losses.........more than due to outperform.(Lose 80-67.......2 bogus fouls on Abdur-Rahkman to start the game and...........massively suspicious failure by Michigan.)
SAINT LOUIS BILIKENS +16.5 over Vcu Rams----Neither team covers,  and STL is a little worse in that regard......but they do have the revenge.......How about Austin McBroom?  yup,  Stl has him.  But I think the key to this game may be Achraf Yacoubou,  Long Island Lutheran.   yup:  LIL.   Stl is capable of losing games by a lot,  just hope they won't do so in this game.  (Lose 74-54.......Achraf Yacoubou ABSOLUTELY FUCKING PATHETIC:  0-8,  0-4 on 3s,  2-4 on FTs and 4 Turnovers.  The worst fucking player in CBB.)

EVANSVILLE PURPLE ACES -10 over Drake Bulldogs-----Hmmm:  Drake is 8-18 and Evansville is 18-8........Evansville has the home revenge but doesn't seem to win too many games by 10pts or more.   Drake DOES sometimes lose by more than 10.  Evansville does have a player from been-in-the-news-recently Copenhagen.......but they also have one from Kokomo,  the city that killed Ryan White.   And Mockevicius,  the Lithuanian,  they have him too so I'll try it.(Lose 61-52........20pts by Aqeel Quinn for Drake)

Monday, February 16, 2015

PITT PANTHERS +11 over Virginia Cavaliers-----Pitt is a horrible ATS team while UVA is a fairly good one this year.  But look at how Virginia doesn't score.........if they hold Pitt to,  like,  40 points,  they might cover.   But is Virginia's defense THAT good?  Nah,  I think UVA is in the process of being exposed,  almost losing to Wake last game.(Lose 61-49.......Jamel Artis actually did quite good getting 20pts w/ 4-6 on 3s.......but it wasn't enough:  James Robinson and Michael Young both 0-3 and Cameron Wright 1-5)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

UTAH -17.5 over California------What a HORRIBLE fucking day.   I cannot believe this shit.  While 17.5 seems like a lot of points----considering Cal's 4-1 ATS streak of late-----you can look and see that Utah DOES crush teams.   And they are at home.  Jordan Mickey had 20pts for LSU yesterday and..........Utah has that name,  which.......oh,  Cal has that name too.  Well,  Cal can be crushed--just haven't been lately.   But I think I'd like them crushed......."I'm responsible for that body in the alley.....I'll Louisiana purchase that ass from Remy's purchest and hearts is tha tequila wit the dancing girls.....let's get right as the story unfurls....piano man keep playin....keep them keys bangin....trigger man give 3 grades there's goin' be a this right here ain't for da Yoof to see......"(Lose 76-61...Brandan Taylor 4-5 on 3s and Utah still doesn't cover.  Jakob Poeltl 18pts and Utah still doesn't cover.  fuck.  Chris Reyes 2-8 and 0-2 on FTs----he blew this cover.)
DREXEL DRAGONS +3.5 over Hofstra Pride-----Drexel has the revenge and they're gonna get it with Mohamed Bah and Damion Lee. (Lose 81-57.......Sick,  sick fucking loss.  Drexel shoots 33.3% overall.   (what a joke)........Rashann London 3-12 (pathetic)......Sammy Mojica 2-9 (thanks) high 23pts by Moussa Kone)        

IONA GAELS -1 over Quinnipiac Bobcats----We'll try David Laury and Muhammed here.(Win 60-57...........18pts by Laury.......Shadrac Casimir 16pts)

NORTHERN IOWA PANTHERS -10.5 over Missouri State Bears-----I realize the Brown Bears won yesterday and Miss Stat has the revenge......but they also have Chris Kendrix,  a name I really need to have blown out right now.   So Panthers have the +ATS and the I need a blowout in this game.(Win 68-57......Deon Mitchell 11pts........Jeremy Morgan 11pts......Seth Tuttle 22pts)

STANFORD CARDINAL -1.5 over Colorado Buffaloes------Stanford's names look better.(Lose 64-58.........Anthony Brown 2-11 failure.......Chasson Randle 4-16,  pretty fucking weak...........3 Personal Fouls in only 9 minutes of play time by Christian Sanders............whatever(failure),  gave this team a a chance)
ILLINOIS +14 over Wisconsin-----Wisky's a slightly better ATS team but as we see Michigan somehow losing a 7pt lead against Illinois with 3:18 left in the game,  we can see no other reason for that atrocity but that Spike Lee appeared on MSNBC wearing FLORESCENT ORANGE talking to Joy Reid earlier in the week and............Illinois is an orange team(HEY LOOK,  ORANGE VIRGINIA WON BY 1 FUCKING POINT OVER WAKE FOREST!).  While Orange Syracuse couldn't close against Duke yesterday,  orange should still be activated for use as Jonathan Starks hit the game winning shot for Tulane yesterday(a double-digit underdog) and Illinois has Ahmad Starks?  Yeah,  they have him.   AND NUNN.......Rozell Nunn 18pts yesterday for SIU Edwardsville ..........Illinois has Nunn.   Thus BCLI must release this,  our INCANDESCENT ILLINOIS Game Of the Year.(Lose 68-49........You goddamn faggots.   Fucking bych-fag-whore maggot motherfuckers.   Who the fuck do you think you are?  Goddamn shit fuck bitch.   You just fucking lost a GOY for me.  What the fuck is wrong with maggots?  Godam fucking piece of shit.  Burn it down.   Fucking ass Illisnois.  Fucking phaggot Wisconsin.......bitch fag blackguard whore.   mutherfucking How does Rozell Nunn score 18pts for Edwardsville and Nunn goes 2-10 FG and 0-2 on 3ptrs for me?  You fucking jew faggots.  You kike thieves.   You incompetent imbecile fucks.   Rice 1-5 on 3ptrs.   Big fucking help.  Fuck these kikes.   Do you know...............DO YOU FUCKING KNOW WHAT I DID FOR YOU ?  u bychfaggots don't even know do you?   Ingrate fucking pieces of shit.  I am not here for you to fucking rob!  Miserable fucking parasite POS.   )

Saturday, February 14, 2015

CORNELL BIG RED +11 over Harvard Crimson(Lose 61-40)
CORNELL BIG RED +500 over Harvard Crimson----Harvard wins more games,  but Cornell is much better ATS this year.  Does this number look big?(Lose 61-40...........How do you fucking lose the 2nd half 40-16???  YOU WON THE FIRST HALF!   What the fuck is this shit?  Shonn Miller fucking 1-10 ?  faggot.  Robert Hatter 2-9,  0-4 on 3s?  You suck.  You fucking suk.  The St John's Red Storm won..........earlier on THIS day.   And the Big Faggot Red is gonna lose by 21?  How the fuck?  Maggot fairie bitch.   Fuck Cornell.  Fuck these losers.)

VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH +1 over George Washington Colonials------I'll go VCU,  Mo Alie Cox over Savage and the..........Colonial savages,  even tho GW has the home revenge.(Win 79-66......Doug Brooks 14pts)

UTSA ROADRUNNERS +1.5 over Charlotte 49ers-------Charlotte not accustomed to winning on the road......maybe Roadrunners can do this for me.(Lose 89-81.........Terrence fucking Williams 21pts, eh.  UTSA's Christian Wilson goes 0-4.......Ryan Bowie 2-12 with 1-9 on 3s;  what a fucking joke.  This team sucks.)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

LEHIGH MOUNTAIN HAWKS -4 over American Eagles-----Lehigh does have the revenge and the +offense and.............they did kick Army's ass.   Yesterday it was Jordan Price with 34pts for LaSalle in a huge upset victory at VCU and.....Lehigh has Austin Price.  But all in all.......with the procession of manifested atrocity,  such as it has been,  it would be hard for me to believe........that any intelligent person or entity would NOT agree.............that any team named "American" deserved to get its ass kicked.(Win 65-58..........Tim Kempton 20pts.........Kahron Ross 10pts.......Price 15pts)

MICHIGAN WOLVERINES +7 over Illinois Fighting Illini(Lose 64-52)
MICHIGAN WOLVERINES +260 over Illinois Fighting Illini------Yes,  Michigan has been losing recently while Illinois has been winning over that time.   Illinois does have the revenge and the +offense.  But after injuries,  Michigan is a different team now (Muhammad only played 1 minute in the first meeting between these teams) and is learning how to win----and NEEDS to learn how to win----with a slightly different lineup.  After taking Wisconsin and Michigan State to OT,  but still losing,  it looks like Michigan is ready for a breakthrough onto a winning streak.   With the leading scorer for Illinois in its last meeting with Michigan being Malcolm Hill.............well,  I just can't imagine the disgust and revulsion that would ensue if he did very well today,  just a couple days after that "Atheist Atrocity" in Chapel HILL.(Lose 64-52.......There's gonna a lot of problems because of this:  Michigan's ahead by 7 with 3:18 left in the game...............and they can't even COVER?  No,   there's gonna be dire consequences.   I cannot believe this shit.   Nunn gets 21pts in this game,  hitting more than half his 3s............and then Illinois loses for me by 19pts against Wisconsin a couple days later.   No,  that was really really really fucking stupid.   Its so fucking stupid to rob me like this.  YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOW, ASSHOLE.   fucking kike faggot you think I gave you all that money for free???  bitch.  fuck.  This is a real FUCKING tragedy.   maggot ass whore.   I ASKED FOR MY MONEY BACK GODDAM FUCKING 5 YEARS AGO.........7 years ago.  Nobody's fucking payin.   goddamn jews.)

APPALACHIAN STATE -1 over Ark-LR Trojans------I've noticed App State have some good wins this year----I guess:  If they're on,  they're on.   App State has the home revenge here.(Lose 79-74...........fuck)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

SETON HALL PIRATES +3 over Georgetown Hoyas-----Both teams off 2 losses and Seton Hall,  even after its recent 2-5 ATS run,  is still a +ATS team against Georgetown and an excellent ATS team overall. (Lose 86-67...........Uhhh,  apparently Seton was behind 27-7 in this game?  And......they tied it and............then went on to lose by 19.   Thought they might be better than that.......considering that they were playing at home in this game.) 

Sunday, February 08, 2015

MICHIGAN WOLVERINES +7.5 over Indiana Hoosiers(Win 70-67)
MICHIGAN WOLVERINES +290 over Indiana Hoosiers-----Michigan's last game against Iowa was a disaster and it cannot happen again.   Iowa had a player named Jarrod Uthoff who...........must have been the major factor.   Indiana does not have a name like that.   Michigan must not lose consecutive games again this year.(Lose 70-67)

UIC FLAMES +9.5 over Detroit Titans(Win 83-73)
UIC FLAMES +405 over Detroit Titans----Uic does have the revenge and..........with the Isis "burn-video" being so catchy on February 3rd,  with the cable news media just TALKING about it but not even showing it,  that a train caught fire in Valhalla, NY---burning 4 Americans alive----,  we'll play the Flames.(Win 83-73......Marc Brown 9-10 FG,  3-3 on 3s,  22pts..........Jay Harris 19pts......Markese McGuire 14pts, 4-6 on 3s.......Paris Burns 18pts)

Monday, February 02, 2015

VIRGINIA CAVALIERS -1.5 over North Carolina Tar Heels------Normally,  I wouldn't give Virginia a 2nd chance after collapsing like they did for me against Duke last game.   But for the fact of the KEY interception by the honorable Malcolm Butler last night upon which the entire game clearly depended,   and the fact that Virginia does have that name on its team,   I wouldn't be doing this.   But I will;  I will give Virginia another chance.(Win 75-64)