Saturday, August 30, 2008

FLORIDA(Nolasco) -110 over Mets(Pelfrey)-----------Pelfrey's been rocked TWICE by the Marlins recently and Nolasco has been very good(Win 4-3)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

RANGERS(McCarthy) +165 over Angels(Garland)----------I think Garland is too hittable for this price. Rangers rocked him in April (Lose 7-5)

NATIONALS(Lannan) +150 over Dodgers(Kershaw)---------I see a lot of equality between these pitchers and altho the Nationals offense is, of course, not good, the Dodgers have not scored more than 4 runs in a game for the LAST 9 GAMES! I'll take the price(Win 11-2)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

WASHINGTON(Bergmann) +330 over Cubs(Harden)-----------The Cubs bat righthanded, largely, and rhb's hit only .239 off Bergmann, a pitcher who is much better than +330 would indicate. I still dont know how Harden is so effective; his stuff doesnt look that good to me(Lose 6-1)

PIRATES(Maholm) +295 over Brewers(Sabathia) (Lose 4-3)
PIRATES +1.5(+145) over Brewers----------------In 14 innings pitched against the Brewers this year Maholm has given up only 5ER. Altho the Pirates have been scoring low recently, their offense is only slightly weaker than the Brewers' over the whole year and Maholm is not a bad pitcher. I'll take the price (Win 4-3)

REDS(Cueto) +170 over Colorado(Jimenez)-----------Cueto has just pitched 2 very good games and the Reds have scored 14 runs over their last 2 games. Jimenez has one good 6 inning game against the Reds this year but he is erratic and unworthy of this price(Lose 4-3)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

TWINS(Blackburn) +125 over Angels(Garland)---------I simply cannot believe the Angels record is so good when theyhave the capacity to score so low so many times. Over the last 4 games, the Twins have scored NINETEEN more runs than the Angels. Garland is probably the most hittable 11-8 pitcher in baseball. (Lose 7-5)

Friday, August 22, 2008

ORIOLES(Liz) +165 over Yankees(Mussina) (Lose 9-4)
ORIOLES +1.5(+110) over Yankees------------Mussina has had a good season but in his 5.2IP against the Orioles he has allowed 13 hits and 7 earned runs. Add to that the fact that the Yankees have scored over 4 runs in a game only 3 times in their last 11 games. Liz is coming off a bad game but this price is too good (Lose 9-4)

Florida(Sanchez) vs Arizona(Johnson) UNDER 9(-120)----------Florida has not scored well for long time it seems and they hit only .231 vs lhp's. (Push 5-4)

WASHINGTON(Lannan) +260 over Cubs(Marquis) (Win 13-5)
WASHINGTON +1.5(+145) over Cubs--------------Wow this price is big. I like the Cubs against lhp's but their offense may be slowing down a bit. They only got 3 off Fogg and 1 off Arroyo in the last 2 games. Lannan, though coming off a bad start, has not been a bad pitcher this year and has shut down the Cubs for 7innings in a previous meeting. Marquis.....not worthy of -300 no matter what team he's on. (Win 13-5)

DODGERS(Maddux) +117 over Phillies(Kendrick)----------Kendrick sucks and was hit by the Dodgers previously; Phillies still not scoring and Maddux just shut down the Phillies in his last start.(Lose 8-1)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

WASHINGTON(Redding) +230 over Phillies(Moyer)---------An excellent opportunity(and price) for Nationals to break an incredible 12 game losing streak. Why? Because the Phillies have been scoring very low. Redding has been bad lately and the Phillies have rocked him recently but with Philadelphia averaging less than 3 runs scored per game over their last 6 games, the risk is worth taking(Win 4-3)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

SEATTLE(Feierabend) +195 over Twins(Perkins) (Lose 11-8)
SEATTLE +1.5(-105) over Twins------------Mariners offense has actually been improving; they are now up to .281 vs lhp's(tho Sexson is gone). Perkins is a hittable lhp who gave up 12 hits in 6 innings to the Mariners two starts ago. This price is good enough for me to roll the dice on Feierabend(Lose 11-8....Feierabend sucks)

ANGELS(Saunders) -150 over Cleve(Sowers)----------Angels are good to go against lhp's and Sowers is a bad one. Saunders has shut down the Indians once already and is very reliable. I'll pay this price (Lose 4-3.....Angels offense sucks; I cant believe these morons are the favorites to win the World Series)

PIRATES(Karstens) +180 over Mets(Santana) (Lose 4-0)
PIRATES +1.5(+115) over Mets--------------Karstens is still doing good and I think he's worth this price even tho the Mets have been scoring(Lose 4-0)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cubs(Marshall) vs Florida(Sanchez) UNDER 9.5(-110)--------Marlins have made little progress hitting lhp's(they're at .232 against them) and have been scoring low recently. Rhb's have hit .088 vs Sanchez in his 3 starts and the Cubs bat right mostly. At 9.5, this number is high due to the Cubs' recent scoring binge(Win 2-1)

GIANTS(Sanchez) +130 over Atlanta(Hampton)--------Altho Hampton did well against the Giants 2 starts ago, he has NOT been a good pitcher since coming back. Sanchez has been hard to hit and dominant at times; he just walks too many(OFF--Palmer started instead of Sanchez)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ATLANTA(Morton) +150 over Cubs(Harden)---------Braves have scored 29 runs over their last 4 games and Morton is coming off 2 good starts. Harden got hit by the Astros last start; I still dont really understand how he maintains his effectiveness(his fastball is not special) and i question this price (PPD)

PIRATES(Karstens) -101 over Reds(Volquez)-------Volquez is getting worse; Karstens is coming off a near no hitter and has not allowed an earned run yet in 2 starts. Karstens is hot (Lose 5-1)

TIGERS(Miner) -119 over Toronto(Burnett)----------Tigers have scored pretty well recently. Miner is capable and Burnett, coming off a subpar start, has been hit by the Tigers earlier(Lose 6-4......Zumaya blows it. God, Tigers suck)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Yankees(Ponson) vs Twins(Perkins) OVER 9.5(+100)-----------Yanks are not scoring well but they SHOULD be after picking up Nady, Rodriguez and Sexson. This offense should be doing much better than it is. Yanks have rocked Perkins twice this year. These pitchers' records are deceptive; they are both quite hittable(Lose 4-0.....Yankees offense MISERABLY underperforming)

Friday, August 08, 2008

ATLANTA(Campillo) +105 over Arizona(Davis)---------Linemakers still not respecting Campillo; he is great. Davis coming off a bad start (Win 11-6)

PITTSBURGH(Maholm) +157 over Phillies(Blanton)-------Phillies not scoring particularly well, they're not taking walks anymore. They've dropped from taking 1 walk every 7 or 8 at bats to taking 1 walk every 9 or 10 atbats. Maholm has shut them down once already and Blanton is not good (Win 2-0)

BOSTON(Lester) -110 over Whitesox(Buehrle)---------Red Sox have scored 8 runs in each of their last 2 games and Buehrle is coming off a couple of bad starts (Lose 5-3)

Florida(Nolasco) vs Mets(Perez) UNDER 4.5 1st 5innings only-------------Marlins cant hit lhp's and Nolasco has done well vs the Mets earlier. (Win 3-0)

Monday, August 04, 2008

ROYALS(Meche) -104 over Boston(Buchholz)---------Royals have just destroyed two lhp's and Meche has had a good game already against Boston. Buchholz is bad and is coming off a bad start.(Win 4-3)