Saturday, February 22, 2014

ST JOHN'S RED STORM +8.5 over Villanova Wildcats----Villanova does have an incredibly good 17-7 record ATS.  STJ has gone on an 8-2 ATS run which brings them only to 12-13 ATS on the season.(Win 57-54)

OKLAHOMA SOONERS -5.5 over Kansas State Wildcats-----Ew!  Oklahoma has the home revenge.(Win 86-73........Buddy Hield 18pts....Isaiah Cousins 17pts......Jordan Woodard 10pts)

STANFORD CARDINAL -2 over Ucla Bruins-----Home revenge for Stanford and.......well,  Ucla has been getting some beatdowns.  And Bruins do have Jordan Adams but...........I'll still play it.(Win 83-74........Chasson Randle 26pts w/ career-hi 7 3ptrs....Josh Huestis 22pts......Brown 18pts)

SAN FRANCISCO DONS -5.5 over Pacific Tigers------Pacific does have the revenge here on the road but both teams cover well.  SF is on a 6-1 ATS run.(Lose 64-59)

Friday, February 21, 2014

CANADA -105 over United States-----Red and White,  still rolling.(Win 1-0............"Ohhhhh, Can-a-da..........Our home and Na-tive land............"  Jamie Benn with the Goal.)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

ARKANSAS STATE RED WOLVES -7 over Uta Mavericks-----In honor of the scintillating brilliance of Canada's Olympic Gold victory over America,  America's AWOL president vacationing in Mexico,  and all those other millionaire members of the Capitalist Elite who failed to pay me,  we are definitely going with the Red and White today.   UTA has the revenge but Red Wolves have home-off-road-loss and Melvin Johnson 1 day after Nori Johnson scored 16 in Charleston's beat-down victory over W + M.(Win 83-60..........Kirk Van Slyke 23pts and 7 for 8 on 3ptrs.....Melvin Johnson 13pts)

NEBRASKA  -5 over Penn State-----Nebraska features the Red and White,  the home revenge and an excellent ATS record.  David Brown 23pts for WMU  and Nebraska has David Rivers.(Win 80-67......Terran Petteway 26pts........Walter Pitchford 11pts)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

MICHIGAN STATE -9 over Nebraska teased with ST JOHN'S pk over Georgetown--------The underdogs Tulane Green Wave,  Wisc-Green Bay,  Ohio and Marshall all won their games yesterday while Eastern Michigan,  while a 1-point favorite blew-out Toledo by 21 points.  It seems that all those winning teams are green.  So I'll go with the green team Michigan State and St John's who has Phil Greene.  St John's also has the home revenge and a "Jordan".(Lose 60-51........I actually agreed with Michigan State's #9 ranking prior to this game.  But not anymore.  Hell no.  This is the most overrated team in the country.)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH RAMS +5.5 over Saint Louis Billikens(Win 64-62)
VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH RAMS +200 over Saint Louis Billikens----SLU does have +4 days of rest but VCU has the +offense.   Both teams win a lot.  But I think its fair to say that SLU has built its stellar record on a weak schedule,  having played the likes of North Carolina A & T and SIU-Edwardsville.  VCU,  by contrast,  has played a couple of ACC teams and they have played and beaten Virginia.(Lose 64-62)

NC-WILMINGTON SEAHAWKS +5.5 over James Madison Dukes(Win 64-62)
NC-WILMINGTON SEAHAWKS +195 over James Madison Dukes-----Two HORRIBLE ATS teams that don't win any more often then they cover.  Seahawks do have the revenge here.   I realize that the Dukes have a Russian,  but I don't see how that would help them today after the CCCP went down to USA's Capitalist Pigs(It certainly didn't help ME the last time I bet on JMU).   The hockey game,  of course,  was fixed,  with Russia's game-winning goal called off for absolutely no reason.  But that fix included "Oshie" taking almost every turn in the SHOOT-OUT in which he scored many goals.  But what IS "Oshie" if not "Ocean"?  Thus,  I'll take the SEAhawks.   And this bet BETTER fucking win.(Lose 64-62)

WAKE FOREST DEMON DEACONS +1.5 over Florida State Seminoles------What the fuck are Travis Mckie and Devin Thomas DOING?  They combined to go 3 for 14 from THE FREE THROW LINE last game!   Really,  Wake Forest shot 45% from the charity stripe last game.  Oh, man, that's gotta improve.  Wake Forest is coming off 4 straight losses which were FTCs.   They have home-off-road-loss and,  being that they are 12-2 at home,  they need to win this game.(Lose 67-60.......Wake Forest turns a 16-pt lead in the 1st half into a 6-point lead at halftime.   Ok,  you're still gonna win the game, right?  You're still playing AT HOME,  right?  WRONG?  Blow the 2nd half by 13 points.)

YALE +1.5 over Princeton-----Since losing to Brown on January 25th,  Yale has dominated.  They've gone 4-1 ATS while winning all 5 of those games.  I'll take 'em.(Win 66-65........Justin Sears 17pts)

TEXAS TECH RED RAIDERS +11 over Iowa State Cyclones-----TT has the +ATS and the revenge while ISU has a much better offense.  TT does have a Jordan and is coming off 2 wins as underdogs vs OK and OKST;  ISU is coming off a huge loss at West Virginia.   Maybe Tech is hotter right now.(Win 70-64........Jaye Crockett 23pts for Texas Tech)

FAIRFIELD +1 over Rider-----Yeah,  I'll do this one.  Rider has the +offense but they've been losing lately.   Fairfield has the home revenge and the +ATS.(Lose 71-62)

Friday, February 14, 2014

CZECH REPUBLIC -1(+120) over Switzerland-----Big win for the IUPUI Jaguars on Feb 13th and the Czechs have Jagr.   DOW was +126.80 today and.......well,  that would be the Prague Spring of '68,  a time of, uh,  liberation for all Czechoslovakians.   I'll play it,  even though Switzerland's goal-keepers have doing well.(Lose 1-0........When has Switzerland ever produced a single NHL player?  FUCK.  You can't beat Switzerland,  you suck!  What the fuck is this shit?  I thought Slavs could play hockey.)

RUSSIA -1.5(+175) over United States-----S&P 500 was +8.80 today.  Right:  The Russians have the home revenge FOR 1980.   Месть.(Lose 3-2.....Wouldn't have made a difference with respect to this bet,  but Russia clearly scored a goal here that was called off on the excuse that the net was off its moorings.  Due to that fix,  the game went to overtime before Oshie scored 4 goals in the shootout.  Obviously,  this corruption from international hockey officiating crews is outrageous,  despicable and even approaches the legendary fixedness of Figure Skating competitions.  IF THE NET IS OFF ITS MOORINGS BLOW THE GODDAMN WHISTLE!  Whats the point of letting the offensive team keep hacking at the puck in the red zone if,  because of a dislodged net,  they can't make a goal whatever they do?   Its just stupid.  Once the net comes off,  you gotta stop play right then.  ..................Awwwww, FUCK:  Now Russia's fucking eliminated by Finland!   They didn't even get to the medal round because of this officiating atrocity that cost them the GAME!  Oh,  that's just fucking great.   There goes THIS money:
(Accepted Date:
    2/7/2014 - EST
Graded Date:
Wager Type:
Wager Status:
    $41.00 (USD)
To Win Amount:
    $98.40 (USD)
    1. Winter Olympics 2014 - Olympic Ice Hockey 2014 - Mens Gold Medal - Russia +240 )

   There is nothing fair in this wo-horld......
     There is nothing safe in THIS wo-horrrlllllddd........
        And there's nothing sure in this wo-herrllldddd..........and there's nothing pure in this wo-huurrllldd............and if there's some-thing left in this worrrrr-errrrrr-oorrrrllllddddd....
      Start agaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn......Come on, its a........
           Nice day for a.........Black Wedding........) 

MARIST RED FOXES -4 over Siena Saints------Home revenge and home-off-road-loss for Marist.  Siena has the +offense.  Wow,  Marcus Heemstra 9pts in the Jackrabbits blow-out road win yesterday.......Marquan Botley a career-hi with 23pts in the Owls win last night.......Marcellus Barksdale?  13pts in the Jaguars' HUGE upset of a double-digit line against Denver?  Wow,  I like Marist.(Lose 65-64.........Yeah,  I can really afford to lose this fucking money)

ARIZONA STATE SUN DEVILS +5.5 over Arizona Wildcats-------Both teams have a "Jordan"(which is a name showing up on a lot of winning teams lately) but ASU's Jordan plays more than Arizona's.  ASU has the home revenge and.........although Arizona is a top ranked team,  ASU doesn't look so bad and Arizona doesn't always blow teams out.(Win 69-66.........Jermaine Marshall 29pts......Jahii Carson 17pts..........Jordan Bachynski 13pts)

CORNELL BIG RED +3.5 over Dartmouth Big Green-----Cornell is...............well,  1 and 19.  So they HAVE won a game.  (But,  I know, they're probably not qualified to bet on).   However,  Cornell does have the +ATS; in fact,  Cornell covers more then 50% of the time.(Win 70-67.......Nolan Cressler 17pts........Tarwater 14pts)
SWITZERLAND +2 over Sweden

Thursday, February 13, 2014

ARKANSAS +6 over Missouri
ARKANSAS +220 over Missouri-----In addition to the revenge and the +offense,  Arkansas also has Mardracus Wade which is interesting considering yesterday's double-digit scoring by Marshun Newell,  Marvelle Harris and Marquise Moore of Tennessee-Martin,  Fresno State and George Mason respectively.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

MICHIGAN +3.5 over Ohio State-----Blue-and-Yellow West Virginia got a........25-pt win over 11th ranked Iowa State yesterday.   That's a pretty big beatdown so...........I'll play this for the chromatics.(Win 70-60)
RUSSIA -2.5 over Japan (Womens Hockey)-----Russia was not impressive at all in the first 2 periods against Germany before exploding the 3rd period to win and cover.   And Japan only lost 1-0 to Sweden,  a team that you think would be good.   However,  I saw the Jap game and their players just looked very weak.   That is,  if the USA team can blow out somebody 9-0,  I think Team Japan could suffer a similar blow out.(Lose 2-1)

Monday, February 10, 2014

CHRISTOF INNERHOFFER +1000 to win Super Combined-------6 ticks,  that would be,  100ths of a second off the Gold in the Downhill this guy was.........he took Silver..........but I saw how he was skiing---Dude,  he's there to win medals.   He SHOWED up,  yo.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

ST JOHN'S RED STORM +2.5 over Creighton Bluejays-----Angelo Warner had a career-hi 33pts yesterday for Morehead St......St John's has D'Angelo Harrison.  Ok,  Creighton has the +offense and the +ATS,  but St John's has the home revenge.  They also have Rysheed Jordan.  Now let's look at how hot that name has been:  Jordan Tolbert 9pts for Texas Tech yesterday in an upset victory;  Jordair Jett had 25pts yesterday for Saint Louis who won but didn't cover;  and Jordan Aaron had 30pts for Wisc-Milwaukee in a win where his team was an 11.5 point underdog.(Win 70-65........19pts by Harrison,  5pts by Jordan)

PENN STATE -3 over Illinois----Penn State has the +ATS,  home-off-road-loss and the revenge.  Kadeem JACK career-hi 31 pts yesterday for Rutgers.  And Penn State does have that name,  as well as a Jordan.(Lose 60-55...........Like Robin used to tell Batman about crime:  Pedophilia doesn't pay.)

LOS ANGELES LAKERS +2 over Chicago Bulls----Lakers are off 2 convincing wins and........although most of their starters have been recently injured,  they have the +ATS and the home revenge.(Lose 92-86........Steve Blake 3 for 12.......Ryan Kelly 0 for 5........Sacre 1 for 6 from the floor??!   Epic Fail by Lakers with the home revenge.)

Saturday, February 08, 2014

CLEVELAND STATE +1.5 over Wright State-----Cleveland State has the +offense and the revenge which should be doing better now after St John's won a revenge game 4 days ago against Providence.  Orlando Magic wins a game last night as a 9.5 point underdog with Tobias Harris getting 18pts along with the game-winning dunk----Cleveland State has Jon Harris.   At 16-5 ATS,  this Cleveland State team is made of money this year.  And while Wright State is at home in this game,  with the Cleveland Cavaliers winning on the road last night as a 9.5 point underdog against the Wizards,  I can't see why anyone would bet against Cleveland State today.(Win 72-68......Charlie Lee 25pts 4-5 on 3ptrs)

CINCINNATI +3.5 over Smu-----At 13-6 ATS,  SMU has certainly outperformed and is a team to be reckoned with.   But Cincinnati has only lost 2 games and they're getting points here.(Lose 76-55........Oh,  how close I was to taking William and Mary today---or even George Mason!  But I had to go with these overrated losers..........and get blown out.)

SAINT LOUIS -4 over La Salle----If you add up all the games these 2 teams have played(that would be 55 total),  there have only been 6 games in which one of the following has happened:  Saint Louis losing a game or La Salle covering a spread.(Lose 65-63........Yeah,  this is exactly why logical handicapping doesn't work:  I HAD AN ALMOST 90% CHANCE OF WINNING THIS BET!  Yet,  look what happens:  Saint Louis wins yet again while La Salle moves to 5-14 ATS.   Yet I still lose.)

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

GEORGE MASON +3.5 over Dayton------George Mason has home-off-road-loss and is coming off 8 straight losses!!!(Lose 84-67.......And now they have 9 straight losses.....but you'd think,  after that many losses..........they're at home here,  only a 3.5 line........THE GAME IS WINNABLE!   Yeah, right.   Look at this shit,  They lose it by almost 20 points!)

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

JAMES MADISON DUKES +7(-120) over Towson Tigers(Lose 80-71)
JAMES MADISON DUKES +250 over Towson Tigers------James Madison does better on the road.(Lose 80-71...........Towson was 47% on 3s.   So where the fuck was that when I bet Towson at home as a 5.5point favorite on January 22nd and they lost the game outright!?)

RUTGERS SCARLET KNIGHTS +14 over Memphis Tigers------Memphis has the +ATS and the home-off-road-loss but the Milwaukee Bucks got a rare win last night with Brandon KNIGHT getting the game-winning shot and 25pts.(Lose 101-69.......What a fucking blowout.   Rutgers is pathetic)

Monday, February 03, 2014

FAIRFIELD +9.5 over Rider-----Fairfield does not win very much at all this year.  But maybe they can cover here.(Win 73-65........Maurice Barrow 22pts)

NC-WILMINGTON +11 over Drexel-----Looks like the Seahawks are starting to cover.(Push 61-50)

Sunday, February 02, 2014

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS +2.5 over Denver Broncos-------Considering that semiconductors,  microprocessors and other kinds of computer chips now outnumber human beings on this planet by a large and ever-growing multiple,  it really looks like the Seahawks are up against it in this one.....
(EA Sports just sent over its annual Super Bowl simulation -- this time using the Xbox One version of Madden NFL 25 -- and it’s good news for Denver. The Broncos will grind their way to the Lombardi trophy by beating the Seahawks 31-28 in an overtime thriller, making Manning the first starting quarterback in NFL history to lead two different teams to Super Bowl victories.)
     I can't help wondering what Gary Kasparov would think of this Xbox-MaddenNFL program prediction.   That is,  considering that MaddenNFL has apparently had a very good record in programming Super Bowls correctly,  betting on the Seahawks here,  against the box,  is truly a leap of faith.(Win 43-8.........
(Hoosiers coach Tom Crean, who said his team fell to a potential national champion, called Harris lethal and efficient.

''Gary was an assassin today,'' Crean said.) 

Saturday, February 01, 2014

BROWN BEARS pk over Columbia Lions-----Baylor Bears won today as an underdog.   With that mall shooting in Columbia, MD,  it could be,  especially with 12 Years a Slave in theaters,  that the current interpretation of Columbus is "genocider". (Win 64-56.....Rafael Maia 18pts........Cedric Kuakumensah 13pts)

PEPPERDINE WAVES -5 over Loyola Marymount Lions-----I'll just go with the Waves.(Win 80-69.....Jeff Raines career-hi 15pts.......Malcolm Brooks 16pts)

IOWA HAWKEYES -4.5 over Illinois Illini------Iowa has a big ATS advantage(Win 81-74.....Marble 17pts.......Gabriel Olaseni 15pts)

RHODE ISLAND -1 over Fordham(Lose 85-79........Branden Frazier 27pts for Fordham)

HARVARD -17 over Penn-------Oh,  look!  More free money because UPenn is playing another game!(Win 80-50..........Zena Edosomwan 10pts......Kyle Casey 15pts........Rivard 22pts)