Friday, July 29, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Vogelsong) -131 over Reds(Willis)(Lose 4-3)
SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Vogelsong) -130 over Reds(Willis) 1ST 5INN(Lose 3-1)
Giants(Vogelsong) vs Reds(Willis) UNDER 9(-105)--------Reds have lost 4 straight and are at home, but not only is Vogelsong a proven winner this year and RYAN Braun was 3-4 + HR yesterday as Ryan Zimmerman was 4-5 for the Nationals and the day before that RYAN Sweeney was 3-4 + HR for the A' you can't ignore Vogelsong here. Rowand hits lhp's(if he can get in there) and in case Willis does good(he's walking 1 every 2 innings), I'll go with the UNDER.(Win 4-3............Rowand led-off but only went 1-4.....Mike Fontenot lost this game single-handedly going 0-5 with 8 LOB. Sabean! You fucking cheapskate, where's Edgar Renteria? Oh, he's on the Reds picking up the GWRBI)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Collmenter) -121 over Dodgers(Lilly)-----Arizona outslugs the Dodgers .418 to .360 and they've scored almost 100 more runs than the Dodgers have. Collmenter is also a better pitcher than Lilly who, in 2 starts vs AZ this year, has allowed 2 HR in each game.(Lose 9-5)

SEATTLE MARINERS(Bedard) -105 over Tampa Bay ________ Rays(Niemann)-----Bedard back after a 1-month layoff........Mariners had 17 hits last game when they ended their 17-game losing streak.(Lose 8-0......Bedard rocked)

NEW YORK METS(Gee) -131 over Nationals(Wang)------PLAY THE STREAK! Nats going for consecutive Loss #6 here. Mets offense liberated from Beltran's salary.....and it looks like Duda is stepping up!(Win 8-5........Ronnie Paulino 3-4)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Correia) +145 over Braves(Lowe)(Win 5-2)
PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Correia) +140 over Braves(Lowe) 1ST 5INN-----Correia has the Pitcher Revenge against his last (bad) start and yes, he has gotten rocked twice in July...........not much hitting yesterday from the Pirates but Lowe hasn't been shutting anybody down. If the Pirates are comers, these are the types of games they have to win.(Win 3-1...........Andrew McCutchen 3-5)

HOUSTON ASTROS(Rodriguez) +171 over Cardinals(Garcia)(Win 5-3
HOUSTON ASTROS(Rodriguez) +165 over Cardinals(Garcia) 1ST 5INN-----When I bet on the Cardinals, they lose; when I bet against Wandy, he wins...........So, this. Garcia has had a good July but he's faced the Astros twice before this year and hasn't finished the 6th inning in either game. Astros are built to hit lhp's and it looks like they tend to do so---Pence over .300 vs lhp's and Bourgeois really hits them well(Win 4-3.........Carlos Lee 2-4, HR)

PHILLIES(Kendrick) +110 over Giants(Lincecum)-----Sorry, I just don't respect the Giants' offense. Phillies at home with underdog juice.....RYAN Sweeney 3-4 with HR last night in the beatdown on James Shields(maybe Howard does something) and Robinson Chirinos was 2-2(sounds like Victorino, no?)(Lose 4-1..........Terrible at-bats by Chase Utley; thought the guy could take a walk)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PIRATES(Maholm) +163 over Atlanta(Jurrjens)-----Pirates have the Team Revenge against Jurrjens for what he did to them in May.......19inning game last night and, apparently, the Pirates were robbed on a close play at home plate. Jurrjens' stats are good but Pirates are now an above-.500 team overall and on the road. McCann is OUT-injured for the Braves and that's a significant downgrade for their offense and with Paul Konerko going 2-4 with an HR yesterday, Maholm looks playable here.(Lose 2-1......GWRBI #8 David Ross)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Kennedy) -101 over San Diego(Luebke)------Luebke is hard to hit but doesnt pitch late into game AND the Padres didnt score for him making me lose last time. Arizona has Upton who has been hot for the last 7 games........and over the last 3 games, Arizona is averaging 8 Runs per game.(Win 4-3........Justin Upton 2 HR.....Xavier Nady 3-4 + HR)

METS(Pelfrey) +132 over Cincinnati(Arroyo)-----You can't ignore Mike Carp's 4-5 with 4RBI today for the Mariners. The name is still doing ok with Mike Cameron going 2-5 for the Marlins yesterday and Mike Aviles' 3-5 for the Royals. Bourne for the Astros had a few hits also. Arroyo has been hittable lately(if not all year)(Win 8-2...........CG for Pelfrey)

CARDINALS(Carpenter) -1.5(+105) over Astros(Norris)------Cardinals have the Team Revenge against Norris who.........does give up plenty of walks. Although the Astros record is so poor that they may just decide to do something different(and win), you can see a "Christian" theme coming through with the Marlins winning big yesterday, Jamey Carroll going 2-3 yesterday(and 2-2 the day before that). True, Cueto and Chacin both lost yesterday but look at how hot Cliff Pennington(CORPUS CHRISTI, TX) is: he hits. David DeJesus was 2-5 two days ago, a day when Ethier had 3 RBI, an HR and 2BB's(the day when the Twins were slaughtered 20-6 by the Rangers starting Derek HOLyLand). And, of course, Nelson CRUZ is 7 for 9 over his last two games.(Lose 4-2.....only 4 hits off Norris)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

COLORADO ROCKIES(Chacin) +140 over Dodgers(Kershaw)--------BCLI steam.........(Lose 3-2.....DEXTER(a big favorite of Andres Breivik) Fowler was 3-5 but Rockies mysteriously lose while out-hitting the Dodgers 8 to 4. A combined 8 LOB by Wigginton and Tulowitski)

MARLINS(Nolasco) +115 over Nationals(Zimmerman)------ATROCIOUS L and BS by Jordan Walden last night for the Angels: 2 hits, 2 runs 1 BB and he got one batter out. Is he their regular closer? Both pitchers coming off bad games but..........Nationals got 2 hits last time I bet them so I know their offense sucks(Win 11-2......Good--another Christian-themed murder)

ANGELS(Weaver) over Indians(Tomlin) parlayed with OAKLAND(McCarthy) over Rays(Price) +270------James MCdonald won as a big dog for the Pirates last night while Kyle MCclellan got 10 runs of support in his win for the Cardinals so we'll try the A's again as they won yesterday. Angels should recover here after the dumbassed yank of Haren last night which turned into a disastrous loss as Tomlin has been getting worse and worse...........(Win 2-1 and 6-1....Cliff Pennington 3-3)

DETROIT TIGERS(Verlander) -160 over White Sox(Peavy)---------BCLI steam............(Win 5-4.........GWRBI Wilson Betemit)

Monday, July 25, 2011

CINCINNATI REDS(Leake) -132 over Mets(Dickey)-------I'm not impressed by the Mets' hitting having watched the game yesterday---they got 12 hits but it just didnt look good with Pagan being so pathetic. Chase Headley 3-5 today, Chase d'Arnaud GWRBI for the Pirates yesterday. And the day before that Chase Utley was 3 for 3 with 2HR's. Well, Hal CHASE played for the Reds a little bit........lets see if he can secure this victory with a good, fairly consistent starter in Leake going for us.(Lose 4-2............after 112 pitches, Leake gets yanked with a 1-0 lead in the 7th and the game promptly falls apart; I didn't really consider the Reds to be a serious contender for anything, but I didnt expect such a colossal managerial failure: In a close game, you've gotta let your starter pitch until he loses the lead if the game is close. Leake did well.........and its not his fault the Reds are managed by such poor baseball people)

ANGELS(Haren) -137 over Indians(Carmona)------I was shocked that the Angels won for me let's keep it going with a premier SP in Haren here. Go Red!(Lose 3-2.......Haren yanked after 123 pitches with a 2-1 lead in the 8th with 2 outs. Jordan Walden Blows the Save and gets the L in the 9th, failing to retire more than 1 batter. Angels offense should have scored more off Carmona but............when your closer is JORDAN let your starter pitch until he loses the lead; terrible management by Mike Scioscia)

ROCKIES(Nicasio) over Dodgers(De La Rosa) parlayed with RED SOX(Lester) -1.5 over Royals(Davies) +230----------This is the John/Juan parlay as Juan Pierre was 2-3 yesterday with John Buck getting the PHGWRBI for Florida. Red Sox offense is an implacable juggernaut while the Dodgers absolutely cannot score........especially when De La Rosa pitches(Lose 8-5 and 3-1.......Are you fucking kidding me? The Red Sox can't hit Kyle Davies? ! Clearly this was a fix against John. So "Jonathan" had to re-do my blood-test because he took a wrong tube due to a 'mental error'. So What? That's just more of my blood getting out there. Isn't that what you want?)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

ANGELS(Chatwood) +103 over Orioles(Guthrie)-------BCLI Steam Play............(Win 9-3......Callaspo and Kendrick a combined 6 for 10)

OAKLAND(Gonzalez) +154 over Yankees(Colon)(Lose 7-5)
OAKLAND(Gonzalez) +142 over Yankees(Colon) 1ST 5INN------A's have the pitching advantage here.(Lose 6-2..........How do the A's lose this???!! Oakland outhits them 15 to 9 with 6 of those 15 being extra-base hits. Yankees had only 2 extra-base hits. Yankees got 2 more, but ONLY 2 more walks than the A's and each team had 1 GIDP. Utterly inexplicable until you consider Dave DeJesus lining into a game-ending DP to Mark Teixeira with bases loaded. Matsui 5 for 5 but Gio doesnt usually get rocked like this.)

METS(Gee) +118 over Florida(Sanchez)-------Batters hitting only .216 off Gee(Lose 5-4)

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Marquis) +126 over Dodgers(Billingsley)-----Nationals have scored 5.7 runs per game when Marquis has started for them this year. That's pretty good because, overall, the Nats average scoring 3.92 runs per game(Lose 3-1...........Nationals get TWO Marquis. Sick. This certainly augurs for governmental collapse in this country; the BILLs are coming due and Washington's got essentially nothing for 'em: 2 hits! It's gonna be all over)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

LA ANGELS(Pineiro) -103 over Orioles(Bergesen)(Lose 3-2)
LA ANGELS(Pineiro) -1.5(+150) over Orioles(Bergesen)------Look at Pineiro and you're not seeing good numbers(.306 BA against). However, JP Arencibia 2 HR yesterday??? That not enough, oh, Johnny Peralta 3-5 4RBI HR. Not enough? Cubs, coached by MIKE Quade, won yesterday AND today(Angels' coach is Mike Scioscia) while Michael Young went an incredible 4 for 4 while Mike Carp had a 3-run HR for the Mariners while Michael Mckenry went 3 for 4 for the Pirates. The 'luck-associations' are so strong here and.......its definitely time for us to win with the Angels(Lose 3-2........How do you lose to Bergesen? That's just utterly disgusting.........but I've had enough. I'm not fucking around anymore; the Angels will win for me, or they will go on a 61-game losing streak. ANY QUESTIONS?)

Friday, July 22, 2011

PADRES(Luebke) +177 over Phillies(Hamels)(Lose 3-1)
PADRES(Luebke) +160 over Phillies(Hamels) 1ST 5INN-----After losing 7 straight games earlier this month, the Padres just swept the Marlins and Guzman, who just joined the offense in June, is helping. Padres have the Team Revenge against Hamels who beat them earlier in the season(Hamels has the pitcher revenge against his last start when he got rocked). Luebke is very hard to hit.(Lose 3-1............Hamels too good; Guzman's two muffs of foul pops near the stands in the same inning didnt help but......Padres just didnt hit)

METS(Pelfrey) +118 over Marlins(Volstad)(Win 7-6)
METS(Pelfrey) +105 over Marlins(Volstad) 1ST 5INN-------I realize that the Marlins have Mike Stanton but Volstad is hittable and.........Pelfrey is the only SP-Mike on the board.......look at Miguel Cabrera 2-3 yesterday, Cuddyer 2-4, Miguel Montero 2-3 with HR, Miguel Olivo a Grand Slam, Mike McCoy 2-4 with 2R.........and that was just yesterday; on July 20th you had Jason Michaels with the GWRBI for the Astros and on the 19th, Michael Morse was 3-3 with an HR, Michael Bourne was 3-5, Cuddyer was 2-4 and Mike Napoli was 2-3.(Win 4-3.............I was just gonna play this game, and I should have. Wright GWRBI)

OAKLAND A's(Cahill) +168 over Yankees(Hughes)(Lose 17-7)
OAKLAND A's(Cahill) +155 over Yankees(Hughes) 1ST 5INN-------Cahill has proved to be a solid starting pitcher this year while Hughes really hasnt pitched very much and hasn't done well. Of course, the Yankees offense is a lot better than Oakland's but the A's have averaged better than 6 runs per game over their last 3 games.(Lose 14-7.......Cahill's been rocked before but this is probably his worst rocking in MLB. Hughes also got rocked but........huge day for 17: Cervelli 3-3 with 3 R and Nelson Cruz (#17) was 4-4 with EIGHT RBI. The price was right for this bet.......just didnt think Cahill would get this brutalized)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

YANKEES(Garcia) +133 over Tampa Bay ______ Rays(Price)------Of course the Rays can't close a game at home; I learned that the hard way when they fucked me two days ago. But their offense isn't that great while the Yankees are 2nd in Runs and 2nd in Walks. Price has been hit and scored on by the Yankees twice this year............and he's only faced them twice. Give Freddy Garcia the benefit of the doubt here with the Pitcher Revenge against his last start, which was bad. And Yankees don't seem to have weaknesses against lhp's.(Win 4-0........Nick Swisher 2-3)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DODGERS(De La Rosa) +131 over Giants(Bumgarner)(Lose 5-3............5 total hits in this game by the Dodgers.........who are SHIT! A shit-team.)
DODGERS(De La Rosa) +125 over Giants(Bumgarner) 1ST 5INN---------Absolutely pathetic run support for De La Rosa over his last 5 starts.......Can the Dodgers possibly continue to suck? They are averaging only 2.4 runs per game over their last 10(tho the Giants offense is not strong either). 2 Dodgers hitters hit well vs lhp's but this is also Team Revenge for the Dodgers against Bumgarner who shut them down(not that difficult) earlier in the season(Push 3-3)

Monday, July 18, 2011

TAMPA BAY(Cobb) +130 over Yankees(Burnett)-----Alex Presley 3-6 for the Pirates yesterday and Alex Rios goes 2-4 to raise his average to .210. Burnett's ok but he does walk almost 1 every 2 innings(Lose 5-4.........Oh, the Rays bullpen "was spent" on the 16inning game yesterday. Oh, ok, well how many innings did BLOWN SAVER Kyle Farnsworth pitch in that 16inning game? Only 1? Oh, yea, the Yankees always have that fucking Dave Robertson card they can play as.......he got the W. Great. Let's see, Rays have a 3 run lead.....then a 2 run lead(which, of course, they blow). 9 total team walks given up by Tampa(Cobb did ok, tho, giving 4 walks and only 3 hits). I don't understand how Farnsworth doesnt save this game; he's a 12 year veteran, on course to pitch 76innings this year(38 so far at this point) making $2.6million. So he makes $11,403 PER OUT. Or $34,000 per inning. SHIT BITCH! Gimme 5k and I will complete TWO innings against the Yankees in MLB. I can't believe this shit: Kyle Farnsworth makes $22,806 in this game by getting two people out while allowing 2 hits to Blow the Save.........and I have to lose $17 because of that! When I would have made $22 if he had just SAVED THE FUCKING GAME)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

MINNESOTA TWINS(Pavano) -1.5(+150) over Royals(Francis)-----Twins are on an 8-4 run and they're scoring decently. Pavano has been lowering his ERA steadily since the beginning of June. Francis doesnt walk people and the Twins don't take walks(Lose 4-3.......GWRBI Michael Cuddyer)

INDIANS(Carrasco) -112 over Orioles(Simon)-------2 bad starts in his last 2 for Carrasco.....but he's been a good pitcher this year. Beltran had an HR for the Mets yesterday......and Quentin was 3-5. Simon's number, 55, was worn by goat-of-the-day, Matt Capps as he took the Blown Save and the Loss for the Royals yesterday(Lose 6-5......Simon does good, surely his best game of the year and it wasn't the number as #55 Michael McKenry goes 3-4 for the Pirates on this day)

Saturday, July 09, 2011

BREWERS(Marcum) -108 over Reds(Cueto)(Lose 8-4........Marco Estrada allows 6 hits in a single inning of work to take the pathetic loss)

NATIONALS(Marquis) +108 over Colorado(Jimenez)---------Both the Brewers and Nationals get much better results at home........and with Mark Trumbo getting the GWHR last night for the Angels and Mark Kotsay getting the GWHR last night for the Brewers, the names look right.(Lose 2-1........Jason WERTHLESS 0-3 with a GIDP to end the game; Phillies were so right to get rid of that .217-hitting piece of shit.........Oh, Nationals had 5 errors last night in Atlanta)

METS(Capuano) +160 over Giants(Lincecum)------Mets dont have Reyes or Wright but the Giants offense is not strong; I could see this being a close game. And note: the Lightning strike(near-miss) was on Chris Christie's OPPONENT.............his opponent, Steven (somebody).........see? Chris Capuano.(Lose 3-1........Giants have another routine weak day on offense........and the Mets come EVEN WEAKER!!!)

Friday, July 08, 2011

ARIZONA(Kennedy) +113 over Cardinals(Lohse)----------Fuck. Cardinals don't wanna play for me, let's see if they can lose for me.(Win 7-6........Grand Slam Kelly Johnson)

Thursday, July 07, 2011

KC ROYALS(Duffy) +109 over Tigers(Scherzer)-----Danny Duffy doesnt really have the stats you're looking for in a potential bet. But he is pitching for KC........and Casey McGeehee had the pinch-hit GW-3RBI-HR for the Brewers yesterday. CASEY Kotchman? He was 3 for 4 yesterday. When you consider also DAN Uggla's 2-3 with HR(raising his average to .183) for the Braves with Daniel Descalso's 4-6 in St Louis, this looks like a stronger play than it may appear prima facie.(Lose 3-1............a 6inn 4-hitter for Duffy support. And you really have to fucking wonder: If Scherzer can give up 15 runs to the SF Giants(or maybe just 6 in 2innings of work), and the Royals can only get 1 off him????)

CARDINALS(McClellan) -140 over Diamondbacks(Saunders)(Lose 4-1)
CARDINALS(McClellan) -1.5(+155) over Diamondbacks(Saunders) was 4-5 in the Red Sox game which cost BCLI money yesterday while Jacoby L-sbury was 3-5 with HR. You want the L's? Ok, maybe this is a good day for McClellan to have a good game. I mean, he's not excessively reliable, it seems, but it would make sense. And Cardinals have scored 8 runs in each of their last 2 games.(Lose 4-1..........I guess Jordan Schafer's 4-5 for the Braves the day before this had something to do with Joe Saunders giving up only 1 hit here. Whatever: I tried the L's, Cardinals couldnt play.)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Humber) -1.5(+135) over Minnesota(Pavano)------John Mayberry of the Phillies 2 HR's yesterday, born on December 21st, which is Humber's birthday. Humber usually does good----and does good for me-----so I'll try it.(Lose 6-2............Don't cry for me: I only put $3 on this. BWAAAAAAAAAAA! But, of course, this was completely fixed: Humber has allowed 9 hits in a game ONCE........ONCE before this game.....THIS game in which he allowed 11 hits in 3 innings to one of the WEAKEST offenses in baseball. How weak are the Twins? They're 26th in Runs scored. They're 28th in Walks. They're 27th in Slugging percentage. They're 22nd in Batting Average. And there are 30 teams in MLB. The Twins do have a JAP who's getting hot; he was 2-4 in this game.)

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Romero) +109 over Boston Red Sox(Wakefield)-----Romero is better than he was last year and he can pitch deep into games and has proved that he can shut down most teams. However, the Red Sox rocked him the last time they met so he has the Pitcher Revenge. Having got robbed last night by the bad call at the plate, the Blue Jays should get the win that they deserve.(Lose 6-4........WORST ROCKING IN 11 STARTS FOR ROMERO.......BJ offense has too many holes and Romero loses too much when I bet on him; this team is overrated, they've got Bautista and nobody. Oh, Yunel Escobar 4-5 as Jacoby Ellsbury goes 3-5 with an HR. L L L, ok?)

INDIANS(Masterson) over Yankees(Hughes) parlayed with Mets(Niese) vs Dodgers(Kuroda) UNDER 7 (+235)-------Masterson is coming back while Hughes hasnt proved he can do anything this year; Kuroda's a good 'under-pitcher' playing for the offense-less Dodgers(Lose 5-3.......How do the Dodgers score 3 runs??? Well, all the runs were "earned" but Kuroda Wild Pitched a run in after an error by Eugenio Velez)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

*METS(Pelfrey) +113 over Dodgers(Lilly)----------Both starters are bad-average in this year of the pitcher. However, I see Miguel Montero 3-5 with HR, Michael Young 3-4 yesterday as Michael Pineda got the W allowing only 2 hits(I also despise the Dodgers, did I mention that? This is personal). (Win 6-0...........Jason Bay--a Canadian---2 HR and 4 RBI)

ORIOLES(Atkins) +190 over Rangers(Harrison)-------Rangers slug well(.440) but the Orioles are respectable at least there(.403). Of course, Mark Reynolds had 2 HR yesterday.....but also, the pinch-hit GWRBI for the Cardinals was by Mark Hamilton. Additionally, Shaun Marcum had a Grand Slam(he's a pitcher). The Rangers........dont seem to have a Mark.(Lose 4-2......Can't blame Atkins, he only allowed 1ER and Orioles out-him them 12 to 10)

BREWERS(Wolf) -1.5 (+140) over Arizona(Duke)-------Brewers offense seems to be playing up to its potential, averaging almost 6 runs per game over its last 4 games.(Lose 7-3...........Very Suspicious outcome: Duke has a better start than he has had in his last 5 starts while, Wolf, who has pitched all season, allows 7ER, something he has never done this season)

Monday, July 04, 2011

LA DODGERS(De La Rosa) -115 over Mets(Capuano)----------Dodgers lost to the RB yesterday(Russell Branyan); today they have the RB with Rubby De La Rosa. True, Dodgers are on a horrendous 6-12 run....but Miles does hit .457 vs lhp's. In fact, the Dodgers are decent(11-10) vs lhp's and altho their offense is underperforming, they do have 3 .320+ hitters. Mets on a 10-8 run including some serious destruction of Tigers and Rangers pitching. However, it looks like Reyes is out now........Wright still out and.......their offense just couldnt stay hot: inconsistent(Lose 5-2........Dodgers SUCK. Fucking losers)

CINCINNATI REDS(Cueto) -102 over Cardinals(Carpenter)----------Johnny Damon follows a 4-4 day with a 3-5 with 4RBI day yesterday, so we should consider Johnny Cueto, who usually does very very well this season. John Jaso was also 2-3 yesterday(Lose 1-0..........Votto went 3-4 but the rest of the Reds offense is an embarrassment; Pinch-Hit GWRBI by Mark Hamilton? Who the fuck is that?)

INDIANS(Tomlin) +105 over Yankees(Burnett)-----------After getting swept by Boston, Yanks are on an incredible 17-5 run despite having no .300 hitters. Indians on a 5-7 run in interleague where Hafner didnt get to hit much cuz he's DH. Tomlin's doing better now and this is DOUBLE HOME REVENGE as the Yankees rocked Tomlin last meeting while Burnett shut the Indians offense down last time.(Win 6-3......GWHR Austin Kearns)

TIGERS(Furbush) +105 over Angels(Pineiro)---------Melky Cabrera had 2 HR and 5 RBI yesterday........and Tigers have a Cabrera. Angels do have 4 .300 hitters vs lhp's but Pineiro's been extremely hittable and the Tigers offense is better(Lose 5-1............I've had it with this fucking team, Cabrera no hits. When was the last time Pineiro gave up only 5 hits in a game? ELEVEN starts ago! Unreal; I have nothing but ill-wishes for this pathetic Tiger team; they SUCK)

Sunday, July 03, 2011

DODGERS(Billingsley) +137 over Angels(Santana)------Blue Royals opening up in Colorado......(Lose 3-1..........Billingsley essentially pitches an 8inning 3 hitter..........while the Dodgers produce 15 LOB and score 1 run. This makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE since the Dodgers scored 15 runs the last time Billingsley pitched. GWHR by Russell b-AR-nYAN----oh, there's a real Aryan. Branyan, Dec 19th, Warner Robins, I was SAYING: Warner Brothers robbed me----Fucking mother fucking $6Billion robbery of my life. We gotta get them, man.....we gotta get them)

RANGERS(Wilson) -1.5(+100) over Florida(Vazquez)------Wilson Betemit hit a pinch-hit HR I'll try this(Lose 6-4........If I told you that Nelson Cruz and Adrian Beltre were BOTH gonna go 3-4 with an HR apiece, and that Wilson would allow 1 ER in 7inn, You'd think the Rangers would win, right? What the FUCK happened? Oh, Marlins got 4 unearned runs in the game......errors by Andrus, Hamilton and Murphy)

Saturday, July 02, 2011

WHITE SOX(Humber) over Cubs(Garza) parlayed with BRAVES(Hudson) over Orioles(Arrieta) parlayed with TIGERS(Scherzer) over Giants(Zito) +410------Adrian Beltre 3-4, 4RBI yesterday with Brendan RYAN 2-4 with RYAN Sweeney 2-4 with RYAN Howard 2-5 with GWRBI----gotta make something about that so we'll go with Scherzer, even tho he's an inconsistent 'R-yan' and the Braves cuz they're got Brian McCann. Humber's had an outstanding year and, of course, Brandon PHILlips had 2 HR yesterday(Lose 15-3......Scherzer and the Tigers S U C K ! ! ! ! ! And I was gonna just go the Braves and Humber. Message received: TIGERS S U C K !)