Monday, January 30, 2017

DETROIT PISTONS +5.5 over Boston Celtics-----Markieff Morris.....another win yesterday for Wizards; Pistons have Marcus Morris.  PIstons off 2 Losses;  Celtics off about 3 wins.  (Its not that Marky Mark movie in the theater causing wrongful influenc,  is it?)  Anyway, switch it up.(Win 113-109)

Thursday, January 26, 2017

RICE OWLS -3.5(-115) over Old Dominion Monarchs----OD has a good defense but Rice's offense is much better.   Apparently OD shut Rice down in the first meeting this year,  giving Rice the home Revenge here.  St John's win came yesterday----as an underdog----with Marcus LoVett getting 26 pts for the Red Storm.   Marcus Marshall scored 18 pts for Nevada yesterday in a 76-57 win for the Wolfpack over Boise State.   So I would consider Marcus a reasonable hot name right here.  And Rice has 2 Marcus's and a Marquez;  they're loaded with that name.(Lose 80-72...........Can't believe I lost to "Stith"----what kind of name is that?  BJ Stith 12pts,  Brandan Stith 18pts...........Rice was better on 3s and Free Throws..........strange.)

MICHIGAN WOLVERINES -3.5(-112) over Indiana Hoosiers-----The situation with Michigan basketball is bad;  Michigan is 6-11 ATS and 0-5 SU on the road(they are at home in this game).   They did play pretty good teams on the road,  including UCLA,  but still:  0-5 on the road.  Indiana's offense is about 10 points better.   Perhaps Michigan is still being overrated by the lines.  But Michigan has covered their last 2 and........if they don't win this,  they're probably not going to the March Madness tournament.  (Win 90-60)

LOYOLA MARYMOUNT LIONS -6.5 over Pacific Tigers-----LMU is sub .500 but this is a game they can and should win.  LMU has the home-off-road-loss.  Pacific has won only 1 less game than LMU.  But LMU knows how to cover.(Lose 79-73...........Lost by half-point, damn.   Brandon Brown had 21pts  for LMU............but only 1-4 on Free Throws.   LMU was 68% on FTs)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

NORTHEASTERN HUSKIES +1.5(-105) over Hofstra Pride---------Northeastern if off 2 road losses and Hofstra has lost its last 6 games.   NE has a win at Michigan State and looks to done much better in its conference than Hofstra has.(Lose 78-73)
GEORGIA BULLDOGS +3.5(-115) over Texas AM Aggies(Win 63-62)
GEORGIA BULLDOGS +140 over Texas AM Aggies-----Line just came down,  it looks like,  from 4.5.  Georgia looks like the better team;  they've done pretty well on the road;  they were good vs Florida recently as a double-digit underdog.   Joe Harris had 8 last night in the Brooklyn Nets' beatdown in New Orleans----and Georgia has Jordan Harris.  TXAM has Robert Williams,  a name I can see helping them,  but also DJ Hogg,  a name I can see hurting them today.   So that's a wash;  I'll go with Georgia.(Lose 63-62.......Well,  here's how you lose a 62-53 lead with 2:09 left in the game:
              Foul on Georgia (Wilridge)   1:45 left
              Turnover by Georgia (Frazier) 1:21 left
              Foul on Georgia (Maten) 1:11 left
              Turnover by Georgia (Maten) 1:09
              Foul on Georgia (Parker) 1:03 left
              Turnover by Georgia (Harris) 0:57 left
              Turnover by Georgia (Frazier) 0:36
                         63-62 Texas AM ahead with 0:20..............Really?   No fouls called on Texas AM during those 2 minutes when they're 9 points behind???  Shocking)

BROOKLYN NETS +12 over Charlotte Hornets(Win 112-105)
BROOKLYN NETS +635 over Charlotte Hornets--------Are the Nets now renovated as a team after one colossal win?   Probably not(they are now 9-33).   Charlotte is off 2 big wins at home---they actually have the Revenge here at home vs Nets.  Both offenses are about statistically equal while Hornets are about 12 points better on defense.  These are a lot of points here and if you can score 143 one night,  you probably won't be scoring,  like,  78 the next.(Lose 112-105)

WASHINGTON WIZARDS -105 over Detroit Pistons-----Wizards only 5-13 on the road.  Pistons have the home revenge.........but Wizards too hot to ignore right now.(Lose 113-112.........can't remember if this was +1 for Wizards.   )

Thursday, January 19, 2017

MARYLAND TERRAPINS +1.5(-116) over Iowa Hawkeyes-----In an epic upset,  Djokovic lost last night to the 117th ranked player.   And one of Iowa's key players is................Peter Jok.   Hmmm.  Maryland is on a 6-1 ATS run and has,  while being an underdog in each of its last 3 games,  won its last 3 games.  They're also 16-2 overall so we're looking at a team that's been doing something right.  Wake Forest Demon Deacons had a pretty big 17-point win last night and........Maryland has 'Damonte'.(Win 84-76..........Melo Trimble 20pts........Anthony Cowan 15pts)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

TCU HORNED FROGS +4.5 over Texas Tech Red Raiders------TTech did beat West Virginia(who is, I guess,  pretty good) but I'm watching MSNBC right now and man is the sky in Washington DC purple!  It looks cool.  Hopefully TCU will be wearing purple for this game.(Lose 75-69.........Should have took Kansas State)

WASHINGTON WIZARDS -2(-105) over Memphis Grizzlies-------What happened 2 days ago was that the Oakland Golden Grizzlies were favored by 13.5 and lost to Cleveland State by 11 points so..........Memphis Grizzlies,  I don't know.   Wizards are rolling good on a 5-1 run(4-2 ATS) and they have the home Revenge in this game.(Win 104-101............Otto Porter 6-8 on 3s, 25pts)

Sunday, January 15, 2017

GREEN BAY PACKERS +11.5 over Dallas Cowboys teased with OVER 46------Look,  Green Bay's scoring.  They said the Giants' defense was good----Green Bay scored 38.   Jordy Nelson is OUT.  But he hardly did anything last game.   If Green Bay is gonna score like this,  Dallas is gonna have to go really, really high for this bet to lose.(Win by 14.5 and 19.........An Even TO game with Dallas gaining only 16 more yds than GB,  although GB was up 28-13 in the 3rd quarter.)

Saturday, January 14, 2017

HOUSTON COUGARS -2.5(-115) over Central Florida Knights----I noticed Memphis winning last night with Troy Daniels getting 13pts.  Day before that,  there was a huge beatdown by Denver over Indiana with Danilo Gallinari getting 18pts.  Devon Daniels had 17pts  for Utah over Usc on that same day.  And Houston has that name in Danrad Knowles.   Houston did lose to Harvard,  but UCF lost to Penn........which I figure has gotta be worse.(Lose 77-70........Knowles had 3 PFs)

CANISIUS GOLDEN GRIFFINS -10 over Marist Red Foxes------Canisius has been pretty good about covering this year.  And Marist rarely wins on the road.(Win 91-58..........Kassius Robertson 30pts,  Phil Valenti 19pts)

Sunday, January 08, 2017

GREEN BAY PACKERS -5 over New York Giants-----On..........January 5th,  Curtis Cobb went off big,  scoring 46 pts,  going 9-12 on 3s(obviously a career-high) for Fairfield.  And it looks like Randall Cobb will be playing for Green Bay.  In addition,  Randy Onwuasor had 32pts for Southern Utah on that same day.  On January 6th,  Golden State lost as a 13.5 point favorite to..........Zach Randolph(among others on Memphis) who had 27pts.   And the Packers are gonna have the name 'Randall' on both offense AND defense.  And ohhhhhhh,  what a horrid experience for road underdogs in these NFL playoffs.  However much GB or Rodgers has declined,  the team has proven that it can score;  at least 30 pts scored in each of its last 4 games.   The last time the Giants scored even 20 points was 6 games ago.   Enough indicators point to a blow-out by Green Bay.  Giants would have to be very good on defense and also lucky to avoid that.  And I don't see why the Giants would be luckier than the Packers today.(Win 38-13...........Randall Cobb 3 TDs..........Packers were +2TOs and +40yds)

Saturday, January 07, 2017

DETROIT LIONS +9 over Seattle Seahawks(Lose 26-6)
DETROIT LIONS +375 over Seattle Seahawks------Both teams are 8-8 ATS with erratic results.  Seahawks do have a road win over the Patriots.  But that's about it for impressiveness.   It's true that Stafford's finger is injured.........and that has hurt his stats.  And Riddick is still out..........and there are probably some other injuries on the Lions.  But remember:  The Seahawks can get blown out;  look at that 38-10 loss to Green Bay(they did blow out the Rams 24-3 but..........everybody's supposed to blow out the Rams).   Seahawks..........not that much better than the average NFL team.(Lose 26-6..........Losing an Even TO game by 20 points is disgraceful.  Stafford was 56% but there WERE some dropped passes that looked very easy to catch.   However,  this game was 10-6 after the 3rd quarter ended.  So the Lions couldn't have been that bad through most of the game.   But there was no rushing by the Lions,  whereas Thomas Rawls rushed for 161 yds for Seattle.   Very disappointing because I don't think Rawls usually does that?)
OAKLAND RAIDERS +4 over Houston Texans(Lose 27-14...........Thought Cook would be good,  or at least better than Carr,  who sucked up when I bet on him.  Cook was 18-45(40%) with 3 INTs.   And everybody knows Houston sucks.   So Houston outgains them by 88 yds and was +3TO.  Raiders turn out to be a fluke.)

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

TOLEDO ROCKETS -2.5 over Buffalo Bulls(Win 86-54.........Jonathan Williams 26pts.....Steve Taylor 15pts........Jaelan Sanford 22pts...........Luke Knapke 13pts...........With La La Land in theaters with the most blatant, copious juxtaposition of Blue-and-Yellow since Heaven is for Real.............I thought this might work.  It did.)

Monday, January 02, 2017

PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS +7.5(-115) over Usc Trojans(Win 52-49)
PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS +250 over Usc Trojans---------Considering losses by Michigan and Ohio State-----and the fact that Iowa is getting blown out----its fair to say the Big Ten has disgraced itself.   But nobody's impressed that USC beat sorry Colorado only 21-17.   USC's only impressive win was against Washington,  and they're not even that good because they failed to cover vs Alabama.   (And there were some bad Pac-12 teams this year).   It may be a leap of faith to take Penn State here,  considering the Big Ten's now revealed deficiency.  But at least Penn State has something to prove:  That they DESERVED to play Clemson because 1)they won their conference and 2) they beat the team that DID get the opportunity to (disgracefully) play Clemson.(Lose 52-49........Highest scoring Rose Bowl in history so........nobody was playing much defense.  However,  Penn State had a 15-pt lead with 10:26 left in the 3rd quarter.  Later,  Penn State had a 14pt lead up till 8:15 left in the 4th quarter,  when USC scored.   So PSU gets the ball and goes 3 and out.   Punts and then stops them.  So USC has to punt,  behind by 7,  with 4:08 left in the game.   Penn State gets the ball and gets 1 First Down running with 2:45 left in the game.   Then they run,  which is what I would have done.   And USC uses,  like,  3 consecutive Time Outs.   Penn State punts and USC gets it back and there's about 1:59 left in the game when Darnold starts the drive.   Darnold hits 2 passes and there's still 1:44 left in the game.  Then a damaging Pass Int by Jordan Smith(15yds 1st Down).   Then another Pass Int on Grant Haley----and this one was pretty obvious;  he was clawing at him.   Then a TD pass to Deontay Burnett(his 3rd TD catch of the game)...........and the clock's at 1:20.   That sure didn't take long.   USC had so much momentum at that point.......they were probably gonna win somehow,  even if it went to Overtime.  (I would say the fixers came in for that last drive by Darnold).   But Penn State's defense had plenty of chances to win the game.  Couldn't do it.  USC was +2 TO and outgained Penn State by 110 yards.)

Sunday, January 01, 2017

CLEVELAND BROWNS +3.5(-105) over Pittsburgh Steelers(Win 27-24)
CLEVELAND BROWNS +165 over Pittsburgh Steelers--------This line started at 6 or 5.5.........coming down now as.........people realize that the Steelers don't need this game.  If they did,  it would probably be,  like,  -14.5.   They say Bell is not gonna play and other players might "rest".   Orange did well with Clemson last night;  Browns have some of that.  Coming off their first win,  Browns could be hungry for more.(Lose 27-24.........Browns blow a 14-0 lead.   RGIII was 72% but Browns lose 3 fumbles for a -3 TO ratio.)