Sunday, July 27, 2014

METS(Degrom) +131 over Brewers(Nelson)(Win 2-0.......Lucas Duda HR)

PADRES(Stults) +171 over Braves(Minor)(Lose 8-3)

ANGELS(Santiago) -113 over Tigers(Porcello)(Win 2-1...........David Freese GWHR)

Friday, July 25, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Lincecum) +111 over Los Angeles Dodgers(Greinke)-----Well,  on June 20th,   Tim Lincecum's ERA was 4.90.   Then he pitched a no-hitter and went on to dominate in July.   Might as well try him here despite whatever Greinke might have, considering Juan FRANCISCO's 3-4 with 4RBI and HR in Stroman's masterpiece yesterday for the Blue Jays.(Lose 8-1...........Lincecum totally destroyed---thought he was getting good now.  5 triples---3 by Puig---for Dodgers,  most since 1921)

BREWERS(Gallardo) -130 over Mets(Wheeler)-----On June 29th,  after Mexico collapsed vs the Netherlands,  Gallardo got rocked by Colorado and he hasn't won since.   Ummmmmm,  I think he'll win today.(Lose 3-2)

PADRES(Hahn) +153 over Braves(Wood)-----Hahn looks pretty good;  batters have hit only .185 off him in his short career.  And with the Padres having scored very well in their last 2 game,  this play is good.(Win 5-2.........Tommy Medica 4-5)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

CUBS(Jackson) +119 over Padres(Ross)-----Wow,  there is simply no sensible rationale for making this bet........other than that,  with the Cubs on a 1-6 run---and extending back to a 3-12 run over their last 15,  it may seem impossible for one team to sustain that rate of consistency in losing.   Austin Jackson did have 3RBI in a Tigers' beatdown yesterday,  but Tyson Ross has been astoundingly good in July(29innings,  19hits,  3ERs and 4BB).(Lose 13-3.......What an annihilation:  3 hits each by Venable,  Rivera and Smith.....HR by Rene Rivera)

WHITE SOX(Noesi) +139 over Twins(Hughes)-----White Sox have only scored 3 runs (total) in their last 3 games........hmmm......and they are on a 1-3 run.   Hughes have walked only 1 batter every 10 innings this year.   But he's hittable.   I'm a bit surprised he has such a good winning record.   But Hughes is not getting better now;  he's allowed 27 earned runs in his last 38 innings.(Win 5-2)

TIGERS(Scherzer) +110 over Angels(Richards)(Win 6-4)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Kennedy) +105 over Chicago Cubs(Wada)----Out of 21 starts,  Kennedy has had 9 in which he allowed 1 ER or less.   But,  of course,  he doesn't have a winning record because Padres' offense scores less than 3 runs per game.   Looks like Cubs have a 5'11 Jap left hander in Wada..........Padres traded Headley......who do they have?   Brook Conrad!   Padres have Conrad........and Chris Nelson'll be a third base.(Win 8-3........Tommy Medica 3-5.....Solarte 2-4)

GIANTS(Bumgarner) -140 over Phillies(Burnett)--------All right,  Burnett doesn't wanna win for me,  let's see if he can lose for me.(Win 3-1..........Hunter Pence GWRBIs)

Monday, July 21, 2014

MIAMI MARLINS(Koehler) +176 over Atlanta Braves(Teheran)-----Although they seem to have slipped on their walking,  the Marlins are still a better offense than the Braves so far this season.   And the Braves are  on a 4-1 run.   But.........Tom Koehler......the Bronx!   He's almost as hard to hit as Teheran(batters have hit .229 off Koehler).   Koehler does walk a lot of people while Teheran doesn't.(Win 3-1...........Garrett Jones 2-5 GWRBI.......Jarrod Saltalamacchia an HR)

Friday, July 18, 2014

THE FIELD -105 over McIlroy------I've bet on the leader after Friday so many times without winning it seems like......McIlroy is hot but...........Saturday is moving day and......let's see,  he's up by 4 strokes on Johnson and 6 on 6 other players.   I believe............that I've seen McIlroy choke off the Masters once.   (Course,  this is in the UK).   Do you think McIlroy picks the clubhead up too steeply and quickly on his backswing?(Lose Mcllroy made 2 eagles on Satruday?????  That course must be weak)
ROCKIES(De La Rosa) +136 over Pirates(Liriano)----Rockies not known for taking walks,  but they do hit and have no problem against lhps.  Liriano not pitching deep into games and.......not picking up too many wins.(Lose 4-2.......Matt Belisle takes the loss,  but he always sucks.  Wild Pitch by Rex Brothers----Error by Nolan Arenado in the 7th.   Oh,  and also a hit batter by Adam Ottavino with the BASES LOADED!   Great.   Guess these idiots should have left De La Rosa in there.   Fuck this damn team,  it never wins for me.)

PHILLIES(Burnett) +154 over Braves(Santana)-----Well,  neither of these teams,  I figure,  has learned to score over the all-star break so.......I don't really see why one team is so favored.(Lose 6-4......AJ Burnett allows 10 hits and 6 earned runs.   You have to go back 8 starts to see Burnett giving up more than THREE earned runs........and in THIS game,  he gives up 6.   Ok,  glad I bet on this loser.)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

MARTIN KAYMER to win British Open(+1400)-----Its not just that he won the US Open....and Germany just won the World Cup........but of all the pitchers that pitched for the American League,  it was Scherzer who got the Win yesterday.  I think that's good enough to bet.(Kaymer finished +8 with a 79 on Sunday----he didn't even beat Tiger Woods!!!!!!)

MCDOWELL +140 over Kuchar and Oosthuizen in Round 1( everyone here:  74 for McLoser,  73 for Kuchar and 70 for Oosthuizen.    Can't believe this shit,  I'm not gonna win a major this year.)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

GERMANY to win 2-0 (+700) over Argentina-------I don't understand very well at all why Argentina is still in this tournament---(Are they the Pope's team?)  (They beat Iran 1-0).   While Germany won't get to face the goalkeeper,  Julio Cesar,  they are second to none in passing from what I've seen.(Lose 0-0.......only goal scored by Mario Gotze at 112:21)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

CUBS(Jackson) +112 over Braves(Minor)(Lose 11-6............Jackson totally annihilated;  9 runs,  4 walks and 7 hits in 3innings-----no wonder Flight "MH17" went down.   And the Cubs DID hit here.  Jackson was just...........too bad.)

BLUE JAYS(Hutchison) +128 over Rays(Odorizzi)(Lose 10-3............Hutchison terrible.  Wow,  5 walks and 6 runs allowed.  Didn't know how bad this guy sucks.    Can't believe these fucking blowouts;  you know what?   I think I want that money back that the Jew stole from me 7 fucking years ago.   I do.   I'm feeling pretty poor.)

Friday, July 11, 2014

HOUSTON ASTROS(Feldman) +129 over Boston Red Sox(Lackey)----You would have lost 10 times as much money betting on the Red Sox this year compared to the Astros,  who've only lost 2 units.   And despite Chris Carter's still-sub.200 average,  the Astros have scored 28 runs in their last 3 games(Lackey has allowed 16 ER in his last 3 games against Orioles, Yankees and Mariners).(Lose 8-3...........Feldman:  totally rocked.  Chris Carter:  2HR and they don't come close to winning)

WHITE SOX(Noesi) +197 over Indians(Kluber)----Huge run support for Hector Santiago yesterday by Angels.  This is Hector Noesi.(Lose 7-4........somewhat close but Noesi still gets rocked for 6 runs in 4innings.)

ROCKIES(De La Rosa) -1.5(+115) over Twins(Johnson)----Looks like Twins are still managed by Ron Gardenhire and,  I would say that,  pursuant to the Ron Haskell executions 2 days ago,   if the Rockies can't win this game,  they really suck.(Win 6-2)

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

NETHERLANDS pk (+130) over Argentina(Push 0-0)
NETHERLANDS +225 over Argentina------Having got past some stuff,  the Netherlands,  I think,  is a much stronger play here than they have been in previous games.  I thought Mexico,  Chile and Costa Rica were better teams than linemakers apparently did......and the Netherlands got past them all.  (Belgium,  Switzerland and Nigeria,  teams that Argentina beat---all only by 1 goal----I didn't think were that special).   And now we hear that di Maria is gonna be out for Argentina.(Lose 0-0)

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

METS(DeGrom) +139 over Braves(Teheran)-----Having seen,  earlier today,  the unmitigated destruction,  by Germany,  of Brazil and its goalie,  Julio Cesar,   we can ask,  Is DeGrom playable?  And it seems that he is,  having pitched 2 games in which he completed the 7th inning while allowing 5 hits or fewer.   So here it is,  The BCLI Revenge Game Of The Year against Julio Teheran considering that Teheran has recently shutdown the Mets giving them the Home Revenge here in this game.(Win 8-3)

ROYALS(Vargas) -105 over Rays(Hellickson)------Royals might be about to start their run to catch up to 1st place.(Lose 4-3)

PIRATES(Worley) +107 over Cardinals(Martinez)-----Worley is a no-nonsense pitcher who throws a lot of strikes.   So far,  it looks like he's gotten away with it.   And, well,  seeing as how Israel has chosen to start a War just yesterday,  we'll back him here for a little.(Lose 5-4)

Monday, July 07, 2014

MINNESOTA TWINS(Correia) over Seattle Mariners(Iwakuma) parlayed with CHICAGO CUBS(Jackson) over Cincinnati Reds(Leake) +610----Big Plus here but this is what we're doing.(Lose 2-0)

HOUSTON ASTROS(Cosart) +123 over Texas Rangers(Mikolas)-----After doing some winning in May,  the Astros have degenerated to this,  being on a run of 7 straight losses after they were put on the cover of Sports Illustrated.    It time for a win now.(Win 12-7...........Jon Singleton 3-4, HR.....Carlos Corporan 3-5)

METS(Matsuzaka) +111 over Braves(Minor)----After going on a 1-7 run,  the Mets are trying to come back,  having won 2 of their last 3.   This matchup was played on July 1st in Atlanta when both pitchers got rocked.   This game is in New York and we'll go with the Mets.(Win 4-3.......Ruben Tejada GWRBI)

Saturday, July 05, 2014

COSTA RICA +1(-103) over Netherlands(Win 0-0)
COSTA RICA +600 over Netherlands-------The Orange have outscored opponents 12-4.  CR has outscored opponents 5-2 in reg. time.   That Costa Rica couldn't beat a team as poor as Greece in reg. time is a risk.   And the fix to give the World Cup to the Netherlands,  wantonly exposed---in my opinion---in the Mexico game with the bad call against Marquez,  is another considerable risk.   If the fix has been exposed then..........maybe it will be over:::::::::TICOS! 'Its stupid to pass to goalie':::::::and while CR has played Italy and England.....well,  maybe the Netherlands strength of schedule was only a little stronger(considering what a joke Spain was this year).   With the European team Belgium losing today,  it could make sense that another European team like the Netherlands would also not win.(Lose 0-0)

Friday, July 04, 2014

SEATTLE MARINERS(Elias) +158 over Chicago White Sox(Sale)-----Mariners come in on a 10-2 run.........they're doing too good for this price.  Cws at .237 vs lhps.(Lose 7-1.....this winning streak is sure enough over.  CG for Sale with 12K.....Dayan Viciedo 4-4, HR)

MARLINS(Eovaldi) +136 over Cardinals(Lynn)(Lose 3-2.........not good enough)
COLOMBIA +1/2 over Brazil(Lose 2-1)
COLOMBIA +325 over Brazil-------Ok,  Colombia has played teams that have not been successful in this World Cup..........but they've beaten them a combined 11-2.  Brazil has played Chile and Mexico(though not beating them in regulation time).   And I did see Brazil play against Chile and I can say that Brazil is strong and fast......guys got legs like tree trunks,  yet they run well.   This is not gonna be easy but........we should note that the Cardinals and Diamondbacks won by a combined score of 17-4 yesterday with Carlos Martinez pitching for Stl and Mccarthy----a guy who almost never wins(he's now 3-10)----pitching for Arizona,  both teams were moderate-to-considerable underdogs and they are both red teams.   How did the other 2 red teams do yesterday,  Phillies and Angels?  Oh,  they both won.   Well,  Brazil does not have red in its color scheme;  Colombia does.(Lose 2-1........mysteriously weak defense and goalkeeping on the first Brazil goal at 7'.  But they still could have won or drawn in regulation-----DAMMIT------FIFA disallowed the first Colombia goal,  blowing the whistle for no reason just as Colombia kicked it in.  The 2nd Brazil goal was just a luckily placed free kick.   Very disappointed about how the luck went in this game.  But no worry,  we'll get what we need....
        E  X  T  R  A  D  I  T  A  B  L  E  S
       ....and I want fucking Jews.   And you motherfucking KNOW goddamn why.)
GERMANY pk(-108) over France(Win 1-0)
GERMANY +175 over France(Win 1-0)
Germany to win 3-0 (+2000)-----"Even if I didn't even have a dollar in the bank......even if you were my only way........I'm still so GOOOOOOOODDD o-ver you......I'm still good...."   Well,  that was,  honestly,  the first song that came up on my Ipod shuffle.   So that's why I'm betting this,  essentially.   By performance measures in this World Cup,  match looks equal.....but,  if Germany can beat Portugal 4-0,  it figures that they might be able to win a game 3-0.(Lose)

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

ANGELS(Skaggs) -151 over White Sox(Danks)----Tyson Ross pitched a CG 3-hitter today against the Reds.......perhaps Tyler Skaggs can do something here.(Lose 3-2.......Leury Garcia PHGWRBI)

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

USA win or draw (-120) against Belgium(Win 0-0)
MICHAEL BRADLEY anytime goal (+650)(Lose)
MICHAEL BRADLEY 1st goal (+1600)--------Notice the Mariners yesterday in a 10-4 win{di Maria didn't just score that did he?  Yup he did......Angel di Maria,  ok.}......Mike Zunino an HR with 3RBI and Michael Saunders and HR.......Oh,  but there was more:  James Jones 4-5..........and USA has the double-J Jones.   Well,  I'll bet this is the day that Bradley stops flubbing scoring opportunities.(Lose)
SWITZERLAND +1(-115) over Argentina(Win 0-0)
SWITZERLAND +525 over Argentina----Switzerland outscored opponents 7-6;  Argentina 6-3.  So I'd say the line's about right.  What's NOT right is currency debasement and robbing creditors.   And whatever "bank-secrecy" remains residual in Switzerland,  its not as bad---because nothing can be as bad----as ripping off a creditor.   Thus,  while I know that Robben did get the bad call in the Mexico game,  I'm gonna bet against robbery here and go against Argentina.(Lose 0-0)