Wednesday, July 31, 2013

TEXAS RANGERS(Perez) -150 over La Angels(Williams)(Win 2-1)
TEXAS RANGERS(Perez) -1.5 (+125) over La Angels(Williams)------So,  as Fox News has informed,  an Iranian Muslim has,  oddly,  written a Jesus biography.......and the 2 "Christian bus crashes"----in Italy and Indiana----were followed by a RANGE Rover smashing a Cadillac into a children's Christian academy in Kansas City.   With these 2 teams having played a 25 run game yesterday,  yeah,  that's the kind of explosive brutality I need to win with today.  There's no FUCKING WAY I'm losing laying -150 two days in a row.   Perez is coming off 3 consecutive rockings but Williams is coming off 5 consecutive rockings.  Ummm,  should probably take the OVER,  but I like Ranger today.(Lose 2-1)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

OAKLAND ATHLETICS(Straily) -150 over Toronto Blue Jays(Buehrle)-----In a month that has seen the worst Spanish rail disaster in 40 years,  the worst French rail disaster in 25 years and the deadliest Canadian rail disaster since 1864,   Straily has allowed only 18 hits and 8 walks in 24 and 2/3 innings.   That's pretty good considering the circumstances.   With the Blue Rhino getting popped in Florida last night,  I'll take that as a negative on color.   But Lincoln memorial and all those DC churches getting green-slimed with paint..........that was beautiful.   The Fed is VANDALIZING the traditions,  founding fathers and spirit of America by printing the GREEN.   We're gonna get some green too here by playing the green.(Lose 5-0.............These fucking pieces of shit.   ERROR Adam Rosales.  ERROR Cespedes)

PITTSBURGH(Cumpton) +102 over St Louis(Lyons)(Win 6-0)

Monday, July 29, 2013

MIAMI MARLINS(Turner) -112 over New York Mets(Hefner)(Lose 6-5)
MIAMI MARLINS(Turner) -1.5(+190) over New York Mets(Hefner)-----Before being rocked in his last 2 starts,  Hefner did have a 3.33 ERA.   And he has lost twice to the Marlins while almost completely shutting them down(14inn 9H).   However,  the Marlins have just loosed themselves from their arrogant, abusive hitting coach Tino Martinez and I am honestly expecting an explosion of offense to ensue.  That is a leap, considering how pathetic the Marlins offense has been.   Add to that how UNCONSCIONABLY and DESPICABLY disgraced BCLI was by the Mets yesterday as they lost 14-1,  the most brazen failure I've ever experienced in sports betting.   And that unbelievable defiance needs to be brutally avenged.(Lose 6-5.......This was a winner until Turner came out after only 94 pitches.   Marlins manager has to go too.   He's fucking gone.   Oh,  look who comes in:  Mike give up 2 Hits and 2 ER without getting a single out.   What a damn shame,  Marlins score 5 runs and can't win.   Christian Yelich 0 for 4.   Very interesting.  How many propane tanks do they have in Florida?  Blow them ALL up,  I'm sick of this shit.)

PIRATES(Liriano) over St Louis(Westbrook) parlayed with CLEVELAND(Mcallister) over White Sox(Danks) +170------Nick Franklin had 2 HR yesterday which was a special occasion......and we'll have Walker and Swisher in this.(Win 9-2 and 3-2........PHGWHR Jason Giambi)

CUBS(Samardzija) -122 over Brewers(Lohse)------Walking only 1 every 6inn,  its hard to go against Lohse.   But the Cubs have actually won more games than the Brewers,   Samardzija has the Pitcher Revenge........Cubs have averaged less than 2 runs per game over their last 4.  But I think the Cubs offense can perform today.   Brewers are, of course,  without Braun now and seemed to have picked up Chick Gandil who could probably throw this game to us if we need him to.(Lose 5-0.......What did we expect from these losing shit-bags?  Samardzija throws a gem,  Pedro Strop comes in out of San Cristobal and gives up 5 Earned Runs in 1/3 of an inning while the Cubs............score ZERO fucking runs.   Schierholtz?  Schierholtz 0-4,  3K 5LOB??   Shut this whole fucking franchise down;  they're absolutely unqualified to be playing MLB.)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

TIGERS(Porcello) -1.5 over Phillies(Pettibone) parlayed with RAYS(Moore) over Yankees(Hughes) +198(Lose 6-5.......No, no,  this is FUCKED up.   Will Myers hits 2HR and Tampa can't win with Matt Moore walking ZERO batters????   I cannot fucking believe this shit.   Jake McGee takes the Loss.   How does Matt Moore SUCK so bad already?)

METS(Torres) +135 over Nationals(Jordan)(Lose 14-1..........No,   no fucking way.   This is Carlos DANGER Torres just 3 days after Carlos Quentin goes 2-3 with HR and Carlos Gomez goes 3-5 with HR.   I can't believe the Mets did this to me.......YEAH,  I'm gonna get 'em.   Torres came into this game with an ERA below 1 !!!!!!!   Fuck this bullshit fuck-up)

ASTROS(Cosart) +157 over Blue Jays(Redmond)(Lose 2-1.......'nother wasted good start by Cosart.  Trade him if he's too good for your FUCKING team.   Yeah,  Astros are the worst team in baseball for a reason:  They SUCK.)
ASTROS(Cosart) +147 1st 5inn over Blue Jays(Redmond)(Push 1-1)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

METS(Gee) +133 over Nationals(Haren)-----Playing in a home stadium that might as well be known as Bank Criminal Field,  the Mets,  its easy to see why,  are 10 games better on the road where they are for this game.   Gee is hittable but has put together a good number of successful starts.(Lose 4-1.......strange, very strange that the Nationals,  who have lost in Haren's last 11 starts,  would win in this one.)

MIAMI(Koehler) +135 over Pirates(Morton)(Lose 7-4)
Miami(Koehler) vs Pirates(Morton) UNDER 7.5(-105)-----Cubs won with Edwin Jackson yesterday as Edwin Encarnacion had 2 HR,  Miami has Ed Lucas.   But Marlins are such a bad offense......on their recent 4-1 run,  they've averaged 3 runs per game.   Over their last 10 games,  they've averaged 1.9 runs per game.(Lose 7-4..........well, Lucas didn't even play but........this is Koehler's 2nd worst start;  he rarely does this bad.   I detect a serious conspiracy against me.)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Marlins(Turner) vs Colorado(De La Rosa) UNDER 9(-105)-----Turner hasn't been rocked this year and,  since the Marlins suck at hitting,  he's a good under-pitcher.(Win 2-1)

CUBS(Samardzija) over Arizona(Kennedy) parlayed with REDS(Leake) over Giants(Gaudin) +320-----Junior Lake !(Win 8-3 and 7-6...........GWRBI Nate Schierholtz,  5RBI, HR)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

BALTIMORE ORIOLES +800 to win AL-----They have a Cuban now,  along with their Greek and Chris Davis.   I'm gettin' in.   I predict a the Red Sox and Rays begin to stand down.

ORIOLES(Hammel) +103 over Royals(Chen)(Lose 3-2...........Hammel'll probably be the odd man out when the Orioles buy a pitcher)

Monday, July 22, 2013

SEATTLE MARINERS(Harang) -110 over Cleveland Indians(Jimenez)(Win 2-1)
SEATTLE MARINERS(Harang) -1.5(+175) over Cleveland Indians(Jimenez)-----If San Diego Phil Mickelson is gonna shoot 66 to ruin my Hunter Mahan dream,  San Diego Aaron Harang better get run support today.(Lose 2-1)

METS(Gee) +118 over Braves(Teheran)----Gee's had some good starts recently.  I think Mets can win this.(Lose 2-1.....What a tragedy because I would have won a 3-team parlay if John Buck hadn't goated this one.  Buck had a GIDP and a pathetic Passed Ball in the 9th which lost the game since it prevented what would have been a game-ending DP)

RAYS(Moore) -128 over Red Sox(Workman)(Win 3-0........CG 2-hitter for Moore)

YANKEES(Nova) +175 over Texas(Darvish)------Batters have hit .194 off Darvish but Nova is coming off 2 excellent starts.(Lose 3-0.......Darvish unhittable)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

MARLINS(Eovaldi) +148 over Brewers(Gallardo)(Lose 6-0)
MARLINS(Eovaldi) 1st 5inn +145 over Brewers(Gallardo)----Gallardo did shut down the Marlins earlier in the season so the Marlins have the revenge against him.  Brewers are hitting .256(23rd ranked in Runs scored),  Marlins are hitting .232(30th ranked in Runs scored).   Eovaldi has 5 starts this year and he's lasted 6inn in all of them.(Lose 6-0.........Didn't know Braun was playing----doesn't he have a 100-game suspension to serve?  Eovaldi strangely rocked for the 1st time this year but.....Marlins offense is weak.)

Friday, July 19, 2013

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Liriano) +103 over Cincinnati Reds(Leake)----Leake has beaten the Pirates twice.   Liriano has pitched well twice against the Reds but he has lost both times.   So this is a serious Revenge game for Liriano and the Pirates.(Lose 5-3........Leake owns the Pirates)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

HUNTER MAHAN +6600 to win British Open------6 off the lead,  54 holes to go,  this is Mana from Hunter,  Mana from the H,  Mana from Heaven.(Lose 2-off when Sunday started,  shot 75.....6-off finish)

FRANCESCO MOLINARI +3300 to win British Open-----Shot 69 the 1st round,  3-off.(Lose 74,72,72......6-off)

RAFAEL CABRERA BELLO +4000 to win British Open------This guy had 2 bogeys but he's still only 1-off the lead.  I'll take him.(Lose 74,76,74......10-off)

MARTIN KAYMER +6600 to win British Open-------6-off and you know Rowling made the cover of the FT today and you know 'Kay' is a character in Rowling's $10 million book The Casual Vacancy and with this guy's first name TOTALLY all over the media right now,  hey,  I'll take this German.(Lose 74, 72, 75........12-off)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

TEXAS RANGERS(Perez) +153 over Detroit Tigers(Verlander)----Nah,  Verlander just hasn't been reliable enough to warrant this price.(Lose 5-0.......Bwaaaa.  Let's look at this:  The Texas Rangers put together a grand total of 2 Hits in support of Martin Perez.   And that would include an 0 for 3 w/ 2K's by Leonys Martin.   There's really no other way to say it:  Zimmerman has clearly earned the right to say,  in the timeless and courageous words of O.J. Simpson,  that he is "100% Not Guilty")

Saturday, July 13, 2013

MIAMI MARLINS(Fernandez) -125 over Washington Nationals(Haren)(Win 2-1)
MIAMI MARLINS(Fernandez) -1.5(+170) over Washington Nationals(Haren)-----Well,  here it is:  The BCLI Game of the Half-Century.  The Nationals,  representing the city whose inhabitants have imposed economic oppression upon Cuba for 50 years,  now face the best Cuban pitcher and they are........Out of Town.   However good Haren has been in recent years,  he has,  at a minimum,  been soft this year.   Nationals have 13 more wins than the Marlins but the Marlins are on a 2-game win-streak.   More importantly,  the so-called 'ObamaCare',  which doesn't even have a Public Option,  is a lame attempt to emulate Cuba's World-Renowned health care system and the fact that it is still being debated regarding its "legalities" in the Washington DC Congress proves the utter fatuousness,  inhumanity,  'capitalization' and embarrassing commercialization of American health care.   Due to a petty political dispute with Russia,  Washington lawmakers have imposed trade prohibitions for decades,  snuffing out Cuban economic growth,  depriving Cubans of the fair export price for the best sugar cane and cigar tobacco in the world.   While American capitalism has collapsed in an unspeakable orgy of fraud,  greed,  looting and shocking plutocratic-privilege-protection,  La Revolucion still stands true as a shining example of noble human dignity.   And so we will not hesitate to mercilessly run up the score in this game. La Revolucion.(Lose 2-1.........I don't know how Haren did this well in the BCLI game of the half-century.   Ed Lucas beats out the DP for the GWRBI even though its not technically an RBI.)

ARIZONA(Delgado) -125 over Brewers(Lohse)-----Arizona does have the Team Revenge at home against Lohse.(Win 5-4)

CUBS(Garza) +100 over Cardinals(Lynn)----5 good starts in a row by Garza and Cubs have the Team Revenge vs Lynn.(Win 6-4........Soriano and Valbuena HRs)

Friday, July 12, 2013

CINCINNATI REDS(Arroyo) +128 over Atlanta Braves(Medlen)----Reds have the Team Revenge and Arroyo has the Pitcher Revenge..........Braves are 30-13 at home but.....batters are hitting 61pts higher vs Medlen than they did last year.  And additionally,  with Austin Romine boosting his average to .153 with a 2-4 yesterday while Anthony Rizzo had 3RBI,  consider the day before that when Anthony Rendon was 2-4 w/HR,  and then look at July 9th:  Alex Rios 6 for 6 !  The AR is more than hot enough to play and Arroyo's got it.(Win 4-2........All right;  Key West over Artesia..........but, hmm,  Zac Cozart 2-4 on the same day that Jarred Cosart,  winning for the Astros at +250,  almost throws a no-hitter in his MLB debut.)

METS(Hefner) +139 over Pirates(Morton)(Lose 3-2........didn't see the Mets' momentum being slowed by the likes of Charlie Morton.  But he did almost as good as Hefner.)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dodgers(Capuano) vs Rockies(Pomeranz) OVER 8(-120)(Lose 6-1)
DODGERS(Capuano) -1.5(+135) over Rockies(Pomeranz)------The best fighting is not at Rome,  it's at Capua.  It's hard to foresee both these pitchers doing well when looking at the recent past.  And even though the Dodgers are 24th in Runs scored,  we'll try their new Puig-Ramirez offense.(Win 6-1)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

METS(Wheeler) +180 over Giants(Cain)(Win 7-2..........Ohhhhh how grateful I am for this perfect win.......Daniel Murphy 2-5, 2RBI,  Marlon Byrd an HR,  John Buck 2-4)

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

NATIONALS(Jordan) +129 over Phillies(Hamels)(Lose 4-2...........Nah,  Nationals can't hit lhps)
Nationals(Jordan) vs Phillies(Hamels) UNDER 8.5(-115)-----Before losing yesterday,  the Nationals were on a 6-2 run.   Jordan only has 2 MLB starts but we'll try him.  Nationals are weaker(.215) vs lhps.(Win 4-2)

METS(Gee) over Giants(Zito) parlayed with SEATTLE(Iwakuma) over Boston(Webster) +298----While the Giants have been losing extensively,  the Mets are headed in a better direction going 9-6 since June 23rd when they began to let Satin start.  The JS should be strong with Justin Smoak and Jean Segura going a combined 6-7 yesterday and 6 of Gee's last 7 starts have been good.(Lose 11-8........Ok,  in 18 starts the JAP has allowed as many as 5 Earned Runs once;  and he allows 6ER in this game.  In 18 starts he'd pitched as few as 5innings in a start twice;  and he lasted 3innings in this game.   Who would have expected that?) 

Sunday, July 07, 2013


TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Redmond) -163 over Minnesota Twins(Diamond)(Win 11-5)
TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Redmond) -1.5 (+120) over Minnesota Twins(Diamond)---Toronto is on a 3-7 run.......Diamond has allowed 8 hits or more in 8 of his 15 starts.......this is Redmond's 2nd career start and Toronto has won 5 more games than the Twins.(Win 11-5.......Colby Rasmus 3-4, HR......Rajai Davis 3R, 3RBI, HR)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Oswalt) +175 over Arizona Diamondbacks(Corbin)-----Batters are hitting .375 off Oswalt---he is sucking.  Corbin only has one loss.   Arizona blew-out Colorado yesterday by 10 runs........However,  that included an HR by #44 Paul Goldschmidt.........and #44 John Buck was 2-3 w/HR yesterday.   Oswalt is #44.   Rockies also have the Team Revenge against Corbin who shut them down earlier.(Lose 6-1...........Nah,  Oswalt not MLB material anymore;  he did complete 1 inning though.)

Saturday, July 06, 2013


MARLINS(Eovaldi) +160 over Cardinals(Kelly)(Lose 5-4..........I'm just not gonna watch games where the HP Umpire is Bill Welke anymore.   Hechavarria was clearly safe at home and Welke called him out.   And that was the difference in this 1-run game.)
MARLINS(Eovaldi) +160 1st 5inn over Cardinals(Kelly)----Of course,  the Cardinals have to be favored as they have won 19 more games than the Marlins.  But Eovaldi isn't exactly 'struggling' and,  after Porcello won 7-0 yesterday,  he may be chosen to prevail.(Win 4-2)

Friday, July 05, 2013


YANKEES(Nova) +100 over Orioles(Gonzalez)-----Ian Desmond 3-4 yesterday along with Ichiro 3-5 and Raul Ibanez 4-5 w/HR:  Try the I.  Yankees also have some home revenge here as Gonzalez has beaten them.(Win 3-2.........Amazing CG 3-hitter with 11 K's by Nova yet still the Yankees needed the 9th inning to win this game.   Jim Johnson makes an Error and walks in a run to pick up the L and BS for the Orioles.)

Tuesday, July 02, 2013


KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Mendoza) over Cleveland Indians(Kluber) parlayed with CINCINNATI REDS(Bailey) over San Francisco Giants(Lincecum) +200------Cleveland is on a 10-4 run including a 4-game sweep of the White Sox who,  in the game I bet on them,  clearly threw the game in the 9th inning.  And Bailey has received poor run support,  I would say,  lately.  The Royals' Mike Moustakas is also hitting .177.  However----remember the Royals have HOsMER----in honor of Omar Infante's 4-4 w/HR yesterday as Omar Quintanilla went 3-5 for the Mets,  I'm gonna go with these home teams.(Lose 6-5  GODDAMIT.  Fucking kike-whores.  Tim Collins comes in to lose it with 2 walks and ZERO batters retired.  Fucking bitch.  Aaron Crow then comes in for another walk and the game-losing hit.  On the day after Matt Moore beats Houston 12-0,  the Royals have the chance to start Adam Moore at catcher and THEY DON'T DO IT;  git rid of the goddamn manager.   These starting pitchers are about equal;  there is NO reason you motherfuckers couldn't have given the Royals the luck at home.  Royals give up 8 total walks...........what a bunch of fucking losers.  This Kansas City team is a fucking disgrace.)