Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ATLANTA(Medlen) -172 over Miami Marlins(Nolasco)(Win 7-1.....Juan Francisco 3-3)
ATLANTA(Medlen) -1.5 (+120) over Miami Marlins(Nolasco)(Win 7-1)

ARIZONA(Miley) +101 over Dodgers(Capuano)-----Arizona is actually hitting .280 vs lhp's while the Dodgers are still weaker, at .240,  vs lhp's than they are vs rhp's.(Win 8-2......Paul Goldschmidt 3-4, HR.........Chris Johnson 3-4)

Monday, July 30, 2012

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Quintana) -125 over Minnesota Twins(De Vries)------Omar Quintanilla 3-4, HR yesterday;  I'll try the Q today.(Lose 7-6.....Quintana doesn't look as good as his stats)

CHICAGO CUBS(Germano) +125 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Bedard)----Bedard has really, really shut the Cubs down in 2 games this year............but not at Wrigley!!!  Cubs are at home here with the double revenge against Bedard......they're still at only .229 vs lhp's.   Germano's MLB career began in 2004 and........he hasn't really established himself anywhere.   However,  Justin Ruggiano went 2-4 w/GWRBI yesterday for Miami while Justin Morneau went 3-4 w/HR for the Twins.(Win 14-4.....Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney had 3 hits + HR.........interesting that this was Germano's only start of the season AND the Cubs highest scoring game of the season)

SAN FRANSCISCO GIANTS(Bumgarner) over Mets(Hefner) parlayed with RANGERS(Oswalt) over Angels(Santana) +155(Lose 8-7 and 15-8.......Oswalt rocked again but,  with about 60 games to play,  the Cubs throw in the towel on their failed season----just a day after setting a season scoring record------by giving the Rangers Dempster)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

ASTROS(Harrell) +130 over Pittsburgh(McDonald)-----Astros on an 0-12 run;  is it time for a win?  Let's see......Astros have the revenge against McDonald........and Harrell has the revenge against the Pirates offense.(Win 9-5......it was time for a win;  #9 Marwin Gonzalez 3-5, 3RBI.....Scott Moore 2-4)

CUBS(Maholm) +140 over Cardinals(Wainwright)(Win 4-2......#44 Anthony Rizzo 3-4, GWHR)

ROCKIES(Sanchez) +151 over Reds(Latos)------Colorado on a 2-7 run;  is it time for a win?  On the theory that no pitcher in MLB(including Sanchez) could possibly do as bad as Sanchez has done this year,  let's look at Pedro Ciriaco's 3-5 yesterday.(Lose 7-2.....Sanchez rocked again,  he should be +200 at least if he pitches again)

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Smith) +180 over Seattle(Hernandez)------Royals have the revenge against Hernandez.(Lose 7-6)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

ATLANTA(Minor) over Phillies(Blanton) parlayed with NATIONALS(Zimmerman) over Milwaukee(Wolf) +210-----Got Mike Minor here a day after Mike Carp goes 2-4 w/HR while Michael Fiers shuts out the Nationals and Michael Mckenry goes 3-4 w/HR.   And the Nationals should have Morse in their lineup, right?(Win 2-1 and 4-1......Tyler Moore 2-4, HR.........Martin Prado 2-4)

Friday, July 27, 2012

ARIZONA(Collmenter) -135 over Mets(Niese)-----Let's see......Ernie eLs........wins the British Open,  McaLLister wins for us last night......CoLLmenter's going today.   Well,  Jason Kipnis did go 2-2 with 2 RBI in that Indians game yesterday and Arizona's best hitter is Jason Kubel.  They've only scored 3 runs in their last 2 games but before that........they scored high.   Niese only has 2 walks in July.......but,  Diamondbacks look a bit better vs lhp's.  I'll go here.(Win 11-5......Collmenter went 1-1 with one run scored + RBI)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

INDIANS(Mcallister) +155 over Tigers(Verlander)------BCLI Steam......(Win 5-3......#17 Choo 2-4....Carlos Santana 2-4, HR)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

CHICAGO CUBS(Dempster) +115 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Correia)-----Dempster finally cools off and allows some runs last game after what?  33 consecutive scoreless innings.  But his NAME is so hot right now......Ryan Braun 3-4, HR and Ryan Zimmerman 3-5 yesterday.......and Ryan Howard 3-5, HR and Ryan Ludwick 3-6 two days ago.(Lose 3-2.........You lousy pieces of shit can't score 4 fucking runs?  FUCK the overpaid, overrated Theo Epstein.......but tell him to hire a new hitting coach.  FUCK the Chicago Cubs for not hiring me......this is a franchise of LOSERS.)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Gonzalez) +115 over Tampa Bay _____ Rays(Price)----Look,  Gonzalez has shown some promise....but more than that,  Mike Aviles GWRBI yesterday for the Red Sox....Michael Schwiner gets the late W for the Phillies yesterday......Michael Cuddyer 2HR for the Rockies yesterday......Michael Saunders 2-4, HR for the Mariners.....a couple days ago Miguel Cabrera had 2HR in a game.  Orioles have been stronger vs lhp and at 13-4,  Price looks ripe for a rocking.(Lose 10-1.......7ER in 2innings off Gonzalez.  NEVER in his career has he been rocked like that.  What the Fuck?   This was a home-game for Baltimore so its gotta be the city.   Most overrated and most BORING show:  'The Wire'......Crapping looking city;  bunch of blowhards trying to "be real".   Shit----that's fucked.   I'll show you whats fucking real,  fucking losing-ass city)

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Estrada) +122 over Philadelphia Phillies(Worley)----Phillies coming off 2 late wins---perhaps a bit too lucky.   Batters hitting only .229 off Estrada;  he might do ok.  Worley,  I know,  will get shelled today.  Trust me.  If Estrada can just do "average",  Brewers win.(Lose 7-6.......another win  for Michael Schwimer and another L and BS for Francisco Rodriguez.   Milwaukee Brewers:  26 LOB!  That is just disgusting.)

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Hochevar) +200 over Los Angeles Angels(Weaver)-----Royals have the Team Revenge against Weaver because he shut them out.   Royals offense seems to be developing with Lorenzo Cain in there now.   Hochevar's from Denver......so if the Royals are gonna shell Weaver,  I think the day is today.   Don't be surprised if Luke nails some Angels;  Felix Hernandez hit 3 of the most highly paid players in baseball yesterday---putting A-Rod out for 2 months----and he got the win!  Padilla also got the Win for Boston after beaning Beltre.(Lose 11-6.....[Royals starter Luke Hochevar (6-9) was ejected in the fourth inning by plate umpire Bob Davidson after hitting Trout - immediately after Wilson's leadoff homer gave the Angels an 8-0 lead.].......nah, dude,  you have to hit that guy BEFORE its 8 to 0..........has Hochevar done this bad any time this year?  Probably not, goddamnit.  [Weaver, who had hit only one batter in 110 2-3 innings this season coming into the game, plunked Lorenzo Cain his first two times up.].........See that?  He hits a batter not once,  but TWICE.........and he wins.  Fuck Hochevar and fuck Denver)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Blackburn) +195 over White Sox(Peavy)-----Blackburn does have the revenge here as the cws shelled him earlier.  Huge win for Blackley and the A's yesterday so.......Twins did get 10 hits off Peavy last meeting.(Lose 8-2...........Are you fucking kidding me?  Is this my FIFTH LOSS in a single day?   Lemme ask you a question?  Do you fucking care at all about humanity?   Huh?  There's gonna be some serious consequences for this shit.   Learn to hit, faggots)

CINCINNATI REDS(Bailey) over Houston Astros(Norris) parlayed with DETROIT TIGERS(Scherzer) over Cleveland(Lowe) +190-----Scherzer has the Pitcher Revenge against the Indians and with Kameron Loe's L and BS last night for the Brewers........Lowe gets hit pretty consistently....Paul MaH O L M another underdog-win yesterday,  I'll take Homer.(Win 5-3 and 5-3)

OAKLAND ATHLETICS(Griffin) +120 over Toronto Blue Jays(Romero)------Romero is like a booby-trapped grenade machine just waiting to pop-off every time he goes out there.   Griffin shows consistent effectiveness.(Win 16-0.........Wow,  Coco Krispies goes snap-crackle-POP for 2HR and 3-6.   Romero explodes.....)

Monday, July 23, 2012

ST LOUIS CARDINALS(Kelly) -133 over Los Angeles Dodgers(Billingsley)----Cardinals offense came alive against the Cubs and the JK came alive hugely on Jason Kubel who is on a 2-game hitting streak with about 4 HR in 9 at-bats.(Lose 5-3......I have no fucking idea why Dave Cokin would take the Dodgers in this game,  but he apparently did.   This is truly FUCKED UP because the Cardinals usually win for me.  I'm beginning to hate all of these fucking teams due to their failure when I bet on them.  Cardinals out-hit 'em and Kelly only allowed 4 hits.   This loss is a fucking mystery)

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Richard) +145 over San Francisco Giants(Vogelsong)----Richard has the revenge against the Giants.(Lose 7-1...........well fuck this shit.  Not even close.  Richard gives up all 7 runs in only 5innings.   Damn it.)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

ROYALS(Guthrie) over Twins(Deduno) parlayed with PADRES(Ohlendorf) over Colorado(Friedrich) parlayed with ORIOLES(Britton) over Cleveland(Tomlin) +620-----Cody Ross has been hitting so......Ohlendorf, maybe he pitches another decent game;  Cleveland is weak vs lhp;  I'll go blue with the Royals as the Twins  don't seem to be "jelling" right now.(Lose 7-5......no support for the JG..........Ryan Doumit 2 HR)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

PADRES(Wells) -104 over Rockies(Francis)-----Padres scored well in 5 of their last 7 games;  now they face lhp Francis 1 day after destroying lhp Pomeranz.(Lose 8-6.........Michael Cuddyer 4-5.....Jordan Pacheco 3-6 GWRBI)

OAKLAND A'S(Parker) +122 over Yankees(Hughes)-----Jake Peavy didn't win yesterday but Jhonny Peralta went 2-3.   Brandt Snedeker is not currently leading the British Open,  but one of the hottest names in baseball, 'Brandon',  appears on 2 Oakland As.(Win 2-1........GWHR Brandon Inge)

Friday, July 20, 2012

COLORADO(Pomeranz) over Padres(Marquis) parlayed with TAMPA(Shields) -1.5 over Mariners(Iwakuma) +300-------After arrogantly stiffing me on their Harry Potter bill for so long,  we needed some humility from Warner Brothers and Colorado delivered in a big way last night;  Shields has been getting destroyed out there for 5 straight games and I hope he turns it around here.  The Mariners' jap is wild,  and the Rays are 1 of the top 2 teams in the league in taking walks so they definitely have a chance to put up some big numbers today.(Lose 9-5 and 4-3.......Quentin hits for the Padres!  Pomeranz viciously shelled...........bad play here on Tampa;  their offense is just so fucking weak you should never bet them -1.5----look at all those low batting averages.  They can walk but they can't hit.)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

TWINS(De Vries) -105 over Orioles(Chen)(Lose 4-3.........De Vries only allowed 1 run;  Mark Reynolds GWRBI.........you wonder why 2 'Alex's turned up on the Aurora death list:  Alex Burnett walked the bases loaded for the Twins!   I thought the Twins could score a little more because they ARE better vs lhps but........they could have won this----bullpen management......they yanked Tyler Robertson even tho he got them 2 outs.....then Swarzak gave up the winning hit)

CUBS(Maholm) +113 over Marlins(Buehrle)(Win 4-2..........ma-HOLM !  My man !  and my only win today)

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Volquez) -1.5 (+150) over Astros(Harrell)-------Luke Scott did go 4-4 yesterday but the Astros have been scoring low and the Padres have the revenge against Harrell who pitched a CG against them.(Lose 1-0......Dang,  the Padres STILL can't hit Lucas Harrell.  Strange.  Volquez throws a 1-hitter CG)

DETROIT TIGERS(Scherzer) -1.5 over Angels(Williams) parlayed with NATIONALS(Gonzalez) over New York Mets(Dickey) +300------Tigers hit Wilson yesterday so why couldn't they hit Williams?  Jerome........ROMEro got destroyed yesterday so.......I'll play this altho the Tigers haven't been the most compliant teams in games I've bet and,  of course,  the Angels often ruin my day.   3 of Dickey's last 4 games have been bad while Gonzalez continues to win......Adrian Gonzalez hit well yesterday.(Lose 9-5........Gonzalez' worst game of the year,  Jeez,  when does he ever lose this bad?  David Wright 2HR)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Romero) +160 over New York Yankees(Kuroda)(Lose 6-0)
TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Romero) +155 over New York Yankees(Kuroda) 1st 5inn-------Romero has had a bad season but.......he can do well sometimes.  He's coming off two good starts.......Jose Bautista just went out---injured.(Lose 5-0.........3rd straight game of ZERO run support for Romero who sucked.  Lawrie injured in this game......weak hitting by Toronto,  just an all-around pathetic effort by the Blue Jays who we should probably look to bet against from now on.)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DIAMONDBACKS(Bauer) +155 over Reds(Cueto)----19 runs scored by the Twins with Diamond starting for them........Johnny Damon 2-3......Delmon Young 2-4 2RBI..........Desmond Jennings 2-3 HR.  And, yes,  the Diamondbacks won yesterday.   However good Cueto is,  Jonathon Sanchez got destroyed in 1 inning of work by the Mariners yesterday while John Axford took the L and BS for Milwaukee.(Lose 4-0..........Arizona out-hits them 8 to 5 but......5 walks in 3inn by Bauer)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Humber) +155 over Boston Red Sox(Lester)-----Revenge situation;  White Sox are the only team Lester has shut out this year and.......the Red Sox rocked Humber.(Win 7-5......Youkilis HR)

Monday, July 16, 2012

ROCKIES(Francis) -120 over Pirates(Karstens)------Karstens is coming off 2 good starts but........that was before Jason Kidd's disgraceful drunk driving incident.  Pirates are 10 games above .500 with a .243 batting average while the Rockies are a shocking 20 games UNDER .500 with a .269 batting average......something should be "reverting to the mean".(Win 5-4..........Eric Young PH2RBI.....Dexter Fowler GWRBI)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

ATLANTA(Sheets) +100 over Mets(Santana)(Win 6-1.......Cokin took the Mets here.  Well,  with E.VEReth Cabrera winning the game the night before with a straight steal of home on the Padres' last strike,  I'm going with the #17 on Ben Sheets)

CUBS(Garza) -115 over Arizona(Cahill)(Win 3-1........Darwin Barney HR)

BALTIMORE(Gonzalez) +150 over Tigers(Verlander)(Lose 4-0........Verlander recovers from disgracing his league)

Friday, July 13, 2012

OAKLAND A'S(Griffin) +123 over Minnesota Twins(Liriano)(Win 6-3....Johnny Gomes 5RBI, Grand Slam)
Oakland(Griffin) vs Minnesota(Liriano) UNDER 7.5(+100)------A's have the revenge vs Liriano who shut them down earlier.   The A's don't hit lhps but they are 4th best in the league in taking walks,  things that Liriano tends to give.(Lose 6-3........Josh Willingham 2 HR)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

AMERICAN LEAGUE -1.5 (+145) over National League------I don't usually bet on the all-star game but.........I feel that National League fans and voters should be spectacularly embarrassed in this game as they apparently voted Carlos Gonzalez,  Melky Cabrera,  Beltran and Braun ahead of McCutchen.  McCutchen hit .362 !    On a purely statistical basis,  McCutchen should be starting over Beltran, Gonzalez and of course Braun.  But when you consider how much stronger all of the offenses are compared to McCutchen's team......Look, McCutchen is clearly the NL's MVP for the 1st half of the season and he's not even starting at DH.   I don't care;  that's a disgrace.   You could also consider how David Wright hit over .350.........and Sandoval is starting over him.   Sure,  either of those guys could come into the game fueled with righteous indignation and hit a home run.   But fuck 'em:  the NL deserves to lose.   And the AL's got "home-field", right,  in KC.   (Suffice it to say,  AL voters are not lame enough to put Eric Hosmer in this game).   However,  if Tim Collins becomes the pitcher of record,  I think the AL could go on an offensive rampage.(Lose 8-0..........Verlander blames this rocking on his 100mph fastball.   I would say:  American League===Disgrace)

Sunday, July 08, 2012

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Burnett) -127 over San Francisco Giants(Lincecum)----AJ Ellis went 3-4 yesterday.......and Pedro Ciriaco,  wow!  4-5, 4 RBI for the Red Sox.(Win 13-2.......Andrew McCutchen 2HR....Neil Walker 5-5........Casey McGeehee 3-4)

ANGELS(Mills) -122 over Orioles(Chen)(Win 6-0)

Saturday, July 07, 2012

ARIZONA(Cahill) -150 over Dodgers(Billingsley)(Win 5-3)
ARIZONA(Cahill) -1.5(+135) over Dodgers(Billingsley)------Tyler Colvin 3-4 2HR yesterday(Tyler Colvin, Augusta, GEORGIA!)......Alex Cobb has never, NEVER,  gotten 10 runs of support from the RAYs like he did yesterday.  Ohh,  (ROYston) Reds pitcher Bronson AROYyo has to his best game of the season against me yesterday too.   Dodgers sliding down offensively----they now have scored fewer runs than the Pirates----and they now are hitting .251,  11 points lower than the Diamondbacks.(Win 5-3)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Francis) +180 over Washington Nationals(Gonzalez)-----Nationals offensive surge goes out yesterday against Pomeranz?  Well,  the Nats have won at a high rate this year,  above what you'd expect from a middling offense:  It could be all over now that they lost for me yesterday.  They have improved vs lhps,  steadily,  to .253.  But Francisco Liriano shutdown the Rangers yesterday so I'll play Francis.(Lose 4-1......Pathetic swings by Carlos Gonzalez against GG.   Can't beat that guy this year.)

TAMPA BAY RAYS(Moore) +100 over Cleveland(Jimenez)-----Cleveland is about the weakest offense vs lhp's.  Both teams take walks,  but Jimenez is wilder than Moore.(Lose 7-3.......Moore walks 5,  Jimenez walks only 1 and miserable losers called the Tampa Bay Rays lose for me again)

TWINS(Deduno) +160 over Rangers(Holland)------Twins are improving,  and stronger,  vs lhps at .271(Lose 4-3........Robbie Ross got in late to stop some rallies it looks like----Twins should have won this game tho,  Justin Morneau a key GIDP to lose the game)

BOSTON RED SOX(Doubront) -106 over Yankees(Hughes)(Win 9-5.......#77 Pedro Ciriaco 4-5, 4 RBI.......Mauro Gomez 3-4...........Adrian Gonzalez 3-5)

PADRES(Richard) +100 over Reds(Bailey)-----Bailey can do ok,  but with #33 Drew Smyly doing well for the Tigers yesterday,  I'll take Richard who is doing well and wears #33(Lose 6-5..........Padres out-him them 11 to 9........#11 Logan Forsythe 3-4.........Richard allows 6 ER,  anomalously)

Friday, July 06, 2012

NATIONALS(Strasburg) over Rockies parlayed with CLEVELAND(Masterson) over Tampa(Cobb) parlayed with TIGERS(Smyly) -1.5 over Royals(Sanchez) (+390)--------Nationals scored double-digits every game in Colorado and then......they just kept scoring;  gotta take Strasburg here.  Neither the Indians nor the Rays have done very well when I've bet on them but.......Masterson gives a lot of good starts and with Alex Burnett taking the L for the Twins yesterday,  I don't see Cobb doing anything extraordinary in this game.  Since the middle of May,  Smyly has really declined.....but I'll give him a vote of confidence here facing Sanchez whose stats basically show him doing nothing good at all this year.   Jonathon Papelbon lost the game for the Phillies last night.(Lose 10-3 and 5-1......For only the 4th time out of 9 starts,  Alex Cobb allows fewer than 4 ER....and the RAYs score 10 runs for him,  a level of run support that he has NEVER had.   Strasburg loses here at -220 because......Tyler Colvin hits 2 homeruns and goes 3-4.   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/06/ted-nugent-civil-war-south-obamacare_n_1654524.html?utm_hp_ref=entertainment&ir=Entertainment (Because our legislative, judicial and executive branches of government hold the 10th Amendment in contempt, I’m beginning to wonder if it would have been best had the South won the Civil War)  DAMN YANKEE-Ivy-league financialists ruined the country!  Federalist debt-slavers......STATES RIGHTS, MOTHERFUCKER.  oh,  we'll fight this civil war again----I BENEFACTED you, Negro President......and you don't pay me back.  Sharpen up your spikes cuz we taking this government of Lincoln-lovers  DOWN.)

PADRES(Wells) +109 over Reds(Arroyo)------The White Sox manifested an astonishing destruction of Roy Oswalt just 3 days ago(19-2 Final Score).   How do you "play" that?  Well,  how about going against arROYo ?  In 12inn back in MLB,  Wells has only allowed 2 ER.   I think that's good enough to play on a team streaking along nicely with its new offense........and now at home.(Lose 6-0.......against a team this hot......Arroyo throws a CG 3-hitter........his best game of the year.)

Thursday, July 05, 2012

BREWERS(Fiers) -114 over Marlins(Buehrle)----Yesterday:  Michael Bourne 3-4...Michael McKenry 2-3....Miguel Cabrera 3-3 w/ 2 HRs and a BB.   Gotta consider Michael Fiers.  Brewers are stronger vs lhps.......Buehrle coming off 2 good starts,  Fiers coming off 3 good ones.(Lose 4-0.....Fiers gives only 2 ER in 7inn and...........the Brewers just fucking suck;  I cannot bet on these losers again:  Braun 0-4, 3 LOB,  Carlos Gomez 0-3,  Rickie Weeks 0-3, 2K's, 2 LOB.  Its why they're sub-.500,  they can't hit)

PADRES(Volquez) +126 over Reds(Latos)-------Latos is coming off 2 great starts but.......from an ERA of 5.97 at the end of April,  he's lowered it to 4.42.  So,  some improvement but.......Padres have a new offense.(Win 2-1.........GWRBI #2 Everth Cabrera,  #11 Logan Forsythe PHHR)

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

WHITE SOX(Axelrod) +105 oVER Texas(Feldman)----Cws off a 19-run pummeling of Oswalt....hard to believe they'll get shut down by Feldman........as far as the 'rod' on Axelrod,  Sean Rodriguez did go 3-4 w/HR yesterday which is significant as he is only hitting .221(Win 5-4.....Kevin Youkilis GWRBI......Addison Reed gets the W)

PADRES(Marquis) +190 over Arizona(Kennedy)--------Actually,  if Ian Kinsler hadn't booted an easy groundball,  the 5th inning would have been over and the White Sox wouldn't have gone on to score 7 more runs in that inning.  Hey,  Padres get to face an Ian today.   Marquis sucked........then he threw 3 good starts......keep rolling with the Padres.(Win 8-6........Chris Denorfia 4-5)

OAKLAND(Griffin) -115 over Boston(Cook)----- .122 average against Griffin in his two starts while AJ Piersynski was 3-5 w/HR yesterday.....I'll try Oakland at home.(Win 3-2.........Brandon Moss 3-4, HR......Grant Balfour gets the W)

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

PADRES(Cashner) +140 over Arizona(Bauer)-----Padres are still 19 games below .500 so.......they had to do some offensive improvement adding Quentin on May 28th(they've only had him for a little more than a month).  How much potential could this new offense have?  Although the Padres have won their last few games,  Quentin has only gone 2 for 16 since June 27th.   When he starts getting his hard-hit balls to fall again,  maybe the Padres won't be thought of as such a continual underdog.  Here,  you have the AC with Cashner 1 day after Allen Craig hit 2 HR for the Cardinals.(Win 9-5....Yonder Alonso 2-4, HR,  Havana, Cuba)

CHICAGO CUBS(Volstad) +165 over Braves(Jurrjens)----These pitchers haven't been effective;  anything could happen in this game.(Lose 10-3......Chipper Jones 5-5)

Monday, July 02, 2012

PADRES(Richard) +142 over Arizona(Cahill)-----Padres do have the revenge against Cahill who shut them down earlier.....Padres have won 3 of last 4..........Richard looks to be increasingly effective.(Win 6-2.......Alexi Amarista 3-5, HR, 3 RBI......CamRON Maybin 2-4 with an HR longer than anything Stanton has hit this year even though he was touted in S.I.........Grandal an HR....and on a day when the Yankees' 1st baseman lost the game on an error,  a beautiful error right over 1st base in this game allowing Cabrera to get on.)

TWINS(Hendriks) +165 over Tigers(Fister)-----Does Hendriks rhyme with Howie Kendrick(who was 3-5 yesterday)?(Win 6-4......#18 Ryan Doumit 3-3......#20 Brian Dozier 3-5)

Royals(Teaford) vs Blue Jays(Romero) UNDER 9.5(-105)------Romero has been getting rocked but the Royals are weaker vs lhps(Lose 11-3......Wow,  Romero rocked hard again)

Sunday, July 01, 2012

METS(Gee) +130 over Dodgers(Kershaw)----Kershaw is good....but with the Dodgers having gone 0, 0, 2, 0, 0, 0 in scoring over their last 6 games,  you have to ask, Is Gee that bad?  He's actually completed the 7th inning against some good offenses.(Lose 8-3......6 unearned runs given up by Mets.  Hmmm.  Gee did fine;  he's leading 3-1 in the 5th.......gets an easy DP ball that is dropped on the turn by Roger Cedeno,  a seemingly inexplicable error that gets nobody out when it could have ended the inning.  Weak bouncing ball hit to 1st by Gordon,  a bit difficult on the hop.....Turner makes the E.   Hmmmm.   Oh,  there's ALYSSA MILANO in the 1st row who only looks up from typing on her pink smartphone AFTER THE GAME IS TIED ON ERRORS.  So thats how the Dodgers,  after scoing 1/3 of 1 run per game over their last 6 games,  can score 8 runs in this game.)

TWINS(Liriano) -135 over Royals(Chen)-----Liriano's wild but he K's people.  Twins are a bit better vs lhp's while the Royals are weaker vs lhp's.(Win 10-8............Plouffe, 2 HR)