Saturday, February 26, 2011

DEPAUL BLUE DEMONS -1 over South Florida Bulls----------Both teams have struggled this year but DePaul has achieved a recent win over Providence and recently took Villanova to OT. DePaul has the in-season home revenge here, home-off-road-loss, the +offense and Cleveland Melvin a day after the Cavaliers upset the Knicks(Lose 86-76.........Augustus Gilchrist career high 32pts.........yeah, I was worried about that guy but DePaul had too many advantages to ignore; Melvin didnt play in this game)

VIRGINIA CAVALIERS -2 over Boston College--------Virginia really knows how to cover this season and they have the home revenge here. BC has the +offense while the Cavaliers' defense is strong and should do well a day after the Cleveland Cavs won at home as underdogs.(Lose 63-44........maybe Charlie Sheen was right)

PORTLAND PILOTS +10.5 over St Mary's Gaels----------The Iona Gaels did win last night but St Mary's is not looking like they are good for 10 points; they are 1-6-1 ATS over their last 8 games. Pilots have the +ATS and with Charlie Sheen speaking up, by using "high altitude" and aviational terminology, against Hollywood's repressive ChaimLevinist industrial complex, I'll give respect and take the Pilots here.(Lose 83-69.........Hannibal only 2pts???)

SE MISSOURI ST REDHAWKS +14 over Austin Peay Governors--------Redhawks have the revenge and a slight ATS advantage. Since the Egyptian "day of rage", the Governors are 2-6 ATS and have won only 2 of those games by more than 14 pts. With the Atlanta Hawks getting a 16pt road win last night, I'll play the Redhawks here.(Lose 75-52...........Disgraceful effort)

ST JOHN'S RED STORM +6 over Villanova--------These teams are going in opposite directions; the Red Storm is surging while Villanova is 2-8 ATS going back, having been taken to OT by DePaul, a team St John's just crushed by 25pts, recently. St John's has the revenge from last season.(Win 81-68...........Hardy 34pts)

JACKSONVILLE ST GAMECOCKS +6.5 over Tennessee Tech---------Gamecocks have the in-season revenge and they are 10-5 ATS on the road and it looks like Charlie Sheen WANTS game, he is TOTALLY READY to deploy his vaticanassassins...........(Win 77-75)

MICHIGAN +5 over Minnesota------------Michigan has a HUGE ATS advantage; they cover 2 games for every 1 they dont this year and Minnesota has covered 1 of their last 7. Michigan has the in-season revenge and is coming off a very bad luck 'gas-loss' to Wisconsin.(Win 70-63.......Hardaway 22pts)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

ST PETER'S +4 over Loy-Chicago----------BCLI steam...........(Win 71-67.......#22 Nick Leon 17pts, Brooklyn........#15 Wesley Jenkins 17pts, Newark, NJ)

ST JOHN'S RED STORM +3.5 over Pittsburgh----------What that red be like? That red be like 5-poppin, 6-droppin, Crip-killin to my casket, 5 alive, six must die, rest in peace to O.G. Tye, 50/50 Love, Fuck 50/50 Love, thats the old laws that go against Bloods.(Win 60-59.......#12 Dwight Hardy 19pts + the game winning layup)

SAN FRANCISCO DONS +14.5 over Gonzaga--------Gonzaga has the home revenge but you know what? Revenge waddnt SHIT last night----Fuck, I take the Dons.(Lose 70-53............yup; Marquis Carter 18pts............)

Friday, February 18, 2011

CONNECTICUT HUSKIES +3.5 over Louisville Cardinals----------I realize that Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is the obnoxious, heartless, tyrannical "heel" of America right now. But, hey, I like to walk, you know? Kemba Walker has come back well, scoring 22 and 31 points in the last two games, after the loss to St John's. Conn has the in-season revenge, tho on the road here, and they have the color: Blue, a day after the Blue Demons upset Providence.(Lose 71-58.........Pathetic; Walker has 16pts and...........this is the 2nd time I've lost money on this team..........Scott Walker MUST step down and let the Wisconsin militia take control.)

YALE BULLDOGS +3.5 over Princeton Tigers----------Yale has the home revenge here and it looks worth it with the "key" player for Yale, Jeremiah honor of the great double-digit dog upset victory yesterday by the DePaul Blue Demons over Providence where Blue Demon Jeremiah Kelly had a CAREER-HIGH 23pts. So we'll play a JK for the straw with the home revenge.(Lose 58-51............New Haven, Connecticut, eh...........home of the "Tiger Mother"........losers. Pathetic losing state.........#2 Kareem Maddox 16pts)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MARYLAND TERRAPINS +4 over Virginia Tech Hokies(Lose 91-83)
MARYLAND TERRAPINS +165 over Virginia Tech Hokies--------Maryland has the in-season revenge, the +offense and +1 day of rest. VT has played the weak Georgia Tech twice(and lost to them once) while Maryland has played Duke twice.
The transcript from this is:
"a VERY, very heav-ay-ah heavy-du BURR-tation tonight
we had a very, dare-ah.....dare-a-son)
bye, lets go hit, TERRA......tayson
head to the pit"
Maryland DOES HAVE an AB; I think thats Aaron Burr(could we make "Aaron" from "dare-a-son" if we just isolate two vowel sounds?) With SB hero, Aaron Rodgers---wait, was her name Serene Branson? SB---Super Bowl, see? Suffice it to say that, spiritually, Aaron Burr probably wants some credit for the great Aaron Rodgers-led Packer Super Bowl victory that he may have played a role in; thats what this, obviously "hijacked", reporter is trying to say........and she also says "Terra"---why not play the Terrapins? They're 6-3 ATS on the road this year.(Lose 91-83........Maryland WINS the first half by 3; a career hi 25pts from Terrell Stoglin out of Tuscon; WHAT happened??!!!! Well, lookee here: contemporaneously with the 2nd half collapse, there's Virgina's favorite party-slut, Krystal Ball, on Hannity. She went to UVA, not VT; she's wearing Maryland colors; where she's from, King's County, is closer to Maryland than Blacksburg. What's the problem? Gotta be the "sluttiness"; TOO slutty for Congress.)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

TEXAS TECH RED RAIDERS +5 over Texas A & M-------Tech is NOT a good ATS team at 6-13, however, they do have the home revenge here from last season. They do have +4 days of rest, the +offense and they do have home-off-road-loss. AM has the +ATS. With the Cavaliers getting the big NBA win last night, I'll keep flowing with the red.......the bright, fiery color(as the Heat, Suns and TrailBLAZERS all won yesterday)(Win 70-67.........#1 Brad Reese 18pts)

ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE -7 over Ole Miss---------Alabama has the home revenge here from last season and home-off-road-loss. They also have #12 Releford(#12 LaMarcus Aldridge 37 pts for the Blazers last night). Ole Miss has the +offense. Allahbama has also been running good on a 9-3 ATS tear since the Revolution-igniting Tunisian self-immolation martyrdom on December 17th. I'll lay the points.(Win 74-64...........Releford 14pts)

VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH -2.5 over Old Dominion Monarchs--------The Monarchs do have the in-season revenge here and VCU is a poor 3-7 ATS at home. However, I wanna play VCU's double-JR action with REDdic against the Monarchs.(Lose 70-59..........#21 Frank Hassell 18 pts)

VIRGINIA CAVALIERS +12.5 over Florida State---------FSU has the +offense and is at home but Virginia IS a very good ATS team this year. UVA has the revenge from last season.......the Cavaliers did win last night snapping their streak of failure for coach Byron Scott and.......with Ian Hummer coming with a season high 25 pts out of Vienna Virginia last night in a HUGE, DOMINANT beatdown for Princeton over Columbia..........I'll go with the Cavs here.(Win 63-56)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

ST JOHN'S RED STORM +1.5 over Conn---------takes some figuring to bet a team that has the ability to lose to Fordham but also beat Duke by double-digits AND beat Notre Dame. STJ has home-off-road-loss and...........Conn has the +ATS, +offense and the revenge from last season. I'm just betting St John's'll be "on" today against a top-rated team at home.(Win 89-72.........#12 Dwight Hardy season hi 33pts OUT of the Boogie Down.........DJ Kennedy tying HIS season high with 20 pts........Pittsburgh)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

GREEN BAY PACKERS -2.5(-120) over Steelers------Green did pretty well for BCLI yesterday...and the Packers have won 3 straight road playoff games while the Steelers...........have won 2 home playoff games. In that comparison, the Packers are far more impressive. Going back to 1998, interestingly enough, Packers have played the Steelers 3 times and lost to the Steelers all 3 the Packers the revenge.(Win 31-25..........Packers tried pretty hard to lose this game in the 2nd half but the luck wouldnt let 'em; GB +3TO)

Saturday, February 05, 2011

NC GREENSBORO SPARTANS +11.5 over Western Carolina--------Spartans have the revenge from last season, the +offense and they are a better ATS team on the road than at home. Also, San Jose Spartans had a nice victory in Idaho a couple days ago as small underdogs.(Win 83-73........Aaron Brackett 14pts)

OREGON DUCKS +8 over Washington Huskies-------Wash has the +offense and Oregon has the in-season home revenge. Oregon is 4-0 ATS in their last 4 games and are coming off a huge 26 point win over Washington State, a team that beat Washington by 7 points recently.(Win 81-76.......Joevan Catron 20pts)