Sunday, February 26, 2012

MIAMI HURRICANES -1 over Florida State------Home revenge and home-off-road-loss for Miami here. Last night, Evgeni Malkin scored a hatrick in an 8-1 Penguins beatdown on Tampa; Miami has Malcolm Grant. Pretty close and.......Grant......that's a general's name, isn't it? Well, with all the anti-Iran rhetoric spinning about in political media, not only did the Holy Cross CRUSADERS beat the Colgate Raiders, with the Valparaiso CRUSADERS getting the victory over Butler on the 24th, the biggest cover yesterday(31pts) was the UL Monroe WARHAWKS as a 13 pt underdog beating UL Lafayette 78-60. Grant could be going out to conquer in this game and Miami also has a 'Johnson' which did well yesterday as Terone Johnson got a season-high 22pts in only 27 minutes of play, beating Michigan, while Chris Johnson had 20pts in Dayton's 33pt beatdown of U Mass. As for the Hurricanes' weather-disaster associations......the Iowa State Cyclones beat K-State outright as a road underdog.(Win 78-62.....Durand Scott 17pts Rice HS....Kenny Kadji 15pts Cameroon)

OREGON +3.5 over Oregon St-----Look at the 'Joseph': Kris Joseph 21pts in Syracuse's win yesterday and the St Joseph Hawks beat Temple as an underdog. Oregon has Devoe..........Oregon also has the road revenge here while Oregon St has home-off-road-loss and the +offense. While Lin is coming off his worst game for the Knicks(heard there was a little earth-Quaker over there in Taiwan just today(Hey, UPenn Quakers beat Harvard!!!), Jeremy Montgomery 17pts in Cleveland St's win yesterday and........Oregon has a 'Jeremy'----that name should be a plus. Conference records? Oregon has done much better against teams in the conference.(Win 74-73...........Garrett Sim season-high 25pts Portland, OR)

PITT +8.5 over Louisville---------Ok, TV Game of the Day. Ball State and Stanford CARDINAL both losing yesterday? And Pitt Penguins won 8-1..............hmmmm. Pitt has + 4 days of rest here and the revenge(tho they've had a horrible season). Louisville has the +ATS and home-off-road-loss(Win 57-54.....#44 JJ Moore 16pts)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

WRIGHT ST RAIDERS +10.5 over Cleveland St Vikings-------Raiders do have the revenge for a 2 pt loss to the Vikings at Wright St. Raiders have a Reggie(note the 33pt beatdown by Oakland 2 days ago at UMKC with Reggie Hamilton getting 31pts) but have some inconsistent results. Cleve St has the +offense(Lose 77-55.....T Harmon 20pts)

AUBURN TIGERS -2.5 over Arkansas Razorbacks------You might think Ark was due for a cover being on a 1-5 ATS run and being 1-7 ATS on the road. But Auburn has a lot here: Home-off-road-loss, +2 days of rest, the +ATS and the home revenge(Lose 77-71.....Rickey Scott 22pts)

HOUSTON COUGARS -1 over Smu--------Yet another "Cougar" win by SIU Edwardsville on 2/23 and Houston has the home revenge, home-off-road-loss and the +offense(Win 62-59)

RICE +10 over Southern Mississippi-----------So Miss has the +offense......but only slightly(Win 58-56)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

NEW YORK KNICKS +9 over Miami Heat(Lose 102-88)
NEW YORK KNICKS +400 over Miami Heat-------Knicks have the revenge having lost at Miami by 10 points about a week before the advent of the Lin-dynasty. This game is also in Miami.(Lose 102-88)

Monday, February 20, 2012

HOUSTON ROCKETS -3 over Memphis Grizzlies------Houston has the +offense, the +ATS and the home revenge(Win 97-93...........Kyle Lowry 24pts.........Goran Dragic Ljubljana, Yugo, 6pts)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

OHIO BOBCATS -7 over NC Asheville-----In honor of the huge Charlotte Bobcat victory last night in Toronto, we'll consider this. Ohio has come within 5 of Louisville and often beats teams by more than 10 points. Asheville has beaten VMI twice and........come within 4 of Tennessee. Strength of schedule difference.(Win 81-62.............Storm Warren 12 pts)

NOTRE DAME -2.5 over Villanova-------Jae Crowder, a huge 29 pts today.........and Notre Dame has the JC. Nova has the home-off-road-loss and the +offense but is a very bad ATS team.(Win 74-70........Pat Connaughton 21pts)

MICHIGAN +5 over Ohio State(Win 56-51)
MICHIGAN +195 over Ohio State-----Michigan has the home revenge and..........the question is, How strong is the revenge today? Well, New Mexico blew out UNLV by 20 with the revenge.....Kansas State beat Baylor today with the revenge as a 7.5pt underdog and DePaul covered, taking Louisville to OT, with the revenge. Ohio State can crush bad teams(and they beat Duke by 22), killing Nebraska twice. However, OSU has lost to Illinois and Indiana on the road. It looks like the home court is counting for about 7 points in this line.........Game Winning blocked shot Jordan Henriquez for K-State today.(Win 56-51)
LSU +1.5 over South Carolina-----LSU has the +ATS and the AH, a Hamilton and an Anthony...........those names look good after the Loyola Marymount win last night. SC looking dead-in-the-water right now but they are at home here.(Win 68-58)

Friday, February 17, 2012

COLUMBIA LIONS +5.5 over Princeton(Lose 77-66)
COLUMBIA LIONS +210 over Princeton--------Keep rolling with the Lions......Penn State won last night..........Columbia has the revenge here against Princeton(Lose 77-66)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS -2.5 over Iowa Hawkeyes------Lions come out HUGE yesterday as Loyola Marymount actually beats St Mary's as a 14pt underdog and then........Michael Lyons scores 24 as Air Force wins as a 12pt underdog vs Wyoming. PSU isn't too good but they have beaten Illinois and have a good ATS record at home. They also have the home revenge while Iowa has the +ATS and the +offense.(Win 69-64)

NC STATE WOLFPACK +10.5 over Duke Blue Devils(Win 78-73)
NC STATE WOLFPACK +475 over Duke Blue Devils-----LOBOS........convert the revenge last night at San Diego State 77-67. Wolfpack is 6-3 ATS on the road.......with Lobos and Lions yesterday, NC State has Duke out-L'd by 7 to 4 it looks like with Williams, Lorenzo, Howell, Leslie.......while Duke has Kelly and Plumlee.(Lose 78-73...........Well how do you blow a 20 point lead into the 2nd half? Duke figures out............"Hmmm, the other team is already in heavy foul trouble. Maybe if we just blitz them with fouls will be called on us........and we'll come back to win.")

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SMU MUSTANGS pk over Uab Blazers-----SMU with the home-off-road-loss and is only 2-4 ATS at home.........not too much winning with either of these teams.....however, SMU's win over TCU just got a lot more valuable after TCU, with a blistering season-hi 32pts by #10 Hank Thorns, last night over UNLV. And with Obama ummmm, speaking today at "Master Lock"(bwaaaaaa) in Milwaukee, I'll bet SMU.(Lose 47-28.......No, not a half-time score.......perhaps the most pathetic game in SMU basketball history as they have not scored this low FOR 56 YEARS!!!!!!! But in the shot-clock era, this is a new record low for SMU)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

CHARLIE WI -120 over Duke(Final Round ATT)(Win by 2)

BOSTON COLLEGE +12.5 over Virginia Tech-------As much as I FUCKING HATE the New England region and EVERY FUCKING THING in it due to the Patriots' failure and the nation-damning failure of Providence yesterday, Virginia Tech just does not beat teams by 12 points unless its names liks Campbell, North Florida or Norfolk. VT just doesn't do that(yes, BC has lost big to some good teams........but not always). Obviously, the revenge is soft right now (and VT has the home revenge) and........this trend was likely birthed not by Brady's weak Jinxelle-fucking dick, but by Obama's(can't wait to get rid of this oreo) invocation of Jesus, during Super Bowl week, and Jesus's confiscatory tax-policies on the rich. Ummmm, "Love your enemies....?"(Win 66-65....#12 Ryan Anderson 17pts)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

PROVIDENCE FRIARS -1.5 over South Florida Bulls-----Friars have the +offense, home-off-road-loss, the +ATS and the home revenge. While Brady and Patriots may have "softened" the revenge, SF only has Collins while Providence has couNcIL and bILal dixoN.(Lose 55-48.......What advantage DIDN'T these cunts have? There's no excuse for this shit. I won with this team before, didn't I? "Abandon all fucking hope, America....")

RICHMOND SPIDERS -7 over George Washington Colonials---------Richmond has the +offense and the home revenge but has fraNcis cedrIc marteL in addition to LINdsay. GW only has coLoNIals.(Lose 69-67.........Thanks alot JEFFERSON FUCKING DAVIS.......punk motherfuckers; this shit-ass team used to be good)

Friday, February 10, 2012

HARVARD CRIMSON -5.5 over Penn Quakers-------Regardless of the fact that Penn is at home and may have some decent names, it is an ABSOLUTELY UNFORGIVABLE fact that, having been related just yesterday by Wharton grad(a U Penn associated business school) Ivaka Trump, Wharton was teaching that "House prices always go up". Many business schools are financial crime schools but, right now, Wharton's reputation is shit to me. There is NO EXCUSE for the amount of damage "Wharton style" economics has done to this country and my wealth in particular. U Penn needs to be PUNISHED for Wharton's idiocy. "Oh, Wharton; I thought it was a great business school..." No. The truth is out now.(Win 56-50........Corbin Miller 17pts career-hi)

Sunday, February 05, 2012

PATRIOTS -21.5 over Giants(+1,400)------Patriots were -2 on the TO ratio in their loss to the Giants this year......(Lose 21-17......Less than 30 past his 34th birthday, legendary Patriots WR Chad Ochocinco finishes up with his 16th reception......)

PATRIOTS -7.5 over Giants(+195)-------......and when the Giants beat the Patriots in the 2008 super bowl, the Patriots had been, well, a pretty good team that year(they had Randy Moss). (Lose 21-17...........Ochocinco finishes with 16 receptions(less than 1 per game) and 1 TD on the year........)

PATRIOTS -10.5 over Giants(+275)------Its hard to imagine a more significant or salient revenge spot---Patriots have "double" revenge motivation. (Lose 21-17...........while THE RACIST CITY OF BOSTON........)

PATRIOTS -3(+105) over Giants------I can't think of a reason why the Giants have made it this far in the post-season other than to satisfy the requirements of this revenge-match.(Lose with its RACIST practices and Boston's long history of RACIST POLICIES and BOSTON'S legacy of RACISM drops the Patriots into the EXTRAORDINARY IGNOMINY of failing to convert this epic revenge opportunity, in addition to losing BCLI a lot of money)