Monday, August 30, 2010

BLUE JAYS(Cecil) +135 over Tampa Bay ________ Rays(Davis)(Lose 6-2)
BLUE JAYS +125 over Tampa Bay ________ Rays 1ST 5INN ONLY------Pitching matchup is at least equal if not favorable to Blue Jays. Cecil is coming off consecutive wins against the Yankees and Red Sox with impressive run support of 16 and 6 runs in those games(Lose 5-2........3-run error by Aaron Hill, eh? bwaa, Hitler dont like being called a Jew? What about the chromosome?)

OAKLAND(Cahill) +105 over Yankees(Moseley) 1ST 5INN ONLY-----Cahill getting respect from linemakers. Although A's are on a 4-2 run, I'll just play him for the 1st 5.(Lose 11-4.........Hmmmm, when does Cahill ever get rocked like this? Was that Bill O'Reilly sitting with Donald Trump I saw in the crowd?)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

PHILLIES(Blanton) +113 over San Diego(Garland)-------Phillies offense at full strength and with Jay Bruce hitting 3 HR yesterday and Julio Borbon going 3 for 4 yesterday and with Jose Bautista hitting an HR yesterday, you simply have to play the JB(Win 3-1)

NATIONALS(Hernandez) -107 over Cardinals(Lohse)---------Hernandez has the pitcher revenge against his last start(which was his worst this year). Lohse........not having an effective season. Glenn Beck inspiring the faithful and restoring honor in the mall today........Nats should play inspired ball today.(Win 14-5.........Beck.............HUGE!!!)

RED SOX(Buchholz) +121 over ________ Rays(Garza)--------Im too impressed by Buchholz's numbers to ignore him here as an underdog.(Lose 3-2.......Buchholz does awesome again and Victor Martinez 4 for 5 but somehow...........this loses)

ANAHEIM(Kazmir) -1.5 (+130) over Orioles(Millwood)----------Probably two of the worst SP's in baseball this year but I'll take the Angels because most of the key Oriole hitters(with the exception of Markakis) hit poorly vs lhps.(Lose 5-0.........a significant loss; Millwood 8inn 0ER.....???? When has he ever done this good?)

Friday, August 27, 2010

HOUSTON ASTROS(Figueroa) +130 over Mets(Pelfrey)---------Astros are not scoring yet they are on a 10-4 run. Figueroa has two good starts in 2 tries and he comes home here against the Mets(a team he just did well against and used to play for). Honestly, I think he and the Astros get the luck in this one altho Pelfrey has had 3 good starts coming back after his midsummer nightmares.(Lose 2-1........, who grew up in Coney Island, walked five and hit a batter with a pitch in his third start for the Astros. He said his dad was rooting for the Mets.)......Thanks, Dad..........bwaaaaaaaaaa. Yeah, and thanks for that Error you made me make. Astros out-hit Mets 9-3........amazingly they still lose.)

Giants(Lincecum) vs Arizona(Enright) OVER 7.5(-115)--------Enright has been consistently good in his 5-6inn starts but the Giants are in the midst of what has been a 3 game, double-digit, offensive explosion. Lincecum has been getting hit pretty hard.(Lose 6-0..........Who'd a thunk it? Michael Enright was right to spill Saracen blood on the streets of Manhattan.......)

OAKLAND(Andersen) +120 over Rangers(Hunter) 1ST 5INN ONLY--------Andersen looks like he knows what he's doing with only 10 walks in 63innings and, altho the A's arent scoring very high, Hunter has failed to make in past the 4th inning in 3 of his last 5 starts(Lose 7-0........Andersen: PATHETIC)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

TWINS(Liriano) +136 over Texas(Lee)-------Twins are playing here to avoid getting swept and Lee has recently become very hittable. Lee: 175innings pitched 11 BB. Just swing.(Win 6-4.......Lee rocked again.......Cuddyer 2 RBI)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OAKLAND(Gonzalez) -120 over Cleveland(Carmona)----------A's not scoring too much but they are on a 4-2 run. Gonzalez does walk people but he's hard to hit and seems to put together a lot of good games. Carmona is inconsistent and the Indians have scored only 3 runs over their last 3 games.(Win 5-0..........only 1 BB in 7inn by Gio. Jack Cust 2 RBI HR.....Coco Crisp 3 for 5 HR.........Jeff Larish 2 RBI HR)

CUBS(Zambrano) +119 over Nationals(Lannan)--------Lee, we must admit, hitting .245, was a liability; Nady should help them at 1st. With Byrd, Soriano and Ramirez, I think theres a decent chance a pitcher like Lannan will get rocked......tho he's coming off 3 wins.(Win 5-4...........Soriano 3 RBI..........Tyler Colvin 2 for 3)

TWINS(Pavano) +120 over Rangers(Lewis)--------Pavano coming off his worst rocking of the year(one I think was HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS but, if you look at the record, Pavano does seem to get rocked about once a he's already had it for August). Lewis K's people but he's gotten an average of 1.1 runs in run support over his last 6 games.(Lose 4-3)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

INDIANS(Gomez) +170 over Detroit(Verlander)(Lose 8-1)
INDIANS +170 over Detroit 1ST 5INNINGS ONLY-------In 5 starts, Gomez has allowed 2 runs or less every time. Indians offense has scored 7 runs or more in 3 of their last 6 games. Good price for Gomez(Lose 8-1........Gomez exposed as a fraud)

ASTROS(Figueroa) +113 over Florida(Miller)(Win 2-1)
ASTROS +110 over Florida 1ST 5INNINGS ONLY---------Miller has never failed to walk at least 1 every 2 innings and he's not that hard to hit. Figueroa just had a good 5inn start and he is walking fewer than 1 every 3 innings.(Win 1-0)

NATIONALS(Olsen) +210 over Phillies(Oswalt)---------Nationals have hit Oswalt twice this year and one of those times he didnt even finish the 3rd inning. At this price it seems worth it to see if they can hit him again.(Lose 6-0)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

BLUE JAYS(Romero) +118 over Boston Red Sox(Matsuzaka)-------Blue Jays have the team revenge as Dice-K beat them previously and Romero has the double pitcher revenge as the Red Sox hit him two times. Blue Jay offense must be in good condition as they gave Lester his worst beating all year yesterday. But on top of that, Romero is simply having a much better year than Matsuzaka.........who walks 1 every 2 innings.(Lose 5-4..........Jed Lowrie HR off Casey Janssen)

MARINERS(Vargas) +220 over Yankees(Vazquez)(Lose 9-5...........7ER off Vargas; a gross anomaly)
MARINERS +205 over Yankees 1ST 5INNINGS ONLY---------Vargas has a 3.15 ERA and is 9-5 pitching for one of the losingest teams. Vazquez is 9-9 pitching for one of the winningest teams.(Push 4-4)

NATIONALS(Strasburg) -110 over Phillies(Kendrick)(Win 8-1)
NATIONALS -115 over Phillies 1ST 5INNINGS ONLY------Phillies couldnt hit Marquis?......last night? How are they gonna hit Strasburg?(Win 5-1)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

REDS(Wood) -135 over Arizona(Saunders)----------Wood has the starting pitcher advantage here. Statistically, he's done as good as anyone over his first 50 or so innings.(Win 9-5.........Ramon Hernandez 3 RBI)

OAKLAND(Cahill) over Tampa Bay ________ Rays(Sonnanstine) 1ST 5INN ONLY parlayed with DODGERS(Lilly) over Colorado(De La Rosa) 1ST 5INN ONLY +200-----------Crisp is hot for the A's and De La Rosa has consistently walked people, allowed runs and failed to pitch more than 5innings in his starts. For the Cubs, Lilly did well but got horrible run support.(Lose 2-1.........A's won but not after 5)

Monday, August 16, 2010

DETROIT TIGERS(Scherzer) +159 over New York Yankees(Vazquez)(Win 3-1)
DETROIT TIGERS +155 over New York Yankees 1ST 5INNINGS ONLY-------Scherzer has been much improved and is doing good. In addition to that, the name looks Germanic which should be a plus as Martin Kaymer, a German golfer, just won the PGA. Tigers breaking out with 13 runs yesterday........maybe it carries over here.(Win 2-0........Scherzer 6inn 2H)

MARLINS(Volstad) over Pirates(McDonald) parlayed with RANGERS(Lee) over Tampa Bay ______ Rays (+250)---------If Guerrero is in, the Rangers have 3 hitters who really hit well vs lhp's. Rangers offense has more punch than Rays' and this is a cheap price for Lee who you wanna take on a day after Derrek Lee hit 2 home runs. And Marlins........on the day after Marlon Byrd went 3 for 5 and Lou Marson when 3-4..........Marlins on an 0-3 run but Volstad shouldnt be too bad going against the Pirates(Lose 7-1 and 6-4)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NATIONALS(Strasburg) over Marlins(Sanchez) parlayed with ROCKIES(Jimenez) over Mets(Pelfrey) +149-- I'll try this bailout parlay with two great pitchers and........Pelfrey's just not doin' it. More power to him if he can turn it around against on of the best pitchers but, as for now, he's just not doin' it.(Lose 8-2 and 1-0......Strasburg rocked and Pelfrey wins with the minimum in "run support". Hmmmmm)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

RED SOX(Beckett) +121 over Yankees(Burnett)-------Beckett has had 3 good starts since coming back from his layoff. Burnett is coming off an 8ER rocking.....he's been rocked once by Boston this year and with his 4.93 ERA is questionable whether he should even be favored against Beckett.(OFF Moseley starts for Burnett........Beckett rocked)

OAKLAND(Cahill) -122 over Texas(Lewis)---------Altho Oakland is only 13-16 vs lhp's, Cahill is the better starting pitcher. A's also have the team revenge against Lewis. Guerrero is probably gonna be out for Texas.(Win 3-2. Mistake: Lewis is a rhp. Coco Crisp 2 for 4)

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Sanchez) +115 over Atlanta Braves(Lowe)-------Braves are 18-18 vs lhp's; McCann cant hit lhp's. Sanchez walks people but he's hard to hit and often gets good run support. Lowe is basically an average pitcher this year; he's done nothing remarkable.(Lose 6-3)

COLORADO(Rogers) -110 over Pirates(Maholm)--------This is a very cheap price to go against a team thats lost almost twice as many games as it has won this year. Maholm gets rocked on a regular basis and the Rockies are 23-17 vs lhp's this year.(Win 8-4...........Maholm rocked)

BLUE JAYS(Morrow) -1.5(+150) over Tampa Bay ______ Rays(Sonnanstine)--- I dont see why the Blue Jays would falter against Sonnanstine if they can maul Shields like that.(Lose 1-0........Mystery #1: How does Sonnanstine do this? Mystery #2: after 28 runs were scored by these teams the day before, ONE run is scored in this game? Blue Jays score 17 runs with Mills pitching, then Morrow K's 17 Rays the next day(with Aaron Hill blowing the no-hitter with only 1 out to go) THEN Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater fails to receive an apology and retires after cursing out the customers......hmmmm. There's something to "get" here)

Saturday, August 07, 2010

BOSTON RED SOX(Lackey) +170 over Yankees(Sabathia)----------Yanks mailin' it in on a 2-5 run. Sabathia tiring in the heat of August has allowed 28 hits in his last 20 innings. Red Sox need to make up a few games on the Rays and Yankees so they need this more. Lackey is coming off a rocking by Cleveland(in which he walked 5). He's a competitive player and I'll trust that he can bounce back here as a big underdog.(Lose 5-2)

PHILLIES(Hamels) parlayed with ASTROS(Myers) 1ST 5INNINGS ONLY parlayed with ST LOUIS(Westbrook) +830----------Victorino, Utley and Howard are out for Phillies but they have been winning well for Hamels. Mets are on a 6-15 run. Myers has been doing real well so Im gonna take him for the 1st 5. Cardinals have been scoring high. He's going against Josh Johnson, who can always shut you down, but Florida is on an 0-5 run and is only 13-9 in games Johnson has started; he's not a lock. Westbrook has had two consecutive good starts.(Lose 2-0, 5-4 and much for this shit-ass bet)

Giants(Cain) vs Braves(Hudson) UNDER 7(-120)---------This seems like a "perfect" UNDER as both teams, altho they are at the top of the standings, only rank 15th and 16th in runs scored. Braves has scored 2 3 8 2 4 1 2 6 3 3 0 going back. Cain has been rocked 3 times this year; he usually does good. He's allowed only 11 hits in his last 22inn. Hudson has been similarly good all season.(Win 3-0)

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Hernandez) +156 over Dodgers(Kuroda)(Lose 3-2)
WASHINGTON NATIONALS +153 over Dodgers 1ST 5INN ONLY---------Hernandez is having a good year with a 3.12 ERA. Kuroda looks average-ish while Dodgers on a 2-8 run(Push 2-2..........Adam Kennedy's wild throwing error costs me some money)

Friday, August 06, 2010

RED SOX(Buchholz) +145 over Yankees(Vazquez)(Win 6-3)
RED SOX +135 over Yankees 1ST 5INNINGS ONLY-------I definitely wanna play Buchholz as an underdog. I liked the way he threw last start. Boston is on a 7-3 run.(Win 4-3)

GIANTS(Zito) over Braves(Hanson) 1ST 5INNINGS ONLY parlayed with ASTROS(Rodriguez) over Brewers(Bush) 1ST 5INNINGS ONLY (+385)---------With two good pitchers as underdogs, these are good odds for this bet. Wandy has shut down the Brewers twice this year and Bush can always get rocked out of the game pretty quickly(Win 3-2 at +107. Giants pushed 1-1)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Tomlin) +185 over Boston(Matsuzaka)(Lose 6-2)
CLEVELAND INDIANS +1.5 (-115) over Boston----------Dice-K is walking 1 every 2inn with a 4.22 ERA while Tomlin has allowed only 2 runs in 12 career major league innings.........and look the price.(Lose 6-2)

RANGERS(Hunter) +100 over Seattle(Hernandez)---------Mariners still havent got anything going. Felix has been rocked twice by the Rangers this year after one good start against them. Hunter has the pitcher revenge after his worst start of all time last start.(Win 6-0....David Murphy HR)

GIANTS(Lincecum) -115 over Braves(Jurrjens)----------Lincecum struggled a bit in late May but he's still going awesome statistically and he K's 1 per inning. Jurrjens is inconsistent so this price for the Giants looks good.(Lose 3-2)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Arrieta) +165 over Anaheim(Haren)---------Luke Scott 1 HR in each of his last 3 games.......Haren may be good but his starts have simply not produced many wins for his team this year.(Win 5-4.........Nick Markakis HR 2RBI)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Masterson) +220 over Boston(Lester)--------Indians a respectable 10-8 since the allstar break. Beckett hit TWO batters and..........the Indians didnt get any RedSox. They need to hit someone. Hard, and I think they're in the right state of mind. Lester coming off 3 consecutive losses.(Win 9-1........the 7 unearned runs are much appreciated Marco Scutaro, Victor Martinez and Jon Lester. You've served us well. Andy Marte 3 RBI)

HOUSTON ASTROS(Happ) +200 over Cardinals(Carpenter)(Lose 8-4)
HOUSTON ASTROS +1.5(-110) over Cardinals-----------Astros score 18 yesterday.....they're 11-6 since the break. Happ looking good. The price is right for this Astro team(Lose 8-4..........Happ gets destroyed. Hey, if you'd have started Figueroa, you'd have WON THIS GAME)

ARIZONA(Kennedy) -142 over Nationals(Stammen)-----------Opposing batters are hitting only .230 off Kennedy. Diamondbacks arent winning but their offense has more potential than Washington's.(Lose 7-2.......Kennedy rocked)

BLACK SOX(Jackson) -109 over Tigers(Galarraga)--------Jackson has not had a good game since his no-hitter but Tigers are sucking. Saw them against Buccholz and.........they're overrated. Their hitting is just not that good and they have only 4 wins since the allstar break.(Win 4-1.........Paul Konerko 2 for 3 w/ HR)

TWINS(Baker) +170 over Tampa(Price)-------------Tampa obviously has a pitching advantage here(but NOT a control advantage as Price walks people) but they are not scoring very high.(Win 2-1.........GWRBI for Delmon Young)

Monday, August 02, 2010

TWINS(Pavano) -103 over Tampa Bay _______ Rays(Hellickson)--------Mauer is probably out for this game but he is not the Twins' only hot hitter. Tampa is a strange team; They slug only .405 and hit only .254 but they rank 3rd in runs scored. I think, hitherto, their luck has been too good. The Twins slug .434 and hit .283 and Pavano is having........a much better season(perhaps his best ever) than last year. In his last 8 starts Pavano has had 4 CG's(Lose 4-2)

ASTROS(Myers) +148 over Cardinals(Westbrook)------Myers is clearly better than Westbrook this year and with the Astros on a 6-1 run, I want him at this price(Win 9-4.........Figueroa get the win. Keppinger 4 RBI)

CUBS(Wells) +105 over Brewers(Gallardo)--------Some recent inconsistency from Gallardo but, more importantly, Brewers offense is slumping. Wells has had 6 consecutive good starts. Cubs are due for some wins.(Lose 18-1..........Wow, could this have something to do with the two recent plane crashes in Allahska?)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

DETROIT TIGERS(Verlander) +130 over Boston(Buchholz)-------Tigers 17-34 on the road......3-12 since the all-start break.........HOW CAN THIS CONTINUE? They're not that bad. Tigers have the team revenge against Buchholz and Clay Hensley took a 5H 1.1inn Loss 3 days ago for the Marlins.(Lose 4-3.........Buchholz good, Tigers not good)

Brewers(Wolf) vs Astros(Wright) OVER 9(-115)--------You want the Astros offense now in a day game. Johnson has raised his average from .284 to .349 in the last 13 days and Keppinger is on a 2-day multi-hit-game streak. Braun and Fielder ARE weak vs lhp's but if the Brewers want to break out of their offensive skid, Wesley Wright should provide opportunities. Wolf walks nearly 1 every 2 innings.(Lose 5-2........Wright does good. Is that strange? Jason Michaels grand slam. Wolf ZERO walks?)

OAKLAND(Gonzalez) +140 over WhiteSox(Floyd)(Lose 4-1)
OAKLAND vs WhiteSox UNDER 8(-115)-----------In his last 10 starts Floyd has allowed as many 2 runs ONLY ONCE. I dont know how he's doing so good but with Carlos Gonzalez hitting for the cycle last night, I wanna bet on Gio who...........doesnt get the best of run support so I'll take the UNDER too.(Win 4-1.......Floyd dominates again)

PIRATES(Duke) +290 over Cardinals(Wainwright)------Duke coming off 3 decent starts; Wainwright coming off an uncharacteristically bad one. With a number this makes me think Pitt could win(Lose 9-1......terrible day, horrible handicapping by me----I should have at least been on Cain if not De La Rosa---- and the Pirates suck)