Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE -2.5 over Florida Atlantic----------Home-off-road-loss and home revenge for MTSU. Gotta play that. FA got 3 against Minnesota? Does Minnesota ever have a good defense? No.(Lose 14-13......For MTSU to be gifted at +3 on the turnover ratio and still almost lose this game in this situation, they have to suck. I'd look to bet against MTSU later)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

BEARS +3 over Eagles------------Some key members of Philadelphia's offense are on the injury list. Westbrook is DOUBTFUL. Eagles defense is supposed to be good(and in their 2 home games it has been) but I think you can test it here on the road with the Bears (Win 24-20.....Bears -2 TO ratio and still win)

SAINTS +2 over 49ers teased with CAROLINA -1 over Atlanta-------Saints have home-off-road-loss after outgaining the Broncos by 130 yards but losing by 2. 49ers schedule has been weak so far and they were +2 on the TO ratio in both of their wins(Det and Sea). Carolina also has home-off-road-loss motivation and revenge. Atlanta has beaten the Lions and Chiefs(the worst two teams in pro football) at home whereas Carolina has beaten San Diego on the road. Atl's QB is throwing 53% (Win by 16 and 14)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

MINNESOTA +19.5 over Ohio State------------Ohio State hasnt covered any lines yet and the team that crushed them (USC) has been exposed as a complete and utter fraud by Oregon State. Minnesota's QB is throwing 71% and although they havent played good teams, they are scoring a lot of points. Revenge for Minnesota, of course, as they havent beaten OSU in 8 years.(Win 34-21)

NEW MEXICO STATE +3 over New Mexico-----------Big home revenge for NM State as they havent won this game in 5 years. New Mexico failed to cover by 31 points last week against Tulsa, got outgained by 300 yards, was only -1 on the TO ratio and.........their starting QB, Donovan Porterie WENT OUT FOR THE SEASON. Wow. This looks like NM State's game to win. First home game for them. (Lose 35-24......Pathetic effort; They were ahead in the 4th quarter, outgain them by 80 yards....and lose by 11. Fuck Las Cruces)

Stanford vs Washington UNDER 52.5-----------Neither of these teams likes to pass much; their QB's throw about 54%. Stanford had only 17 passing attempts in their first game. I would expect Washington's defense to be significantly improved coming off the bye week into a home game.(Lose 35-28.....can someone kick a fucking field goal?)

DUKE -1 over Virginia teased with MIAMI -1.5 over North Carolina----------Home revenge for Duke. Duke lost to Northwestern but outgained them by 140 yards and had twice as many first downs. Virginia is looking pretty weak after suffering blowouts by USC(they suck) and Conn. Miami has the revenge as they lost to NC last year. NC, of course, should have won last week but they decided to commit 120 yards worth of penalties and their starting QB went out. Paulus, their backup QB, sucks and cant throw at all yet he will have to play in this game(Lose by 5.5....Miami is up 24-14 with 9 minutes to go in the game. They had it won and blow it. Miami is up 24-21 with 4 minutes to go in the game. They blow it each time with a 10 yard penalty on their defense. Sick.)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

GIANTS(Sanchez) -115 over Colorado(Hernandez)----------Bad year for Livan Hernandez while Sanchez has pitched 3 good games and 1 bad one against the Rockies this year. I'll go with the better pitcher at home(Lose 15-6)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cubs(Marshall) vs Mets(Santana) OVER 7.5(-115)-----------Good pitchers here but they're both lhp's and both offense are + against lhp's(Cubs are now up to .291 vs lhp's). Also, both teams have been scoring well. (Win 6-2)

STL(Lohse) -107 over Arizona(Johnson)----------I know Arizona needs this game but Stl is at home after 2 or more consecutive losses(this is a system I'm investigating). Lohse shut down Az recently and Johnson was rocked by Stl recently. I'll take a home team here(Win 7-4)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

RAVENS -2 over Browns-----------Ravens off the bye and have home-revenge. Browns have had 2 games at home.......and have failed to win(1 cover but its becoming clear that they are weak). I dont give the Ravens a lot of credit for beating the sorry Bengals, but they did out gain them by 200 yards in that game(Win 28-10)

FALCONS pk over Kansas City teased with BRONCOS + .5 over Saints-----------Chiefs got out gained by 160 yards by the Raiders at home last week and only scored 8 points. That is weak. Falcons have home-off-road loss motivation. Saints played a close game(in points) last week but were outgained by 200 yards. Denver, I believe, could turn out to be the hot team this year(although their defense needs some work I would think after letting San Diego back into the game last week)(Win by 24 and 2.5)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tigers(Verlander) vs Cleveland(Sowers) OVER 10(-105) (Lose 6-3)
RANGERS(Padilla) -133 over Angels(Moseley) (Lose 7-3)

Friday, September 19, 2008

ROYALS(Bannister) +118 over Whitesox(Buehrle) (Lose 9-4)
WASHINGTON(Balester) -132 over Padres(Hayhurst)(Lose 11-6)
RANGERS(Harrison) -107 over Angels(Garland) (Lose 15-13)
Detroit(Galarraga) vs Cleveland(Carmona) OVER 9.5(Win 6-5)
NORTH CAROLINA -3(-115) over Virginia Tech------------This line is still on the move so i better put it in now. NC has lost to VT the last 4 years. This is huge home revenge for them; they have 2 more days of rest; VT is coming in weak, having covered zero lines so far, after getting a lucky win with a +3 gift on the TO ratio and getting outgained by Georgia Tech by 140 yards (Lose 20-17.......NC gives 100 penalty yards and a -2 on the TO ratio. A SICK bad beat)

MISSISSIPPI -6.5 over Vanderbilt-------------Home revenge and Miss is better this year. Vanderbilt was +2 on the TO ratio vs South Carolina and +2 against Rice also so I think they may have gotten a bit lucky to have their record. (Lose 23-17.....Miss outgains them by 180 yards but give a MINUS 4 on the turnover ratio. Vanderbilt still getting lucky)

Notre Dame vs Michigan State UNDER 48.5--------------Very few passes being thrown by MSU, in fact, not more than 16 in a game so far (Win 23-7)

ARKANSAS +9 over Alabama------------Home revenge and off the bye week. This is a very strong situation and, even tho Alabama might be very good, I have to take these points. Bama was +2 on the TO ratio against Clemson (Lose 49-14......Arkansas sucks)

GEORGIA TECH -1.5 over Miss State teased with AUBURN +8 over Lsu-------------GT has home-off-road-loss after outgaining Virginia Tech by 140 yards and giving a -3 on the TO ratio to them. Miss State got +2 on the TO ratio in their cover against Auburn(Auburn outgained them by 200 yards). The Auburn game could be very low scoring(as it was last week) with good defenses and, considering this is home revenge for Auburn, 8 points should cover it(Win by 29.5 and 3)

Monday, September 15, 2008

GIANTS(Hennessey) +153 over Arizona(Davis)----------San Francisco is not known for their offense but they are scoring MUCH better than Arizona lately. Hennessey threw a 6inn 4 hitter vs AZ last start(Lose 3-1)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

DENVER (Pick em) over San Diego----------Chargers were even on the TO ratio against Carolina and were outgained by 70 yards; that was a legitimate loss for them as a 9.5 point favorite. This week.....lets see, Merriman is out for the season and Tomlinson is "Questionable" on the injury list? I think its safe to say that SD is coming into this game weak and Denver, having dominated Oakland on Monday night, is coming in very strong. And this is double revenge for them as the Chargers blew them out twice last year. Cutler looked awesome, he could have a huge year. (Win 39-38)

PATRIOTS +1.5 over Jets-----------Obviously, this is home revenge for the Jets but beating the Dolphins by only 6 last week isnt proof that they are tremendously improved(Dolphins??). Patriots may have lost Brady, but they still have a good defense, right? (Win 19-10)

JACKSONVILLE -4.5 over Bills------------Home-off-road-loss for the Jaguars. This is a bet on Improvement as Jax probably isnt as bad as they did in the 1st week against Tennessee. Bills were +2 on the TO ratio beating Seattle, a team I think could be weak this year. (Lose 20-16......Jacksonville SUCKS, look to bet against this team)

LIONS +3 over Packers----------Home-off-road-loss for Lions and double home revenge as the Packers beat Detroit twice last year. Last week was so bad for the Lions, this is a bet on massive improvement; you have to think that the Lions will be bringing everything they have to win this game(maybe its not much) (Lose 48-25)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

NOTRE DAME +2 over Michigan (Win 35-17)
Notre Dame vs Michigan UNDER 37-----------Home revenge for Notre Dame and Michigan is terrible. Michigan's defense MIGHT be good; maybe. But Michigan's offense is bad and they have no passing ability with the QB's they have used so far. Notre Dame, as they were last year, may be bad as well. But they have the perfect motivational advantages here and if the weather is rainy and wet, as it looks, the game will be won or lost on the line of scrimmage where motivation comes into play the most. ND was -2 on the TO ratio vs SD state; that's why they almost didnt win (Lose 35-17)

UTAH STATE +24.5 over Utah------------Utah State has home revenge AND home-off-road-loss here. This is their first home game and, having seen Utah against Michigan, I dont think they are good enough to cover this number (Lose 58-10)

GEORGIA -1 over South Caronina teased with USC -5.5 over Ohio State------------Altho South Carolina has +2 days of rest and home-off-road-loss, Georgia has the revenge, having lost to SC last year. SC looked very weak in the 1st half against NC state. Maybe they can compete in this game but I doubt it. Georgia DOMINATED against Central Michigan, destroying a huge 24 point spread with an even TO ratio(outgaining them by 240 yards). Wells is out for OSU and they had a big problem vs Ohio last week(+4 on the TO ratio and they only outgain Ohio by 27 yards). USC should give them an even bigger problem(Win by 6 and 25.5)

Friday, September 12, 2008

WASHINGTON(Martis) +170 over Florida(Olsen) (Lose 2-1)
Washington +1.5(-120) over Florida------------------Both offenses are scoring well(Nationals have averaged 8 runs per game over their last 4) but Olsen has been giving up too many runs lately. I'll take the number (Win 2-1)

REDS(Cueto) +190 over Arizona(Webb) (Cancelled; pitching change)
REDS +1.5(-110) over Arizona--------------Webb has gotten annihilated his last 3 starts and AZ's offense has not been producing. Cueto's not consistent, but in April he did throw a 1 hitter against AZ. This number is too big(Cancelled)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

TORONTO(Marcum) +110 over WhiteSox(Floyd)----------Blue Jays have been scoring well and Marcum has 1 good start vs Cws this year (Win 6-4)

Texas(Nippert) vs Oakland(Braden) OVER 9(+100)---------Texas has been scoring high while A's have averaged about 5 per game over their last 4. Braden has been ok ERA-wise, but both of these pitchers are no better than average(Lose 6-1)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cubs(Marshall) vs Reds(Harang) OVER 9.5(-110)----------Harang getting worse and has been rocked by Cubs TWICE this season. Reds still scoring and are a + team vs lhp's. Cubs may be starting to score again after rocking Reds bullpen last night. (Lose 4-3)

BROWNS +6 over Cowboys-----------Anderson and Edwards are off the injury list. Although Cleveland's schedule was weak last year, they covered 7 out of 8 spreads while playing at home(Anderson covered 7 out 7 spreads as starting QB at home)(Lose 28-10)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

OREGON STATE +15.5 over Penn State----------It is somewhat unknown how good Penn State really is after playing Coastal Carolina. Oregon State lost to Stanford but outgained them by 190 yards and gave up 3 turnovers on the TO ratio. They also threw for 400 yards and the team just looked very fast. PSU is big.....but are they fast? 15.5 is enough points for me to test them with OSU (Lose 45-14......Penn State is good)

DODGERS(Billingsley) -120 over Arizona(Webb)----------Webb coming off two rockings, one by the Dodgers while Billingsley has just pitched a good 7inn vs the Diamondbacks. The Dodgers have been scoring well and Arizona has not been (Win 7-2)

REDS(Cueto) +145 over Cubs(Marquis)---------Marquis is ok; not bad not great. But Cubs have not been hitting well while the Reds HAVE been. Cueto just pitched a 7inn 4 hitter vs Cubs and has been improving(Lose 14-9)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

TIGERS(Miner) -122 over Angels(Garland)----------Garland is getting rocked lately altho he has had a good game vs the Tigers in the past. Angels, as usual, are scoring consistently low(Win 9-6)

WASHINGTON(Perez) +143 over Phillies(Blanton)---------Before running into Hamels yesterday, Nationals were on an offensive rampage. I dont like Blanton and I dont like the Phillies vs an lhp(Win 9-7)