Wednesday, August 30, 2017

CHICAGO CUBS(Quintana) -1.5(+115) over Pittsburgh Pirates(Nova)-----Cubs have the double Team Revenge against Nova a fairly hittable pitcher.  Pirates ARE slightly weaker vs lhps.  At 71-60,  the Cubs are the 5th worst team to bet on(understandable as they won the WS last year).   Quintana might not be the most consistent,  but he's been ok over the long term this year.(Win 17-3..........Hmm.  2HR by Kyle Schwarber........Ian Happ 3-5 HR.........Kris Bryant 3-4.........Anthony Rizzo 2-3 HR..........Rene Rivera 3-5.    Might be interesting if I could support this team.  But they didn't pay...........they didn't pay me when they were offered the chance.   Zero tolerance for not paying me.)

TAMPA BAY RAYS(Odorizzi) +120 over Kansas City Royals(Vargas)-----TB has the Team Revenge for a very poor performance vs Vargas on May 11th.   Vargas is 14-8 which is good on his team.  And Odorizzi walks almost 1 every 2 innings,  which is not good.(Win 5-3)

OAKLAND A's(Graveman) +136 over La Angels(Bridwell)-----A's are off 2 days of terrible,  embarrassing offense and Bridwell is pretty good.   Graveman has gone 2-1 vs Angels this year,  being effective in all those games.   Maybe I feel its just time for Graveman to win for me but.....another thing:  He's from Alabama,  a state which,  I heard,  is putting up some new Confederate combat this wicked outbreak of historical vandalism,  a trend,  stoked by the Hate Network MSNBC,  which has so obviously swamped Houston and some other southern cities.(Lose 10-8.............this was gonna win.  Then Chris Hatcher came in,  walked a guy and gave up the GW Grand Slam in the 7th in Cliff Pennington.  What a shame,  because the A's did rock Bridwell)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Ray) +121 over La Dodgers(Ryu)-----Ryu IS improving.....and AZ is weaker vs lhps.   But, all things considered,  the Dodgers don't need the game because they've already won too many.  But Arizona needs to keep winning to maintain the Wild Card they're on track for.  So you have a home team at +121 know throwing one of their best pitchers.........and their opponent doesn't need the game.(Win 6-4)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tigers(Fulmer) vs Rockies(Marquez) UNDER 11(+104)(Win 7-3)
TIGERS(Fulmer) +150 over Rockies(Marquez)---------These teams had CRAP pitchers yesterday and the game was 4-3,  not even close to going OVER.  Marquez is actually pretty good:  Out of 22 starts,  he's had 8 in which he finished the 6th inning and allowed 2 ER or fewer.   Tigers on a 4-4 run.  I think the UNDER is the better play but I'll take Fulmer at +150.(Lose 7-3)

TAMPA BAY RAYS(Cobb) +101 over Kansas City Royals(Junis)(Lose 6-2)
Tampa Bay(Cobb) vs Kansas City(Junis) UNDER 9.5(-128)---------Ahh,  I can taste the sweet flavor of History which the Royals can "make" in the 6th inning of this game.....
(The Royals, who lost their fifth straight, now have been shut out in 43 straight innings, the longest such streak in Major League Baseball since the mound was lowered after 1968. The previous mark was 42 by both the 1983 Phillies and the 1985 Astros. The '79 Phillies were blanked in 39 innings. The all-time mark is 48 by the 1968 Cubs and the 1906 A's....)(Win 6-2.....they didn't do it)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Godley) +110 over La Dodgers(Hill)-----Obviously,  the Dodgers' winning percentage hitherto is unsustainable.   While Hill is from Boston,  Godley's from South Carolina.   While AZ hasn't been doing particularly well on offense(they're 13-13 in August),  the anti-Confederate--even though he owned slaves----Sam Houston's city is 30% underwater right now.   So this play can be seen as a pro-Confederate home team pick,  by my interpretation,  boosted by some current "Act of God" information.(Win 7-6)

LA ANGELS(Scribner) -148 over Oakland A's(Smith)-----Oakland's offense is ABSOLUTELY FATUOUS;  they K'd 14 times last night!!!  Smith's stats aren't bad(he gives up too many HRs I think),  but there's no way he'll win much for this garbage team.(Win 8-2.............Scribner only threw 57 pitches;  Jesse Chavez got the Win.   CJ Cron 2 HR..........Ben Revere 2-4)

Monday, August 28, 2017

OAKLAND A's(Gossett) +160 over La Angels(Heaney)------What happened yesterday was.....Andrew Albers got rocked by the Yankees,  giving up 11 hits in 5 inn,  5 unearned runs and 3 earned runs.   With Andrew Heaney at -170 today,  I'd be inclined to go against him with almost any opponent.  Angels at home here and they've won 8 more games this year than the A's have.(Lose 3-1........if you ever think the A's can hit,  watch this game: A's strikeout 14 times.  Matt Chapman and Matt Joyce combine for an 0-8,  6 LOB.  Jed Lowrie K'd 3 times.  Pathetic offense by A's)

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Kennedy) -108 over Tampa Bay(Pruitt)------Royals were shutout in their last 3 and are on an 0-4 run.   The team is still 64-65,  and Kennedy has a surprisingly weak 4-9 record this year.   He's kind of a mystery,  I think---he's somewhat hard to hit,  yet his ERA is high.  I guess he just gives up too many HRs.   He's getting his BBs under control,  now at 1 every 2.5innings.   The key thing is that Byron Buxton hit 3 HRs yesterday and he was born on December 18.   So if Kennedy,  also a Sagittarius---born December 19th,  can't win for us here in this home game,  I really don't know what to make of the guy.(Lose 12-0.........This is the final straw.   Kennedy is a fucking..........loser.  7 ER in 2 innings given up by Ian Kennedy.  WTF???  I seriously can't believe this.)

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Stroman) -108 over Boston Red Sox(Pomeranz)(Lose 6-5)
TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Stroman) -1.5(+170) over Boston Red Sox(Pomeranz)----Blue Jays on a bad 2-7 run.........Pomeranz can be good for about 5 innings,  but he rarely finishes the 7th inning.(Lose 6-5..........2-2 ball in the dirt in the 2nd inning and Toronto's C Raffy Lopez throws it into centerfield because  the SS Ryan Goins is slow to cover the base.  That's let's in a run which proved to be the difference in this game.  But Stroman did good;  bullpen fucked up.  Danny Barnes gives 3ER in 2/3 inning.  Ryan Tepera walks Bogaerts w/ bases loaded.   A real fuck-up)

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Kluber) -106 over New York Yankees(Severino)-------Ok.......both good pitchers here but it seems like Kluber is even better than he was last year.(Win 6-2.........Jose Ramirez 2HR)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Senzatela) -1.5(-126) over Detroit Tigers(Zimmerman)----Senzatela tends to give up home runs,  or at least 'big hits'.   But overall his stats this---his first year----are good;  he's not that easy to hit.   He starts here,  after apparently spending some time in the bullpen.   O/U on this is 12.5 so..........that considers how Zimmerman has been recently.  I'll play.(Lose 4-3...........Rockies outhit them 13-9................17 total LOB for Rockies.  Gerardo Parra left 7 on base.   Senzatela rocked out in the 4th inning.)

Saturday, August 26, 2017

CONOR MCGREGOR +410 over Floyd Mayweather------Did you see the Orioles last night?  16-3,  Jonathan Schoop 4-5.........and you see the three O's in Conor McGregor.   With McGregor,  we're getting at least 10 years of a youth advantage.   Of course McGregor has "fighting experience",  so we can give the boxing experience at this price.  (Lose............McGregor wins the first 3 rounds.....But he's the one who gets too tired to continue in,  like,  the 10th round.   Not a bad bet after I saw the replay.   He just got too tired EVEN with the 10 year youth advantage.  Strange.)
NEW YORK METS(Gsellman) +182 over Washington Nationals(Gonzalez)----Mets have the double Team Revenge against Gonzalez,  who is good(in fact,  he's only allowed 1 ER in his last 27 innings) but.........there's other factors.  Gsellman is not good this year,  but.......he does have the Pitcher Revenge against Washington and Robert Stephenson got good run support yesterday from the Reds while getting 11 K's.   In the last 12 games without Harper,  the Nationals have scored an average of 3.25 runs per game.  By contrast,  the Mets have averaged scoring 3.76 runs in their last 13 games.   For this game,  Murphy and Zimmerman are also listed as OUT on the Nationals.(Lose 9-4........Gsellman gave up 9 hits in 4 innings so----a shelling.  But he also let in 4 unearned runs with his own Error.   For Mets,  Wilmer Flores went 4-4 w/HR)

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Davies) +162 over La Dodgers(Stripling)----all right,  well,  you had Khris Davis hitting 2HR last night........JD Davis had an HR for Houston.........and Chris Davis went 2-5 with an HR for the Orioles.   And here you have Davies,  a pitcher who is 14-7 this year on a 66-63 team.(Win 3-0............Davies goes 7 3 0 0 7.............HR by Orlando Arcia)

Friday, August 25, 2017

SEATTLE MARINERS(Miranda) +158 over New York Yankees(Sabathia)------Both teams are weaker vs lhps.  But Yankees hit .241 vs lhps while Seattle hits .251 vs lhps.   Yankees have scored 58 more runs this year than Mariners.  Mariners have the Team Revenge vs Sabathia and Miranda,  tho he is sometimes wild,  has been pretty hard to hit throughout this year and his career.(Win 2-1............Yonder Alonso PHGWHR..........James Pazos got the W........Mike Zunino 3-5, HR)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Holland) +164 over Minnesota Twins(Berrios)(Win 5-1)
CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Holland) +1.5(-105) over Minnesota Twins(Berrios)-----Holland is absolutely terrible this year,  walking more than 1 every 2 innings,  throwing a .291 average.   Maybe.......the fact that Iglesias went 3-3 w/ 4RBI today in the Tigers game can mean something favorable to him.(Win 5-1.........Yolmer Sanchez 2-4, HR.......Kevan Smith 2-4)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Shields) +139 over Minnesota Twins(Santana)------Sox are not the better team here,  but they are at home.(Win 4-3...........Tim Anderson GWRBI..........Leury Garcia 2-4, HR)

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Chacin) +165 over St Louis Cardinals(Weaver)-----Chacin is 11-8 on a team that is 56-69.   I'd call that successful.(Lose 6-2...........Weaver went 7 3 0 1 10...........didn't know he was good.  Chacin went 2-2 as a hitter)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Richard) +170 over St Louis Cardinals(Lynn)------Horrible year for Richard.  But.......he is coming off a CGSHO against............the Phillies.   Maybe he's gonna start doing better.(Win 12-4...........Solarte goes 3-5,  6RBI, HR..........Austin Hedges 2-5, HR)

OAKLAND A's(Blackburn) +151 over Baltimore Orioles(Jimenez)------------Orioles have the better offense,  not sure if they have the better starting pitcher.(Win 6-4...........Ryon Healy 2HR..........Blackburn didn't allow a hit or a walk in 61 pitches.........Bruce Maxwell 2-4)

SEATTLE MARINERS(Gonzales) -118 over Atlanta Braves(Sims)-----I know I don't like the way Sims pitches.  But should I take this..........with no known success out of Gonzales yet?  I guess I will.(Lose 4-0...........So Sims is gonna do good AGAINST me)

Monday, August 21, 2017

MINNESOTA TWINS(Melville) +128 over Chicago White Sox(Rodon)----Tim Melville only has 2 starts in MLB,  both earlier this season.   Twins on 11-3 run;  they're in contention,  CWS are not.   Melville must be looking good if Twins are starting him.(Lose 7-6............Melville rocked 3 4 5 3 4)

Sunday, August 20, 2017

ST LOUIS CARDINALS(Leake) -102 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Nova)-----Leake started strong this season and slowly started to get worse after May19th,  when New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu took down the Robert E. Lee statue in  Louisiana.   It was the wrong move,  as Louisiana congressional rep Steve Scalise was shot almost to death on June 14th.   After June 30th Leake's decline accelerated greatly as batters---who had been hitting .238 off him----are now hitting .278 off him after those 8 starts after June 30th.   True,  there have been trouble with "Leaks" from the White House,  but to the extent that his name has an 'L' and 2 'e's in it,  we need to put tremendous support into him after Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh took down----in an utterly fascist decision----the Robert E. Lee monument in her soon to be annihilated city.(Lose 6-3........Leake rocked again in 3 innings)

LA ANGELS(Bridwell) +108 over Baltimore Orioles(Tillman)------Tillman comes out of the pen,  I guess;  he's been terrible this year,  while Bridwell's been great.   If starting pitching means anything,  Angels should win this game with ease.(Win 5-4..........Cameron Maybin GWRBI........Kole Calhoun GWRun)

LA DODGERS(Maeda) -139 over Detroit Tigers(Verlander)-----well I bet on Verlander last time and he lost for me.  In fact,  the Tigers FUCKING SUCK.   The fucked up that Verlander is from Virginia,  a state that is threatening----with a Charl-ville dep mayor,  Wes Bellamy,  who is a misogynist homophobe---shockingly put into his office by Virginia's shithead governor Terry McAuliffe-------to defile its state history by removing a Robert E. Lee statue.   So I think Verlander will continue to lose...........because the traitors running the state are trying to fucking kill off their history and their Old Heroes.(Lose 6-1...........Verlander goes 8 2 1 1 9.......surprisingly)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Newcomb) +107 over Cincinnati Reds(Castillo)------Newcomb has been way too wild,  he's 1-7.........can he continue to suck like this?(Win 8-1........Nice win by the young Aryan Newcomb,  tho he had 5 walks in 5 innings.  Tyler Flowers hit a Grand Slam; Freeman and Phillips 3-5.........Ozzie Albies 2-4)

HOUSTON ASTROS(Peacock) -1.5(-115) over Oakland(Cotton)--------Cotton has had plenty of starts this year and he's just giving up too many runs per inning.   Peacock,  though he does walk 1 every 2 innings,  and he's done poorly in August,  he's had a solid year.(Lose 3-2..........Wow,  and Houston's supposed to have the best offense........Cotton goes 6 4 2 3 2)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

MINNESOTA TWINS(Slegers) +113 over Cleveland Indians(Merritt)----New pitcher for Twins,  Slegers, is 6'10.   Can't say Twins are doing bad now on a 7-2 run.(Win 4-2........Mauer 3-5..........Kepler HR..........Escobar 3-5)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

DETROIT TIGERS(Verlander) -107 over Texas Rangers(Griffin)----Verlander has a lot of walks this year.  But he's been improving and has been effective over his last 7 starts.   Tigers on a 2-7 run in Texas for this game........and,  they have this catcher named Hicks,   I think he's new and I think Aaron Hicks had an HR to either tie or win the game for the Yankees a day or two ago.(Lose 10-4........Hicks did go 3-4 and Verlander didn't walk anyone,  but he still gave 5 ERs;  Saupold gave up 4BB and 4ER in 1 inning.)

Friday, August 11, 2017

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Walker) -118 over Chicago Cubs(Lackey)-----Neil Walker went 4-5 w/HR yesterday for the Mets so.........I definitely wanna go here.   Looking at Walker's stats,  he seems like his record could be a little better than the 6-5 that it is........on a winning team like Arizona.  He hasn't faced the Cubs this year nor has Lackey faced Arizona.  Lackey seems to be hanging in there,  with his stats reverting to his historical norms after the 'miracle year' last year.(Lose 8-3......Alex Avila hit an HR against me and..............Arizona didn't do any hitting)

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Jackson) -1.5(+100) over San Francisco Giants(Stratton)----Offensive differential between these teams should make it very hard for SF to win unless Jackson really fucks up.(PPD)

TEXAS RANGERS(Hamels) +108 over Houston Astros(Morton)-----It may be stupid to bet against the Astros,  but Gerritt Cole did well and won yesterday so we'll give the Rangers a chance at home with Cole Hamels.(Win 6-4.........Hamels goes 7 3 0 2 5  and Elvis Andrus went 3-4)

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

SEATTLE MARINERS(Miranda) -115 over Oakland A's(Graveman)------After a long layoff,  Graveman came back on August 3rd and got rocked by the sorry Giants---so there's nothing impressive there.  Miranda definitely has the Pitcher Revenge for what happened April 22nd in Oakland;  but overall,  Miranda has put up excellent stats for his season and is clearly bettable in many situations.  Trump's nuclear holocaust warnings today certify that North Korea,  now known to have "gone miniature" with their nuclear payloads and having nuclear warheads tucked safely in subterranean bunkers pointed at America just 5,626 miles off the coast of California, and the nuclear North Korean crisis has become the check on American Imperialism that the Cuban Missile Crisis was.  And so,  out of respect for history,  I will go with the Cuban pitcher here.(Win 7-6..........GWHR by Leonys Martin............Miranda not very good,  giving up 6 ER)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Marquez) +237 over Cleveland Indians(Kluber)-----This line is a joke;  Up 17 units,  the Rockies have been the 2nd best team to bet on this season while the Indians,  at -20 units,  have been 3rd worst team in baseball to bet on.  The Indians HAVE gotten their offense up to speed(after a miserable 1st half),  but the Rockies have been a good offense all year.  Indians have only a .541 winning percentage and regardless of Kluber's stats his blob-sinkers are still weak.   With Christopher Nolan's well-reviewed movie in theaters now..........yeah,  we should see some RBIs from Nolan Arenado.   Indians are on a 2-5 run and...........they're -260 in this game.  Nah,  don't think so.(Lose 4-1.............bottom of the 9th,  1 out,  Rockies up 1-0.........Greg Holland pitching for Rockies:  BB to Encarnacion,  K so now there's 2 outs,  Zimmer walked on 4 pitches,  Holland gets Austin Jackson to 0-2 the Jackson gets a hit.  So,  2 outs bases loaded and Yan Gomes hits the GW Grand Slam on the first pitch.    Good bet,  good price..........I usually can't win with this Colorado team but its Greg Holland who can't close.)

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Kuhl) -163 over Detroit Tigers(Boyd)------ok well,  Pirates offense is pretty weak.......but Kuhl is improving slightly,  although he still walks almost 1 every 2 innings.  Pirates ARE on a 4-1 run and well,  they're going against Boyd.(Win 6-3...........2RBI by Kuhl as  a hitter.  Andrew McCutchen 2-4, HR..........David Freese 2-4)

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Blach) +159 over Chicago Cubs(Quintana)----I cannot bad the Giants suck.   Quintana has done all right,  but I'd say Blach looks even better as he's gone 7 or more innings in his last 4 starts.(Win 6-3..........Buster Posey 2-4, HR.........Crawford 2-4)

Monday, August 07, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Moore) +162 over Chicago Cubs(Arrieta)------well this line has come way down but........Giants have won a few games of late;  no Cubs pitcher is as good this year as he was in the magical 2016 and while Matt Moore sucks this year,  he does have the Pitcher Revenge at home.(Lose 5-3...........Cubs are beating too much?   Pshhh,  I still recommend betting against them)

Sunday, August 06, 2017

OAKLAND A's(Manaea) +116 over La Angels(Nolasco)----While A's don't even have a .300 hitter they are on a 5-3 run and Manaea.........has a double Revenge situation here against the Angles who beat him twice.   I noticed the Blue Jays winning yesterday with Ryan Goins getting the game winning RBI and Ryan Tepera getting the Win.  And..........A's have Ryon Healy.(Win,  I get to win one of these 11-10s that are becoming so common.  Manaea got rocked....Chad Pinder 4-5, HR...........Chapman 2-4...........Bruce Maxwell got the GWRBIs..........7 or the A's 9 lineups slots had 2 hits or more..........Josh Smith got the W  Bud Norris got the L)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Sims) -123 over Miami Marlins(Urena)-----After a terrible 4-11 run at the end of July,  the Braves are in position to sweep this series against the Marlins.   But nobody really knows how good or bad Lucas Sims is.   Urena has been effective against the Braves twice,  but the Braves won both those games.  Not sure if that's revenge for him.(Lose 4-1..........Sims throws 106 pitches and stays in there,   but he's really a hobgoblin of a pitcher,  all bent and crouched forward.  He gave up 2 HR in the 1st inning.)

Friday, August 04, 2017

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Roark) +154 over Chicago Cubs(Hendricks)-----Well,  the Nationals offense has been better this year than Cubs.........but now Nationals have Howie Kendrick.   Hmm.  Game is in Chicago but,  it looks 50-50.(Win 4-2..........Daniel Murphy 2HR...........Howie Kendrick 2-3)

Thursday, August 03, 2017

ATLANTA BRAVES(Newcomb) +216 over La Dodgers(Wood)-----Wood just got rocked by the Braves so he does have the Pitcher Revenge.  However,  I still like how Newcomb throws and the Braves are ok,  tho they're below .500.   Technically,  this line is 'right',  considering the Dodgers are like 75-32,  an unsustainably good winning percentage.  Braves are at home.(Lose 7-4......everyone on the Braves who played got at least 1 hit except the pitcher.  So Braves out hit 'em 11 to 9.  But Newcomb gave up a sickening 7 walks in 4 innings)