Saturday, November 26, 2011

VANDERBILT COMMODORES -1.5 over Wake Forest Demon Deacons---------Vandy has played some good SEC teams very close while failing to win. Yesterday you had Kamar Jordan 2TD for Bowling Green in a victory; Marcus Jordan 20pts for the Central Florida Knights in their fine upset victory at defending national champion UConn; Jordair Jett 19pts for Saint Louis in their victory over Villanova.........I think it might be time for Jordan Rodgers to get a win(not just a cover) as QB for Vandy. Of course, Vandy also has Jordan Matthews at WR.......and Zac Stacy at RB(see Zach Maynard's victory for Cal as an underdog last night in Arizona. Commodores have coach James Franklin(see FRANK Spaziani's win at coach for Boston College yesterday as a big underdog in Miami). Vanderbilt also has the road revenge here as they played Wake last year. Wake Forest is a good team coming off 3 straight covers but........I just think this is Vandy's day to win..........they were -2 TO in their loss at Tennessee last week.(Win 41-7..........Zac Stacy 3 TD's)

MICHIGAN -7.5 over Ohio State---------The only reason I can think of as to how Ohio might have the luck to win this game is that they have Jordan Hall(cover him). However, OSU has had trouble beating Indiana and Toledo........they've lost 3 of their 4 road games.......the only real bright spot on their record is going -1 TO and still beating Wisconsin. I wouldn't have been surprised if this line was between 10 and 14---Michigan has been covering---sometimes hugely---at home and they have many years of revenge motivation here. Wearing some black and with a black head coach, the Colorado Buffaloes scored a huge victory as 22-pt underdogs yesterday and....Michigan's offensive players may be undersized, but they are black(see Robinson getting 2 TD's for Dallas on Thursday to win the game).(Lose 40-34.....This game should not have been close; Braxton Miller had by far his best game passing.......UM defense blew..............Toussaint had the ball on the goal line---ruled a TD on the field----overturned on review....ball placed not on the goal line but where his knee went down. Next play was another TD which was negated by TWO penalties. Very suspicious; I would not be surprised if Jim Feist cashed with Ohio State in this game.)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

MIAMI DOLPHINS +7 over Cowboys(Win 20-19
MIAMI DOLPHINS +250 over Cowboys--------Cowboys were +2 TO in almost losing to Washington last game and they got all kinds of luck when they blew out the Bills 44-7. With Romo wearing #9, a number just recently disgraced by Stafford in the Lions' loss, I think Dallas is due for a bad day. Dolphins are emerging with their new QB(Lose 20-19.......Dolphins defense had at least one chance to win it late......couldn't stop Romo when it mattered)

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS +3.5(-120) over Baltimore Ravens----------SF is a covering machine this year and.......going with the trend of the day-----home teams failing to cover----I'll put a small bet on this as the Ravens are a bit inconsistent and this could be a defensive struggle(Lose 16-6......yea, should have taken the UNDER........16 a winner)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

YOUNGSTOWN STATE +9.5 over Penn State(Lose 82-71...........Tim Frazier 26pts)

Monday, November 21, 2011

CAL -6 over Georgia--------BCLI Steam Play............(Win 70-46)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES +225 over New York Giants---------Young against Manning? If Penn State likes the Eagles in this spot, thats good enough for me........and the Eagles have the in-season revenge........and Romo and Stafford won with the 9----Young wears 9(Win 17-10)
BUFFALO BILLS +9 over Miami teased with SEATTLE SEAHAWKS +9 over St Louis------One of the biggest upsets of the weekend was #14 Jonathan Perry of the UAB Blazers covering (and winning) a 24-pt spread----Bills have the 14 at QB which is strengthened as an RF with Robert gRiFFin getting the victory last night for Baylor as a 15-point underdog. Miami is coming off two good games vs weak teams(KC and Washington) while the Bills have just lost to the Jets and Cowboys while suffering a combined -5 TO. The Buffalo Bulls also blew-out Akron yesterday 51-10. The Rams got very lucky to win last week against the Browns and.......they score very few points. With #7 Matt Barkley getting the win for USC yesterday(and 7 Chazz Andersen winning for Buffalo), Seattle has the 7 at QB and........the Iowa HAWKeyes did win yesterday(Lose 35-8....Bills outgain the Dolphins by 5 yds.........are penalized by 23 fewer yards than the Dolphins......hmmm, Miami was only +2 TO yet they win by 27 points)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

WAKE FOREST -10 over Maryland parlayed with MICHIGAN -3.5 over Nebraska------Big win for the 16 over the 3 with Iowa State beating heavily favored Ok St.....and those are the QB #'s in the Michigan game; the revenge hasnt been doing real good lately but Maryland beat Wake bad last year(62-14). altho Wake hasn't beaten anybody by 10 points besides GWEBB, they do have home-off-road-loss(Win 31-10 and 45-17............"FITZ"! #2 Chris Givens 191 yds, TD)

Monday, November 14, 2011

MINNESOTA +13 over Green Bay(Lose 45-7)
MINNESOTA +550 over Green Bay-------2 days after a 66-6 game, which cost me money, and 1 day after the Jets crapped all over the Green, which cost me A LOT of money, I STRENUOUSLY suggest that the Vikings win this game........convincingly. I need PERSONAL revenge against the Green and, altho the revenge did terrible yesterday(aside from the Bears), Minnesota has in-season revenge and is off the bye(which also did terrible yesterday). However, Pete Carroll won yesterday with the Seahawks and the 7.......and Minnesota has Petersen.(Lose 45-7............Even TO ratio, GB outgains them by only 90 yards and its 45-7: Sick)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

NEW YORK JETS -1 over New England Patriots--------However much you may claim that NE is too good to lose a 3rd consecutive game, you have to acknowledge the salience of the biggest beatdown in Texas Tech Oklahoma State(66-6) having 2 Moore's at receiver. Well, the Jets have 1 Moore and a 6 on their QB. Green also did pretty well yesterday with the North Texas Mean Green getting an upset victory, Michigan State winning and Oregon....a surprising 23 pt win over previously unbeaten Stanford with #21 LaMichael James getting 3 TD's and...........Jets also have that number. Stephfon GREEN also had 2 TD's for Penn State---allowing them to cover----wearing 21. Jets have the in-season home revenge.(Lose 37-16.....the Jets shit all over the Green giving 3 TO on the ratio.......the great Spic-QB experiment is over{it failed}......Fuck Jew York City and Fuck the 6)

CAROLINA PANTHERS -3.5 over Tennessee Titans-------FL International Golden Panthers won yesterday as did the Pitt Panthers. Carolina at home off its bye...........Washington State Cougars also had a good win yesterday; I think that's the type of "beast" you wanna play today after the Ok-State game. A "Titan" strikes me as a more fictional being; not a "real beast" like a Panther.(Lose 30-3........Mickey Rourke liberated the Titans on 11/11/11.......great---1st non-competitive game Carolina has played I think)

CINCINNATI BENGALS +4.5 over Pittsburgh Steelers-------Even tho the Bengals schedule has been weak, they've only played 3 home games. Dalton's school, TCU, had an impressive win yesterday and, since this is "Beast Day", I'll take this home revenge as a 'Steeler' is not a beast.(Lose 24-17.........Dalton 50% 2 INT, he's a loser)

MIAMI DOLPHINS -3.5 over Washington Redskins-------Miami's win last game was big and it came with an even turnover ratio; Dolphins could be going into a serious improvement-phase(Win 20-9)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

MIAMI HURRICANES +9.5 over Florida State Seminoles(Win 23-19)
MIAMI HURRICANES +290 over Florida State Seminoles-------FSU has just rolled over 4 easy teams......4 weak teams. Miami's records look more erratic but they have beaten Georgia Tech, NC and Ohio State. And Miami has the revenge here on the road.(Lose 23-19........Notice how the line moves from +9.5 to +12.5 right before game-time and FSU goes +3 TO preventing this bet from cashing like it should have.)

TEXAS TECH RED RAIDERS +20 over Oklahoma State Cowboys---------Nice win on the road by the Oakland RAIDERS.....Tech has the home revenge and home-off-road-loss here......#7 at QB(BJ Daniels redeemed the 7 a bit last night with 371 total yards and a Win over the Syracuse ORANGE...and OK State is orange). Texas Tech was only +2 TO in their win over Oklahoma as 28 pt dogs.(Lose 66-6.......This is the most PATHETIC......the most physically, emotionally and mentally RETARDED performance that I have ever seen in CFB by Texas Tech. An UTTER and COMPLETE disgrace.)

UCLA BRUINS +7(-115) over Utah Utes--------I think UCLA is underrated. They were -2 TO in their win last week over ASU that put them into the lead in their division. UCLA has played Houston(and almost won) and Texas and Stanford-----thats a tough schedule. UCLA's basketball team got upset last night with Ashley Hamilton scoring 23 against them and...........the football team has Aaron Hester who...........might play. Utah is on a 2-game +6 TO luck-streak; I don't know if thats likely to continue.(Lose 31-6......-1 TO for UCLA; it wasn't really luck----UCLA just sucks)

PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS +3.5 over Nebraska Cornhuskers(Win 17-14)
Penn State vs Nebraska UNDER 42.5-------------11/11/11 was yesterday and PSU's QB is #11. Penn State is at home off the bye and it was the Loyola Marymount LIONS who won as 14 pt underdogs yesterday over UCLA. Clearly, there's an enormous amount of anger at Penn State right now---I'll speculate that anger helps defenses and go under as this...........strange-ness about this PSU team has them WINNING a lot, yet not covering(2-7 ATS) while going UNDER the total 7 times against 1 over and 1 push. Penn State's defense should be VERY strong today after an impressive news-van-overturned riot this week. In fact, if I had a future NFL career to protect, I would NOT want to play in this game. I'm predicting at least 1 "stretcher-on-field" injury and probably more than 5 "out-for-the-game" injuries. Nebraska was +1 TO in their loss to Northwestern----hard team to predict.(Win 17-14)

MISSISSIPPI REBELS +2 over Louisiana Tech Bulldogs----------Ole Miss needs to win a game.... you saw Denarius Moore get 2 TD's in the Oakland Raiders game and.......the Rebels have 2 Moore's; its time for them to do good. Miss has home-off-road-loss(Lose 27-7.........This is the team that needs to suck some little-boy-dick and get the fuck out of the SEC.....they are a disgrace and a liability to their state, their conference and all of college football. Mississippi needs to cancel the rest of its season before somebody gets hurt.)

Sunday, November 06, 2011

RAVENS +3.5 over Steelers----------We will offer BCLI's support(for a small bet) in honor of the demolition of the 5-times-sacked 7 on Matt Cassel.......with the Steeler QB also wearing a the Dolphins crushed KC 31-3. Steelers do have the home, in-season revenge here against Baltimore but with the Ravens' early season luck-debts having possibly been repaid during the mystifying night-time loss at Jacksonville and the early-game scare vs Arizona last week, perhaps the night DOES owe something to the Ravens.......Flow with the Joe(Win 23-20)

Saturday, November 05, 2011

BAYLOR BEARS -2.5 over Missouri------I think this could be a good time to play Griffin(23TD/4INT) as he looks to be pretty good.......Baylor has the home-off-road-loss getting very unlucky last week(-4 TO ratio) while Missouri won last week getting a bit of luck(+2 TO ratio)(Win 42-39........Griffin 406 yards)

LOUISIANA STATE TIGERS +4.5 over Alabama Crimson Tide-------Big win for Spencer Keith and Kent State last night and LSU looks like they'll have Spencer Ware........2 good teams, could be close game........bama does have the home revenge but with the St LOUIS Blues winning last night and LOUI Eriksson getting the game-winning-goal as 1 of his 2 goals for Dallas last night......gotta give LSU a chance here.(Win 9-6.........Jefferson comes in at QB and wins it)

INDIANA HOOSIERS +28.5 over Ohio State Buckeyes---------10 years of revenge motivation(at least) for Indiana and........besides Colorado and Akron, OSU hasn't come close to beating anyone by 28 points. You might think, if Indiana lost 59-7 to Wisconsin and Ohio State BEAT Wisconsin........that Ohio State should beat Indiana by more than 52 points. But to my experience, this kind of "syllogism" on 1 team almost always fails to work. With MSNBC opening up the Indiana state prison system last night on "LOCKDOWN", I'll back Indiana with the multi-year revenge.(Win 34-20)

VIRGINIA CAVALIERS -3 over Maryland Terrapins---------Vincent LeCAVALIER with the game-winning-goal last night for Tampa.........gotta consider that with the road revenge that Virginia has and the +2 days of rest Virginia has. As the season progresses, UVA may be getting a little better while Maryland, altho they did well vs Clemson, seems to be getting worse.(Win 31-13)

Friday, November 04, 2011

CENTRAL MICHIGAN CHIPPEWAS +2 over Kent State-----2 highly overrated MAC teams with 3 total covers this year between them.......CMU's best player, Paris Cotton, is OUT, but I'll try the 8 with #8 Mike Komisarek's +3 for the Maple Leafs yesterday and #8 Alex Burmistrov's goal and +3 for the Winnipeg Jets in their upset win over the Islanders and #8 DeVonta Freeman....2 TD's in Florida State's beat-down on Boston College yesterday.(Lose 24-21.......2 INT's by #8 Ryan Radcliff at QB but it still would have been tied after regulation if David Harman hadn't missed an FG, shockingly, from the 18-yard-line..........big win for #3 Spencer Keith)

Thursday, November 03, 2011

BOSTON COLLEGE EAGLES +15 over Florida State Seminoles(Lose 38-7)
BOSTON COLLEGE EAGLES +490 over Florida State Seminoles--------Ok, Ohio's coach is 'Frank'....and they won! Ok, I see how this is going: BC has a coach named 'Frank', Chase Rettig and yes, we saw Philip Rivers throw the game late to the "Chiefs" so..........CHASE, yeah, see? From Sierra with that 'B. Traven'. Let's do this! BC needs a 'signature home' win more meaningful than UMASS......(Lose 38-7........Boston College SUCKS.......I mean, this team is shit!......At home on national tv, and you lose the game by 31 points!!!!??? Pathetic. I've never seen such a pathetic collapse......since............well, since the Red Sox---I guess it hasn't been that long. BC Football: Give up, Go home and cancel the rest of your season)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

TEMPLE OWLS -3.5 over Ohio Bobcats-------The Owls have clearly proven that they can blow-out teams while playing on the road.......and Temple has the revenge here in Athens, Ohio. The line does look suspicious as you would think Temple'd be favored by more.......I mean, Temple looks to have had only 2 bad games.......but, with Ohio State recently beating Wisconsin, there has been no discernibly negative effect upon Ohio teams subsequent to the Zanesville Animal Holocaust on October 19th; maybe there should be.(Lose 35-31.......mystery: they can blowout an ACC team but they lose to Ohio U????)