Saturday, April 30, 2016

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Happ) +115 over Tampa Bay Rays(Archer)----Toronto hitting .237,  still well below their offensive potential with Tulowitski hitting .177.   Tampa Bay is hitting .222---worst in baseball---and they've scored 25 fewer runs than Toronto has.   Archer has had 1 good win,  his last start,  2 rockings and a couple other mediocre games.  Happ seems to have been more consistent this year and...........Robbie Ray got rocked by the Rockies yesterday.(Lose 4-3........Archer allows only 1 hit in 6inn.   Logan Forsythe 3-3, HR for Tampa......Brett Cecil takes the L late for Toronto.  GWRBI Curt Casali.)

METS(Degrom) over Giants(Cain) parlayed with DODGERS(Stripling) -1.5 over Padres(Rea) parlayed with DIAMONDBACKS(Greinke) over Rockies(Rusin) +410-----Giants have scored 18 more runs than Mets have and are hitting 15pts higher but Cain.........hittable.  LAD hitting 5 points higher than Padres and Rea's been wild and hittable. your pay-grade....could you please stop getting rocked.(Lose 5-2 and 5-2........Rusin dominates Arizona..........Greinke allows 2ER in 7innings............Stripling rocked;  Dodgers get 4 TOTAL HITS FOR ME.  That sucks;  Dodgers suck)

OAKLAND A's(Hahn) -113 over Houston Astros(Devenski)-----Going forward,  there's no guarantee the Astros' winning percentage will remain at 30%.  But Hahn was a good MLB pitcher last year.  We don't know about Devenski.(Win 2-0)

Friday, April 29, 2016

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) +114 over Minnesota Twins(Hughes)(Win 9-2)
DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -1.5 (+175) over Minnesota Twins(Hughes)-----Twins have scored 77 Runs this year(more than the Yankees) and hit .242.  Tigers have scored 96 R and hit .258.   MLB debut for Fulmer.   Hughes has walked 1 every 6inn and lasted either 6 or 7innings in all his starts.  I'll be shocked if he lasts more than 2 innings in this one.(Win 9-2........Victor Martinez 4-5, HR.....Nick Castellano 3-4, HR............Upton 3-5)

OAKLAND A's(Manaea) +120 over Houston Astros(Fiers)-----Fiers doesn't walk people but batters are hitting .300 off him.   Houston has scored 5 more runs than the A's this year.   A's hit .236(Astros .238).   Manaea we don't know because its his MLB debut but A's are at home.(Win 7-4.......GWHR Yonder Alonso..........Coco Crisp 2-3 HR..........Semien HR)

PIRATES(Nicasio) over Reds(Straily) parlayed with MARINERS(Hernandez) over Royals(Medlen) +178-----Still wanna play Nicasio as Nick Markakis went 4-5 yesterday while Nick Castellanos went 2-3.......even tho the Royals have hit 26pts higher than Seattle,  the Mariners have scored 16 more runs because the Royals aren't walking.(Win 4-1 and 1-0......Jordy Mercer 2-3..........PHHR Matt Joyce..........Josh Harrison HR..........GWHR Seth Smith for Seattle)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Nicasio) +100 over Colorado Rockies(Chatwood)----Charlotte won yesterday with Nicholas Batum getting 8pts.  Nicolino.......for the Marlins,  throwing a 7inn 2-hitter for the win at +150.  And then you had Nick Tropeano getting a 4-2 for the Angels over the Royals(I think this was because Phil Knight was on CNBC yesterday, but I didn't see it).  And here you have Nicasio.(PPD)

LOS ANGELES DODGERS(Maeda) -123 over Miami Marlins(Fernandez)(Lose 5-3)
LOS ANGELES DODGERS(Maeda) -1.5(+180) over Miami Marlins(Fernandez)----Fernandez has not been a lock to have a good start this season.  But Maeda has been.(Lose 5-3......Even though Maeda had never allowed more than 1ER in a game(and allowed 4ER in this one),  a Marlins player using synthetic testosterone and clostebol got the game-tying RBI in this game in the 7th.   There's a lot of Moral Hazard in MLB especially after it banned gambling and tobacco.   Can MLB say Joe Jackson ever used "synthetic testosterone"?   No,  yet MLB feels it has the Moral Authority to ban Jackson from the Hall of Fame.  Trust me,  MLB has NO Moral Authority after Mark Mcgwuire and Barry Bonds were permitted to break records.  Do I get my money back for this fixed game? No.  Having said that,  I think the Dodgers are a problem for us.)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(De La Rosa) +102 over St Louis Cardinals(Wacha)----Arizona hitters not too bad here,  with most of them hitting just a little below .300----you also got Nick Ahmed with AZ.   De La Rosa off a good start.(Win 3-0.........10 K's by De La Rosa.....HR by Brandon Drury and Chris Hermann)

ORIOLES(Wilson) -136 over White Sox(Danks)------Baltimore's offense has fallen a bit.  But look at this:  White Sox are 16-6 with a DH hitting .190 and a #3 hitter hitting .190........that White Sox record has to correct with such a dysfunctional offense.   Danks?  Pshhhhhew,  he's no Chris Sale.(Win 10-2.........Manny Machado 5RBI, GS............Chris Davis 2-4, HR)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

CINCINNATI REDS(Finnegan) +177 over Chicago Cubs(Arrieta)(Lose 16-0)
CINCINNATI REDS(Finnegan) +1.5(-105) over Chicago Cubs(Arrieta)----Besides Fowler,  who is hitting well,  everyone in the Cubs' lineup is hitting .233 or worse with 3 hitting below .200.  Don't be misled by Arrieta's left shoulder..........he CAN be hit.   Finnegan.......not bad at all......Phillips is hot and.........Reds at home here.(Lose 16-0........Guess I didn't realize how nasty Finnegan's jerky pitching motion is;  the guy sucks.   How many hits for me,  Cincinnati?   Reds are pathetic.  Ohio's pathetic)

OAKLAND A'S(Hill) +115 over New York Yankees(Severino)----A's are projected to be the 2nd worst team in baseball this season.  But they won yesterday and have a winning record.  (Looks like Yankees are gonna start Aaron Hicks in the lineup----where did HE come from?).  Severino has been getting his first couple starts.  Rich Hill hasn't been that great but.......he somehow has 19 K's in 13 innings pitched.(Win 7-3............Coco Crisp 2-3 HR........Mark Canha an HR, tho he's hitting .167)

PADRES(Shields) +140 over Pirates(Cole)----Pirates ARE hitting better than Padres(tho Padres have won the last 2) and both of these pitchers have yet to get a Win while doing ok.  Since everybody will be going Upton tonight it seems the price is right so we'll play the home team.(Lose 11-1........guess they're going Downton.)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Nelson) -128 over Minnesota Twins(Milone)(Win 10-5)
MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Nelson) -1.5(+165) over Minnesota Twins(Milone)----I don't think the Twins have to suddenly get good for this game.(Win 10-5...........Aaron Hill 2-4 HR,  Chris Carter 2-5 HR,  Domingo Santana 2-4, HR)

Tampa Bay(Archer) vs Boston(Porcello) UNDER 8(-115)------Boston coming off a 10-inning game in which they got exactly 1 hit.   Yeah,  I'll take the fucking Under on 'em.(Lose 7-3.......Archer gets totally rocked.)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Ray) +106 over San Francisco Giants(Cain)----Cain was rocked IN Colorado so.......maybe he's not too bad right now.  Ray has been successful in two 6inn starts,  but he walked 9 in 12 innings.(Win 3-0........Chris Owings 2-3)

Mets(Verrett) vs Phillies(Velasquez) UNDER 7.5(-120)-----Velasquez has been good,  as a new player........and I don't think anyone's too afraid of these offenses.(Lose 11-1.........3 Unearned Runs off an Error by Ryan Howard;  mostly this was the Phillies bullpen:  Brett Oberholtzer and James Russell combined to give 6ER in 3inn.)

BOSTON RED SOX(Kelly) -101 over Tampa Bay Rays(Smyly)-----Kelly has not been good over 2 starts,  and I don't see him as a very effective pitcher overall,  but there are some LOW averages on Tampa Bay.  I'll go with Boston for their offense at home here.(Lose 3-0...........1 Total Hit by Red Sox in this 10 inning game.  Kelly only went 2/3 of an inning.   Guess Smyly's good.)

CHICAGO CUBS(Hammel) +104 over St. Louis Cardinals(Garcia)----Heyward's gonna be in there for Cubs,  it looks like.  Does he hit lhps?  Hammel,  I think, is good enough to win.  (Would the Cubs win for me?).  I'm pretty sure Garcia was gassed-up lucky in his highly successful last start.  Ripe for an unraveling.   Cubs are 10-3........umm,  they could be ready to add a long themselves but I'll take them as a dog here.(Win 2-1..........Jason Hammel got 2RBI)

DODGERS(Wood) -1.5(-125) over Braves(Perez)----Braves:  bad team,  bad pitcher starting for them.(Lose 8-1..........oh wood sucks so bad;  Tyler Flowers went 4-4 for the Braves)

Monday, April 18, 2016

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Bradley) +121 over San Francisco Giants(Peavy)----Bradley!  a young phenom.  Arizona........not hitting great so far but,  clearly,  Giants suck.  We saw that last night.(Win 9-7...........Jake Lamb !  HR to save the game and a double to help win it:  Seattle Washington---very interesting...........Welington Castillo 2-4, HR........Jean Segura 3-6.......Chris Owings 2-4.   Bradley was terrible.)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Rodon) -120 over Los Angeles Angels(Santiago)------Did you see how pathetic ANGEL Pagan was last night???  0-3,  3Ks.   That's enough, man.  Sox are at home,  Angels......fuck 'em.(Lose 7-0..........Carlos Rodon was a sick joke going 1/3 of an inning--the 1st inning.  CJ Cron goes 3-4 against me,  raising his average to .159)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

GIANTS(Samardzija) +129 over Dodgers(Maeda)----Both teams now 7-5.........and their offenses,  I think,  are at least equal,  with a probability that the Giants' will do better over the course of the season.  Looks like Maeda has allowed 0ER in 12inn with only 1 BB.........but that was all......before the earthquake(s).(Lose 3-1.......Joc Pederson hit the go-ahead HR)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

COLORADO ROCKIES(Bergman) +275 over Chicago Cubs(Arrieta)(Lose 6-2)
COLORADO ROCKIES(Bergman) +1.5(+100) over Chicago Cubs(Arrieta)-----Cubs are 8-2 but most of them are not hitting for high averages and.........they have the most overrated pitcher in baseball going today.   Rockies,  on the other hand,  DO have a good offense and,  aside from Chris Carter going 2-3 yesterday and Chris Sale pitching a CG 2-hitter and Christian Vasquez going 2-4 for Boston,  you saw Chris Iannetta going 3-3 w/HR for the Mariners.   And while it looks like Colorado will have Cristhian Adames in the lineup,  we can announce The BCLI Christian Game of the Year.  BCLI Game of the Year!  on the Rockies,  this game is not gonna be can put anything you want on it.(Lose 6-2.........What's new?  The world chooses 6 more months of terror for itself.  You know..............Arrieta should not be that hard to hit----the actual pitches he's throwing are NOT THAT HARD TO HIT.   Ok,  Here's what he does:  He gets his left shoulder out there just before he releases.   That "hides the ball" well by creating a difficulty for the eye in picking up the ball quickly.   DON'T LOOK AT HIS shoulder,  its right near his release point,  but don't look at it.  Look above it and to the left:  away from his body,  away from the release point.........and try to pick up the ball with your eyes coming in toward him and DOWN.  You wanna pick up the ball.......not his shoulder.    Its gotta be that----his pitches themselves are not that special.  Ok?  I can't believe this shit:  don't let it happen again.)

WHITE SOX(Danks) +130 over Rays(Ramirez)-----Neither of these teams can hit.  But with Jonathan Schoop going 3-4 with 2HR yesterday,  we'll play on Johnny Danks,  who was rocked last start.(Lose 7-2.......How is Danks still in MLB ?  And how did he ever get there in the first place?  White Sox well on their way to being the worst offense in baseball this year.)

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Cashner) -101 over Arizona Diamondbacks(Miller)-----Miller's allowed 10 ER in his first 11innings.  Cashner hasn't done much better.  But,  with Padres at 3-8,  they need to pick it.........and they should do that here at home.(Win 5-3.........Melvin Upton 3-7 + GWHR........Will Myers 4-7)

OAKLAND A'S(Gray) -142 over Kansas City Royals(Young)(Win 5-3)
OAKLAND A'S(Gray) -1.5(+155) over Kansas City Royals(Young)----Gray has always been hard to hit and has never really had much of a problem with walks.   At 4-7,  Oakland should see this game as one they should win----with an "ace" pitcher----even though they are projected to be well below .500 and..........their offense has been weak,  but not extremely bad.   Royals are 8-2 now.   So I can see them at a point where they can acquire some losses.(Win 5-3.........Stephen Vogt 2-4, HR.......Josh Phegley 2-4)

Toronto Blue Jays(Estrada) vs Boston Red Sox(Price) OVER 8(+105)-----Red Sox have the Team Revenge against Estrada.  I like the Blue Jays offense today in a day game at Fenway Park.  Price........hasn't done good yet.(Lose 4-2......Let's look at this shit:  From the 5th thru 9th innings no runs were scored in this game!  Toronto was shut down by Gavin Floyd and Brett Cecil ?!?  I needed 2 run in the last 5innings to save my money;  I got ZERO.)

Friday, April 15, 2016

DETROIT TIGERS(Pelfrey) +182 over Houston Astros(Keuchel)-----Pelfrey is not really an MLB-caliber pitcher:  He got rocked his first start this year and, over his career,  batters have hit .290 off him which makes him pretty "easy to hit".  However,  the Astros haven't really been winning this year---tho they're expected to be a 1st place team.   With Mike Moustakas going 2-4 w/HR yesterday and Michael Taylor having already hit an HR today......I'll believe in Mike Pelfrey at +182.(Lose 1-0......Fuck!   Tigers can hit and score.......but not for me?  SHUTOUT...........Tigers shutout when I bet on them.   Thanx,  assholes.)

WHITE SOX(Sale) -1.5 over Rays(Odorizzi)(Lose 1-0.........CWS suck on offense.  SUCK!)

ANGELS(Richards) over Twins(Milone) parlayed with MARLINS(Chen) over Braves(Perez) +160-----Well,  Twins and Braves are both 0-9.............I don't think Milone and Perez are some of their better pitchers.  Might as well play it.(Lose 5-4 and 6-3.........Bullpens lose these games........David Phelps and Chris Narveson go 1 1/3inn giving up 4ER and hitting 2 batters for Miami to blow the 3-0 lead the Marlins had after the 6th inning.   Bryan Morris lets 3 runs in by giving up 2 hits.   Salas took the L for the Angels but the rest of the Angels' bullpen ruined the game)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Tillman) +115 over Texas Rangers(Hamels)----Orioles finally lost last night, so they're 7-1.   (And their offense has been impressive.)(Lose 6-3..........Tillman was ok until the 6th inning when he got rocked. )

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Happ) -131 over New York Yankees(Pineda)----Toronto is 3-5 and their offense has not done much.  But it has potential(Tulowitski has hit .107).   Pineda doesn't walk people but he's hittable.  Go with the blue and white.(Win 7-2.........Ryan Goins 3-4.   Pineda actually walked 3 in 6innings)

CINCINNATI REDS(Simon) +180 over Chicago Cubs(Lackey)----Cubs at home; and I guess they're ok.  But I can't yet see Lackey as a -190 pitcher.(Lose 9-2.........Alfredo Simon cannot complete the 1st inning........due to SUCKING!)

PHILLIES(Eickhoff) -116 over Padres(Rea)-----Both teams 3-5;  Phillies at home.   Eickhoff was kind of hard to hit last we'll try him.(Win 2-1.....Maikel Franco 2-3, HR)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

COLORADO ROCKIES(Chatwood) -111 over San Francisco Giants(Samardzija)-----Still liking Rockies offense.(Lose 7-2...........WTF?  Trevor Story 0-4, 3Ks............guy's supposed to hit a home run!  Chatwood annihilated.)

Monday, April 11, 2016

SAINT LOUIS CARDINALS(Wacha) -1.5(+135) over Milwaukee Brewers(Jungmann)-----Wacha was rocked in his first start and,  while both these teams are 3-3,  Cardinals have scored,  by my count,  pretty well in their last 2 games.  Jungmann can good for 5 innings sometimes,  but I'll take the 'full-game' power of Stl's offense here.(Win 10-1..........Jeremy Hazelbaker 4-4........Yadier Molina 3-4.........Aledmys Diaz 3-5)

Sunday, April 10, 2016

LA DODGERS(Kazmir) +123 over Sf Giants(Cueto)-----Giants couldn't win for me yesterday; let's see what Kazmir can do.(Lose 9-6.........Kazmir and Cueto both rocked.  Giants have no problem with the LHP)

Saturday, April 09, 2016

GIANTS(Bumgarner) +125 over Dodgers(Kershaw)-----You simply can't take a pitcher out with a no-hitter going,  especially if its an MLB debut.   Dodgers will be paying for that idiocy for the rest of the season.(Lose 3-2..........Santiago Casilla with the BS and George Kontos with the L for the Giants in the 10th;  Charlie Culberson with the GWRBI for LA)

ROCKIES(De La Rosa) -125 over Padres(Pomeranz)----Rockies bullpen may be weak,  but their offense looks solid.(Lose 16-3..........Matt Kemp 2HR........De La Rosa gets destroyed and walks 5 in 4inn)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Milone) +124 over Kansas City Royals(Kennedy)----Kennedy throws low I think,  better for weak Twins to hit.  Twins playing to avoid worst start in history,  team history.(Lose 7-0..........Yup,  Twins are really gonna fucking suck this year)

Thursday, April 07, 2016

CHARL SCHWARTZEL +600 Top 5 Finish in Masters(Lose........76 76)
CHARL SCHWARTZEL +2500 1st Round Leader in Masters-----Carlos Correa 4-5 2HR for Astros and Carlos Beltran 2-4, HR in the Astros-Yankees game yesterday while Carlos Santana was 2-3 w/ HR for Indians.(Lose........shot 76 on the first day which was 10 off the lead.  A pathetic performance by Charl,  who went on to miss the cut.  But CHARLton did NOT miss the cut in Seattle.......
(APRIL 11, 2016 
Authorities have since identified the woman’s date as John Robert Charlton........

Authorities made the ghastly discovery of the mother’s remains, cut up and ‘fresh’, including Ingrid Lyne’s foot in a recycling container in a neighborhood about 2.7 miles away from Safeco Stadium.

Authorities were able to identify Lyne because one of the body parts discovered in the Central District receptacle was a head.)

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Strasburg) -189 over Atlanta Braves(Norris)(Win 3-1)
WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Strasburg) -1.5(-115) over Atlanta Braves(Norris)-----Two names:  Steven Souza.  4-4 today with 2 HR for Tampa Bay.   So we'll go with the SS on Strasburg.(Win 3-1........Matt den Dekker PH 2RBI...........Espinosa 2-3)

Stl(Leake) vs Pittsburgh OVER 7.5 parlayed with ASTROS(McHugh) over Yankees(Pineda) parlayed with LA DODGERS(Maeda) over Padres(Cashner) +600-----Michael Wacha got rocked yesterday so we'll go against Pineda and Leake----Cardinals offense has Stephen Piscotty,  who could be good today after Souza's 4-4.(Lose 5-1 and  16-6........Mchugh couldn't get more than 1 out in the 1st inning----totally rocked.)