Saturday, November 30, 2013

SOUTHERN CAL -4.5 over Ucla-----With Southern Miss getting its first win of the year in a HUGE way,  winning 62-27 as a 15-point underdog,  Southern Cal definitely looks more attractive.  And Southern Cal has the home revenge.   And USC won in basketball today.   And I know Ucla has Jack and Hundley and Evans and everybody,  but if Ucla can't even beat massively overrated Oregon,  how are they gonna beat Orgeron? (Lose 35-14..........Oh,  I lose the Battle for LA?  That's safe.(yeah, right) )

Friday, November 29, 2013

WAKE FOREST DEMON DEACONS -4.5 over Usc Trojans----With Tennessee tearing Xavier up with JorDan MCrae as we type,  THE BCLI DMC GAME OF THE YEAR HAS ARRIVED!  Surely we all saw DeMarCo Murray get 3 TDs yesterday in a Cowboys win.  And that came after the KaDeeM Carey 4TD 200yds Upset Game of the Year as Arizona beat Oregon 42-16 on November 23rd.   Now we rocked a par-ty......and come cor-rect.....all cuts are on time........and rhymes con-nect.(Win 77-63)

PITT PANTHERS +1.5(+100) over Miami Hurricanes-----If you see what's happening with Iowa right now against Nebraska,  you'd be partial to those chromatics.......and we have to assume Pitt will be wearing something close to yellow-and-black.   The Panthers needed +3TO to beat Notre Dame but their defense does look more solid than Miami's.(Lose 41-31.........Panthers -2TO,  not really a close game.   Unfortunate that Paul Chryst couldn't win for me.)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

BALTIMORE RAVENS -2.5(-125) over Pittsburgh Steelers----Ravens have the in-season home revenge here so..........I figure they're good enough to beat the Steelers in that spot.  The Steelers have gone +7 TO in their last 2 games with wins over the Browns and the Lions.  I'll bet that that kind of luck with the turnovers is not gonna be sustainable for long.(Lose 22-20.......GET OFF THE DAMN FIELD MIKE TOMLIN!   That would have been a TD if Tomlin hadn't have leaned in on Jones.   Mike Tomlin owes me $24.   Fuck the fine----Tomlin should be suspended for a year.  No,  Tomlin should be banned from football for life.)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

ARIZONA CAR-DINALS -3(-120) over Colts-----Cardinals only have 1 home loss(to Seattle) and they've beaten Carolina and the Lions.  Colts are good enough to beat the Broncos,  but then lose badly to the Rams......and they've beaten SF,  lost the SD and had a near loss to the weak Texans.  So there's inconsistency there.   With #3 at QB for the Cardinals,  we can certainly look to #3 Grant Rohach at QB on Iowa State in a 34-0 beatdown yesterday.   But most importantly,  what was probably the game of the year yesterday,  Ka'Deem CAR-ey getting 4TD and 206 yds to help Arizona crush Oregon as an 18-point underdog.   Well,  with CAR-son Palmer and the CAR-dinals at home did see North CAR-olina score 80 points yesterday, right?  Derek CARr.....7TDs?(Win 40-11.........a huge victory......Palmer 70%...........Larry Fitzgerald 2 TD.......Arizona outgains them by 180 yds)

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS +2.5 over Denver------Home-off-road-loss for Patriots and.......well,  they did beat the Saints and lost to the Jets in what was a revenge game for the Jets.  Denver does have some experience allowing a lot of points in road games and........will Peyton Manning do better than expected 1 day after Manziel got beat 34-10 by LSU?  I don't know.  We do know that the Boston Celtics won last night as 9-point underdogs as the Boston U Terriers won as 8-point underdogs.(Win 34-31....biggest comeback in Patriots' history........Julian Edelman 2 TD.......Tony CAR-ter with the ball-deflection on the punt)

CAR-OLINA PANTHERS -4.5 over Miami------Yeah,  in 7 out of 10 games Carolina's defense has allowed 15 points or fewer.(Lose 20-16........Thanks to the Panthers for being polite enough to cover the teaser-line;  some teams aren't that polite.)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

MINNESOTA GOLDEN GOPHERS +16.5 over Wisconsin Badgers(Win 20-7)
MINNESOTA GOLDEN GOPHERS +550 over Wisconsin Badgers-----The BCLI FIRST CENTURY A.D. GAME OF THE YEAR has finally arrived.   With our agents having glimpsed the sunlight reflecting GOLD off the Capitol building on November 19th,   it could only have meant one thing:  DOMUS AUREA.   The Golden Home.   The Golden Gophers have the home revenge and are off the bye.   While the residuals from the Judaean insurrections take about 99.9% of 1st Century fame as it has accrued to the present times,  as the sun also rises,  Seneca and Nero also fiddled.   Would the famous "Renaissance" ever have happened if the Domus Aurea had not been excavated?(Lose 20-7........Minnesota -2 TO and they still cover!   Aaron Hill with the TD and #88 Maxx Williams with the fumble)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS -5 over Memphis Grizzlies----Golden State has the home revenge and the +ATS and with the Kent State Golden Flashes getting a 31-pt win yesterday in a game in which they weren't even favored while the Canisius Golden Griffins won their game,  we're definitely going with them.(Lose 88-81........This is a team that's gonna suck this year.)

EASTERN ILLINOIS PANTHERS +15 over Purdue Boilermakers----Florida Panthers beat Vancouver yesterday.......Panthers beat Patriots before that.(Lose 83-55.....Alex Austin 2-9,  0-3 on 3ptrs and 50% from the free-throw line.....thanks for the effort.....Reggie Smith 3-11, 0-3 on 3ptrs....)

TULSA GOLDEN HURRICANE +6 over Wichita State Shockers(Lose 77-54..........Tulsa loses the 2nd half by 23.......Ron Baker 21pts)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS +7.5 over Denver Broncos(Lose 27-17)
KANSAS CITY CHIEFS +275 over Denver Broncos-----Brandon Kay career-hi 405 yds yesterday with 4 TDs;  three of those TDs were to McKale McKay.   Kendall Brock 2 TDs for Nevada in a 22-point win over San Jose State.   Who tied a record with 6 TDs yesterday for Colorado State?  Kapri Bibbs.   And if you're not convinced its a K-day yet,  note that yesterday Kansas won its first Big-12 game in many, many games.......with Charlie Weis at coach(Kansas City has Jamaal Charles).  Kansas City off the bye but on the road. (Lose 27-17...........I cannot win a fucking turnover ratio on K-day?  Is that right?   Alex Smith 46% that normal for him?  What the fuck is he this season?  Oh,  58%.  Not that great..............Fumble Anthony Sherman......can't believe I can't win a TO on fucking K-day.)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

TEXAS LONGHORNS +3.5 over Oklahoma State----With Da'Ron Brown's 209 yds and 2 TDs 3 days ago for Northern Illinois,  and Julius Brown getting 23pts for Toledo in their upset victory at Boston College,  Texas offers a good opportunity to play that name with a player and coach named Brown.  OK St does have the revenge,  but Texas is at home and its hard to say,  definitively,  that Oklahoma St is that much better of a team.(Lose 38-13........This is why you can't bet against the revenge----No,  seriously motherfucker,  Texas had 4 more 1st downs than Oklahoma State and Texas outgained them.   So how do they lose by 25 fucking points?    Oh,  Case McCoy 3 INTs;  OSU is +2TO)

AUBURN TIGERS -3(-120) over Georgia Bulldogs-----Georgia's schedule has been stronger with games against Clemson, South Carolina,  Missouri and a win against LSU.  However,  Georgia is 1-7 ATS.   Auburn has the home revenge and has been looking good playing weaker teams after beating Texas AM.   The new Marshall Mathers LP is out now so..........we'll go with this home team.(Win 43-38...........GWTD Ricardo Lewis after Auburn blows a 27-7 lead)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NIAGRA PURPLE EAGLES +2.5 over Buffalo-----Niagra has the home-off-road-loss and........we'll try to step into a much better basketball season than last year;  Note the Georgia Southern Eagles almost beating Miami on Nov 11th even though they were 15.5-point underdogs.(Win 92-81.......Antoine Mason 25pts)

OREGON STATE BEAVERS -6.5 over Portland Pilots-----I'm not sure how Oregon St lost to Coppin on Sunday.   But this is not a team that should be losing many games.(Lose 79-73........2nd time in 4 days I lose by 1/2 point)

Monday, November 11, 2013

TAMPA BAY +2.5 over Miami------The BCLI ANTI-WHITE RACISM GAME OF THE YEAR has finally arrived.   Miami is off the bye but I don't even fucking care;  Tampa's gonna BLOW-OUT these racist White Doughboyz.   Look,  this game is not gonna be close----I'd look at the alternate lines and lay 10 points.   This BCLI GOY is also telegraphed:  Although the Jaguars won their first game yesterday,  the Rams' 30-point blow-out of the Colts was more extraordinary.  Not only did the Rams cover by a lot more than the Jaguars,  the score was 38-8.   Think about that......How many football games have two 8's in their final score?   And Denver scores a lot of points,  but does #88 Demaryius Thomas score 3 TDs every game like he did yesterday?   Miami's QB is not #8.(Win 22-19...........Give the ball to Rainey!  Game-ending INT by Darrelle Revis.  R.E.V. !   Don't see why Tampa had to let these racists back into the game but...........Whereas racism is clearly standard-issue in the heinous corporate-consumerist world of Macys,  I'm glad to see that in the NFL,  racist hazing and systematically violent racial oppression by Whites do NOT pay.)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

ARIZONA CARDINALS -3.5 over Houston Texans----Arizona home off the bye.(Lose 27-24......Yeah, well,  of course the Cardinals aren't gonna cover for me.  Clearly,  CLEARLY,  Rashard Mendenhall didn't need to fumble on Arizona's own 5-yard-line with 4:46 left in the game.   So I can see how this was clearly fixed against us.  Technically,  it was a good pick:  Arizona outgained them by 97 yds and still won while losing the TO ratio by 2)

GREEN BAY PACKERS +1 over Philadelphia Eagles-----Eagles just off that flukey game against the sorry Raiders.......Seneca Wallace to EMERGE here for Packers.(Lose 27-13.........Without Rodgers,  the Packers shouldn't even be in the League.   They have NOTHING without him.   This team is a sick JOKE with no Rodgers,   a FRAUD.   Become the International Falls CON-uks.  Move to the CFL if you're gonna suck this bad.)

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS -6 over Carolina Panthers-----49ers at home off the bye.(Lose 10-9.....This is absolutely despicable.  The 49ers had 2 bad losses early in the season,  but then they reeled off 5 consecutive covers that appeared to be the kind of convincing wins befitting a Super Bowl caliber team.   But no,  not after this----off the bye at home and they can't even WIN THE GAME????  Look,  the 49ers are NOT a quality team(I guess I didn't realize how lucky they got last year to make it to the Bowl).   And I wouldn't wanna be anywhere near that fault-line this week or next after they get justly blown-out by the Saints.)

DETROIT LIONS -1.5 over Chicago Bears-----For years,  Detroit competed with DC for "murder capital".   But Chicago has made great strides,  especially with regard to youthful shootings,  after Obama became president.   Chicago still holds its longstanding legacy for municipal and political corruption.  But look at Detroit now!   Kwame Kilpatrick got 28 years in prison!   Bears at home with the in-season revenge but Detroit is off the bye,  as the Bears were last week when they beat the Packers.(Win 21-19.......Stafford only 51% but the Lions stopped them twice on the 2-point conversion at the end so.........I would say they deserved to win.   Calvin Johnson 2 TD.)

Saturday, November 09, 2013

HOUSTON COUGARS +13 over UCF Knights(Win 19-14)
HOUSTON COUGARS +400 over UCF Knights------What??!!!!  Houston is 7-1 and they're getting 13 points???   Oh, oh,  Ucf beat Louisville and Penn State.  Well,  Houston is off the bye.(Lose 19-14......William Stanback 2 TD)

ARIZONA WILDCATS -2 over Ucla Bruins-----I noticed Austin Richie going 3-3 on 3ptrs last night for Western Michigan.....Arizona has played most of their season on the road, ummmm,  we'll see what they can do here with the home revenge.(Lose 31-26)

PITT PANTHERS +145 over Notre Dame Fighting Irish-----It appears that Notre Dame has played more good teams,  so I'd like to be getting more juice.   But ND has only played 3 road games.   And Pitt has the home revenge and is home-off-2-road losses.   So we'll give them a chance.(Win 28-21......2 HUGE interceptions in the 4th quarter by #9 Ray Vinopal........James Conner 2 TD and Devin Street 2 TD)

Thursday, November 07, 2013

BAYLOR BEARS -16.5 over Oklahoma parlayed with TROY TROJANS +14 over UL-Lafayette--- Baylor and Troy both have the revenge and......Baylor has Tevin Reese just few days after Riese won the poker World Series.(Win 41-12 and 41-36.........Shock Linwood 182 yds..........Jordan Chunn TD)

Sunday, November 03, 2013

BUFFALO BILLS +5 over Kansas City Chiefs(Lose 23-13)
BUFFALO BILLS +195 over Kansas City Chiefs-----Chiefs have...........quite a lotta wins.  And even one against Dallas.   Bills have home-off-road-loss after playing the Saints.(Lose 23-13.......Bills +260 yards and +10 1st downs.  Fixed game.  Chiefs have the Liberian Tamba we know that.   6 dropped passes----some hitting the chest and hands squarely----by Bills.   Clear catch by Goodwin of Bills ruled in favor of Chiefs even after video review.)

CAROLINA PANTHERS -7.5 over Atlanta Falcons-----Carolina has 3 more days of rest and they have won several games by a lot of points.   Cameron Wake did have the game winning sack on Halloween for the Dolphins.   And just yesterday we saw UTSA winning with Kam Jones as Cameron Stingily had a TD for Northern Illinois in a 44-point win.(Win 34-10)

OAKLAND RAIDERS -1 over Philadelphia-------Raiders' defense should be much better here at home.(Lose 49-20..........7 TD Nick Foles ties NFL record.   Riley Cooper 3 TD.  Raiders unbettable.)

Saturday, November 02, 2013

BOSTON COLLEGE EAGLES +4 over Virginia Tech-----Home-off-road-loss and the revenge for Boston College----gotta give 'em a chance here.   BC has covered against Clemson and Florida State although VT looks like the better team.   Off the big World Series victory,  perhaps Boston can add to the winning.(Win 34-27.......Andre Williams 2 TD.......BC +4 TO......Chase Rettig 78%)

AUBURN -7.5 over Arkansas------Although Arkansas is off the bye,  their ATS record indicates they cannot be bet on under any circumstances.   If Arkansas was any good,  they wouldn't have lost 52-7 vs South Carolina.   Auburn does have the revenge and a win over Texas AM.(Win 35-17.......Tre Mason 4 TD)

MICHIGAN +4.5 over Michigan State-----MSU has the home revenge;  Michigan is off the bye.  UM-MSU games,  by my memory,  have a tendency to be close.   It wouldn't surprise me if MSU won,  but it would surprise me if Michigan failed spectacularly off the bye going into this game.  To some,  Michigan would appear to still be trying to prove that they are significantly better than Akron and Connecticut.   But Gardner IS quick.  And when he needs to get something done,  I've seen him do it more than once.(Lose 29-6.......Epic Fail.........Michigan not equipped for Big Ten play......Would Michigan even win the MAC if it were a MAC team?   I don't know.   -48 rushing yards by Michigan,  worst performance in its history.   Nah,  dual-threat QBs cannot win the Big Ten.  Spread offense is done.   Michigan: no power running game,  no full-back,  no full-sized players===Not Winning.)