Sunday, March 31, 2013

NEW ORLEANS HORNETS -6 over Cleveland Cavaliers----New Orleans has the home revenge.(Win 112-92..........Vasquez 25pts,  Anderson 23pts,  Davis 17pts)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

MARQUETTE GOLDEN EAGLES +5 over Syracuse Orange(Lose 55-39)
MARQUETTE GOLDEN EAGLES +195 over Syracuse Orange-----I'm sure Syracuse's win over Indiana was impressive.....but I saw Marquette's.......they were up about 20 points at one time.  Very impressive.(Lose 55-39..........Come on!  Who fixed this game??!!!  Marquette shoots .226 and .120 on 3s????   39pts for Marquette sets a RECORD for low scoring?   FIXED.)

Friday, March 29, 2013

FLORIDA GULF COAST EAGLES +14 over Florida Gators(Win 62-50)
FLORIDA GULF COAST EAGLES +750 over Florida Gators----Same underdog situation for FGC........(this is huge juice).....has Florida earned the respect--I mean,  in this tournament,  they beat 11 and 14 seeds-----that this line is giving them?   FGC's wins were not, like,  2-pt buzzer-beating wins;  they can play.(Lose 62-50)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

LA SALLE EXPLORERS +4.5 over Wichita State Shockers----guy's name is almost Tyler Durden....the famous 'Fight Club' revolutionary......that's cool.(Lose 72-58.......if they were gonna be this pathetic,  I would have preferred they had lost to Ole Miss;  what a waste)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

FLORIDA GULF COAST EAGLES +7.5 over San Diego State Aztecs(Win 81-71)
FLORIDA GULF COAST EAGLES +290 over San Diego State Aztecs-----Obviously,  you're pretty decent if you can beat Georgetown......but FGC also beat Mercer twice.  (Mercer,  a team that beat Tennessee).   Can't-beat-the-Ivy-League New Mexico has beaten SD ST twice..........I don't think they should be favored like this.(Win 81-71........Thompson 23pts,  Brown 17pts,  Brett Comer 14assists)

MINNESOTA GOLDEN GOPHERS +8 over Florida Gators---------
(According to Zanic, Kenneth Ayers, known as Robbie, was under a protection from abuse order that prohibited contact with his wife.
Yet he was permitted to visit his son at the mother's house on Saturdays.
Police said a physical altercation occurred between Kenneth and Hollie Ayers. He pulled a .40-caliber handgun and shot her in each leg and the right arm, and then, police said, he grabbed the 2-year-old, intentionally killing him. He placed the boy in the back of his car, at which point the wounded Hollie Ayers retrieved the boy's body. That's when he shot her in the face and shot at his mother.)    What the fuck are you fucking piece of shit?   Sorry Florida but you are fucked.(Lose 78-64........well,  Michael from SAC Capital has finally been brought to justice so.......this shouldn't happen again.)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

STANFORD CARDINAL +4 over Alabama Crimson Tide-----Andy Brown.......and Chasson ?  Stanford has these players?   See Florida Gulf Coast.(Lose 66-54........forget about VCU,   The South is "RIIIIISSSSSSSSIIIIINNNNN' AGGGIIIIIINNNNNN")

Friday, March 22, 2013

JAMES MADISON DUKES +21 over Indiana Hoosiers------I was a bit surprised JMU got past LIU......this team could be on a mission,  tho losses to Towson and George Mason(X 2) give their record a bad look.   Indiana has losses to Butler, Minnesota, Illinois and 2 L's to Wisconsin who just finished what was a 1-game tournament for them.   With MontANA losing by 47 yesterday,  I'm not betting this because I think it might be a 16 or 17pt game;  I'm betting it because I think IndiANA can lose this game.(Push 83-62..........Oaffish, clod-topper JMU shows quite a lack of touch and shooting skills.   But thanks for pushing instead of quitting.)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

LIBERTY FLAMES +3 over North Carolina A & T Aggies------The Flames may not technically be as hot as the Miami Heat right now,  but when a team starts torching lines as an underdog,  they eventually become favorites.   That hasn't happened yet with Liberty.   I'll respect their recent hotness even tho they have 20 losses.(Win 73-72......Davon Marshall 22pts)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS +7.5 over Houston Rockets--------Triple Revenge?(Win 108-78.........Why can't I win like this more often?   There's anywhere between 8 and 40 games a day I rarely bet more than 2 or 3 of them..........)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES +3 over Utah Jazz-----Memphis succeeds on the road.........and Memphis won in NCAA today.(Lose 90-84)

OREGON DUCKS -1 over Ucla Bruins-----Adams went OUT for Ucla so I'll play against that even though Ucla has the revenge.(Win 78-69)

Friday, March 15, 2013

NOTRE DAME +9.5 over Louisville-----Notre Dame doesn't always show up;  2 OT games with the pathetic DePaul.  Notre Dame does have the revenge as Louisville beat them and covered at Louisville.   Neutral court here.......Louisville is off 5 straight covers.(Lose 69-57........This is the last time I let this school lose me money.   WHAT a fucking collapse!   How can you quit like this?   Way too many White players on Notre Dame------duh,  this is basketball;  can't bet on White teams.  Epic Fail by Notre Dame.)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

ARIZONA WILDCATS -5 over Colorado Buffaloes------Villanova Wildcats and Bethune Cookman Wildcats both won yesterday.   Arizona has the +offense and the revenge.  Col has the +ATS.(Win 79-69........Nick Johnson 18pts........glad they didn't blow the lead)

PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS +14 over Michigan-----Well,  Penn State has 2 covers and 1 win against Michigan this season.   PSU has the +ATS after the wantonly overvalued Michigan has completed a 1-9 ATS run.(Lose 83-66..........2nd half lost by 15pts)

XAVIER MUSKETEERS +1.5 over St Josephs Hawks-----OliVIER Hanlan HUGE 41pt season-hi for BC with 8-10 on 3ptrs.........Xavier has the +ATS and the revenge.........I'm playing Xavier.(Win 58-57)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

HOUSTON COUGARS +6.5 over Tulane Green Wave(Win 96-94)
HOUSTON COUGARS +200 over Tulane Green Wave-----Houston has the revenge and the +offense;  Tulane has the home-off-road-loss but I question whether they should be favored---they ARE at home.(Win 96-94...........Joseph Young 32pt season-high........Leon Gibson 14pts)

GEORGIA BULLDOGS +7.5 over Alabama Crimson Tide(Win 61-58)
GEORGIA BULLDOGS +280 over Alabama Crimson Tide------Georgia,  besides being a covering machine all month,  has the revenge and a Williams 1 day after Deron Williams' 42-pt season-hi for the Nets.  Alabama has the home-off-road-loss and.........Levi Randolph who worries me a little bit----we'll just have to watch him.(Lose 61-58)

LOYOLA MARYMOUNT LIONS +21 over Gonzaga--------Maybe,  if the Lions weren't so hot,  Gonzaga would be favored by 24 but...............this is a neutral court.   Lions have the revenge.(Win 66-48)

DEPAUL BLUE DEMONS +12.5 over Pittsburgh--------DePaul has the home revenge and the home-off-road-loss so we gotta play this..........despite DePaul's tendency to lose games by 20 points.(Lose 81-66........Failed team DePaul........Donovan Kirk 0pts????)

NOTRE DAME +11.5 over Louisville-------Louisville has the revenge but.......this is a lot of points.(Lose 73-57.......Horrible performance by Jerian Grant:  2-12,  1-7 on 3ptrs)

WILLIAM & MARY TRIBE +3 over James Madison Dukes------Double Revenge for the Tribe......Marcus Thornton and Brandon Britt.(Lose 72-67)

LIBERTY FLAMES +6 over Gardner-Webb---------(Win 65-62.......#33 John Caleb Sanders 19pts)
FRESNO STATE BULLDOGS +9.5 over Colorado State Rams-----Double Revenge for Fresno and yes,  Gerald Henderson had season-high 35pts yesterday for Charlotte and............Fresno has Jerry Brown.(Win 67-61..........Jerry Brown 12pt season-high)

LAFAYETTE LEOPARDS +10.5 over Bucknell Bison------Ummmm,  I'll take the Leopards.(Win 64-56)

WASHINGTON STATE COUGARS +2.5 over Washington Huskies-----Looks like some late steam for the Cougars as they've just beaten USC and UCLA in their last two games.   AND......Cougars have the Double Revenge.(Win 64-62..........did he miss that FT with 2 seconds left?   What a gift.)

NORFOLK STATE -5.5 over Bethune-Cookman(Lose 70-68........Norfolk drops the 2nd half by 10pts)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH RAMS -1 over Temple Owls-----Huge 14pt-underdog win by Fordham Rams yesterday.......VCU's ATS record is not good but I think they're a deep team.(Lose 84-76..........What a spectacular WASTE of a 16pt turn that into an 8-point loss.......what an absolute WASTE.   Pathetic---this team's wasted.)

PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS +10 over Wisconsin Badgers-----Home revenge for Penn State.  Columbia Lions did not win yesterday but......a huge 30pt game and win for Michael Lyons on Air Force and Arizona covered with Mark Lyons getting 8pts.......Loyola Marymount also covered for BCLI.   Wisconsin off 2 bad losses.(Win 63-60)

Friday, March 08, 2013

ORLANDO MAGIC +9 over Indiana Pacers----Worst Team in Basketball Orlando Magic coming off a couple good games..........and they have the Slav Nikola Vucevic after a good Slav-day with Serbian Sasa Borovnjak getting 15pts for Penn State in a win and Nemanja Djurisic getting 12pts for Georgia in a win.   Fascinatingly,  Indiana has the revenge here but is on a 1-3 ATS run.   And with the Wofford Terriers going down today with player Indiana Faithful..........(Lose 115-86........You fucking losing pieces of shit.   I'll drop a fucking nuclear bomb on Orlando.   Maurice Harkless 0-8, 0-2 3ptrs,  Queens.......AND WE'RE GONNA FUCKING DESTROY QUEENS!  How do you fucking ruin my top play, assholes?  Huh?   You wanna fuck with me?    "You WANNA FUCK WITH TONY MONTANO,  YOU FUCKING WITH THE BEST!"   fuck this pathetic team, tho.   This will be the death of America.   I'm seriously gonna destroy this entire fucking piece of shit country if this ever happens again.   FUCK THIS SHIT.)

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS -2 over Houston Rockets-----Jermaine Marshall......Marcus Marshall.......Khyle Marshall..........Davon Marshall..........HUGE day for that name yesterday and yes,  we are now at War.   Kick ass and kill Jews.(Lose 94-88.....Pusillanimous,  amateur,  losers.  Harrison Barnes 2-10.........this was double revenge-----GS had the double revenge.  What a joke this team is.  Why did even get an article in Sports Illustrated?)

LOYOLA MARYMOUNT LIONS +11 over Santa Clara-------Lions hot.   Marymount has the revenge with Alex Osbourne as "Oz the Great and Powerful" opens in theaters.(Win 60-58....Osbourne 11 rebounds.......Anthony Ireland 23pts)

MISSOURI STATE BEARS +13 over Wichita State Shockers------Bears have the DOUBLE revenge after a 29pt loss to Wich State and the they have a Marshall.   Cover the Number.(Win 69-59.....Marcus Marshall 25pts season-high)

CITADEL BULLDOGS +8.5 over Western Carolina Catamounts-----------Citadel has the revenge with Marshall Harris III.(Lose 76-61.........Marshall Harris 30minutes 0 points:  what a loser from San Antonio)

Thursday, March 07, 2013

CAL IRVINE ANTEATERS +5.5 over Pacific(Lose 70-62)
CAL IRVINE ANTEATERS +200 over Pacific--------Pacific has the home revenge and we know THAT doesn't help this year.(Lose 70-62..........Fuck these Blackguard Frauds!  Michael Wilder 2-7, 1-6 on 3s,  Long Beach, CA:  Fucking pathetic---we TEAR UP Long Beach!   Daman Starring 3-10, 0-4 so we're gonna hit Las Vegas AGAIN.   Fuck Pacific,  I don't want that shit.  I want war right fucking now.  Fucking pussy-cunt-phaggots)

PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS +5 over Northwestern(Win 66-59)
PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS +190 over Northwestern----I know the Villanova Wildcats won off the Lion-kill in Cali.......but that was a LION, see?  Not just any wild cat,  but a Lion.(Win 66-59.......DJ Newbill 18pts.....Jermaine Marshall 18pts)

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

GEORGETOWN pk over Villanova-------One cannot possibly respect any team that has lost to the PATHETIC SETON HALL PIRATES.  (And Villanova is one of those non-respectable teams).   Georgetown is a solid,  good team and,  while I can't think of a reason why either team may get lucky today,   I can't possibly fathom Georgetown losing to a team that lost to the feeble, incompetent,  corrupt,  game-throwing SETON HALL PIRATES.(Lose 67-57............Georgetown was ranked #5;  the only way this makes sense is Villanova being the Wildcats and........what happened in Cathaven in California(it was a Lion-kill)........and I keep forgetting----due to the Mass Moral Hazard in America that nobody seems to GIVE A DAMN about-------Killers win now.)

TORONTO RAPTORS -1 over Phoenix Suns------Toronto has taken some tough losses---they're not winning,  but almost------but Phoenix has too many injuries and players who are OUT or may be OUT.(Win 98-71)

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

SETON HALL +8.5 over Providence(Lose 76-66)
SETON HALL +340 over Providence-----------Ohhhhhhh,  this a huge play,  perfect situation.........and we are gonna play are VERY BEST game.  Oh, yea.   With Arron Afflalo's 26pts last night for Orlando,  Aaron Cosby is gonna do well and Seton Hall has him.(Lose 76-66..........Fuck these losing bags of shit.   Cosby was a poor 4-10 but its hard to find an individual who was singularly responsible for this.  So.........SETON HALL MUST DISCONTINUE ITS BASKETBALL PROGRAM.   I mean immediately.   This team can't beat ANY team in its conference.  Why do they have a fucking basketball team?  SHUT IT.............DOWN.   You bitches don't fucking lose for me like this----I'll fucking destroy you, cunt.   Fucking kike.)

MEMPHIS -3 over Utep---------The story of this HORRIBLE basketball season is how overvalued the home-court advantage has been by the line.  Memphis is on the road here but.........Memphis is just a much better team.(Lose 56-54............Geron Johnson,  Dayton, OH 2-7 in 38 minutes of playing time:  fucking loser.   Shaq Goodwin 1-4, 2-4 FT:  a piss-poor effort.   I fucking detest these piece of human garbage.)

Monday, March 04, 2013

MILWAUKEE BUCKS -4.5 over Utah Jazz-------Home revenge for the Bucks..........Milwaukee only 11-18 ATS at home but........Utah is equally bad on the road at 10-18 ATS.(Lose 109-108........I am the DEPRAVED CRIMES............that are gonna be occurring in Milwaukee:  13-pt lead blow.  Who the fuck told you you could blow leads for me?  Mike Dunleavy 1-7, 0-3 3ptrs;  Ersan llyasova a pathetic 3-13;  Paul Milsap wasn't even supposed to be playing in this game.   Milwaukee has justly earned the leadership of its patron saint:  JEFFREY DAHMER.   Ohhhhh,  Jeffrey Dahmer and the Chocolate Factory,  Jeffrey Dahmer and the Chocolate Factory,  Jeffrey Dahmer and the Chocolate Factory,  JEFFREY DAHMER AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY...........)

Sunday, March 03, 2013

INDIANA -7.5 over Chicago-----Purdue, an Indiana team, with a............27-pt cover today.   And yes,  this IS an Absolute Zero Tolerance game,  a game GUARANTEED to win and cover or there will be GUARANTEED devastation.(Lose 97-92..........goddamit!   Paul George 44 minutes to go 4-14 for 10pts;  Lance Stephenson 34minutes to go 3-10.  I've fuckin HAD IT with this fucking state(buy a shotgun) COVER THE DAMN SPREAD, ASSHOLE(but a shotgun) COVER THE SPREAD, DICKHEAD(buy a shotgun) COVER THE SPREAD, puck-bych(buy a shotgun)...)

Saturday, March 02, 2013

TENNESSEE -1.5 over Georgia--------I'm gonna give Georgia ONE more chance to lose for me----Tenn,  which has the revenge here on the road,  DOES seem to care about converting the revenge(looking at the 30pt W Kentucky game).   Georgia is on a 9-1 ATS run while going 6-4 SU and they have the home-off-road-loss.   However,  they just don't look as good with massive losses to Florida and L's to Ark, Alabama and Mississippi St.  (Lose 78-68.........How do you do this?   How do you fucking beat Kentucky by 30 and then you can't convert the revenge against Georgia?   Trae Golden 1-10??  He lost this game.   Skylar McBee 1-8---despicable----and we'll be yanking ALL trap-door sink-holes in Rutledge, TN.  FUCK THIS SHIT.)

GEORGE MASON +2 over Delaware-------GM has the +ATS and the revenge.(Lose 82-77.....Corey Edwards 0pts.  Thanks, pussies.  Fucking kikes)

BROWN BEARS +7 over Columbia Lions------Can Brown do it again like last night?  Well,  Columbia has the home revenge but has only won 3 of their last 10 games by more than 7 points.(Win 61-58)

GEORGIA SOUTHERN EAGLES +19.5 over Davidson-----Davidson has the home revenge but.......Georgia Southern beat them by 13 points!   This line says 19.5 points.   GS has lost only 3 games by 19 or more points.(Lose 83-48.........One of the worst, WORST losses I've ever been disgraced and dishonored by:  The Georgia Southern bitch-fags.   Eric Ferguson, Statesboro, GA,  1-10,  absolutely sick,  disgusting.  A non-pareil failure.  He fucking threw the game.  Cleon Roberts WHAT THE FUCK?  1-7, 0-4 on 3ptrs?   Sink-hole Miami, Florida..........I cannot believe how bad this loss was.  In fact,  the state of fucking Georgia---find all the sink-holes in that place.)

TEXAS SAN ANTONIO -4 over Seattle parlayed with VANDERBILT COMMODORES -1.5 over Auburn(Lose 53-37.......San Antonio Spurs can beat Sacramento by 28pts the day before this,  and UTSA can throw this game when I bet on them?  How the fuck is that permitted?  The worst, most pathetic performance of all time by Michael Hale III,  Federal Way, WA,  1 for 11,  0-4 on 3ptrs.  An absolute ABOMINATION of incompetence,  failure and corruption.   Jordan Sims 0-6, 0pts.   A vile and putrefacted disgrace.)