Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MIAMI MARLINS(Johnson) -155 over Washington Nationals(Wang)-----Marlins on a 7-3 run and while Johnson is only holding batters to a .313 average,  there's definitely some reasons of interest in this favorite. don't really know---he's only done 3 innings this year.   But Josh Willingham.......a GWHR last night for the Twins.  Then you look at Homer Baily, as a hitting-pitcher,  going 2 for 3.......while he was throwing a CG 4-hitter for the Reds yesterday.  With Omar Quintanila going 3-4 for the Mets,   You have to ask who has Omar Infante?  The Miami Marlins.   Also,  one of the Marlins best players,  Hanley Ramirez,  has raised his average 30pts in the last 9 games to .265.(Win 5-3..........Hanley Ramirez 3-4.....Giancarlo Stanton 2-3, HR)

HOUSTON ASTROS(Harrell) +150 over Colorado-----3 days ago Jerry Hairston jr.  went 5 for 5 and I wanna play that here with Harrell.(Lose 13-5........Carlos Gonzalez 3HR--this guy has to be the all-time leader in multi-HR games)

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Burnett) +107 over Reds(Cueto)-----While Cueto is good,  2 of his last 3 starts have been bad.   You gotta look at an AJ here today after Adam Jones went 3-3 with 3 Rs,  3 RBI and 2 HR and 2 BB yesterday.(Win 2-1)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Braves(Delgado) vs Cardinals(Westbrook) OVER 8.5(-115)-----With yesterday dominated by #24 Dexter Fowler 7 for 9 over 2 games and his GWRBI and HR while #24 Ty Wigginton got 6 RBI and #24 Pedro Alvarez went 2-4......I'm looking for Bourne to do some hitting for the Braves(he's been doing real well).  Cardinals offense continues to be in shape with another new guy, Adams,  hitting .382.(Win 5-4......Braves stop scoring in the 5th so I'm very thankful for YadiER MOlina's 4-4 with HR----thats the code with that name:  ER OM or ROME-----Bourne did lead off the game with an HR)

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Fiers) +118 over Dodgers(Eovaldi)-----Brewers offense is not hitting up to its potential(Weeks---.156).   However,  the Brewers are 4-4 going back and.........Fiers might get some....breaks with that "terremoto" in Italy this morning.(Win 2-1........FIERS!  no walks in 7inn)

OAKLAND ATHLETICS(Parker) -107 over Twins(DeVries)-----Jarrod Saltalamacchia went 2-4 with HR yesterday so we'll try Jarrod Parker.(Lose 3-2.....L and BS for Brian Fuentes, Merced, CA)

WHITE SOX(Humber) +150 over Tampa Bay Rays(Shields)-----Shields has been the 3rd best pitcher in baseball in terms of returning winnings to people who bet on him.   But I'm focused on the Cws offense which,  having taken a rest yesterday only scoring 2 runs,  is going good.   Viciedo is #24 and the White Sox have him.(Win 7-2...........Yes.  Viciedo goes 3-4 with HR)

CUBS(Samardzija) -143 over Padres(Stults)-----Dexter.........Fowler so.......I'll go with the Rhp against the Lhp.(Win 5-3..........Carlos Quentin is back........for the Padres,  3-4, HR)

Monday, May 28, 2012

NEW JERSEY DEVILS +150 over LA Kings-----It would seem to me more than a meaningless coincidence that,  with both these teams not being the most outstanding in terms of regular season wins,  each goalie here has symbolic significance corresponding to a female CNBC anchor.   However,  the 'Quick' I'm thinking of here---Becky Quick----is living in New Jersey a Devils fan.   In addition to that,  the only real salvation for the American economy---legalized sports betting----got an endorsement from Chris Christie recently as he will be bringing it to the state of which he is governor:  New Jersey.(Lose 4 games to 2...........How do they get down 3-0?  Tell me that-----40 regular season wins for the Kings........and 49 for the Devils?   How are the Kings so favored?  "You won't admit it but you know. its. true......can't fight this feeling that I feel when I stand next to you...........")
KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Adcock) over Indians(Tomlin) parlayed with WHITE SOX(Sale) over Rays(Moore) +330-----Gordon Beckham has 4-4 yesterday.....Tomlin has been hit by the Royals twice this year and is coming back after injury;  I can't see any reason why he would do good today.  For instance,  the Rangers went bashing again.........but Josh Hamilton was 0 for 4---I'll play the Blu.  White Sox offensive rampage is continuing.....Sale's stats are very good(altho he did get to face Oakland, Seattle and the Twins and Angels) and Scott, Pena, Zobrist and Joyce are weak vs lhps.   Moore still walking people,  he's above 1 every 2innings.(Lose 8-5.........Adcock? No, didn't last 3 innings)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Matusz) -139 over Kansas City Royals(Hochevar)----Hochevar has beaten BCLI once we have the revenge against him;  he's had about 3 very good starts but some of his starts have been really bad.   Batters hit .296 against him this season.   In day-games,  Hochevar's ERA has been 9.87(against 6.17 for Matusz).   Matusz is coming off his best game(probably ever)...and that was also his 3rd straight effective start.   His number is 17 so we're gonna observe #17 AJ Ellis' GWHR last night for the Dodgers and #17 Donovan Solano going 2-4 for the Marlins yesterday and say that Matusz has a better than average chance of continuing to do well.(Lose 4-2.......Orioles can't hit the lhp Tim Collins)

DODGERS(Capuano) over Astros(Happ) parlayed with WHITE SOX(Floyd) over Indians(Jimenez) +180-----Dodgers are going up at .258 vs lhp's while Astros are going down at .233 vs lhp's.   Jimenez' high walk totals are an impediment for his success and Floyd,  coming off 2 rockings at the hands of 2 of the weakest offenses in the league,  will get the benefit of the doubt as the Cws offense is powering up.(Win 5-1 and 12-6..........Jerry Hairston jr. 5 for 5....Matt Treanor 2-3, HR.....Gordon Beckham 4-4,  Konerko, 2-4, HR......De Aza 2-4)

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Cain) -115 over Miami Marlins(Nolasco)-----Angels won last night and SF has Pagan.....(Juan Francisco was also 3 for 4 for the Braves).....and Cain did well in UFC last night.(Win 3-2.......Melky Cabrera 4-4, HR)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

METS(Santana) over Padres(Richard) parlayed with NATIONALS(Strasburg) over Braves(Minor) +195------Jose QuiNTANA big debut win for Cws yesterday.   I'll give Santana another chance after losing for me against the Pirates.....Mets are on the ascendant at .261 vs lhps.   Minor's taken 5 straight pummelings so........the Nationals,  by going against him, SHOULD RAISE their sorry .211 average vs lhps, right?(Win 9-0 and 8-4.....Danny Espinosa 2-5, HR and he's up to .222---the Nationals have upside because this guy SHOULD be a .300 hitter,  and he's not close to that yet....Mike Nickeas a Grand Slam,  Vinny Rottino 2-3, HR.....Scott Hairston 2-3, HR.....Bryce Harper 2-4, HR)

PHILADELPHIA 76ERS +5.5 over Boston Celtics-----I'm getting a 76er type of vibe;  just don't think the Celtics are right to move on in this post-season.(Lose 85-75......Labor Day, 1776,  "celebration of America",  would have been nice to see the 76ers get into the finals.....but, yeah, ahh,  Cokin decided to sell a $10 action-play on the Celtics;  that's what fucked this up----now we got an Irish girl, strangled to death by 2 Americans in Japan....)

HOUSTON ASTROS(Norris) +120 over Los Angeles Dodgers(Billingsley)-----If the Dodgers can't beat Harrell with Kershaw,  I can't see them winning this game----Norris is dominating.(Lose 6-3......#17 AJ Ellis GWHR,  seems like he's having a good season)

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Kendrick) +145 over St Louis Cardinals(Garcia)-----.300 average off Garcia and .310 off Kendrick---thats pretty even.  Kendrick coming off 2 good starts.(Win 4-0......CG-SHO by Kendrick)

ROYALS(Paulino) +115 over Orioles(Chen)-----Give Paulino respect for beating the Yankees.  Orioles are a hot team but Paulino too good to ignore right now.(Win 4-3........Hosmer a rare 3-4 getting him up to .206)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Peavy) -145 over Indians(Lowe)-----LOhse couldn't win for BCLI last night,  Juan Pierre....a big hit for Phillies,  Cws offense coming to life and Peavy continues to produce.(Win 14-7.......#14 Paul Konerko 4-4......Alex Rios 3-5, HR.......Dayan veni vidi VICIedo 5 RBI, HR.......Alexei Ramirez getting up to .209 with a 2-4)

Friday, May 25, 2012

DEVIL RAYS(Cobb) +140 over Red Sox(Lester)-----Rare day of hitting for Everth CABrera going 4-5 raising his average to .231 and Melky CABrera went 3-5 with 4 RBI yesterday.  Alejandro De Aza hit a Grand Slam and Alex--that's Cobb's first name----Rios went 2-4 with a HR.   In addition,  Alex Cobb was born in Boston apparently and.........that's where this game will be.   Tampa at .252 vs lhps....Lester ok but Cobb can't be ignored today.(Win 7-4...........Matt Joyce HR 2-3)

BLUE JAYS(Morrow) +122 over Rangers(Holland)------Morrow has the statistical pitching advantage here having built his numbers against weak offenses(Oak, Laa, Seattle).   Blue Jays are also getting weaker at .237 vs lhps but.........Justin MORneau 2 HR yesterday.(Lose 14-3.....Morrow rocked out in the 1st...........Cruz 8 RBI)

CARDINALS(Lohse) +108 vs Phillies(Lee)-----Lee can always have a really good game but Cardinals offense is even better vs lhps(.301)(Lose 5-3)

MARLINS(Johnson) -140 over Giants(Lincecum)(Win 7-6)

DODGERS(Kershaw) -1.5 (+115) over Houston Astros(Harrell)(Lose 3-1)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

TIGERS(Verlander)-1.5 (+100) over Cleveland(Masterson)------Tigers on a mysteriously pathetic 4-8 streak including going 1-5 AGAINST THE A'S AND TWINS!   Masterson walks more than 1 every 2 innings and with the events of yesterday(Alex Rios hitting an HR,  Alex White getting a W for Colorado,  Alex Rodriguez hitting 2 HRs and Alex Liddi becoming the 1st Italian-born player to hit a grand slam since Reno Bertoia in 1958),  the fact that the Tigers have Alex Avila seems pretty important.   If he somehow doesn't start,  that would be colossal stupidity by Leyland.(Lose 2-1.....This is a fucking disgrace----Just win the fucking game and I get my parlay!   19 LOB by Tigers and I want every starting position player sent to Toledo.   These are not MLB hitters right now.   You learn to fucking hit with RISP in Triple-A,  THEN come back.   Oh,  I guess it was 2-4 against the A's and Twins;  Its still pathetic)

WHITE SOX(Humber) -150 over Minnesota(DeVries)-----White Sox after Alex White won yesterday.(Win 11-8........De Aza Grand Slam.......Nate Jones from Covington, Ky picks up the W)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TAMPA BAY(Moore) -136 over TORONTO(Hutchison)(Win 8-5)
Tampa Bay vs Toronto OVER 8(-115)------Both pitchers walk 1 every 2 innings so I'll take the OVER.  But I think Moore's stuff is better than his stats indicate;  he only has 1 win.   Rays take more walks than Toronto.(Win 8-5........Elliot Johnson 3-4,  Carlos Pena a long HR,  Luke Scott 2-4, HR.....Moore 4 BB in 4inn)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

TWINS(Marquis) over Brewers(Greinke) parlayed with CUBS(Maholm) over White Sox(Peavy) +470 ------This bet is substantially nonsensical as Greinke has allowed no ERs in his last 15inn while Marquis is holding batters to a batting-title-ish .346 average.   But first of all,  you have to ask why Marquis is still in Major League Baseball.  (I don't know).  the JM,  Jesus Montero went 3-4 yesterday while Justin Maxwell had an HR and 2 BBs for the Astros.   Maholm has gone 4 for 7 in terms of having good starts while Peavy has only had 1 bad start(his last one).   So this play doesn't make much sense either;  if the Cubs can't hit Danks,  how are they gonna hit Peavy?(Lose 16-4.......Marquis rocked out of MLB.......and 6-0.....Cubs get 3 hits off much for nonsensical betting.......Jonathan Lucroy 7 RBI and 2 HR)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

OAKLAND ATHLETICS(Ross) +125 over San Francisco Giants(Vogelsong)
Oakland(Ross) vs Giants(Vogelsong) UNDER 7(-115)-----Ross has only had 2 bad starts and with Cody Ross having had 2 straight days of HR's,  I'll go with him.   Vogelsong is pretty good but he walks 1 every 2 innings and the A's have improved their walking;  they now walk more than the Blue Jays(but they also have by far the worst batting average in the AL)(Lose 4-0..........A's get 1 they score 6 the day after this)

Pirates(Burnett) vs Tigers(Smyly) UNDER 8(-110)------Burnett has only had 1 bad start(his worst ever) and other than that,  he's done very well.   (In terms of Runs and Walks,  Pirates are by far the worst offense in the NL).   Smyly is #33 and looks good with #33 Justin Morneau going 2-4 with 3 RBI yesterday.(Win,  McCutchen 2 HR in this game and it still goes under)

ARIZONA(Kennedy) -115 over Kansas City Royals(Chen)-----Batters hitting .270 off Kennedy this year.   That's alot worse than last year for him but........Adam Kennedy went 4-4 yesterday for the Dodgers so I'll give this Diamondback team another chance to win for me.(Lose 7-3........Kennedy rocked;  its not gonna be his year)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Paulino) -128 over Baltimore Orioles(Hunter)-----Royals on a 4-game win streak........Paul Konerko's 3 for 4 with HR yesterday maybe helps Paulino today at home.(Lose 4-3.......Come on!   Broxton blows the save with a 2-run lead;  ruined my round-robin parlay.  I should have gone at least 2-1 on these picks.   An excellent start by Paulino wasted by Broxton)

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Gonzalez) -139 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Bedard)-----With a pitcher like Gonzalez,  doing very well this year,  being at home here,  going against the weak-hitting Pirates.....that's all I need to think about.(Win 7-4........Adam LaRoche 3-4 4RBI)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Corbin) -107 over Colorado Rockies(Moyer)------Rockies at home here now so this could be a slugfest.....we'll give Corbin a try and,  although Moyer has beaten BCLI once this year,  note that that was BEFORE Jaime Dimon was exposed as just another over-paid bank executive with a reckless lack of risk-management skills.(Lose 6-1..........Corbin got hit but.......another pathetic offensive failure against Moyer's 68-mph eephus-slurves.   Learn to fucking hit, Arizona)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Correia) +165 over Miami Marlins(Johnson)-----Correia's gone 2-2 on 4 really good starts which all probably should have been wins if the Pirates could hit.   Jon Lester was certainly not supposed to beat the Mariners and BCLI last night(a mistake surely triggering the Florida Maternal Mass Murder in Port St John this morning where mom went open-season on a bunch of,  presumably,  poorly behaving Johnson-kids).   Johnson's been hittable;  Pirates usually dont hit but they do have McCutchen who is hitting over .300.   And then........Kevin Durant won yesterday so maybe Correia will get support.(Lose 6-2........Correia takes his worst rocking of the year,  blasted out before completing 4 innings.   Omar Infante 4-5......I was worried about that.  Could the mother have been at fault in that Mass Murder?   I guess so, as Mary Kennedy just got taken out apparently)

COLORADO(Guthrie) +145 over San Fran(Lincecum)-----Giants have opened the season with low-compliance with respect to BCLI.  However,  I want to try this......with the JG----Ahmed Shah Massoud-----Lincecum not doing anything special this year besides the strikeouts.   Rockies could be scoring more;  I'll go with the Mormon.(Win 5-4........almost blew a good 5-inning start by Guthrie.....GWPHHR by Marco Scutaro #19)

Monday, May 14, 2012

SEATTLE MARINERS(Vargas) +165 over Boston Red Sox(Lester)(Lose 6-1)
SEATTLE MARINERS(Vargas) +1.5(-125) over Boston Red Sox(Lester)------Boston scored 12 runs yesterday but with Joey Votto hitting 3 HR's and Justin Verlander throwing a 7inn 2-hitter for a win also.....u gotta look at Vargas here.   Ortiz is hitting well vs Lhp's......Vargas is doing well and he's faced the Tigers twice,  the Rangers and the Indians.(Lose 6-1........Lester does too good here;  Red Sox are #1 on the Non-Compliance List)

ORIOLES(Hammel) over Yankees parlayed with ROCKIES(Friedrich) over San Francisco parlayed with TIGERS(Smyly) over White Sox(Danks) +650------Orioles at home as the leading money-winning team in baseball,  Hammel has already beat the Yankees.........Rockies don't hit well on the road but if you look at how Frank Francisco took the loss yesterday for the Mets,  San Francisco doesn't look good today.......Tigers have a pitching advantage,  Cws 2 days of weak offense.(Lose 8-5.....3-2.....and 7-5....Friedrich did really well with 10 K's,  Rockies just fail to hit.  Good thing this was a parlay;  I will have ZERO TOLERANCE for going 0 and 3 this season)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

CUBS(Samardzija) +101 over Brewers(Estrada)-----Samardzija has started doing really good recently.........maybe Cubs will pick up a rare win for him........'Estrada',  in the Christian-associated sense---'The Way'----could be weak here with Christians falling out of the sky near Kansas City.(Win 8-2........Tony Campana 3-5)

LA DODGERS(Lilly) -136 over Colorado(White)-----Lilly has been awesome......Rockies,  tho an offensive threat at home,  are on the road here.(Win 11-5....#17 AJ Ellis 4RBI, HR)

TEXAS RANGERS(Feliz) -126 over LAA(Weaver)-------I did not expect to be dominated by "Felix Doubront" last night(Who is THAT?) Feliz seems pretty close to that........Rangers offense has a huge advantage with Hamilton who is an offensive monster right now...........Weaver's good and has thrown his no-hitter 2 starts ago however,  he has faced the Twins 3 TIMES!  And he's faced the A's----Rangers' offense is much better than those type of offenses.(Win 13-6.......#17 Nelson Cruz 4-5 HR......Mike Napoli 3-4..........Elvis Andrus 4-5)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Sale) -155 over Kansas City Royals(Hochevar)(Lose 5-0)
CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Sale) -1.5 (+140) over Kansas City Royals(Hochevar)----Dunn could be waking up offensively.(Lose 5-0.........Hochevar pitches a 7inn 3-hitter;  where were the indications that he was capable of doing something like this?)

Tampa Bay(Moore) vs Baltimore(Matusz) OVER 9(+110)-----It would be a surprise if neither of these pitchers get rocked;  they look sucky. (Lose 5-3........Betemit---a wild over-the-head swing.....Wieters--a pathetic called-3rd strike......Moore's fastball does look good to me,  he just walks too many)

CLEVELAND INDIANS +145 over Boston Red Sox(Doubront)-----Red Sox are definitely a go-against team at home in the Bank of America Fens.   With the Orioles winning yesterday with EVEland,  Cleveland should be good enough.(Lose 4-1........This loss makes the least sense of all:   On a day when Andrew MCCutchen goes 4-4 for the 2nd time in 4 days,  on a day when Mike Carp has 2 HR's for the Mariners,  on a day when Brandon MCCarthy has 10 K's pitching a 4-hit shutout for 7 innings while,  ON THIS SAME DAY,  Matt Cain beats Arizona on the strength of Melky Cabrera's 3-5 hitting and a 2 for 3, 2 RBI offensive outburst from....Matt Cain,  how can I NOT WIN betting on Zach MCCallister???   With the Red Sox not winning for me when I bet on Beckett, and now THIS,  I'm gonna have to declare Boston a non-compliant team;  they're gonna have to deal with some forthcoming injuries)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Twins(Marquis) vs Blue Jays(Alvarez) UNDER 8.5(-115)------Gotta respect Alvarez this year as he is walking only 1 every 4innings and........Twins have averaged scoring less than 2 runs per game over their last 8 games.   Marquis has not been good statistically but today may be a good day for him with Jason Jaso getting the GWRBI for the Mariners last night in a game where Jason Vargas dominated the Tigers.(Win 6-2)

OAKLAND A'S(Colon) +117 over Detroit Tigers(Scherzer)-----Good chance for A's to raise their pathetically low batting averages;  Scherzer's been hittable while Colon is walking only 1 every 6inn.  A's have scored well in 2 of their last 3.(Lose 10-6.......Cokin deploys his forces ON THE TIGERS!  Colon brutally rocked.  But why?  Before this game,  batters were hitting .330 off Scherzer and,  while the Tigers should outhit Oakland over the long run,  Detroit was averaging only 3 runs per game over their last 7.   Colon had only been rocked once while having a number of other very good games.   Oakland has home............with the revenge against his former team.   Hmmm.  Cokin must have seen something.....)

BOSTON RED SOX(Beckett) -141 over Cleveland Indians(Lowe)----Beckett off a (possibly) cathartic golf outing..........we'll see how it goes..........I don't know how new the Bank of America signs are in Fenway----and certainly,  with BoA being a failed,  though nationalized,  bank,  their presence will not make the team luckier(and so far,  it hasn't).   However,  the Red Sox do have a producing offense.(Lose 8-3..........Beckett rocked.  Red Sox.......outlook:  subprime)

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

COLORADO ROCKIES(Friedrich) +106 over San Diego Padres(Bass)-----Opposing batters only hit .198 off Bass but if you look at what happened yesterday,  with Ibanez hitting 2 HR's,  Inge getting the game-winning Grand Slam,  Cesar Izturis getting a rare 2-4 w/ HR raising his average to .219 for the Brewers and then the 3-I'd kIrk nIeuwenhuIs going 2 for 3.......look how many I's Christian Friedrich has in his name.   The Rockies' stadium juices their offensive stats but,  technically,  they're still a better offense than San Diego(altho the Padres do take walks).(Win 6-2......A beautiful,  gorgeous and elegant 4-run Error by Andy Parrino at SS for the Padres......evocative of our AP sac,  Adan Perez,  coming out as Creative Cause's #8 came up short at the Kentucky Derby)

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

ST LOUIS CARDINALS(Westbrook) +118 over Arizona(Kennedy)-----Cardinals' offense getting even stronger, it seems,  with Allen Craig starting to play in May.(Win 6-1.......#3 Carlos Beltran 2HR, 6RBI)

Monday, May 07, 2012

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Mcallister) -110 over Chicago White Sox(Humber)----1 perfect game for Humber but other than that..........a lot of walks.   And surprisingly,  the Indians lead MLB in walks.(Win 8-6)

Sunday, May 06, 2012

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Hunter) +135 over Boston Red Sox(Buchholz)------The Red Sox offense is, and has been,  better than the Orioles'.   But neither Buchholz nor his team have earned a "favorite status" in this matchup.   Hunter looks,  based on the current season's experience,  to have a better chance of having a good game than Buchholz who is walking 1 every 2 innings.(Win 9-6.....after going 5 for 8 with 2 HR's,  JJ Hardy guns the potential winning run on the relay at the plate allowing Adam Jones to get the GWHR and Chris Davis to get,  after going 0 for 8 striking out 5 times,  the W coming out of the bullpen working the 16th and 17th innings while striking out 2)

Saturday, May 05, 2012

CREATIVE CAUSE +1200 to win Kentucky Derby(Lose to I'll Have Another)

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

NEW YORK KNICKS +175 over Miami Heat--------The blood's been shed..........let's roll(Lose 87-70....I guess Stoudemaire loss was too big.   What a waste of Linsanity Season)

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

GIANTS(Cain) -160 over Marlins(Nolasco)------Giants averaging little more than 3 runs per game over last 6 games but Cain has been dominant.   Perhaps it will help that Jeremy Hellickson pitched 7 good innings with no walks yesterday for Tampa.   I don't know.(Lose 2-1.......Giants offense sux for me....big help from Buster Posey with the K and GIDP.......Marlins win game with only 6 hits)