Friday, December 31, 2010

NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH +3(-115) over Miami---------(Ok, Marietta beat Kingsburg). NC with #13 TJ Yates..........Winner!. ND has #13 Tommy Rees at consistent. With Illinois, Ok State and Syracuse winning.........and then Tennessee LOSING, that was a major color inconsistency on the orange. However, as blood is thicker than water and ethno-representations are stronger than color, MARYLAND WON BIG WITH THE DRUNKEN IRISHMAN, O'Brien, at QB. (You get "fighting Irish" with Notre Dame)......and the rep on "Mary"/"Dame". A NOTRE DAME former COACH picked North Carolina last night on ESPN and...........HE WAS RIGHT! This information is SUPER STRONG. The color trends have been FLIPPED: With the green Eagles losing to the pathetic Vikings on Tuesday and then Green Baylor failing to cover their line by over 20 points against Illinois, you'd think green would be bad today. NO! South Florida is doing very well right now in mid-game. Catholics over convicts in this BCLI steam play.........(Win 33-17........Catholics!!!.......Michael Floyd 2 TD's)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS pk over North Carolina Tar Heels----------TJ Yates out of Marietta.........Tyler Bray out of Kingsburg.........ou, EW........who's gonna win? Bray is #8 and Army won their Armed Forces bowl with #8 Steelman at QB(tho they did get outgained by 200 yards...). NC seems a bit.........unstable; they seriously almost lost to the William and Mary Tribe but they also beat Florida State. I will say that I saw E'Twan Moore have an unbelievably flawless game for the Purdue basketball team.........and Tennessee has Denarius Moore. They also finished their season with some wins after doing bad earlier. Marietta is Marietta but with Georgia Tech losing a -4TO dump-job to Air Force.........Marietta is in Georgia. I'll get down with the king for this one since the Big Ten is 2 and 0 so far in bowl season and I am betting TEN-nessee.(Lose 30-27........Donte Paige-Moss was apparently bleeding when he blocked Lincoln's extra-point attempt. Not the 1st time I've lost bets against teams whose players break-out bloody late in the game. Terrible and graTUITOUS penalties by Tennessee, both called and uncalled, in this game.)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

BUFFALO BILLS +7(+100) over New England----------Bills havent gotten blown out lately(besides at Minnesota---it was fucked; you saw what happened to that stadium after that) and have come within 3 of Pittsburgh and Baltimore. This is home revenge for the Bills, Patriots have a playoff spot clinched decreasing motivation........#3 Damaris Johnson breaks the all-purpose yds record for Tulsa on friday......Bills have a Johnson at receiver.(Lose 34-3...........7 total turnovers by Buffalo and they lose the TO ratio by a -7.........undoubtedly, this game was thrown by Ryan Fitzpatrick. The question is: Why?)

OAKLAND RAIDERS (+100) over Colts---------Raiders are less consistent, its seems, but they should get credit for beating the Chargers twice. Colts have full motivation but..........#12 Andre Roberts 110 yds + TD in the Arizona Cardinals win? Where'd he come from? Raiders have a #12 at receiver. We'll give 'em a chance at home.(Lose 31-26..........Ford returns opening kickoff for a TD AND Raiders get the +2 TO on the ratio........but motivation wasnt there as the Raiders were knocked out of the playoffs before the game started)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

MIAMI HEAT +3 over Lakers---------I don't think you can take the Lakers when Bryant Moniz threw 4 interceptions in Hawaii's -5 TO collapse against Tulsa last night(Win 96-80........Lebron James 27 points)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

*GREEN BAY +14 over New England--------Eagles(green) comeback win, Jets(green) comeback! Patriots clinched the playoffs.......making this game almost meaningless to them? Oh, 'Tron Legacy' just came out to the QB due to injury for the Packers is named...........what? Ohhhh, I like this 'no-brainer' LOCK so much this is gonna be BCLI's first starred play of the year...........should I also take some money-line?(Win 31-27)
GREEN BAY +800 over New England-----------Yes! Tron Legacy is out and Flynn is in!!!(Lose 31-27.........Patriots get lucky; got out-gained by 120 was that return by Connolly, right-guard? Not a kick-returner......suspicious)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

WAKE FOREST DAIMON DEACONS +14 over Xavier--------Xavier has Dante, Wake has the Russian. Xavier has the revenge and +6 days of rest, Wake has the +offense and 14 points. Both teams have beaten Iowa but Xavier has lost to Old Dominion---and they were taken to OT by woof-Woff----while Wake has beaten Holy Cross. This game came to my attention after I saw an unfavored DePaul winning outright today over Loy-Chi.(Win 83-75...........JT Terrell 27pts)

Friday, December 17, 2010

NEW YORK KNICKS +180 over Miami Heat------Knicks have the +ATS record and the +offense and are at home..........Knicks are a FAR better ATS team this year.(Lose 113-91............what a joke! Who said this Knicks team was for real?)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

BEARS +9 over Patriots teased with BILLS +5 over Browns-------Bears are a solid team that has beaten the Packers and the Eagles at home. Patriots......were beaten on the road by the Lions in the 1st half(2nd half, Lions must have quit or just collapsed......which they have a habit of doing). The Patriots' big cover against the Jets last week.........well, who was sitting with Patriots' owner? Donald Trump. Braylon Edwards had an off-game and Mark Sanchez, understandably(because Hispanics cant play in cold weather), had a terrible game. AND it was home-revenge for the Patriots. To be honest, I wanna see Brady blitzed and crushed by a good Bears defense(and you would think, in cold bad weather, defenses should have the advantage). Bills have home-off-road-loss.....last game they got unlucky when the 7 came in against them whereas the Browns GOT lucky as the 7 in Chad Henne gave them 3 interceptions. #55 Alex Mack worries me a bit.....but I'm takin him. Im takin him like I took the 10 dollar bill.......neutralizing him. With #31 Anthony Nelson getting 24 points to take down 14pointfavorite-St Bonaventure yesterday, we're gonna play the Jairus Byrd(31) (Lose by 20....unfathomably pathetic. Bears -4 TO.........why are they considered a good defense? Bears outgained by 290 yards? In the cold and snow?)

CINCINATTI +15 over Steelers teased with PANTHERS +14 over Falcons(-120)-------With St John's and St Bonaventure both going down yesterday as double-digit favorites, and with St Louis getting crushed by Duke and Seton Hall crushing their line by over 20 points, THIS is the big chance for "Sin"cinatti(and they could win outright). They do have the revenge AND the Cedric Benson(32) who you wanna be playing today after #32 Scotty Hopson'2 27 pts in Tennessee's 8pointdog win against Pitt; #32 Jimmer Fredette's 33 pts in BYU's crushing of Arizona; #32 Reese Holliday's 16 pts in Toledo's first win as 12.5pointdogs. Roethlisberger's a rapist, he's a jerk; lets attack the 7. Panthers have home-off-road-loss and the 23 Martin on defense and this is a good day to play that after #23 Fuquan Edwards had 13pts in Seton Hall's beatdown and #23 Marvin Dominique hit the clutch free throws for the Fordham Rams to take down St Johns. Also, the Wisconsin-Milwaukee PANTHERS beat San Diego St as 8 point dogs. (Lose by 1 and 7.........Carolina just sucks........Bengals quit)

RAMS +15 over Saints teased with 49ERS +1 over Seattle teased with CHARGERS -3.5 over Kansas City (+200)------FORD ham RAMS beat St Johns last night. Rams have SamBradFORD and #32 Bradley Fletcher. Chargers have the home revenge. 49ers home-off-road-loss and the revenge. Mike Singletary, yo, make sure you wear that crucifix(you wore it against Arizona WEAR IT today when Im betting on you). Three Smiths on the 49ers and Im playing em.(Lose by 3..........Malcolm Jenkins #27 from Ohio State did this: 2 interceptions. Rams shouldnt have lost by that much)

Sunday, December 05, 2010

ST LOUIS RAMS -3.5 over Arizona---------For Pitt, Dion LEWIS 4 TD's wearing #28. For Oklahoma, Travis LEWIS 1 INT, 2 fumble recoveries wearing #28(Latavius Murray also did well for Central Florida wearing #28). Rams QB, Bradford, wears #8.......close enough. (Win 19-6......Nice game, Rams)

DETROIT LIONS +4.5 over Bears(Win 24-20)
DETROIT LIONS +190 over Bears-------Lions have the home revenge and +3 days of rest AND Maurice Morris #28. Stanton at QB for Lions; he wears #5.....Tyrod Taylor got the win for VT with 5. Bears off 3 covers and a push; Lions have the motivation coming off 3 non-covers.(Lose 24-20.......aNOTHer 2nd half quit......where are the guts? Where is the heroism?)

BUFFALO BILLS +11.5 over Minnesota teased with LIONS +10.5 teased with RAMS +2.5 (+200)-------Bills are improving coming off 5 covers and 1 push and they havent gotten blown out since October 3rd. Vikings..........havent really blown anyone out this year.(Lose by 12.5......a CLASSIC case of an injury helping a team; there is NO WAY the Bills give up 4 fumbles if #7 Tavaris Jackson doesnt come into this game to replace an injured Favre. And if I KNEW----since the 7's had been pretty hot-----that Jackson would be QB-ing this team, I wouldnt have gone against the Vikings. I was expecting the same-old, same-old: a weak Viking team led by Favre. That's not what happened. Advice: Start Jackson......and you'll win.)