Friday, January 31, 2014

DETROIT TITANS +1.5 over Cleveland State Vikings------Home revenge for Detroit.(Lose 86-78.....Bryn Forbes 27pts)

DARTMOUTH BIG GREEN -2 over UPenn Quakers-----Dartmouth has Melville and Golden?  Pshhh,  UPenn?  Bitch, please;  this game's a blowout and I do recommend running up the score.(Win 67-58...........Alex Mitola 25pts)

BROWN BEARS -12 over Cornell Big Red-----I'll lay it,  dude;  the game's in Providence.(Push 78-66)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

TOWSON -5.5 over Northeastern----Towson has the +ATS and the home revenge and...........Look at that,  Boston College wasn't the only Boston school to lose as a favorite yesterday.   Harvard lost their game by 15 points.(Lose 57-54.........Shocking underperformance with the revenge,  which is not working right now apparently)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

OHIO STATE -3.5 over Minnesota----OSU has the +ATS and Minnesota has the home-off-road-loss.(Lose 63-53)

UTAH -11 over Usc-----Well,  this is 11 points but.........Usc is just getting blown out;  3 straight blowouts.......they're on the road here........gotta test 'em.   Utah has the +ATS and home-off-road-loss.(Win 84-66..........Jordan Loveridge 16pts.....Dakarai Tucker 18pts......Delon Wright 22pts)

HOUSTON ROCKETS -2.5 over Oklahoma City Thunder----Houston does have the home revenge after suffering a major blow-out at the hands of OKC.  Ummmm.......Wilson Chandler did have 22pts last night in a win;  Houston has Chandler Parsons.(Lose 104-92........Yet another failure by a team with the revenge.)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES pk over Miami Hurricanes-----FSU has the +ATS and the +offense.  Miami is at home with +4 days of rest.(Win 63-53)

Monday, January 13, 2014

SYRACUSE -8.5 over Boston College----CJ Wilcox had 31 pts last night,  a career-hi and a career-hi in 3ptrs.   Well,  Syracuse has CJ Fair...........See if this can work in..........Boston.(Win 69-59........and Trevor Cooney DOES NOT COME HOME A FAILURE with 21pts.........Tyler Ennis 12pts......Jerami Grant 16pts)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

PANTHERS +1 over 49ers parlayed with COLTS over Patriots parlayed with CHARGERS over Broncos (+2800)-----Well,  if they're gonna give me 114 dollars on a 4 dollar bet on something I know's gonna happen..........BOOM, Charlotte 49ers going down 77-85 to UTSA when Charlotte was favored by 11.  Hmm.  Georgia State Panthers win 77-54 against W Kentucky two days ago.  Oh,  would that be the Wisc-Mil Panthers winning 84-75 on 1/8/14 at Oakland when Oakland was favored by 6.5?  Yup.  San Francisco has the revenge here,  but guess what?  With the Chiefs having the revenge against the Colts...........and you saw what happened.  Yeah,  we lost an enormous amount of money and therefore,  the revenge MUST lose for the rest of these NFL playoffs.    Seriously,  I'm making an executive decision on this----if you LIKED the revenge,  then you should have let Kansas City win.   But you DIDN'T.   The Broncos also have the revenge against SD.   So that is why the Broncos must lose.   While some might think that a team can't get a +4 TO type luck---as the Chargers did last game----two games in a row,   I would say that this is not the regular season and we all must remember the New York Giants' historic outperformance in the playoffs a couple years ago which culminated in a Super Bowl victory.   The Colts usually win,  although they can have bad luck as was seen in their game against St Louis and in the 1st half of their last game against the Chiefs.   But if the Colts can score 35 points in a single half,  as they did last week,  their luck,  when its good,  has tremendous potential----they can virtually do anything and beat anyone.(Lose 23-10,  43-22 and 24-17.........Andrew Luck has average 3.5 interceptions in 2 playoff games.  WHY was a QB this pathetic allowed to beat the Chiefs?  And WHY were the Colts even allowed INTO the playoffs when they clearly SUCK.   Andrew Luck 48% and 4 INTs----The guy SUCKS.  His arm is weaker than the senescent Peyton Manning!  If I had an Arena Ball team I wouldn't have even drafted Andrew Luck.  I was right to say the Colts were wrong for not drafting Robert Griffin.   When Griffin gets healthy and gets on a decent team,  YOU ALL will see how FUCKING STUPID the Colts were for taking Luck.   2nd Quarter........Panthers have a 4th and 1 at the 49ers' goal line........they go for it and get stopped.   Game Over.   Thanks Ron Rivera.   Newton 2 INTs to Donte Whitner and Patrick Willis.  THIS IS A HOME GAME for the Panthers and they lose the TO ratio by 2.   Why do I keep forgetting that you simply can't bet on a black QB in a big game?   Would this have happened if San Francisco hadn't had the Al-Qaeda player,  AnQuan Boldin,  and Bowman?   I don't know.  But Kaepernick threw 53%........not impressive.......I think the Panthers threw this game----it was totally THEIR failure.   Thanks to the Chargers for at least COVERING the +8.......and Keenan Allen's 2 TDs.   But......Chargers won the TO ratio by 2 and they still needed an onside kick to cover.   Weird.)

Thursday, January 09, 2014

MARQUETTE GOLDEN EAGLES +4 over Xavier Musketeers------Marquette coming off 4 non-covers.......Xavier certainly the better ATS team........but I can't see Semaj Christon having such a good day for Xavier with Chris Christie taking responsibility for the glibly entitled,  arrogant outrage of the New Jersey traffic-and-bridge scandal.   Its possible that this is the beginning of the end for the Christie administration,  but we don't know that yet.  Marquette does have a player named Deonte Burton,  a name that scored 29 points last night for Nevada in an upset win.(Lose 28pts for Semaj Christon.   Guess Christie'll be the next president.   The first Sicilian president.  Huh.  Imagine that.)

UCLA BRUINS +1.5 over Arizona Wildcats------Look,  the "double-standard" in Jew-owned America is despicable;  if David Wildstein were an Arab,  he'd be getting waterboarded right now.  Fuck that shit and I'll fucking go against the Wildcats.(Lose 79-75......Fuck that.)

SAINT MARY'S GAELS -13 over Santa Clara Broncos-----STM struggled for a 3-game stretch there,  but they are still 5-1 ATS at home.(Lose 57-55........ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?  OH AND 3???  I'm going 0 and 3 today because these bitches can't even win the game at home as a 13 point favorite?   Looks like STM has Jordan Giusti.   Have to avoid this team.   And who wouldn't?  They lost the entire game as a 13 point favorite.  Who DOES that?   Jared Brownridge had 23pts for Santa Clara.)

Monday, January 06, 2014

FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES -11 over Auburn Tigers-----Duke played FSU to a scoreless tie in the 1st quarter......then got brutally destroyed over the next 3 quarters like every other team Florida State has played.   And Duke was good enough to almost beat Texas AM in the bowl game.   And I read about the ashes placed on the field before the Auburn-Alabama game----ashes of a deceased Auburn fan.   AND........Cade Foster had to miss a bunch of FGs for Auburn to win that game.  But who the fuck is Alabama after getting embarrassed by Oklahoma as a 16.5 point favorite?   I mean,  I thought they were good, too.   But Oklahoma destroyed them.   Look,  Florida State has murdered the entire ACC including Clemson(a team good enough to beat Ohio State).   Florida State is killing teams and,  after the Colts played the "knock-out" game on,  like,  FIVE of our Chiefs' players in that farcical whore of a Colts-Chiefs 'playoff' game,  do I want to go killing and raping with the Seminoles?   FUCK,  yes I do.   And SCALPING.......I want to go scalping too.(Lose 34-31.........Auburn outgains 'em by 64 yds and gets 6 more 1st downs......FLORIDA STATE SUCKS,  they are not the National Champions.   BCS sucks.   Congratulations to the True National Champions:  The Michigan State Spartans.)

Saturday, January 04, 2014

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS -1(-125) over Indianapolis Colts------Gone are the 2.5 points the Colts were favored by......Um,  true,  aside from wins vs the Eagles and Dallas,  Kansas City could be said to have beaten many of the very worst teams in the NFL.  And the Colts have beaten Denver and the 49ers.  However,  and inconsistently,  the Colts have also gotten crushed in games against the Rams and Cardinals.   Nor could one say the Colts are "unbeatable" at home.   Chiefs did lose to the Colts on 12/22 but......coming into the game at 11-3,  the Chiefs didn't need the game as much as the Colts.   And that loss gives the Chiefs the revenge here.   Also consider that the Chiefs almost won their last game with their 2nd string players playing,  on the road as 9.5 point underdogs. (Lose 45-44........Un-FUCKING-believable.   You CANNOT be serious.   KC wins the turnover ratio by 3,  by THREE...........and they can't win the game.   31-10 lead at halftime........blown in the most spectacular and catastrophic failure-to-close in the history of NFL football.  FIVE Chiefs players taken out by injury----not just average players,  but KEY players.   They whack 5 players and score 35 points in the 2nd half.   A team like that BETTER go and win the Super Bowl if they're that good.)

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS +12.5 over Stanford Cardinal teased with GEORGIA -4 over Nebraska------Obviously,  Michigan just disgraced and devalued the Big Ten.  However,  Arizona State did the same thing to Stanford's conference.(Lose 24-19........Very suspicious loss by Georgia.  Nebraska's QB threw a dismal 42%,  Georgia outgained them by 100 yards......but Nebraska wins???)