Sunday, May 30, 2010

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Maholm) +150 over Atlanta(Kawakami)(Lose 5-2)
PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Maholm) +152 over Atlanta(Kawakami) 1st 5innings only-------Pirates on a miserable 1-5 run and have scored 5 or more runs in a game only once in their last 10 games while Braves are on a 4-0 run in which they've scored 6 or more runs in each of those games. Why arent the Braves more of a favorite? That's what Im betting on; Braves are only 2-7 in games Kawakami has pitched in while the Pirates are 6-4 in games Maholm has started. Maholm is ok, and this spot is a good chance for Pitt to pick up a win.(Lose 2-0........This Pirate team is utterly hapless. Should look to bet against them every time they play)

OAKLAND A'S(Braden) +118 over Tigers(Scherzer)(Lose 10-2)
OAKLAND A'S(Braden) +113 over Tigers(Scherzer) 1st 5innings only-------Scherzer is back from the minors??? This guy totally sucked, now he's back. A's on a 4-0 run with good scoring; Tigers running 0-4. Although Damon and Cabrera have done well vs lhp's, the Tigers have a number of players below .230 vs lhp's.(Lose 4-0.........Scherzer must have picked something up; he had 14k's in 5innings)

Orioles(Guthrie) vs Blue Jays(Romero) UNDER 4(+100) 1st 5innings only---Give Guthrie respect; he's allowed only 3 ER in his last 20 innings, he's having a good year AND improving. Add to that the weakness of the Orioles' offense. Romero has the pitcher revenge against his last start. He's very good this year although his team seems to have some problems giving him run support.(Push 3-1)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

CUBS(Silva) -137 over Cardinals(Ottavino)-------Cubs have only lost 1 game in which Silva has started for them.(Win 5-0)

REDS(Harang) -172 over Astros(Moehler)-------Astros, on a 1-5 run, have gone 1-11 in games Moehler has pitched in; I dont think he is "the answer". Reds offense has impressed with a .452 slugging percentage and they are on a 6-2 run. Harang is hittable but he doesnt walk people.........and, with Aaron Hill's bat waking up recently.........I'll play him here.(Win 12-2.........HUGE support, Ramon Hernandez 4 for 4 and 2 HR's. Jay Bruce 2 HR's)

METS(Nieve) +112 over Brewers(Parra)--------Mets on a 5-1 run and they are strong vs the lhp.(Lose 8-6.......Corey Hart 6RBI, 2HR........Nieve; no)

DODGERS(Kuroda) +112 over Rockies(Cook)--------Although the Rockies are on a 5-1 run and the Dodgers have averaged only 3 runs per game over their last 5 games, Cook has simply not been an effective pitcher this year; he's walking 1 every 2 and he's only had 2 good starts. Kuroda has the pitcher revenge here against the Rockies and the Dodgers are 7-2 in games he has started.(Lose 11-3.......Kuroda destroyed, Cook does good)

Friday, May 28, 2010

BLUE JAYS(Marcum) -1.5 (+110) over Orioles(Millwood)-------Millwood has experience, control and is probably due for a win, but the Orioles have been one of the losingest teams(actually, they ARE the losingest with only 15 wins) in baseball this year while Marcum has been great. Blue Jays are 5-0 in Marcum's last 5 starts and they have been hitting well when he pitches.(Win 5-0.......Hill 2 RBI's)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

REDS(Cueto) -205 over Pittsburgh(Morton)(Win 8-2)
REDS -1.5(+105) over Pittsburgh--------Pirates are averaging 2 runs per game over their last 6 games and Morton has given up about 1 run for every inning he's pitched. This is a big pitching mismatch so I'll lay the number.(Win 8-2.......Morton rocked again)

ASTROS(Myers) +110 over Brewers(Bush) 1st 5innings only(Push 2-2)
ASTROS(Myers) +115 over Brewers(Bush)----------Myers has been pretty solid with good control while Bush has been wild and hittable. Bush has the pitcher revenge against his last start, which was especially bad, but the Astros, on a 3-7 run, have a good chance to pick up a win here with this pitching matchup.(Lose 4-3.......terrible outing by Matt Lindstrom, picking up the Blown Save and the Loss)

METS(Pelfrey) +110 over Phillies(Hamels)------Hamels has been ok, but not great. Pelfrey has been getting wins against everyone except the Phillies; so he has the pitcher revenge against them. Mets coming off two shutouts of the Phillies; I'll take that trend..........with Pelfrey here.(Win 3-0........Reyes 3 for 4, Pelfrey gets the revenge)

DODGERS(Ely) +105 over Cubs(Lilly)------------Cubs on a 3-1 run but Ely has gotten much better run support from his team than Lilly has gotten from his this year. Lilly has good control but Ely has walked only 4 in 31innings; that's outstanding.(Lose run support for either pitcher)

OAKLAND A'S(Gonzalez) -132 over Orioles(Bergesen)-------A's on a 4-1 run. Bergesen has good control but he's very hittable. I'll take Gio.(Win 7-5)

TWINS(Blackburn) +102 over Yankees(Vazquez)--------Yanks scoring less than 3 runs per game over their last 5 and doing pretty poorly on a 6-10 run. Vazquez's last 2 have been good but before that he was pretty bad. Blackburn's last 4 starts have been wins.(Win 8-2........Jason Kubel 5 RBI's)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

CHICAGO CUBS(Silva) +145 over Texas(Wilson)---------Rangers are on a 5-1 run; Cubs are on a 5-2 run. Interestingly enough, Cubs are 7-1 in games started by Silva.......who always has good control and, this year, looks to be giving up fewer hits. Against lhp's, Cubs have Soriano and Byrd who both are over .380 vs lhp's this year. Wilson has had good games all the way up until his last start. Cubs also have Starlin Castro who, I suspect, will have a good game today.(Win 5-4......Soriano 2 for 3.....Nice win, Wilson gets rocked again)

BLUE JAYS(Marcum) -125 over Arizona(Buckner)--------Arizona has scored very high over their last 3 games but Jays have a pitching advantage here. I dont remember Buckner ever being very good while Marcum has been hard to hit this year.(Win 12-4..........more run support for Marcum as Buckner gets destroyed)

REDS(Bailey) -132 over Cleveland(Huff)----------only 8 hits given in last 16inn for Homer Bailey; and only 2 walks.........he's doing better coming out of..........where? La Grange, Tx. (Lose 4-3.......Bailey rocked out in only 2 innings of work)

PADRES(Latos) +125 over Seattle(Hernandez)--------Latos an underdog? Only 10 walks in 45inn while holding opposing batters to a .212 average.........going against the weakest offensive team in baseball........? Take it.(Win 8-1)

NATIONALS(Lannan) -112 over Orioles(Millwood)--------Lannan has sucked but he's pitched alot on the road. He's at home here. Millwood a solid pitcher but I cant see the Nationals not winning this series vs the pathetic Orioles who are on a 2-6 run.(Win 4-3.......Bernardino 3 RBI's)

ANGELS(Weaver) +150 over Cardinals(Carpenter)-------Cardinals not doing that great lately having gone 6-7. If the Angels can beat the Cardinals with Kazmir starting, they should have a pretty good chance with Weaver, who is better.(Lose 6-5.......David Freese 3 for 4)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BLUE JAYS(Marcum) -124 over Twins(Pavano)(Win 11-2)
BLUE JAYS(Marcum) -125 over Twins(Pavano) 1st 5inn only(Win 6-1)
BLUE JAYS(Marcum) -1.5(+170) over Twins(Pavano)--------Since May 2nd, Jays have gone 3-0 in games Marcum has started and the team is on a 4-1 run. Pavano has had a very good year but with Marcus Thames getting crowned last night in New York(as the 'Novus homo'), I think I see whats going on.......I'm gonna put you on, Tully! Lets do this.(Win 11-2.........Very impressive)

Friday, May 14, 2010

ASTROS(Paulino) +126 over San Francisco(Wellemeyer)--------Astros coming off a sweep of the Cardinals.........we'll follow this momentum as Wellemeyer has really only had 1 good start and is walking a very high 20 in 28innings. Giants have scored only 4 runs over their last 3 games. Paulino's walking 1 every 2 but he's been decent, at least, and is coming off a good 11k game.(Lose 8-2.......Paulino rocked)

DIAMONDBACKS(Kennedy) +104 over Braves(Kawakami) 1st 5inn only-------Braves HAVE scored 28 runs over their last 3 we'll go 1st 5 here. This is a pitching mismatch; Kennedy is walking only 1 every 4 and...........he's just done really well. Kawakami is too hittable. Arizona on an 0-6 run, good opp to get a win here and even things out with Kennedy.(Win 4-0........AZ blows the game late)

DODGERS(Ortiz) +126 over Padres(Garland)----------How is this team 22-12 hitting .240 and slugging .364????? Its very improbable. Garland has turned into an awesome pitcher over his last 5 starts????!!! Padres record HAS to correct. LA on a 6-1 run and...........they have a real offense(.277)(Win 4-3)

OAKLAND(Braden) +100 over Angels(Saunders) 1st 5inn only--------Braden off his perfect game here........Saunders struggling. Braden, only 7 walks in 46 innings.(Push 0-0)

BOSTON(Buccholz) -130 over Detroit(Scherzer)----------Gotta go against Scherzer; he sucks.(Win 7-2........Max now to the minors)

BREWERS(Wolf) -125 over Phillies(Moyer)---------Sometimes Wolf gets amazing run support.(Lose 9-5.........Wolf gets rocked)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

OAKLAND(Gonzalez) +121 over Texas(Holland)(Lose 10-1)
LA DODGERS(Kuroda) -134 over Arizona(Jackson)-------Dodgers have 20 runs scored in their last 2 games and Kuroda's been more than good enough to bet on(very few walks). Jackson is giving up alot of hits..........he's trying to avoid the sweep but..........Arizona is, like, the most hated state in America right now with its new check-your-papers-if-you're-looking-Mexican law.........(Win 6-3)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

KANSAS CITY(Bannister) -125 over Cleveland(Westbrook)---------Bannister has the pitcher revenge against his last (bad) start. He has had 2 bad starts but only 2 starts at home. KC is hitting about 30 points higher than Cleveland and beatable.(Lose 8-2)

NATIONALS(Olsen) +120 over Mets(Niese)----------Batters hitting .315 off Niese and the Mets are 3-6 in May. Olsen's last 3 starts have been very good.(Lose 8-6..........Bruney and Clippard blow a 4-run lead)

TIGERS(Porcello) +135 over Yankees(Vazquez)---------Porcello has allowed 25ER in 30Inn, Vazquez has allowed 25ER in 23Inn. Tiger offense.........not that bad and just a little worse than Yankees.(PPD)

Monday, May 10, 2010

NATIONALS(Atilano) +133 over Mets(Maine)--------Maine is walking 1 every 2inn and he's been somewhat hittable. Luis Atilano has the pitcher revenge against his last start and, seeing what Fred Lewis did last night for the Blue Jays, I think he should get his revenge against this weak(.238) Mets offense.(Win 3-2..........I-Rod 4 for 4)

Marlins(Robertson) vs Cubs(Lilly) OVER 9(+105)----------Lilly's had only 1 good start out of 3, Byrd is hitting .500 vs lhp's and Soriano, getting hot, is over .300 vs lhp's. Cubs offense has had only 1 good offensive game over their last 6 but Robertson, even if he does good, should only pitch 5 maybe 6 innings. Robertson has been walking 1 every 2inn and, tho they say the wind is coming in from right field, we're gonna hope that changes......and I have a feeling both SP's will be out early and this game will be decided by bullpens.(Lose 4-2.........Soriano 3 for 4 but both starters somehow do good)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

GIANTS(Lincecum) -205 over Mets(Perez)-------Mets are 13-5 at home, yet the road team is -205. Well, Perez is walking more than 1 every 2 innings and the Mets are hitting .236. And Lincecum's numbers are close to perfect........I'll play it.(Win 6-5.......7 walks in 3 inn for Perez)

NATIONALS(Hernandez) -128 over Florida(Sanchez)-------Hernandez has faced a fair selection of offenses(Atl, Cubs, Col, Mil, Mets) and is not walking people, not allowing hits or runs. Why not take him? Sanchez has good control but he's certainly hittable and beatable.(Win 3-2.......Dunn 3 for 4)

ROYALS(Hochevar) +151 over Rangers(Feldman)------Feldman is 6 foot 7 but I dont think he's being rated as a big favorite. He's been rocked 3 starts out of 6. Royals are hitting for average(.274) better than their 11-20 record would make you think. Although Hochevar is walking 1 every 2, I like him at this price to avoid the sweep.(Lose 6-4........Hochevar rocked and wild)

Orioles(Matusz) vs Twins(Blackburn) OVER 9(+100)------Matusz HAS faced good offenses(Yankees twice, Tampa twice, and Boston) but I've seen him throw and he's nothing special. Orioles offense could be waking up after sweeping the Red Sox and then rocking Liriano yesterday(can you believe that?). Twins have 4 hitters hitting above .300 vs lhp's. Blackburn has good control but is very hittable. He's sufferred 3 rockings so far this year. (Lose 6-0....Sick; the most hittable starter shuts down the Orioles offense)

BLUE JAYS(Romero) -116 over White Sox(Floyd)------Romero has the pitcher revenge against his last start; he should redeem. CWS have the team revenge against Romero but Toronto is hot on a 6-1 run and Floyd is weak; he's been subject to 2 brutal rockings, 2 other bad starts and only 2 acceptable starts. White Sox are hitting .226(Win 9-7.........Fred Lewis saves it with 3run HR; Romero walks 5)

TIGERS(Scherzer) -103 over Indians(Talbot)-------Talbot's had some good starts and Scherzer has been hittable. However, Scherzer has better control which I'll take with the Tigers much better offense.(Lose 7-4.......Scherzer is terrible, we're gonna start betting against this guy)

ANGELS(Santana) -108 over Seattle(Vargas)------Santana's ERA is 4, but he's faced the Yankees twice. Vargas isnt bad, but the Mariners have gone 7 straight games scoring 3 or fewer runs; the team just doesnt score.(Lose 8-1.......very suspicious that the Mariners score 8 runs when I bet against them; Santana a joke)

YANKEES(Burnett) +100 over Boston(Lester)-----Lester has allowed only 1 ER in his last 20 innings but the Yankees offense is crushing.(Lose 9-3........Burnett rocked, Lester dominates......why did I bet this?)