Friday, April 30, 2010

ASTROS(Myers) +185 over Atlanta(Hanson)(Lose 4-2)
ASTROS(Myers) +1.5 (-115) over Atlanta(Hanson)---------Braves not living up to the hype----9 straight losses going into this game-----team batting average of .228------8-14 record..........yet they're -210 here. Hanson has gotten by.....for about 5inn per game. Astros on a 7-4 run, Myers gives up some hits but walks only 1 every 6.5 innings. I'll take a control pitcher, at this price, against the bloated, overrated Braves-hype as they lose their 10th straight tonight.(Lose 4-2.........Myers does fine but Astros offense fails miserably against Hanson)

Mets(Niese) vs Phillies(Kendrick) OVER 10.5(+100)--------In 4 starts, Kendrick has been rocked 3 times and had 1 good game. Niese's stuff is weak; a good offensive team like the Phillies should score off him and, on a 2-4 run, the Phillies need to win. Thus, I'm assuming they hit today.(Lose 9-1.........Hmmmmm, the Phillies can get 10 ER off the lhp Santana but they cant get 2 off the lhp Niese. What a trick)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Hochevar) +215 over Tampa(Garza)(Lose 11-1)
ROYALS(Hochevar) +200 over Tampa(Garza) 1ST 5 INNINGS ONLY--------Tampa is 16-5 and.........its hard to sustain that level on winning% in baseball. Garza has done very well except for his last start and Tampa's been hitting. Im just gonna take this price here as the Royals tend to do well for Hochevar. Overall, the Royals are hitting .288(Lose 10-1........another beatdown for Tampa.......hmmmm......and one of Hochevar's worst rockings........)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Hernandez) +140 over Cubs(Gorzelanny)(Win 3-1)
Washington(Hernandez) vs Cubs(Gorzelanny) UNDER 8(-110)-----------Cubs are on a 4 game win streak but their offense, statistically, has only been slightly better than the Nationals'. Livan Hernandez..........clearly he's got something, 24innings pitched and only 13 hits allowed so far. What it is, I dont know but he's hot right now. Wrigley wind is, apparently, blowing in, as it was last night........and the Nats, aside from Dunn and Morgan, have had some success vs lhp's.(Win 3-1)

BREWERS(Wolf) -1.5 (-115) over Pirates(Karstens)--------Brewers are bringing the punishment on Pittsburgh. Wooohoooo! Karstens, apparently, is up from the minors to try to stop the bleeding for the Pirates. I'll play for another beatdown.(Lose 7-3)

Monday, April 26, 2010

CHICAGO CUBS(Silva) -160 over Washington(Lannan)(Win 4-3)
CUBS -1.5 (+140) over Washington---------Nationals are 3-1 in games Lannan has started but he's walking almost 1 every 2 innings and getting hit. Cubs have scored 7 runs per game over their last 5 games while Silva has been about as near to pristine as a pitcher can get; only 2 walks in 19 inn and batters are hitting .152 against him. At Wrigley, I'll lay the price.(Lose 4-3)

BREWERS(Gallardo) -1.5 (-105) over Pirates(Duke)-------Brewers are emerging as a very strong offensive team; they've scored almost 6 runs per game this season. Duke has had 3 good starts against 1 bad one(vs Brewers) so he has the pitcher revenge, Pirates have the team revenge vs Gallardo.......but they've lost 6 straight. I'm not feeling the revenge here as I want to play the strong offense against a team that's not hitting.(Win 17-3......Wow, this offense is definitely ready for the World Series........they may have to make a deal to add a starting pitcher.......or maybe they wont even need one---bwaaa)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

OAKLAND A'S(Gonzalez) -128 over Cleveland(Masterson)-------Indians are a poor team this year hitting .223 and not very good vs lhps. Gonzalez, I think, is a better pitcher than his current season stats show.(Win 11-0...........Allright! Biggest winner on the board this day.......Eric Patterson 3 RBI)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

METS(Niese) +114 over Braves(Jurrjens)----------Niese has given up some hits but he hasnt walked many. Neither team has been very offensive(and the Braves have only score 2RPG over their last 6 games) and, for the Braves, Heyward, Cabrera and Glaus certainly arent hitting the lhps. With Mets at home here, and on a 4-1 run, and with Jurrjens having gotten rocked in his only road start this season, I'll take the underdog.(Win 3-1.........Mets get some luck)

Blue Jays(Romero) vs Tampa(Niemann) UNDER 8.5(Lose 9-3........Downs and Casey Janssen totally blow it out of Jays bullpen.)
BLUE JAYS(Romero) +125 over Tampa(Niemann) 1ST 5 INNINGS ONLY-----------Romero has been dominant and, altho the Rays have put up some big numbers in the last couple weeks, I gotta play him. In two games, Niemann has done well also.(Lose 2-1..........Sick; Romero does fine all 7 innings that he pitched and the rest of the Blue Jay team loses me money and the game. Utterly despicable)

TIGERS(Willis) +160 over Texas(Feldman) 1ST 5 INNINGS ONLY(OFF)
TIGERS(Willis) +160 over Texas(Feldman)----------Texas is hitting .235(Tigers are at .277) and I dont think the Rangers with Feldman should be this big of a favorite vs anybody; Willis isnt that bad.(OFF........What a rip; Thomas starts and Tigers rip Feldman)

ROYALS(Hochevar) +105 over Minn(Blackburn) 1ST 5 INNINGS ONLY(Win 6-4)
ROYALS(Hochevar) -103 over Minn(Blackburn)------------Royals are actually hitting .290. Hochevar is doing good; Blackburn is getting rocked.(Lose 9-7........Blackburn rocked, Royals bullpen loses it with Billy Butler's error.)

MARINERS(Fister) -115 over WhiteSox(Garcia) 1ST 5 INNINGS ONLY(Lose 2-1.........another loss in the bottom of the 5th. Im sick of this shit)
MARINERS(Fister) -119 over WhiteSox(Garcia)----------CWS have raised their average to .219; Seattle's offense is pretty weak also but there is a huge pitching differential here; Fister's done much better this year. If Garza can get rocked last night, Garcia can too.(Lose 5-4.........Aardsma blows the game in the 9th. Disgusting.)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Sanchez) -127 over San Diego(Latos)-------Giants dont look like they have any problems. Hitting .283, scoring over 5 runs per game. Sanchez has 17 k's in 12inn.(Lose 1-0.......Sanchez throws a 1-hitter and LOSES! Are the Padres gonna be my nemesis-team?)

MARLINS(Volstad) -122 over Astros(Myers)---------Myers isnt walking people but batters are hitting .308 against him so he cant be that great. Astros seem to be the worst hitting team in baseball, scoring well below 3 runs per game and SLUGGING only .285. Volstad has been hard to hit and Florida's offense is much better.(Lose 7-5.......Volstad does fine but Tim Wood comes in and loses the game giving up 4ER. Didnt even know the Marlins kept a TW on the team.)

OAKLAND A'S(Gonzalez) +140 over Yankees(Vazquez) 1ST 5 INNINGS ONLY--------Vazquez has been rocked once this year; I like Gio for 5(Lose 6-1........Thought Gio would get a little luckier so close the Earth-Day----very bad luck in the 1st inning as Barton muffs a play)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Hernandez) +135 over Oakland(Sheets)(Lose 6-2)
BALTIMORE ORIOLES +1.5(-160) over Oakland----------Orioles really need to break out here; they are 1-8, scoring 3 runs per game(they cant be this bad). The A's offense proved its weakness last night as they let Vargas shut them down and Sheets.........he's clearly not ready for the season yet as he has 7 BB in 11 innings and batters are hitting .341 off him. WAKE UP, Orioles.....and win this game. tipte me, Pnleos uie, posiv taXeessi diwkeis, autos thvntos ewv theov amBpotov; oude nu pw me eyvws, ws theos eimi; su d' asperXes meveaiveis. n vu toi ou ti melei Tpwwv povos, ous ephoBnsas; oi dn toi eis astu alev, su de deupo liasthns. ou mev me kteveeis, epei ou toi mopsimos eimi.(Lose 6-2.............Tejada swings at bad pitches, Wieters cant take a walk, Orioles truly suck)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Morrow) +110 over Cws(Danks)----------Morrow has the pitcher revenge against his last 5 BB outing vs Baltimore; I'll try him at home here as the White Sox are hitting a feeble .205. Perhaps this is the season when Vernon Wells fulfills his potential; he is slugging .931 and the Jays lineup looks fairly right-handed and fit to do well against lhp's.(Lose 11-1.......Hmmm; a team that's hitting .205 scores 11 going against Morrow. Blue Jays definitely cant hit lhp's; Danks throws a 2-hitter)

PADRES(Richard) +121 over Braves(Hanson)--------Aside from Heyward's 3 HR's and Prado hitting over .500, the Braves offense(especially new acquisition Melky Cabrera) really isnt doing that much. Padres offense, of course, has just come alive so will go with that flow here at home.(Lose 6-1.......Richards had a decent game going there for a while. Padres offense fails pathetically----who cant hit Hanson? This is sick. What the fuck is the Padres problem? they can beat me but they wont play for me?)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Cook) -184 over Mets(Niese)------I'll go with Cook here at home going against a Mets lineup that is pretty right-handed with Beltran still hurt and Murphy, apparently, not playing yet. The pressure is on Niese as the Rockies are hitting and scoring well.(Win 6-5........Rockies hit the lhp)

OAKLAND A'S(Gonzalez) -117 over Seattle(Vargas) 1ST 5 INNINGS ONLY--------Gonzalez often does very well for the first few innings........then he comes out. A's have been winning while the Mariners have been scoring less than 3 runs per game.(Push 2-2.........Gio cant close out the 5th........almost)

Monday, April 12, 2010

HOUSTON ASTROS(Rodriguez) +195 over St Louis(Wainwright)(Lose 5-0)
HOUSTON ASTROS +1.5(-120) over Stl------------Astros are 0-6; gotta believe they'll be giving their best effort. Wandy will probably turn out to be their best pitcher this year. Cardinals hitting .242; Astros hitting .222..........I'll take this juice.(Lose 5-0..........Utterly sick. You lose 6 games straight and THEN, on the 7th game, you get shut out??!! The Astros need to send their whole team to triple-A. HOUSTON, YOU SUCK! Get the fuck out of major league baseball)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Jurrjens) -125 over Padres(Correia)--------Jurrjens and Braves are too strong to ignore against Correia and Padres offense(currently hitting .218)(Lose 17-2...........OH! Of course the Padres are gonna score 17 going against me; they have EVERth Cabrera.........and Chase HEDley. Well, excuse me, I just thought they were gonna keep hitting like they were hitting and the Braves were the conventional wisdom's pick for the hot team this year. Guess not; if you cant hit Correia, you've got a problem)

Friday, April 09, 2010

YANKEES(Vazquez) -127 over Tampa(Price)(Lose 9-3)
Yankees vs Tampa OVER 9(-120)----------I question Price's fitness against the Yankees powerful lineup; he has to prove his control and until he does that Im betting against him. Tampa's bullpen had to work all but 1 inning yesterday as Niemann came out after the first inning. (Win 9-3..........Price impresses, only 3 walks in 7 innings while Vazquez gets destroyed)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

MICKELSON (+130) over Woods(Win by 5)
ELS (+130) over Woods(Lose by 10)
Masters.MissCut.Woods (+480)-------1)Fifteen mistresses for Woods and 2) the course is, basically, in a forest(a "Woods") and 3) he's been 'living a lie' and 4)Josylvan? James is there.......and she's calling him a big fat liar while 5) golf is a 'mental' game. Ohhhh, I SO want this to get ugly.( too lucky the 1st day)
YANKEES(Burnett) +120 over Boston(Lester)-------Lets see.......Yankees have Jeter, ARod........then Teixera(the best free agent available last year) and Swisher......all good power hitters. THIS year, they also get to take the Tigers best player(Granderson; 30 HR last year), giving up Damon, added to excellent "home-grown" hitters like Cano and Posada. This lineup is just so impressingly powerful.......and they're underdogs here. (Win 6-4........Yank pitchers give up only 1 walk. Thanx for the E, Scutie)