Monday, September 19, 2016

CHICAGO BEARS -3 over Philadelphia Eagles--------Bears are at home off a road-loss..........with a 'Glenn' on defense.  Get that?  a 'Glenn'.   It appears that I have gone 5-29 from August 30th,  when the United States of America assassinated Abu Muhammad al-Adnani al-Shami in Aleppo,  through September 17th.   5 wins and 29 losses!  Are you fucking kidding me? No.....because I just checked my records.  Oh,  additionally,  the United States of America illegally assassinated Adil Hasan Salman al-Fayad on September 7th.   Do you think that has something to be with this shit?  5 and fucking 29 !!!!!!   And Abu Yahya Alwaizi was murdered by America no later than August 28th.........which is when my winning month of August began to, yes,  5 and 29.
I hate America,  I hate what Obama's done to America and I hate what America's done to me.   So Go motherfucking,  goddamn murdering American terrorist assholes.   ISIS !!!!!!!! (Lose 29-14.........Usually home teams are stronger in the 2nd half.  Not Chicago.  Chicago lost the 2nd half 20-7.  Cutler INT was sick;  he just threw it right TO the guy.   Bears,  at home,  -3 on the Turnover Ratio.  Teams should get luckier at home but Chicago............)

CINCINNATI REDS(Adleman) +240 over Chicago Cubs(Hammel)------Well,  the Cubs,  in a not-needing-to-win situation,  lost at -208 two days ago and then lost at -350 yesterday so..........batters hitting .261 off Adleman,  not that bad.  Not bad at all.(Lose 5-2.........Reds winning 2-0 after 6 innings.  Couldn't hold it.  And Chicago has my permission to..
   BURN IN HELL.....)


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