Monday, May 30, 2016

ANGELS(Chacin) -104 over Tigers(Verlander)-------Justin Verlander aint winnin this game after Justin Nicolino just fucked up for me.  Fuck that shit.(Win 5-1)
WHITE SOX(Quintana) -117 over Mets(Harvey)----Quintana has walked only 1 every 5 innings.(Lose 1-0.........Harvey had averaged giving up 7 Hits per start and 3.5 ER per start before this game.  Why does give up only 2 H and 0 ER against me?  Is this fair?)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Santana) -103 over Oakland A's(Graveman)-----After a 4-game winning streak,  the Twins have raised their record to an impossibly pathetic 15-34.  Hmmmm.   A's offense has scored 18 more runs than the Twins have,  but we'll give the benefit of the doubt to Santana who,  although he got rocked last start,  has had some good starts this season.(Lose 3-2...........Game 'em a chance.........Twins just not bettable)

MIAMI MARLINS(Nicolino) +117 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Locke)-----If Locke cut down on his walks the last 2 seasons,  they're back up there this season.  And the Marlins hit better(.291) vs lhps.  I think Nicolino's ERA should be lower considering what his stats currently are.  He's been unlucky.(Lose 10-0............what a joke:  Locke pitches a CG and walks ZERO.   Marlins offense fails massively)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Greinke) -1.5(+120) over San Diego Padres----Gotta see if these pathetic,  disgraceful losers can LOSE for me again with their hundred million $ pitcher going for them.(Lose 8-7............8-4 lead for Arizona starting the 9th.  Brad Ziegler comes in for 1 inning,  allows 3 hits,  2 ER and 1 unearned run due to his own throwing error.  
   Now you're fucking killing children, Arizona.  You blew my fucking GOY the day before,  NOW you wanna kill children....
(Posted: Jun 03, 2016 11:45 PM EDT
Family members of three little boys police believe were stabbed to death by their mother are now trying to comfort each other.)
...........4-run lead cut to 1 in the 9th...........fucking lethal for you, Arizona)

Friday, May 27, 2016

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Ray) -163 over San Diego Padres(Friedrich)(Lose 10-3)
ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Ray) -1.5(+115) over San Diego Padres(Friedrich)(Lose 10-3)
ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Ray) -2.5(+180) over San Diego Padres(Friedrich)-----Padres have fallen to the bottom in batting average(.221);  nobody's worse right now.  And the Diamondbacks,  tho they haven't done well for us,  are actually one of the higher scoring offenses in baseball(they've scored more than the Tigers and just 3 fewer runs than the Rockies).  Its time for Ray to have a 10K game; he hasn't had one yet.  And Friedrich,  I think,  is the one who couldn't close for the BCLI CHRISTIAN GOY.   So this will be.........
  BCLI BLOW OUT GAME OF THE YEAR.......BCLI Game of The Year !(Lose 10-3.......Why the fuck does it take Ray 100 pitches to finish the 5th fucking inning?  He throws 97 pitches in this goddamn game...and only gets through 4 innings.  On May 21st,  it took Ray 5 innings to throw 102 pitches.  He doesn't throw 95mph anymore.  91, 92, 93....there's nothing special about that.  Imagine that:  this is the same Padres team that scored 16 against me on April 19th.  Fuck BOTH these teams)

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -124 over Oakland A's(Manaea)(Win 4-1)
DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -1.5(+135) over Oakland A's(Manaea)------I think the reason this line is so low is that the Tigers have hit only .236 vs lhp's.  That IS strange.  But if you look at the Tigers' offense overall,  it IS good,  with their 3-4-5 hitters hitting well over .300.........and their leadoff hitter hitting .300.  And Maybin,  after 9 games with the Tigers this season,  is at .545.  Manaea has allowed a lot of runs in all but one of his starts.   So I expect the Tigers to improve their stats vs Lhps after facing Manaea.  On the other hand,  the Tigers are only 23-23, which,  I think,  is a poor record for how good their offense is.(Win 4-1........Nick Castellanos 2-4 HR...........Ian Kinsler 3-5)

TORONTO RAPTORS +6(-105) over Cleveland Cavaliers(Lose 113-87)
TORONTO RAPTORS +245 over Cleveland Cavaliers-------Well,  Toronto at home..........and they need the game.(Lose 113-87...........Patrick Patterson 1-5 on 3s,  4 PFs...........Raptors score 13pts in the 4th quarter:  Sick.  This team shouldn't even be in the NBA if its gonna quit like this at home in the playoffs)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Perez) +117 over Miami Marlins(Conley)-----ok 1 more chance to win, more chance I'm giving you one more chance.  Braves are the worst vs lhps at .217.  Time to improve.  Braves are truly pathetic..............but they CAN win.  Let's go,  let's do it....P O C A H O N T A S.(Win 4-2.......Jeff Francoeur 4-5.........Nick Markakis 2-4 GWRBIs)

TEXAS RANGERS(Hamels) -128 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Niese)-----Rangers have hit .291 vs lhps?  Surprising but true.  Gerrit Cole went 2-2 w/HR yesterday and I think Cole Hamels is a much better pitcher than Jon Niese.  True,  Prince Fielder's not hitting anybody..........but I'll still take Rangers.(Lose 9-1............The only time this year Hamels has sucked so bad he failed to complete the 5th inning.)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

ATLANTA BRAVES(Wisler) -128 over Milwaukee Brewers(Peralta)-----Braves are 12-33;  they've won just a bit more than 1/4 of their games and they're gonna have to pick up the pace if they wanna meet their season-projection of 60-102(the worst season projection for any MLB team this year).  Brewers have scored 189 Runs.  Braves have scored 140 Runs.  Brewers have taken 188 Walks.  Braves have taken only 132 Walks.  Braves are favored here---which has to be a rare thing----because of their starting pitcher advantage.  Wisler's been good.(Lose 6-2.........Jonathan Villar 2-4 HR against me.........Peralta,  the pitcher,  gets 2 RBI against me.)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Gausman) +114 over Houston Astros(Mccullers)-----Orioles have lost their last 3 in a row;  2 of those were against the Astros.   But with the Astros hitting .228,  having seen how bad they hit,  not seeing any pitching advantage in Mccullers over Gausman,  I just have to see the Astros as they are,  a bad,  19-28 team.............and they shouldn't be favored vs the Orioles.(Lose 4-2............Gausman,  who has never allowed more than 1 HR in a game this year,  gives up 3 HRs to George Springer and Luis Valbuena)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

NEW YORK YANKEES(Eovaldi) -133 over Toronto Blue Jays(Dickey)-----Bit of a Pitcher Revenge here for Eovaldi who lost to Toronto in April.   Yankees have only won 1 less game than Toronto has while Toronto has scored 18 more runs than the Yankees have.(Win 6-0.........Austin Romine 2-4........Beltran an HR........Nate Eovaldi a 6inn 2-hitter)

SEATTLE MARINERS(Karns) +169 over Oakland A's(Graveman)----Graveman started the season with 3 good starts but then.........he got much worse.   Mariners' offense has walked 44 more times than Oakland's and,  besides yesterday,  Mariners have scored better than Oakland recently.(Win 6-5........GWHR Leonys Martin)

TIGERS(Verlander) -177 over Phillies(Hellickson)----Tigers' offense too good,  too much better than Phillies' to ignore at home with Verlander,  seemingly,  having improved a little bit.(Win 3-1........10 K's by Verlander)

NATIONALS(Strasburg) -172 over Mets(Harvey)-------Harvey much worse now than last year.(Win 7-4..........Ben Revere 2-3 HR..........Daniel Murphy 2-4 HR.........Ryan Zimmerman 2-4, HR)

Monday, May 23, 2016

CINCINNATI REDS(Finnegan) +320 over La Dodgers(Kershaw)------Kershaw stats are impossible:  1 walk every 17 innings???  Completely unsustainable.  I don't have any respect for either of these offenses.  Dodgers have scored 18 more runs than the Reds.  But Reds hit 30pts higher(at .263) vs lhps as they do against all hitters combined.  (Dodgers hit slightly lower(at .234) vs lhps).  Finnegan has already pitched one disgraceful game to lose for BCLI.  He could fuck up again....but look,  the Dodgers don't even have a winning record and they're at -365 for this game.  Oh,  and the Dodgers have taken 47 more walks than the Reds have;  that needs to change.(Lose 1-0.........3 Errors by Reds but,  if they're not gonna score,  it doesn't matter.  Kershaw was allowed to get a CG 2-hitter while giving up only 1 walk.  Reds offense fucking sucks! Fuck this damn team.)

TAMPA BAY RAYS(Moore) +111 over Miami Marlins(Chen)----Rays have actually scored 6 more runs than Miami has,  tho Miami hits a lot better.   Prado is still over .350 for Marlins.  Rays hit 25 pts higher vs lhps so I'll try it.(Lose 7-6.........I was under the impression that Moore had a strong fastball and got a lot of Ks.  But his fastball was 91, 92, 93.  That's not an exceptional fastball by today's standards.  And he allowed 10 hits in 85 pitches, mostly on weak breaking balls.   He's not a good pitcher.  This game was decided late and Erasmo Ramirez took the loss for Rays.  Ichiro went 4-5, which shows you how bad Moore is(lhp).  Souza and Guyer were both 3-5 and it wasn't enough.  Motter got an HR and it wasn't enough.  Chen allowed 5 ER like Moore did..........fucked up result.)

WHITE SOX(Johnson) -105 over Indians(Anderson)(Lose 5-1)
WHITE SOX(Johnson) -1.5(+175) over Indians(Anderson)-----Offenses are equal so far and Johnson has only had 1 start this year(in which he got rocked).  But batters are hitting .359 off Anderson over 6 signs he's getting better.(Lose 5-1............Anderson goes 7 5 1 0 9 against me:  Clearly the best start of his life.  Johnson pathetic/ shouldn't be in MLB,  but he lasted 111 pitches)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

RANGERS(Hamels) over Astros parlayed with ROYALS(Ventura) over White Sox(Rodon) and ORIOLES(Jimenez) over Angels(Weaver) +900----Keuchel and Rodon not qualified to be favored; Weaver is hittable.(Lose 3-2 and 10-2...........Royals can't beat Rodon???  Fuck.  Jimenez does terrible for me.)

MARINERS(Miley) -146 over Reds(Simon)------They're sending Simon out there again!? Unreal.(Win 5-4.........Leonys Martin 4-5)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) +108 over Tampa Bay Rays(Smyly)----Rays have scored 38 runs in their last 4 games,  more than 9 runs per game.  And I don't really know why that happened(was it Pearce or Kiermaier?  Don't know);  because Tampa has been a bad offense all year.  Tigers have scored 28 runs in their last 4-----pretty good.  Smyly walks 1 every 4inn and throws a .207 batting average:  Very good.  Additionally,  the Tigers hit much lower(.234) vs lhps.  Statistically,  Fulmer keeps getting worse.  But I noticed something about him:  He'll get up in the count,  1-2 or 0-2,  then he'll take that to a 3-2 count.  Thus,  he winds up walking too many hitters.  But it could be confidence----that he feels he can throw a strike on 3-2 after he attempts to get the batter to go fishing.(Win 5-4...........Cameron Maybin 3-4 HR..........James McCann 2-3 HR.........11 K's in 7inn by Fulmer)

HOUSTON ASTROS(Fiers) -155 over Texas Rangers(Ramos)(Lose 2-1)
HOUSTON ASTROS(Fiers) -1.5(+130) over Texas Rangers(Ramos)----With the Astros still 9 games below .500,  one could wonder why they would ever be a -155 favorite.  But on the other hand,  Sports Illustrated did project the Astros as a 94-68 team overall----the 3rd best team in baseball.(Lose 2-1..........Astros are the weakest..the most hapless and pathetic.........the most flailingly inept offense I have ever seen.  Bat me 9 times against Ramos and I guarantee you I get more than 2 hits off him in 6innings.  Batters were hitting .319 off Ramos before the Astros flailed to boost his numbers in this game.  Astros SUCK.)

ARIZONA(Ray) +147 over St Louis(Leake)-----Batters are hitting .285 off Ray and he's walking 1 every 2 innings.  That's terrible.  He needs to pick it up.   But Cardinals are hitting over 30 points lower vs lhps(.236).  Leake's probably due for a loss after 2 good starts.(Lose 6-2........No more betting on Arizona,  this teams SUCKS for me.  Leake dominates on a 7 inning 4 hitter with no walks)

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Bauer) +136 over Boston Red Sox(Kelly)-----I trust Bauer more than Kelly,  based on this years performance.(Lose 9-1.........2HR by Mookie Betts.  Bauer sucks.  Indians get 1 hit off Kelly.  I don't understand this shit.)

Friday, May 20, 2016

CINCINNATI REDS(Straily) +119 over Seattle Mariners(Iwakuma)-----At 15-26,  Reds are sucking and currently on an 0-4 run.   They have hit .235 and scored 15 fewer runs than Seattle has.  Mariners are 3-5 in Iwakuma's starts and he's certainly not unbeatable.   Straily walking 1 every 2innings but..........Danny Espinosa 2-4 yesterday,  Daniel Murphy 2-4, HR and Danny Santana 2-4 for the Twins yesterday.  The Reds might want to win today.(Lose 8-3..........Dae-ho Lee 2-2, HR and Leonys Martin 2-2 for Seattle.  Straily did fine........1ER in 6inn.  Reds bullpen blew it and Reds didn't score enough.  Blake Wood allowed 4ER and 2BB while not recording a single out( 0.00 innings) )

ANGELS(Santiago) -121 over Orioles(Wright)-----Angels have scored an average of about 6 runs per game over their last 6.  And they are on a 6-1 home here.  Wright is ok.....but more hittable than Santiago.  Orioles,  however,  are hitting almost 40 points worse vs lhps(.227).  Orioles have an excellent record but are recently on a 1-3 run.   Will the shooting at the White House,  coming today just minutes after Trump finished speaking to the NRA,  clearly provoked by that event,  serve to slow down Trumbo?(Lose 9-4........Santiago rocked out before completing the 3rd inning---4ER and 3BB.  Angels came back to time so he didn't take the loss)

Indians(Kluber) vs Red Sox(Buchholz) OVER 9(-102)------Both teams are on offensive rampages.  Indians have scored 43 in their last 4 games and Boston has scored 33 in their last 4.  Kluber is coming off 2 rockings,  tho his overall stats are still excellent.  This game is in Fenway.(Lose amazing 5 scoreless bullpen innings combined by these teams' bullpens.  Horrible luck for me)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

NATIONALS(Strasburg) -118 over Mets(Harvey)------Batters hitting .311 off Harvey;  gotta go with Strasburg.(Win 9-1.........10 K's by Strasburg)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Santana) +128 over Toronto Blue Jays(Estrada)-----Twins are at 10-29:  horrible.  But Toronto's hitting is not coming along;  they are hitting .234,  slightly lower than the Twins.(Lose 3-2........Decent spot for Twins to win for me and they fail.  GWRBI Tulowitski.......Encarnacion 3-5 HR.  Twins dominated by Estrada)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Sale) -170 over Houston Astros(Mchugh)-----CWS and Astros have scored about the same number of runs but..........Mchugh's been so hittable.(Win 2-1........Jerry Sands 2-3)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Tillman)  -115 over Seattle Mariners(Walker)---A lot of this looks even;  Orioles are hitting 19 points higher than Mariners but Mariners have scored 5 more runs.  Orioles got destroyed last night but.........Khris Davis had 3 HR for A's(wow) while Chris Archer got huge run support for Tampa Bay and Chris Carter had 2 RBI for Brewers in a win.  So we'll favor Tillman here.(Win 5-2...........Matt Wieters 3-4, HR.........Mark Trumbo 2-4 HR)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Miller) +132 over New York Yankees(Eovaldi)-----Again,  this is Diamondbacks at home with a pretty affordable price.  Miller's main problem is he has 23 walks so far in 35 innings(a horrible ratio).  Eovaldi doesn't walk people but he's been nearly as hittable as Miller.  With Paulo Orlando having a huge day yesterday,  going 3-4 w/HR,  and with Arizona having Paul Goldschmidt,  I'll go with the offensively advantaged Diamondbacks here at home.(Lose 4-2.........Miller allowed 10 hits in 5innings so he's not getting any better but.........Arizona got only 2 TOTAL HITS in this game.  WTF?  Pathetic.)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Velasquez) +111 over Miami Marlins(Chen)----Marlins offense IS better;  they've scored 30 more runs than the Phillies.  And Velasquez has allowed 8ER in his last 12inn.  But he's still been a lot harder to hit than Chen.(Win 3-1.........Tommy Joseph 3-4, HR.  10 Ks by Velasquez)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Greinke) -120 over New York Yankees(Pineda)(Win 5-3)
ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Greinke) -1.5(+175) over New York Yankees(Pineda)----AZ got swept ignominiously at home be the Giants and then scored 12 runs last night.  Overall,  they're orders of magnitude better--so far---on offense than the Yankees.   Greinke HAS been a lot weaker than what he's capable of,  but Pineda just keeps on not getting better.  And I do question this line.(Win 5-3..........Jake Lamb HR)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

ATLANTA BRAVES(Wisler) +184 over Kansas City Royals(Duffy)(Lose 4-2)
Atlanta Braves(Wisler) vs Kansas City Royals(Duffy) UNDER 8------CG 2-hitter by Matt Andriese yesterday(and Matt Kemp was 3-6 w/HR too) and Matt Wisler is coming off 2 good starts.  Statistically,  Wisler has been astronomically better than the team he pitches for.  Braves are worse against lhp's at .213 thus.............the price and........we'll take the Under.(Win 4-2.........GWHR Kendrys Morales)

TIGERS(Fulmer) +164 over Orioles(Gausman)----Orioles are hitting 20 points higher than the Tigers and have scored 15 more runs this year than the Tigers.  Gausman has held batters to a .170 average against him.  Tigers are on a 1-11 run as their season has spun quickly out of control.  There are a few--maybe 2 or 3----Tigers who are hitting.  And while Fulmer has been striking people out,  he's allowed way too many hits and hasn't gone past the 5th inning in any of his 3 starts.  In reality,  this line should probably be +190 for the Tigers,  but I'll take it anyway.(Win 6-5..........Steven Moya 3-4...........GWHR Miguel Cabrera..........Ian Kinsler 2-4 HR..........JD Martinez 2-4 HR)

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Vargas) +115 over Milwaukee Brewers(Davies)-----Brewers have scored 22 more runs than Padres and hit 15 pts higher than them.  But Padres have won 2 more games.  Davies is apparently a 6'0 155 pound rhp.  Might be a little bigger than Lincecum but that's very, very small for a rhp.  (And no,  he hasn't been effective yet).  Vargas has only had 1 bad game(which was his last one against the Cubs).(Lose 3-2.........Davies allowed 3H and 0BB in 6innings which was BY FAR his best game this year.  Chris Carter 3-4 HR for Brewers against me.)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(De La Rosa) -119 over SF Giants(Cain)----Arizona at home playing to avoid a 4-game sweep.......and I think you have to give them a chance to hit against Cain(Az's offense is about equal to the Giants')(Lose 2-1.........Brandon Drury was 4-4 for Arizona;  and De La Rosa only allowed 1 hit.   How does Arizona NOT WIN with that happening,  against Cain,  at home?)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

ST. LOUIS CARDINALS(Martinez) -105 over La Dodgers(Kazmir)----Both teams are 19-17 but the Cardinals' offense has been a lot better and Martinez has been a lot better than Kazmir.(Lose 5-3.....only 1 other time this year did Martinez allow 4ER,  as he did in this game.  And with Kazmir going 8.2 innings in this game,  its anomalous because he's never gone more than 6.2 innings in a game this year.   So this is fucked up.  Only 5 total hits by Cardinals;  very disappointed in this performance.  Didn't Cardinals used to win for me?)

CHICAGO CUBS(Arrieta) -1.5(-140) over Pittsburgh Pirates(Locke)-----While the Cubs are clearly playing way over their heads,  and Locke hasn't done bad every single game he's pitched,  I still think Locke's too wild and hittable to be taken seriously.(Win 8-2..........looked like Arrieta was going down early.  He pitched 8 innings in this game!  Jason Heyward goes 3-4 to get his average up to .236 for Cubs)

BLUE JAYS(Estrada) -126 over Rangers(Lewis)----Blue Jays offense could be doing a lot better(although they are out-walking the Rangers).  But Estrada does seem to be dominating right now.(Lose 6-5...........Estrada ties his season high in ERs allowed (4) and walks (4).  Too bad lil Marco couldn't do better for me.........Bobby Wilson hit a grand slam in the 2nd inning for Texas.  Tulowitski went 2-4 w/HR to get up to .185..........but it wasn't enough.)

Monday, May 09, 2016

NY METS(Matz) -104 La Dodgers(Kazmir)------Hope Kazmir doesnt suddenly do good just to fuck me.(Win 4-2)

Saturday, May 07, 2016

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Gonzalez) +134 over Chicago Cubs(hammel)-----at something like 20-6 theres no way the cubs are gonna win another game; they cant be that good.  Glad to see John Allen Muhammed is back in the DC area...   .... in that "IT Lord"?(Lose 8-5........WN loses a 4-2 lead in the 6th..........Adam Warren gets the W;  Sammy Solis gets the L)

Friday, May 06, 2016

BOSTON RED SOX(Porcello) -106 over New York Yankees(Pineda)------Well,  this like the best offense this year against one of the worst.  And the weaker offensive team has a clear joke of an SP starting for them.  One the other hand,  the good offense(Boston),  has a pitcher who is doing better than he ever has before this season.  Oh.........and the Red Sox are just barely a favorite.  I can't see how or why anyone would want the Yankees here, altho they are at home.(Lose 3-2.........Home Plate Ump Ron Kulpa wins this game for Yankees.  Horrible calls against Xander Bogaerts and Ortiz.  3 Hits and 3 K's by Red Sox in the 9th.)

Phillies(Velasquez) vs Marlins UNDER 7(-11)(Lose 6-4)
PHILLIES(Velasquez) +128 over Marlins(Chen)-----Phillies are the worst offense by batting average(.223) yet they are 16-13.   But they have Velasquez here who's been unhittable.  Phillies look even worst vs lhps and,  tho Chen hasn't been a particularly great pitcher so far,  he is an lhp.(Lose 6-4..............One of Velasquez' worst starts of the year.  Chen got rocked)

Thursday, May 05, 2016

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) +118 over Cleveland Indians(Bauer)(Lose 9-4)
DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -1.5(+195) over Cleveland Indians(Bauer)-----Apparently the Tigers have lost the first 2 games in this series despite hitting .268 compared to the Indians' .245.(Lose 9-4.........And with Michael Moore in the red Fox News studio,  failing to endorse Trump even though they're both pro-nativist jobs and anti-Iraq War,  Michael Brantley and Mike Napoli combine for 6 RBIs for the red team while Michael Fulmer gets rocked for the Michigan team.......sez a lot about that guy's loyalties;  Moore has probably done less for Michigan than Madonna has.)

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Happ) -1.5(+105) over Texas Rangers(Holland)-----Normally I wouldn't do this because the line is terrible for Blue Jays.  But an atrocity is occurring in Cleveland as the MERCILESS INDIAN SAVAGES think its okay to score 4 runs against me in the bottom of the 1st inning.   I will heed these "smoak signals" and attempt to TORCH the Rangers(if not,  we'll have to burn down the rest of Canada) in this game because I want SMOAK.......and the Blue Jays have 'em,  Justin Smoak.(Win 12-2......6 RBI by Encarnacion,  a rare 'hitter' this year.........Darwin Barney 2-4..........Kevin Pillar 3-5)

MIAMI HEAT +5 over Toronto Raptors(Win 96-92)
MIAMI HEAT +175 over Toronto Raptors(Lose 96-92)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Johnson) -110 over Boston Red Sox(Owens)----First start of the year for Johnson(Owens has walked 7 in 9innings).   CWS have hit only .238 but are 19-9.   Red Sox offense is much better---and doing much better----but White Sox are at home here.(Lose 7-3.......Johnson rocked.  Owens gives up 6 walks in 3 innings.  Ugghhh.)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Rusin) +129 over San Francisco Giants(Cain)-----Cain:  consistently ineffective this year.   These offenses are nearly equal,  with both hitting .271.  Rusin's been doing something right.(Win 17-7.............Rusin gave up more hits than Cain did-----thank you Vin Mazarro:  9 total runs allowed in 1/3 of an innings work(tho 3 runs were unearned) )

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Roark) +109 over Kansas City Royals(Young)----Nationals at 18-7 despite hitting only .235.  (At least Murphy's hitting)  Roark has done very well against some lower tier offenses.   Young not too bad statistically but he often doesn't pitch too many innings per game.  And..........yeah,  Young's from Texas too.(Lose 7-6.........This is probably the game I'll look back on as the one that ruined my season:  With a 6-4 lead starting the 9th inning,  Nationals put in Jonathan Papelbon who gives up 5 hits in 2/3 on an inning to lose the game.  Roark did ok.)

DETROIT TIGERS(Verlander) +117 over Cleveland Indians(Tomlin)-----I don't know why this game is starting at 6:10pm but.........(can I reference Justin Bour's 2HR and 5RBI on April 29th?).......Verlander has underperformed his standards in some ways this season but collectively,  his numbers are ok.  Tigers offense has clearly been better and..........well,  not only does Detroit has the Team Revenge against Tomlin,  Tomlin's from Texas.(Lose 7-3......Verlander mauled again)

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Niese) +161 over Chicago Cubs(Arrieta)----well, well, well (Arrieta went to TCU!)......Brandon Belt,  Brandon Crawford and Randal Grichuk go on a 7-11 rampage yesterday and hit 2HR.  And now here's AR-rieta.   You know its possibly true,  what Stephen A Smith suggests,  that Arrieta is on steroids.   Pirates are hitting .287,  the highest average in baseball,  while the Cubs have scored more runs than anybody with 146.   Arrieta wasn't sticking out his left shoulder so far last time I saw him----still don't see why he's not being hit.  Niese,  its true,  is pretty bad.  But I'll see a good offense here in the Pirates challenge Arrieta's record of unexplainable dominance.(Lose 7-1...........Niese sucks it up:  5 BB in 5 inn plus 6 ER.  Pirates are a joke)

ST. LOUIS CARDINALS(Wacha) -160 over Philadelphia Phillies(Nola)(Lose 1-0)
ST. LOUIS CARDINALS(Wacha) -1.5(+140) over Philadelphia Phillies(Nola)-----Phillies at 15-11----I'm surprised.  Cardinals only at 13-13.   Cardinals are hugely better on offense.   Apparently Nola has pitched 3 very good games(and he was actually pretty good last year).   Stl rocked Hellickson last night.........can they do it again vs. Nola ?  Well,  I think the Phillies are above the curve at 15-11:  they're projected to finish 63-99.(Lose 1-0...........yeah, Cardinals don't play for me anymore.  They got 3 total hits and 1 BB:  clearly the worst offensive performance of any team I've ever bet on.  Even Aledmys Diaz,  who's hitting .388 this year,  strikes out twice for me.)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Tillman) -114 over New York Yankees(Severino)----Batters are LITERALLY hitting .372 off Severino;  what's up with this line?(Win 4-1..........Mark Trumbo 2 HR)

Monday, May 02, 2016

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Shields) +105 over Colorado Rockies(Gray)----Ok, well,  Rockies have a massive offensive advantage.........but Shields doesn't have a win yet and he's clearly better than Gray.  Padres on a 2-6 run..........and they're at home here.  If they can't win this,  I guess they really suck.(Win 2-1...........Matt Kemp 2-4)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Foltynewicz) +185 over New York Mets(Colon)-----Having the 29th ranked offense,  hitting .226,  it can't get much worse for the Braves who are 6-18.........but they did win yesterday.  First start this season for Foltynewicz.  Colon does throw strikes but is not unhittable.(Lose 4-1.........Braves offense is REALLY,  really the worst in baseball history)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Berrios) +163 over Houston Astros(Keuchel)-----Because Houston was projected as such a GOOD team and has started off 8-17,  I thought maybe I would bet them on the rationale that they can't continue being so pathetic.   But then I looked at Dallas Keuchel:  He's coming off 2 rockings........what's so allegedly good about this team?  They're hitting .229 and not winning.  The Twins have matched that sorry winning percentage,  but they're hitting for a higher batting average.  Maybe they shouldn't be underdogs.(Win 6-2.......Byung-ho Park 2-3.........Eduardo Nunez HR.....Berrios 5 BBs but wins.........Keuchel rocked again)