Monday, June 30, 2008

ROYALS(Greinke) -107 over Balt(Burres)--------Greinke is solid; Burres is a mess. Royals offense is doing ok, they rocked the lhp, Francis, wouldnt be surprised if they rocked Burres(everyone else has) (Win 6-5)

RANGERS(Feldman) +165 over Yankees(Mussina)-------Mussina knows how to pitch and doesnt walk anyone but I cant ignore the Rangers offense at this price. Hopefully, Feldman can hang in there.(Win 2-1)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

GIANTS(Sanchez) +125 over Oakland(Blanton)---------This is an easy pick; Sanchez is simply better than Blanton and the Giants are both outhitting and outslugging the A's. And the Giants are underdogs (Win 11-1)

Arizona(Haren) vs Florida(Olsen) UNDER 8(-110)---------Florida has scored very low over their last 5 games. Arizona, despite getting 6 yesterday, has been bad offensively and either or both of these pitchers could shut the other team down(Win 4-3)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

TIGERS(Verlander) -168 over Colorado(Francis) (Win 7-6)
TIGERS -1.5 (+120) over Colorado----------Rockies offense is declining while Tigers are gaining. I can see Francis getting rocked here; he's pretty hittable. Verlander may not have won many yet, or be throwing 100 mph like last year, but he's becoming more consistent, and consistently good. I'll pay the price here (Lose 7-6......Todd Jones blows this; he's so overrated)

MILWAUKEE(Parra) -108 over Minnesota(Hernandez)----------I've wanted to bet Parra for a while now and missed out. This one looks good. Hernandez just had two acceptable starts but he's allowed like 1.5 hits per inning. Jeez! Gotta be the most hittable pitcher in baseball. Im a little bit afraid of the Twins' offensive improvement but they're still weaker vs lhp's (Win 5-1)

METS(Santana) -121 over Yankees(Petttitte)----------I hate the fact that im betting Mets after what they've done to me but Santana for -121!!!!???? Gotta take that (Lose 3-2.....Mets offense a joke)

ROYALS(Davies) -130 over Stl(Boggs)----------Davies got destroyed by SF last start which cant be a good sign but he has pitched some good games(virtually all his other ones). I want the Royals hot offense here and Boggs is like a 5inning pitcher.(Lose 5-1)

Friday, June 27, 2008

TIGERS(Bonine) -125 over Col(Jimenez)----------Rockies just got swept by the Royals and their offense is deficient. Bonine has some pretty good breaking stuff. Jimenez is wild and, i think, overvalued (Win 7-1)

ATLANTA(Jurrjens) +125 over Toronto(Mcgowan)-------Good price for Jurrjens. Blue Jays suck (Win 4-0)

REDS(Thompson) +180 over Cleveland(Sabathia) (Lose 6-0)
REDS +1.5 (-115) over Cleveland-----------Indians offense is simply not qualified for this price(Lose 6-0)

CUBS(Dempster) +105 over Whitesox(Contreras)--------as much as the Wsox want revenge, you gotta look at how good this price is for Dempster. Cubs destroyed Contreras in his last start (Lose 10-3....cant believe the sorry Whitesux rocked Dempster)

RANGERS(Gabbard) +102 over Phillies(Myers)--------Myers gives up a lot of home runs and Texas can hit 'em. I like Gabbard a bit more than his current underperformance signifies. And I like any LHP vs the Phillies(Win 8-7)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

GIANTS(Sanchez) +156 over Cleveland(Laffey)--------Giants have scored 22 runs in their last 3 games and Sanchez is good. Laffey has been excellent but Indians offense is not qualified to be -166 against Sanchez (Win 3-2)

RANGERS(Hurley) +115 over Houston(Moehler)--------A good price for the better offense right now (Lose 4-3)

FLORIDA(Olsen) -115 over Tampa(Sonnanstine)--------Tampa averages 3 runs per game over their last 3 games. Sonnanstine is hittable. Olsen coming off a rocking, but i like him. Marlins outslugging Devil Rays by a large margin. -115 is a good price.(Lose 6-4)

Friday, June 20, 2008

ATLANTA(Campillo) -128 over Seattle(Bedard)-----Bedard is not as consistent as you might think and Im comfortable going against him with Campillo and a much better offense in the Braves(Lose 10-2)

Baltimore(Liz) vs Milwaukee(Suppan) UNDER 9.5-----Liz looks promising and is hard to hit. Suppan is good vs lhb's and with the Orioles having Markakis and Roberts and Scott----their best hitters for average this year-----all batting Left vs Suppan, I'll go under here(Lose 8-5)

DODGERS(Kershaw) -114 over Cleveland(Lee)-------Dodgers have scored at least 6 per game in their last 2 games and still hit .284 vs lhp's. Lee is becoming more hittable; he's not so great anymore. And my favorite reason for this bet is the weakness of the Indians offense. They hit PATHETICALLY in Colorado against some average at best pitchers (Lose 6-4)

REDS(Volquez) +135 over Nyy(Mussina)-----I like Volquez at this price. Yanks offense is improving; that is a risk. But I'll still take Edinson(Win 4-2)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

PIRATES(Snell) +170 over White Sox(Vazquez) (Lose 16-5)
PIRATES +1.5 (-120) over White Sox------------Snell is having a bad year but is coming off 2 good starts. Vazquez is having a pretty good year but is coming off 2 bad starts. Pirates have scored at least 5 runs in each of their last 4 games while CWS have scored 5 runs in ONLY 1 of their last 5 games. I think this could be a close game and the line is too big.(Lose 16-5....Snell sucks)

WASHINGTON(Lannan) +110 over Twins(Hernandez)--------Hernandez is simply not putting up Major League numbers; he's getting destroyed every game and now he's favored??!!! Nationals have scored 5 or more runs in each of their last 4 games while the Twins have scored only 2 runs in 2 of their last 4 games. You have to give Lannan a chance here; he's been doing the job (Lose 2-1.....Nationals offense has to be pretty bad to get shut down by Hernandez)

Oakland(Duchscherer) vs Az(Webb) UNDER 7.5(-115)--------Duchscherer has been doing great and Arizona's offense has been weak(Lose 15-1.........thanks for choosing this day to get rocked, Webb)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

ASTROS(Oswalt) +116 over Nyy(Wang) (Lose 13-0)
Dodgers(Kershaw) vs Det(Robertson) OVER 9.5 (Lose 5-4)
CUBS(Lilly) +103 over Toronto(Litsch) (Win 7-4)
METS(Maine) -150 over Texas(Millwood)(Lose 8-7)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

METS(Maine) -145 over Arizona(Owings)---------Owings is coming off a couple bad starts AND the Mets have hit him this year. Maine is a better pitcher and has done well already against Arizona. Diamondbacks offense is consistently scoring very low lately. Mets were just swept in a 4 game series in San Diego with 3 consecutive 2-1 games. They know they need to rebound here and with Maine, they should (Lose 9-5......Mets bullpen is 100% at fault for this shit)

TAMPA(Shields) +105 over Angels(Weaver)----------Tampa has scored double digits in 2 of its last 4 games while the Angels have been pretty consistent scoring about 3 or 4 runs per game. Weaver is giving up too many hits this year and gave up 10 hits in each of his last 2 games. Shields is much better and already has a complete game 1 hitter vs the Angels this year (Lose 6-1)

WHITE SOX(Contreras) -120 over Tigers(Robertson)-----------Contreras is now dominating with his ERA dropping under 3 while Robertson has been very hittable and has been rocked by CWS earlier. White Sox offense is crushing right now with double digit scores in their last 3 games(Lose 6-4)

Monday, June 09, 2008

REDS(Volquez) -130 over Florida(Hendrickson)---------Reds are good vs lhp's, but with Bruce in there now, they should be even better. Volquez has been dominant. Hendrickson has had bad starts in 4 out of his last 5 starts(Win 9-4)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

GIANTS(Sanchez) +115 over Washington(Hill)---------Giants offense is coming up having scored an average of more than 7 runs per game over their last 4 games. They are now outslugging the Nationals by 50 points. Sanchez has been much harder to hit than Hill and actually has a winning record playing for a bad team (Win 6-0)

Twins(Hernandez) vs Whitesox(Buehrle) OVER 9(-115)----------Whitesox offense is hot and Hernandez has been getting consistently ripped. Buehrle was rocked by the Twins last start so I like the over rather than CWS at -160(Win 11-2)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

*TIGERS(Willis) +122 over Oakland(Eveland)----------Tigers better vs lhp's; A's worse vs lhp's. Eveland coming off a rocking; Willis making his return in his hometown. +122 is a great price for this(Lose 5-4......Tigers suck; Willis sucks. Go to the minors, Willis)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Oakland(Smith) vs Texas(Feldman) UNDER 9.5(-110)-------Feldman has shut down Oakland already. A's offense not really catching on. Rangers weaker vs lhp's and Smith is excellent right now. Only negative for under is that its a day game(Lose 13-8......Texas rips Smith)