Sunday, September 26, 2010

DETROIT LIONS +11.5 over Minnesota Vikings(Lose 24-10)
DETROIT LIONS +450 over Minnesota Vikings--------Both teams coming off -2TO losses at home. Both teams 0-2. Minnesota has only scored 19 points this year and hasnt really proven they deserve to be big favorites. Its possible Favre could step out and do something good....(Incredible UCLA upset victory with #4 Kevin Prince at QB yesterday while Austin Dantin wore #4 for Toledo's upset of Purdue)......but that just hasnt happened yet. And Lions have Jahvid Best who wears TWO 4's.......and he is emerging with 3 TD's and 232 total yards last game. NFL still owes Lions a game........after robbing them against the Bears.(Lose 24-10.......1st and goal and the 4yd line Hill gets pic-ed. 2nd and 4 and the 10yd line Hill gets pic-ed. Jason Hanson missed FG from 44yds.........disaster)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

BOSTON COLLEGE +3.5 over Virginia Tech--------BC hasnt covered any lines yet but they have the home revenge here and are home off the bye. VT was +1TO in their 33-30 loss to Boise but the RB who got 3 TD's for them in that game(Ryan Williams) is listed as DOUBTFUL. VT was -3TO in their loss to James 33 point favorites.(Lose 19-0........and I KNEW Verlander had thrown an 11K complete game on Friday! Verlander.......Manakin-Sabot Virginia......Old Dominion. And I still bet against a Virginia team. Stupid. Utterly pathetic offense from the Eagles. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Cokin had Virginia Tech........thats probably why this happened. I shouldnt have been betting this game though. BC's defense seems to have done its job but, in making this stupid pick, I did not do mine.)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

MIAMI -3(-130) over Pitt--------Miami coming off a -4 TO loss(by 12 points) to Ohio State, the #2 ranked team(In other words, they got unlucky). Pitt played #13 Utah and got outgained by 140 yards, got a +1TO and lost. The Pirates have been winning well in Pittsburgh lately(except not today) but this is probably not the week where Miami gets unlucky enough to lose again.(Win 31-3)

TEXAS RANGERS(Lee) -136 over Oakland(Braden)---------Braden is on a losing streak and Lee is coming off 2 good starts. Rangers have the revenge against Braden who shut them down completely last meeting. Oakland is on a 4-2 run, Rangers on a 2-4 run.(Lose 5-0.......Dallas dominates)

Monday, September 20, 2010

HOUSTON ASTROS(Norris) +115 over Nationals(Hernandez)-------With Norris wearing #20 and Antoine Cason getting 2 interceptions yesterday for the Chargers wearing #20, and with Norris having had a winning effect on his team over his last 10 starts and with the Houston Texans having achieved an heroic comeback against the Redskins to push the line for BCLI and win the game, its easy to take Norris as an underdog here(he often does very well) as the Nationals are having a sluggish 5-11 month.(Win 8-2.......thanks for the 3 errors and 4 unearned runs......Geoff Blum HR, Humberto Quintero 2 for 4 HR, Jeff Keppinger 2 for 4)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

BENGALS +2.5 over Ravens----------Bengals have home-off-road-loss.......they outgained the Patriots and were -2 TO in their previous loss. Ravens also were -2 TO on the ratio in their 10-9 win at the Jets. Lets look to recharge the 9(Stafford, of course, wears 9 and was taken out last week). Palmer.........#9, lets build him up(Win 15-10........Mike Nugent 5 FG's......Bengals get the +4 TO here as Flacco throws 4 INT's......Ochocinco/Owens not much of a factor)

CHARGERS -1 over Jaguars teased with COLTS +2 over Giants(-110)-------Chargers and Colts both have home-off-road-loss and Colts, even though they lost, outgained Houston by 100 yards. John Ely was ANNIHILATED by the Rockies yesterday so its easy to take Peyton over Eli here. Chargers outgained Chiefs by 190 yards in their loss but, more important than that, with Shin-Soo Choo having hit 3 HR's ON September 17th WEARING #17 against the Royals, you wanna take Rivers here............his # is 17.......(Juan Rivera 3 RBI for the Angels last night). Jaguars probably got a little bit lucky in their last game getting a +2 on the TO ratio in a 24-17 win..........and.........Edward de Vere, 17th Earle of Oxford, wrote Shakespeare.(Win by 24 and and 26)

HOUSTON TEXANS -3(+105) over Redskins---------13-7 Redskins win last week looks weak; they got outgained by 130. Matt Schaub.......lets play an MS here after Michael Shaw got 3 TD's for Michigan yesterday and Matt Schilz of Bowling Green got the home-revenge win against Marshall. Arian Foster..........upside. Houston beats Manning and then they're gonna lose to Mcknabb?? No.(Push 30-27.........heroic comeback, Schaub 497 yds)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

TEXAS TECH +145 over Texas-----------Home revenge for Tech. Texas is ranked pretty high while Tech isnt ranked at all. Yet Texas is only favored by 3. Tech has Barron Batch..........which is an interesting name. Hmmmm. I just dont see a name like Garrett Gilbert beating me. He does wear #7..........but Tech has Will Ford at #7 to counter.(Lose 24-14........Terrible; Tech outgained by 180 yards.......Taylor Potts 2 ints..........Will Ford a taunting penalty..........just pathetic. This team sucks. Taylor Martinez has 3 TD's for Nebraska and then Taylor Potts just blows it. Disgusting)

Friday, September 17, 2010

NEW YORK METS(Niese) +122 over Braves(Hanson)---------Braves should be favored because Hanson is better, but Mets have had good scoring the last three days. With Jonathan Sanchez coming thru with 12 k's last night, you wanna keep playing that name. Braves a sluggish 6-9 this month.(Lose 6-4..........Braves' 6 runs all unearned off David Wright's error)

KANSAS JAYHAWKS +5.5 over Southern Miss(Lose 31-16)
KANSAS JAYHAWKS +185 over Southern Miss---------Check this out, kid: I've got 179 songs on my ipod. I shuffled when I got up YESTERDAY. Then again when I walked outside yesterday. Then again when I started walking home out of "Whole Foods". SAME SONG all three times: 'Manhattan Skyline', Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. What are the odds of that? Its amazing. Ok, that was yesterday and the Mets won at -187. What I'm saying tho is, that is too powerful of a long odds coincidence. Its just too much; I've gotta play this. (Manhattan, KS, you know?). Blue Horseshoe might LOVE Jordan Webb.(Lose 31-16........Terrible mis-read of the information; Kansas STATE is in Manhattan.........and the fact that THEY won and covered on Saturday makes me even more disgusted with myself)

REDS(Cueto) -118 over Astros(Rodriguez)--------I'll play this Johnny too.(Lose 5-3........The luck on this name is clearly done especially as John Lackey gave up 6 runs to the Blue Jays)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

GIANTS(Sanchez) -145 over Dodgers(Lilly)(Win 10-2)
Giants vs Dodgers UNDER 6.5(-105)-----------Lilly's pitching effectiveness to run support ratio has been very high this year. So I think the UNDER is the better bet even at 6.5. But you wanna play Sanchez considering Dan Johnson's 2 HR's yesterday(for Tampa), John Axford getting the W for the Brewers in Houston and Juan Rivera going 2-4 for the Angels........yesterday.(Lose 10-2....Giants offense crushes Lilly..........Sanchez 12k's)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

CHICAGO CUBS(Zambrano) +165 over Cardinals(Carpenter)-------Carpenter has good control, walking about 1 every 4inn, and he has the pitcher revenge against his last start in which the Braves rocked him. But Cardinals are only 5-8 this month while the Cubs are 8-4 this month. Zambrano's been doing good and the Cubs got 12 hits off Wainwright last night.(Win 7-3.....Tyler Colvin HR 3 RBI..........Aramis Ramirez HR....Micah Hoffpauir, #6, pinch hit RBI)

Padres(Richard) vs Rockies(De La Rosa) UNDER 9.5(-120)---------Despite the fact that Coors field is running 40-33 overs-to-unders and this is a day game, these teams have, combined, gone UNDER 15 more times than they've gone over this year. With the Padres and their sorry .249 batting average(and good relief pitching), there's always the chance that somebody'll get shutout........or it'll be 2-1. With Clayton Kershaw dominating with a CG last night, you wanna play Richard. And with Jorge Posada getting a game winning HR last night, you wanna play De La Rosa so.........I'll take the UNDER.(Lose 9-6.........Tulowitzki a monster this year, 7 RBI. Richard's worst rocking of the year)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

HOUSTON TEXANS +1 over Colts(Win 34-24)
Houston vs Colts OVER 48----------Colts beat Houston twice last year so this is home revenge for the Texans. You look at CFB yesterday and you see many Texas teams winning convincingly and covering big lines.......Texas Tech 52-17, Baylor 34-6, Texas A&M 48-16, Texas 34-7. And with Adam Jones going 4 for 4 yesterday for the Orioles, I wanna play Andre Johnson so I'll put some on the OVER too(Win 34-24.........Arian Foster 3 TD's.........Schaub only 17 passing attempts)

NEW YORK GIANTS -6 over Carolina--------Giants were put down in disgrace by the Panthers last meeting making for a home revenge here. Its hard to tell certain things this early in the season but with Michigan being the hot team in CFB---Giants have Manningham----and I think, on September 12th, the steam likes New York, especially for a revenge play, I'll lay the 6 and hope for a blowout(Win 31-18..........Nicks 3 TD's)

DETROIT LIONS +7(-120) over Bears(Win 19-14)
DETROIT LIONS +250 over Bears---------This is a speculative play on the juice with the #9. Brees, a 9, beat Favre and the most extraordinary CFB game, James Madison over VT......featured JMU QB Drew Dudzik wearing #9. Matt Stafford wears 9.(Lose 19-14........With the Lions getting outgained by 300yds, you cant really say they deserved to win. But THEY DID win, and this game was stolen from them on the worst call NFL call I've EVER seen. You CANNOT be serious! He had it with 2 hands with 2 feet down then he had it palmed with 1 hand after his hip hit the ground.........and on top of that, he is IN the endzone! How much "ball-control" do you need to have after you've PATENTLY caught the ball in the endzone AND touched the ground with both feet AND your hip???? You're not TRYING to advance it or get more yards cuz you're ALREADY IN THE ENDZONE. And this clear catch was seen on OFFICIAL REPLAY. Chicago..........thats the only thing I can think of)

CLEVELAND BROWNS +3(-115) over Tampa Bay---------If you're follwing CFB, you know you wanna play a Robinson with a 6 on his back and the Browns have one.(Push 17-14)

YANKEES(Moseley) +155 over Rangers(Lee)---------Lee throws strikes; but he's totally out of control. 27 hits allowed in his last 15 innings????!! Lee allowed the lowly Baltimore Orioles to hit 4 home runs off him 3 starts ago. The guy is in no shape to be -165 against the Yankees(Lose 4-1)

ASTROS(Figueroa) -126 over Dodgers(Monasterios)---------Its time for the Astros to hit a little better and Monasterios hasnt seemed much of a threat.(Win 7-4.........Hunter Pence 3-4)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS -3 over Georgia--------Both teams crushed in their first games but this is home revenge for South Carolina........Georgia's QB is a freshman.......the most outstanding game from week 1 was the Jacksonville State Gamecocks beating Ole Miss and........well, here you get some Gamecocks with the home revenge. And we're still runnin with Jackson: Austin Jackson 3 for 5 for the Tigers yesterday and although we can acknowledge the greatness of the Georgia Peach(Trevor Cahill with the shutout victory over Boston last night), not......NOT, mark you, in Joe Jackson's backyard.(Win 17-6........a clean win! TO ratio was zero)

METS(Pelfrey) -104 over Phillies(Kendrick)--------Pelfrey has had 2 bad starts after 4 good ones. But Kendrick has allowed 4ER or more in 5 of his last 6 starts. Although Phillies have scored 26 runs in their last 3 games, Pelfrey has done well against the Phillies this year.(Win 4-3.........Ike Davis 4 for 4)

Friday, September 03, 2010

BRAVES(Kawakami) -123 over Marlins(Miller)---------Marlins broke out with 16 runs scored in their last game two days ago while throwing at Nyjer Morgan twice, I believe. However, Braves have put up some high scores recently as well. Miller recently up from the minors........Kawakami......inconsistent but he, periodically, does well. I'll take the Jap.(Lose 6-1)