Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BREWERS(Wolf) -139 over Cardinals(Westbrook)(Lose 8-3)
BREWERS(Wolf) -1.5 (+160) over Cardinals(Westbrook)-----Ok, Hitler's nickname was "Wolf"---or "little wolf". Thus, Randy, because Ryan(R-yan) Howard had 2 HR last night..........Ryan Zimmerman 3-5 with HR.........Ryan Adams GWRBI and 2-5 for the Orioles last night. Additionally, Aaron Hill was 3-4. See? A.H. ???? No hitting by either of these teams yesterday but today...........I'll go with Wolf(Lose 8-3.......A Grand Slam by Jake Westbrook??? PITCHER Jake Westbrook??? Jake Westbrook with the .119 batting average??? Ok, this series is fixed----can't bet it)

SEATTLE MARINERS(Hernandez) +105 over Angels(Haren)------Mariners on a miserable 3-10 run while Angels are on an 8-3 run. Seattle has seen Haren 3 times this year and they haven't rocked him yet. 8/29/11 Salvador Perez 3-4 with HR from Valencia, Venezuela gets BCLI the win with the Royals. Felix Hernandez...........also from Valencia so we'll go with him here.(Win 2-1............Mike Carp!!!!! Game Winning RBI as this one was going down----incredible Salvation)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Marcum) -145 over St Louis Cardinals(Jackson)-----You could say that Stl "needs" this game more than the Brewers who are on a very powerful run of mostly wins. But I want to focus on what happened yesterday when, with virtually every female on cable-tv wearing red, all of the blue baseball teams won. From the Mets sweeping their DH to the Dodgers to the Cubs to the Royals to the Blue Jays and Mariners----all winners. The Brewers are a dark blue team...........who didn't play yesterday. So maybe they win today especially with Marcum as Mark Buehrle pitched a 7inn shutout and Mark Trumbo was 2-4 with an HR(Lose 2-1......And look who's in the Cardinals dugout! Andro-Mark Mcgwire!!! I didn't even realize......and Cardinals had no Earned Runs in this game! Errors on Fielder and Hairston consecutively. Nyjer Morgan 3-4)

Monday, August 29, 2011

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Hochevar) +164 over Tigers(Scherzer)--------This is not gonna be easy because Tigers have been scoring reasonably well AND Scherzer has been doing well. However, Luke Hughes did have 5RBI and 2HR I'm looking for luck with Luke Hochevar. Royals are also HORRIBLE on the road; they need to shore up their road-record.(Win 9-5.....Salvador Perez 3-4 with HR.......Alex Gordon 4-5 with HR)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

MARINERS(Pineda) -110 over Cws(Danks)-----------Mariners have the Team Revenge against 'Michael' still doing good with Miguel Cabrera going 3-4, Michael Young 3-5, Mike Napoli 3R scored, Mike Moustakas 2-4 and Miguel Olivo an HR(Lose 3-0........White Sox get 4 hits..........and win the game. Absolutely disgusting, a total waste of a good start from Pineda)

PADRES(Harang) +130 over Arizona(Saunders)--------Padres on a nice 7-4 run having given Harang precisely 10.5 runs/game of support in his 4 starts in this month of August.(Lose 3-1......who would have guessed Saunders would do good here? a 7inn 4-hitter)

ST LOUIS(Carpenter) over Pirates(Lincoln) parlayed with INDIANS(Carmona) over Royals(Duffy) parlayed with MARINERS +360----------Chris Capuano........huge CG 2-hitter yesterday and Nelson Cruz going 4-5 with 2HR and 6 RBI, I wanna find a way to play Carpenter. Lucas Duda was also 3-4. Dan Haren got rocked yesterday and.........Royals are starting DANNY Duffy.(Lose 7-0 and 3-0......Lincoln DOMINATES Cardinals......I was worried about that because it really looks like the Cardinals have quit and their season is over)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

TAMPA BAY RAYS(Hellickson) -145 over Tigers(Fister)----Tampa has only scored 6 runs in their last 3 games, but they did score 8 runs in 2 consecutive games before that. Batters have hit .323 off Fister since he's pitched for Detroit. But you wanna be here today cuz look at the LL's yesterday: Mark Ellis 4-5 in Colorado, AJ Ellis 2-4, HR for the Dodgers, Jacobi Ellsbury 3-5 + HR for Boston and Elliot Johnson got the GWRBI for Tampa.(Lose 2-0..........Rays offense is feeble, but Hellickson did fine.)

PIRATES(Morton) +150 over Cardinals(Jackson)-------Morton's averaged 7inn in each of his last 4 starts and only allowed 3 ER total in those 4 games. could say they're due to win on a 3-8 run looks like they're checking out; they know they're not gonna catch the Brewers. Carlos Beltran was 2-4 w/ HR and I think Carlos Gonzalez got a couple hits for the Rockies. Carl Crawford, 5 RBI + HR. I'll take the underdog.(Lose 8-4.......Michael McKenry 2-3 but Morton gets rocked)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Reyes) +150 over Twins(Liriano)-------The JR has some support today with Juan Rivera's 3 RBI + HR........but maybe the JJ could do good also considering the SS(Scott Sizemore and Skip Schumaker going a combined 8 for 8) and the CC(Coco Crisp 4-4 + 2HR and Carl Crawford 5 RBI). Yes, Jo-Jo Reyes has not done well statistically, but Orioles seem to be rolling on the Twins winning 4-1, 8-1 and 6-1.(Win 6-1)

OAKLAND(Harden) +185 over Yankees(Hughes)--------3 of Hughes' last 4 starts have been successful, but Harden's not too bad and he was once a very good pitcher. The A's look like they came to New York to win so...........I'll take this big price.(Lose 22-9..........NYY get their revenge against De Los Santos who takes the L and BS, 3ER in .1inn. A's destroy Hughes but can't hold a 6-run lead. Whoever the stooge Bruce Billings is, Yankees made history off him as he gives up 7ER and 4BB in 1.1inn including the 3 Grand Slam of the game(all by the Yankees). Russell Martin 5-5 2HR, 6RBI.....Cano and Granderson each have 5 RBI individually. Rainy day; sun comes out and Yankees score 16 more runs to take the lead. Rich Harden allowing 10 hits in 4innings is the equivalent of.....(they should have left him in there).....Richard Branson(nah, he didnt pay me)'s house getting torched by lightning and burnt to a crisp)

HOUSTON ASTROS(Sosa) +190 over San Francisco Giants(Vogelsong)-----Astros called up some hitters...........and they're doing some of that. Astros have scored 5 runs or more in 9 of their last 16 games while Giants have only done that in 6 of their last 15. Let's go SS! (Win 3-1)

Monday, August 22, 2011

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Saunders) -114 over Washington Nationals(Detwiler)------Aside from the fact that Pablo Sandoval had a GWHR for the Giants last night, and that Arizona has a pennant to win, and that Saunders has allowed a lot of runs his last 2 starts, this is game in Washington DC with the home team starting a pitcher named DET-wiler. I just can't see him being allowed to win........altho the Nats did beat Halladay yesterday. On the JS, it looks like Shields pitched the lucky 7inn, 7ER and 7K's and got bailed-out by Johnny Damon's Game Winning HR........could be some luck there.(Lose 4-1............DC and its "DEbT", eh? Well FUCK that; have another earth-shaker)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Hochevar) +166 over Boston Red Sox(Beckett)----BoSox seem to be fading on a 2-4 run.....Beckett rocked by Mariners last start........Youkilis and Ortiz both OUT.....We're going BLUE today, Royals offense hits .267(which is 6th best); their offense isn't too bad(Lose 4-3......Billy Butler 3-3, Alex Gordon 2-4 HR.........but the Royals can't take a single walk in this game)

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Romero) -115 over Oakland A's(Cahill)-----With the Dodgers winning earlier today, we'll go BLUE today. It's been frustrating for BCLI to win with Romero, but he's gotten good run support in his last two starts and the Jayz have the Team Revenge against Cahill who disciplined them early in the season----early in the season when Cahill was much better than he is now.(Win 7-0..........3-hit CG for Romero)

BRAVES(Minor) over Giants(Lincecum) parlayed with ARIZONA(Kennedy) over Phillies(Worley) +370---------Statistically, Minor is nothing compared to Lincecum but he's Mike Minor and I've been wanting to play that name which has been doing VERY well: Michael Young 3-5 yesterday, Mike Moustakas 3-3, Mike Fontenot 3-5, Mike Stanton 2-4 plus HR---thats just yesterday. Mike Carp 2 HR on 8/15, Michael Morse 2-4 with HR the day after that.........Miguel Cabrera 3 RBI; its a long list. Worley started to get hit 3 starts ago but he's had a good season, with Chris Iannetta getting 4 RBI yesterday, I'll go with Ian Kennedy here(Lose 4-1.......Minor dominated but Worley and David Herndon shut AZ down)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

REDS(Leake) over Nationals(Wang) parlayed with RANGERS(Holland) over Angels(Chatwood) parlayed with INDIANS(Jimenez) over WhiteSox(Floyd) +530----------Mike Carp 2 HR and Michael Young 3-5 last night so we'll go with Leake. Wang got rocked a couple times then threw a 1-hitter in his last start; little hard to figure. Derek Jeter 3-4 last night.....look at Holland......Rangers kicked some ass yesterday.....Chatwood walks 1 every 2inn. Big day for Jim Thome with 2 HR so we'll look at Jimenez: he beat us last time.....Cleveland has only scored 3 runs a game in 5 of their last 6 games but they have the Team Revenge against Floyd who has shut them down twice....Indians need to get going if they're gonna compete in this race.(Lose 6-4 and 8-7........Leake gets rocked which is weird, you'd think with all the looting and plundering in the UK that this shoplifter would do better. Jimenez also got rocked)

BRAVES(Delgado) over Giants(Sanchez) parlayed with YANKEES(Nova) over Royals(Duffy) parlayed with TIGERS(Verlander) -1.5 over Twins(Blackburn) +380--------No respect for Sanchez in that line with Delgado being unproven but it makes sense: Sanchez is one of the wildest pitchers in baseball---the JS looks bad with Josh Spence making his 2nd straight pathetic appearance last night(losing a game for BCLI).........I'll go with the Braves offense at home. Ian Kinsler 4-5 so we'll look at IvAN Nova who is improving. Blackburn occasionally gets it together for a decent start but overall, Verlander has a huge pitching advantage here.(Win 2-1........RANDALL! Delgado pitches a 1-hitter for 6inn......7-1 and 9-7)

Monday, August 15, 2011

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Harang) -115 over Mets(Dickey)(Lose 5-4)
SAN DIEGO PADRES(Harang) -1.5(+190) over Mets(Dickey)-------Playing for his hometown team, Mr Run Support is having a winning season. He's hittable, but when he pitches this year he makes the team around him a lot better.(Lose 5-4..........Padres couldn't hit Dickey very well but they still had a chance to win late...........until Josh Spence came in to walk 2 batters and get no outs for his 2nd consecutive terrible outing)

KC ROYALS(Paulino) +144 over Yankees(Burnett)-----I thought the Royals(50-71) might have had a better season after their fast start. I think they're bettable here against the highly beatable Burnett. Royals do have the Team Revenge against Burnett who shut them down earlier..........and Paulino is coming off 3 good starts. And Paulino looks even better today after PAUL Konerko went 3-3 yesterday and Paul Goldschmidt went 3-4 for Arizona(Lose 7-4......5 walks by Paulino tho Royals did get a lot of hits off Burnett)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

STL CARDINALS(Jackson) -154 over Colorado Rockies(Rogers)--------I am going 'dead red' here after Keegan Bradley comes out of nowhere to take the PGA...........wearing Red.(Win 6-2......Molina 3-3, Pujols 3-4 HR, David Freese 2-3)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

ROYALS(Hochevar) over White Sox(Peavy) parlayed with BOSTON(Beckett) over Seattle(Hernandez) +290--------Hochevar coming off 3 good starts, Royals rocked Peavy last meeting, color is right with Royals as BLUE Jays destroyed the Angels today. Big up for the JB yesterday as Jason Bay went 3-4, Jeff Baker went 2-3 for the Cubs and Jay Bruce was 2-4 with 4 RBI + HR. Hernandez does have the Pitcher Revenge as the Red Sox destroyed him last time....but I wanna play a JB(Lose 5-4 and 5-4.......Hochevar yanked with the lead after 102 pitches.....and Aaron Crow comes in to produce a terrible line 1 big hit by Quentin and 2BB's including walking in the winning run, Juan Pierre 3-4. Beckett shockingly rocked for 5 runs ALL IN THE FIRST INNING. Huh.)

Friday, August 12, 2011

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Simon) +100 over Tigers(Penny)(Lose 5-4)
BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Simon) -105 over Tigers(Penny) 1ST 5INNINGS------Simon has thrown a few good games and has the Pitcher Revenge here against his last start which was bad. Today could be a good day for him as ALbert Pujols was an amazing 4-4 with HR yesterday while ALberto Callaspo went 2 for 3 with HR for the Angels. Arizona's late inning comeback-winner winning pitcher was JJ Putz(O's have Hardy). Baltimore is on a sorry 2-7 run but look at Tiger Woods!! Wow, hacking his way to a missed cut in his major-return, Tiger is at +11 tied with oldster Jerry Pate(Push 4-4............Simon allows almost 3 hits per inning and he walks 3; terrible performance)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

OAKLAND A'S(Moscoso) +130 over Toronto Blue Jays(Mills)-----BCLI Steam.............(Win 10-3.... Hideki Matsui 4-6...........Cliff Pennington 2R 3BB 2RBI)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Harang) +125 over New York Mets(Dickey)-----Mets coming off two late inning-wins over Padres but their luck could end here considering that, although Harang has gotten hit pretty hard over his last 3 starts, Aubrey Huff went 3-4 with HR last night---Brent MOREL{Hmmmmm} 2-4 with HR last night----and in the Indians 14-inn marathon-game, the winning pitcher for Cleveland was Frank also have to consider the Gargantuan run support for Harang in his last start........So we'll go with the Padres for this game even tho the stats say to favor the Mets a bit with a pitching advantage.(Win 9-5...........Wooooooo! More BLOW-OUT support for Harang! Will Venable 4-5)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Marcum) +108 over Stl Cardinals(Jackson)------Both pitchers got rocked last start against these same teams but Marcum is more consistent over the long term. Brewers have also scored 5 runs or more per game consistently since July 30th. And MARCo Scutaro went 3 for 4 yesterday, one day after going an amazing 4 for 4, August 7th, a day on which Mark Reynolds hit 2 HRs and Mark Kotsay went 3-5. Go Brewers!(Win 5-3.......Casey McGeehee GWRBI)

Monday, August 08, 2011

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Danks) -125 over Baltimore Orioles(Guthrie)-----Respectable scoring by Sox over last 3 games......5'8 Royals phenom Johnny Giavotella goes 2-4 with HR yesterday as John McDonald goes 3-4 for Blue Jays and Johnny Gomes also went 2-4 with HR for Nationals yesterday.(Win 7-6........Alex Rios 2-4 GWRBI......AJ Pierszynski 2-3, HR)

Sunday, August 07, 2011

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Kennedy) -108 over Dodgers(Kershaw)-----This may be a leap of faith as Kershaw has thrown 14inn vs AZ this year and allowed no ERs. AZ has the Revenge against CK.......Dodgers on a 4-1 run and, if Arizona is gonna beat out the Giants for the division, we have to put our best efforts into these.......(How can we let Arizona be swept by the feeble-hitting Dodgers?) Chris Iannetta 4-5 yesterday after a 3-4 day, Ian Stewart also for the Rockies with a Pinch-Hit RBI......and the day before last, of course, Ian Desmond went 4-4 and did a little hospital-job on JEWANNicasio.(Win 4-3...........Cody Ramson GWHR........Kelly Johnson HR)

Friday, August 05, 2011

BALTIMORE(Hunter) +103 over Toronto(Mills)-----Orioles are 22 games under .500 and they should be due to make up some ground. Guerrero has an 8-game hitting streak and is 9 for his last 21. Orioles at home here and worth a try with Hunter as Tori Hunter was 3-3 last night while Hunter Pence went 3-4 with an HR(Lose 5-4.......Guerrero's streak ends while Hunter gives up 8 hits in only 4inn----guess the Rangers were right to get rid of him)

FLORIDA MARLINS(Sanchez) -125 over Cardinals(Westbrook)----Sanchez had a 2.82 ERA before having a bad July but its now August and he does have the Pitcher Revenge against Stl. Marlins on an 8-3 run and Infante has hit .461 since July 21st(Lose 3-2.........Infante injured, doesnt play. Mike Stanton 3-5, Mike Cameron 2-2, Marlins still lose as Sanchez does ok)