Sunday, January 31, 2010

CAL GOLDEN BEARS (-125) over Arizona--------Cal has the +offense and with a JB, Pat Christopher AND a Theo Robertson, I suspect they're underrated.(Lose 76-72.........Robertson scores 27 and then blows the game on basic physical uncoordination......great. I saw this game and if these are the top 2 teams in the Pac-10.........I think the Pac-10 must be a pretty piss-poor basketball conference this year.)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

STANFORD CARDINAL +11 over Arizona State Sun Devils-------Stanford has the +offense; both teams are OFFL and both teams have lost to Arizona with Stanford losing to them on the road but ASU losing to them at HOME by 19 points. Stanford has taken highly ranked(tho probably overrated) Kentucky to OT. I'll take the 11(Lose 88-70.............How do you lose the 1st half by 32 points?..........Ty Abbot 29 pts)

BAYLOR +8.5 over Texas--------Texas has the +offense while Baylor is OFFL, has the +ATS and +1 day of rest. Baylor is an excellent 6-2 ATS on the road and in their 4 losses they havent been blown out. Texas is either overrated or due to cover on an 0-7 ATS run..........could be close game.(Win 80-77...........Tweety Carter 27 pts)

VANDERBILT COMMODORES +8.5 over Kentucky--------This line is coming down from 9.5; Kentucky has +1 day of rest and home-off-road-loss but will likely be exposed more, going forward, as overrated. They beat Conn and NC by a little.........are those teams that great?(Lose 85-72)

WILLIAM & MARY TRIBE -4.5 over Drexel Dragons------Drexel has the revenge, W & M has the +offense and home-off-road-loss. This is a turnaround play as W & M is coming off 3 straight losses and needs this game. They crushed Drexel AT Drexel...........they've beaten Maryland and I think they're a better team than their last 3 games show.(PPD)

Friday, January 29, 2010

HARVARD -8.5 over Columbia--------Harvard has a 6-game winning streak and has played(and beaten) some quality teams. Cornell(presumably a good team) has destroyed Columbia twice........I'll lay the number(Win 74-45)

ATLANTA -4 over Boston----------Celtics do have the revenge here but they are not going real well off a 1-5 ATS run. Atlanta has the +ATS record, +1 day of rest, home-off-road-loss and the +offense.(Win 100-91)

SACRAMENTO KINGS +9 over Utah-------Sacramento has sucked for more than a month but could be turning around here just off a win against Golden State and with a now healthy Tyreke Evans. Utah has the +ATS and the home revenge. Kings have +1 day of rest.(Win 101-94)

NEW JERSEY NETS +3.5 over Washington--------Neither of these teams win too many games but NJ has ONLY FOUR wins this year and, coming off a win against the injured Clippers, they should have the right mind-set here with the home revenge. Wizards have +1 day of rest, the +offense and are OFFL.(Win 81-79)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

SOUTH FLORIDA +2 over Seton Hall---------SF has the +ATS and +1 day of rest, Seton has the +offense. Alot of non-covers by Seton and they have not been good on the road.(Win 76-74)

ST PETER'S +6 over Siena--------Siena has the +offense, St Peter's has the home revenge on a 4-1 ATS run and could have some hidden value here as they have played 12 road games already and only 8 home games.(Lose 66-58)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

SAINTS -1 over Arizona teased with Saints/Cardinals OVER 51(Win by 8 and 30)
CARDINALS +13 over Saints teased with Saints/Cardinals OVER 51-------Even giving Warner credit for having only missed 4 passes last game and even considering how the Saints have not been covering and not blowing teams out and even considering the devaluation on the Saints/Eagles(Philly sucked up in the playoffs) game and even if you read the hurricane Katrina/Haitian-Kataclysm as some kind of divine verdict upon the Voodoo Faith, I just cant see the Saints losing this game outright. Not with Devery Henderson. Both QB's can pass, AZ's defense gave up plenty of points last game; maybe I can catch this middle.(Lose by 18)

BALTIMORE RAVENS +7(-130) over Colts---------The Colts have been held to fewer than 20 points by Jacksonville, SF, the Jets and the they're not an "invincible" offense. Ravens have the revenge(as they did vs New England).(Lose 20-3.........Ravens were outgained by 5 yards but gave a suspicious -3 TO..........officiating was horrible and I want an investigation by the NFL of these officials.........interference call and interference NON-call both go against the Ravens)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

SETON HALL +6.5 over Georgetown---------Seton has the +offense and has won for BCLI..........I think they're a strong team this year having set the 47-year-old school point record against VMI earlier in the season. GT is looking like they have some problems.......having a 1-4 ATS record at home.(Lose 85-73.......““I don’t know where it came from,” Clark said after his scoring outburst. “It was just our good offense that we ran, I got wide-open shots.”..........Jason Clark, eh? Bwaaaaaa)

PEPPERDINE WAVES -3 over Santa Clara---------Waves have +1 day of rest and the +offense. SC is OFFL.(Lose 61-60)

Auburn vs Tennessee OVER 150.5--------This number just dropped precipitously from 154........suspicious but I'll play it. Auburn has scored over 90 pts in 3 of their last 5 games.(Lose 81-55......not even close......AUBURN, wft?)

WILLIAM AND MARY TRIBE -9.5 over James Madison Dukes---------Its a big number but I'll lay it here for a small bet. W & M has the +ATS and the +offense. They're a very strong team this year having beaten Maryland on the road and, actually, most of their season has been on the road as they have only played 4 home games. They also have the revenge from last spring when J Mad blew them out.(Lose 85-78)

TAMPA BAY -140 over Florida(Lose 3-2)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ANAHEIM DUCKS (-145) over Boston(Win 4-3)

NEVADA -3 over Utah State---------Nevada has +2 days of rest, the +ATS record and the +offense.(Lose 79-72)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

*MEMPHIS -5 over Clippers-------Memphis has the +offense, the home revenge, home-off-road-loss, the +ATS and +1 day of rest........ELVIS!!!!(Lose 104-102........."Everybody is just totally, totally freaked out and shaken," said Henry Bahn, a U.S. Department of Agriculture official in Port-au-Prince. "The sky is just gray with dust."......."I'm all shook up"..........COVER THE DAMN NUMBER, MEMPHIS!!)

WIZARDS -5 over Pistons--------Detroit has a real problem and I think I know something about it.......and that its not fixin' to be cured any time soon. Wizards have the revenge, the +offense and +1 day of rest. Both teams are OFFL(Lose 99-90)

BAYLOR BEARS -4.5 over Colorado--------Baylor has the +ATS ; Col has home-off-road-loss. And Baylor has a LaceDARIUS..........he won for BCLI yesterday with the Peacocks, I'll try him again here.(Lose 78-71)

Monday, January 11, 2010

ST PETER'S +5 over Niagra--------St Peter's has the +ATS, +1 day of rest and home-off-road-loss. They also have a Darius. The Philadelphia Eagles lost badly to Dallas........and Niagra is 'the Purple Eagles'...........which means they should lose also. Niagra is OFFL.(Win 90-86)

DETROIT PISTONS +5.5 over Chicago(Lose 120-87)
DETROIT PISTONS (+200) over Chicago--------Pistons have the revenge here and they are a phenomenally improbable 1-11 ATS over their last 12 games all of which they have lost(0-12 SU). How can that possibly continue? These are the Pistons not the Nets.(Lose 120-87........season high point record for Bulls)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

BALTIMORE RAVENS +3.5 over Patriots(Win 33-14)
BALTIMORE RAVENS (+170) over Patriots----------Cincinnati's pathetic failure at home(to the sorry Jets) does devalue the Ravens. But I despise the Patriots and every red white and blue thing they represent; this is a battle royale against America and I want America (and Brady) punished. I want them punished and punished and punished for what they've done to us. America sucks so bad, man. How many many ways has this country ripped me off? If Allah-bama is gonna beat me and win the championship with Marcell DAREUS taking out the guy I was betting on............why shouldnt Brady be taken out? Michigan........?..........certainly a state that's not doing me any favors in my debt-collecting jihad.(Win 33-14.....gratifying)

GREEN BAY (-140) over Arizona---------Warner is a Christian player and............I cant see him winning here with Allah-bama taking the championship. Packers finished strong.........if Warner gets put on a stretcher........Leinart.........cant trust him.(Lose 51-45..........Karlos Dansby........interesting)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

CINCINNATI BENGALS -2.5 over New York--------Home revenge for Bengals. Hard to give Jets full credit for their late season wins vs Indy and Cin; Jets were playing to get into the playoffs and those opponents were already in. I am impressed by the fact that Cincinnati beat the Ravens twice AND the Stealers twice. The Jets season looks less solid with two losses against Miami and then their loss off their bye week against Jacksonville, a team I dont think is very good.(Lose 24-14........pathetic.........defend the HOME FIELD..........Cincinnati's a joke)

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES +3.5 over Cowboys--------Eagles have double-revenge as I think the pressure is on Dallas to beat this team a third time if they want to advance in the playoffs. Miles Austin is pretty good but with Texas losing the big game to Alabama(and losing ME some money).......(where is Texas? Austin, Texas).....and with Dallas being IN Texas, the Cowboys luck should run out here. There's nothing that special about them; you see how pathetic the Giants really were in their embarrassing final loss to Carolina. Well, Dallas lost TWICE to the Giants.(Lose 34-14..........Rush Limbaugh was right: Black QB's suck)

SETON HALL -4 over Cincinnati---------Seton has the +offense and home-off-road-loss. They're coming off 4 losses(two that went to OT) against good teams. Cincinnati's record looks good; they've only lost 4 times and usually not by much. So why is Seton favored? I figure with Nick SABAN getting a phenomenally lucky national championship win, Seton is due to outperform. Right?(Win 83-76)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

TEXAS +4 over Alabama(Lose 37-21)
TEXAS (+160) over Alabama---------It may appear, at first glance, that the SEC is better than the Big 12. It may be........a little. But Oklahoma and Nebraska won their bowl games. Alabama did beat Florida but they almost DIDNT beat Tennessee, a team that got rolled 37-14 by Virginia Tech in their bowl game. And Auburn.........they really should have lost to Northwestern. I think there's enough equality here in these teams and conferences where you can take Texas, hope McCoy doesnt get drastically unlucky, and expect Texas to get the win.(Lose 37-21........Allah-bama.....Marcell DAREUS........shoulda known; wish they'd have let McCoy get more than 5 snaps. They beat Texas, they did not beat McCoy)

Friday, January 01, 2010

OHIO STATE +4 over Oregon-------I dont think Ohio State's offense is that great but their defense is good and its impossible to ignore how the Pac-10 has embarrassed itself in Bowl season. UCLA..........won the 2nd half against Temple; wow. Oregon's good because..............they beat (33-0 Arizona) by 4 points?? Ok, Oregon has shredded Pac-10 defenses..........but why did they only score 8 points against Boise State? Oregon needs to be A LOT better than the Pac-10 if they're gonna win this game.(Win 26-17)