Thursday, July 23, 2009

ANGELS(Weaver) -155 over Twins(Baker)--------Angels offense is rolling; hitters hit only .255 off Baker but his ERA is not low. Ok, for me.(Win 6-5........Wow, Mike Napoli with the late game-winner. Thought I was gonna lose another one on an Angels game)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ROYALS(Bannister) -102 over Angels(Saunders)--------After 8 straight Royals' losses, I smell the worm turning and I think we can get the Angels to lay down in this spot. Saunders is having a bad year; last year his ERA was 3.41 and this year its 4.72. I'll take a home team with Bannister.(Lose 9-6.........another pathetic bullpen collapse by Royals. 4-run lead turns into 3 run loss. What a joke)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

YANKEES(Mitre) -175 over Orioles(Hill)----------Hill's having a really bad year; I'll pay for a home team against him(Win 6-4)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

ROYALS(Greinke) over Tampa(Kazmir) parlayed with MARINERS(Washburn) over Indians(Ohka) (+242)--------Greinke not as good as he was early in the season but he's not bad; Kazmir is of course having a bad season and hitters are hitting .301 off him. Washburn is awesome this year; gotta play him.(Lose 4-2.......Greinke does good, Juan Cruz loses it)

Friday, July 17, 2009

TORONTO(Romero) -115 over Boston(Buchholz)--------Romero has the revenge as Redsox have hit him this year. He's been doing consistently well. Blue Jay scoring has been weak; it should improve here.(Lose 4-1......second consecutive time I've bet on BlueJays and Romero........and the BlueJays have FAILED to support him. Disgusting. Fuck the Blue Jays)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

OAKLAND A's(Braden) -123 over Angels(Santana)------Clearly, BCLI has struggled betting on Angels games this season. But with this pitching matchup, you have to give Oakland's (inferior) offense a chance; its their game to lose. The A's have scored 7 runs in each of their last two games and Santana has been consistently terrible this season.(Lose 6-2........I bet ON Braden, he has his worst game of the season. I bet AGAINST Santana, he has his best game of the season. What the fuck? Anyone? Motherfuckers)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

WHITESOX(Buehrle) +100 over Twins(Baker)--------My feeling about Baker is that, if a team is hitting, he's gonna give up some runs. CWS have scored more than 7 runs in 3 of their last 5 games and Baker's ERA is 5.31. Good control, but he gives up runs. Buehrle's ERA is 3.14 and he's a much better pitcher(Lose 13-7......Mark gets rocked in St Paul.......that's all I got for this fucking mystery)

Toronto(Rzepczynski) vs Orioles(Bergesen) UNDER 9(-115)--------Bergesen has been improving and the Bluejayz have only scored 7 runs over their last 3 games. Rzepczynski's first game was very good and the Orioles are weaker(.256) vs lhp's(Win 4-2)

Yankees(Sabathia) vs Angels(Lackey) OVER 9(-110)----------Angels scoring has steadily improved thru out the season. After scoring 4.5 runs per game in May, they scored 5.6 runs per game in June. In July, they've averaged 7.5 runs per game.'ve gotta go against the guy; he's just not been effective this year. Angels scored 4 runs in 6 innings last meeting against Sabathia(Push 5-4)

TIGERS(Verlander) -1.5 (-115) over Cleveland(Ohka)---------I cant believe the Tigers would let Ohka beat Verlander. Pitching mismatch.(Win 10-1)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

*TORONTO BLUEJAYS(Romero) -115 over Orioles(Hill)---------Romero is the 15th best money pitcher in MLB this year, having won 5.5units. The vast majority of Blue Jays hits pretty well vs lhp's and Hill is no good; he's allowed an incredible 19 runs in his last 13 innings pitched.(Lose 4-3.......How do these faggots not hit Rich Hill? Good, 8IP performance by Romero wasted)

CHICAGO WHITESOX(Floyd) +100 over Twins(Perkins)---------Since May 22nd, Floyd has been ok. CWS hit .282 vs lhp's. I dont like Perkins; his last 2 games have been good but I think he should get hit more. He's 4-4 this year.......I dont know how he went 12-4 last year(Win 8-7)

TIGERS(Galarraga) -120 over Cleveland(Pavano)-----------Galarraga is worse this season for some reason; his last 2 have been good........he got destroyed in May. Galarraga has the pitcher revenge against Cleveland and the Tigers offense has the team revenge against Pavano(Lose 5-4........sick)

Reds(Cueto) vs Mets(Santana) UNDER 7.5(-125)--------3 of Cueto's last 4 have been bad but he will have no problem against the pathetic Met offense(Win 4-0)

Oakland(Braden) vs Tampa(Garza) UNDER 8.5(-115)----------Braden is good and A's offense sucks(Lose 7-2..........Dammit. I almost took Oakland. Fuck)

CARDINALS(Thompson) +170 over Cubs(Lilly)---------A bright red cardinal appeared at my window at about 3:30pm........and I realized the Cubs arent worth -190 against Stl.(Lose 5-2)

Friday, July 10, 2009

YANKEES(Chamberlain) -125 over Angels(Saunders)-------Yankees offense is not a problem and they've hit better(.292) vs lhp's. Chamberlain has the revenge against his last(bad) start. He does walk too many but the Angels arent especially strong at taking walks(though they are better than they were last year). Angels offense HAS been doing well but after scoring only 1 yesterday, their run may start to fade away. Saunders has been getting worse and is coming off two really bad starts. With the Marlins having scored really well the last two days, I'll take a JC over a JS.(Lose 10-6..........should have taken the over; Chamberlain's a bum)

METS(Nieve) -110 over Reds(Arroyo)--------I think this is gut-check time for the Mets; they've scored only 10 runs in their last 6 games and although they are only slugging .390, they cant let a hittable pitcher like Arroyo come to NY and beat them. Nieve has thrown several impressive games.........Arroyo is coming off 3 consecutive rockings.(Lose 3-0..........the Mets are a disgrace. I dont care if Beltran and Reyes and Delgado are hurt. You've still got fucking baseball players to play. And it doesnt make sense that Arroyo can pitch a fucking 4 hit CG after doing so bad. A fine outing by Nieve was wasted; players need to be brought up from the minor leagues to replace these fairies)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

ROYALS(Hochevar) +170 over Boston(Penny)---------Hochevar is harder to hit than Penny(.242 vs .289). Good opportunity for Royals to breakout of their offensive anemia. Luke's are doing good; French won for BCLI yesterday, Luke Scott had 7 RBI's the day before that. I think this is worth the price.(Win 8-6)

ASTROS(Ortiz) -120 over Washington(Lannan)----------Excluding Berkman, the Astros are a team that can hit lhp's(.286, .478 slg). Ortiz has the revenge against his prior start in which he got rocked. This is a suspiciously low line to go against a team that loses more than 2 for every 1 win. I think its because the Nationals have won 5 of the last 6 games Lannan has started. That's gotta be blind luck......and I think it should end here.(Win 9-4)

MARLINS(Miller) +100 over Arizona(Petit)---------Arizona has somehow won their last 5 games.........(freakish)........but they're terrible vs lhp's and Petit has put up consistently atrocious numbers this year(Win 14-7........Brett Carroll.....Knoxville)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

*GIANTS(Sadowski) -110 over Florida(Volstad)(Lose 7-0........Volstad's best game; somebody flipped the script)
BLUEJAYS(Tallet) +140 over Tampa(Kazmir)(Lose 10-9.......pathetic, 7 ER's off Kazmir and they cant win)
TIGERS(French) +123 over Royals(Greinke)(Win 3-1)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

BLUEJAYS(Rzepczynski) +175 over Tampa Bay ________ Rays(Shields)-------Tampa is coming off 4 days of poor scoring and Shields, at 6-6, with batters hitting .272 off him this year, doesnt seem to be as good as he was in prior years. I'll go against this big price as the Blue Jays have scored well over their last 3 games.(Lose 3-1)

WHITE SOX(Buehrle) -150 over Cleveland(Sowers)--------White Sox hit .277 vs lhp's and they've rocked Sowers twice this year. Batters hitting .291 off Sowers and........he's never been very good. Buehrle has allowed only 4 runs in his last 21 innings.(Win 10-6.........Paul Konerko 3 HR's)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

GIANTS(Johnson) -106 over Astros(Oswalt)----------Giants have scored, on average, almost 7 runs per game over their last 8, altho they still slug below .400. Randy Johnson has done very well since May 22nd and is 5-1 during that stretch. Oswalt is coming off 2 good games and the Astros do slug .472 vs lhp's.........but I'll still take the Giants because they've been scoring so well.(Lose 7-1........You need to win for me, Giants)