Friday, March 23, 2012

DETROIT PISTONS +9 over Miami Heat(Lose 88-73)
DETROIT PISTONS +400 over Miami Heat-----Detroit has the +ATS(slightly), the home revenge and home-off-road-loss. Miami has the +offense(Lose 88-73)

OHIO +11 over North Carolina------I don't think anybody really thinks North Carolina can lose this game however...........Louisville's substantial upset yesterday included 2 players named 'Smith' while Ohio State's Lenzelle Smith had 15pts in a win. Well, Ohio has a Smith. You also have to consider the BALTimore Orioles' 11-1 blowout of the Twins yesterday and the fact that Ohio has a guy named BALTic. Etch-a-Sketch.........OHIO Art........stock up HUGE! Something like 4.00 to 12.00 on the Sketch's sudden popularity in politics. Yes, North Carolina is a good team and will probably win many times do you get to play Athens over Chapel Hill?(Win 73-65)

XAVIER over Baylor parlayed with NC STATE over Kansas(+1340)------CJ Fair had 15 pts for Syracuse yesterday in a win and the Wolfpack has 2 CJ's the Orioles 11-1 beatdown yesterday, XAVIER Avery went 3 for 4. And, if NC State wins with NC also winning, that sets up a revenge game for the Wolfpack there.(Lose by 5 and 3)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

WISCONSIN BADGERS +3.5 over Syracuse Orange-----Outside of the fact that the Milwaukee Bucks(MB) are on an 8-0 ATS run coming off 2 road beatdowns of 29 and 22 points......ummmm....Ryan Andersen had 29pts and 7 3ptrs for the Magic last night and.....Wisconsin has that name at Coach and on the court.......Jordan Crawford 23pts last night in a Wizard beatdown at New Jersey......(Wisky has that name too). Its hard to see how Josh Gasser's name isn't being called with two Josh's scoring in double digits in Stanford's 28pt beatdown of Nevada last night and Pau GASol's 27pts(1 off his season high) in the Lakers road destruction of Dallas. Do the Badgers have a Mike B? Yes.......and Maurice Barrow had 19pts for Fairfield yesterday. Syracuse, after winning almost all of their regular season games, has gone 2-7 ATS since 2/11/12 while Wisconsin seems to be heating up going 5-2 ATS since 2/23/12. Wisconsin lost to North Carolina by only 3 points.(Win 64-63)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MINNESOTA +3.5 over Middle Tenn State
MINNESOTA +145 over Middle Tenn State-----With Chaz Williams' 20pts for UMass yesterday, that name still looks strong and with Ales Hemsky getting 3 goals yesterday for the Edmonton Oilers in a victory out of a pretty deep underdog position........well, Minny is the AH team.

DALLAS -4.5 over Lakers------After 5 non-covers, the Mavericks have covered their last 2 and this is double revenge for them because............they've apparently lost twice to LA this year(Clippers and Lakers both lost last night)

ROBERT MORRIS +5 over Fairfield
ROBERT MORRIS +180 over Fairfield-----RM has the +ATS and the +offense. Fairfield, I think, is considered to have played better teams(they covered against UConn and beat Arizona State). However, Fairfield is only 1-1 vs Rider, a team beaten by RM by almost 30pts. And RM has beaten Ohio, a team still alive in the big tourney.

PITTSBURGH +1(-115) over Butler------Butler has beaten Purdue and Stanford but...........this is actually a revenge game for Pitt as Butler knocked them out of the tourney last year. Pitt trying to redeem a woeful season coming off two near-20pt wins.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

NORFOLK STATE SPARTANS +14 over Florida Gators(Lose 84-50)
NORFOLK STATE SPARTANS +850 over Florida Gators-----I guess this line makes some sense considering Florida has demonstrated an ability to blow teams out. However, with Missouri, a #2 seed having been put out by Norfolk with Norfolk shooting only 66% on Free Throws, at a minimum, you could say Norfolk has come to this tourney to matter who they face.(Lose 84-50.......Jesus Christ, what a demoralizing blow-out by the racist kill-state of (Sanford) Florida. Ohhhhhhh, man.)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

COLORADO BUFFALOES +8 over Baylor Bears(Lose 80-63)
COLORADO BUFFALOES +295 over Baylor Bears-----BCLI Steam..........drew Tracy Spencer, 'This House' at #1 so..........that correlates to a Col player(How 'bout CJ McCOLlum...). Col has the +ATS and with the Missouri loss, a possible downgrade of Baylor's conference.(Lose 80-63.......Brady Heslip 27pts season-hi 9-12 on 3ptrs....that doesn't usually happen)

IOWA STATE CYCLONES +11 over Kentucky Wildcats(Lose 87-71)
IOWA STATE CYCLONES +650 over Kentucky Wildcats----Kentucky has Gilchrist.....but the Cyclones have........3 starters with 'Chris' in their names day after a team from Bethlehem, PA beats the Blue Devils as a 12-pt underdog................quantity should help. And of course Iowa State has the +ATS because Kentucky is really poor at covering spreads(Lose 87-71......Horrible loss; Chris Allen 1-10 on 3ptrs---pathetic "help". Marquis Teague season-hi 24pts, Indianapolis)

VANDERBILT COMMODORES -1 over Wisconsin Badgers-----Raptors won with a JJ last night as a big underdog; Vandy has Jenkins. But........the Big Ten was seriously and disgracefully downgraded last night as Big Ten Conference Champion Michigan LOST TO A MAC TEAM!!!!! I chose Wisky in this game on my bracket but.........the Big Ten ain't happenin in March---Nah.(Lose 60-57...........Vandy can beat Kentucky but...........they can't beat Big Ten non-champion Wisconsin)

Friday, March 16, 2012

XAVIER MUSKETEERS +2.5 over Notre Dame-------BCLI STEAM.......when you draw 2 Samantha FoXX songs 1-2 on your Ipod---and you only HAVE 2 Samantha FoXX songs on your Ipod----that means something. Notre Dame just has too many White players who, as we've seen with Davidson yesterday, do not belong in a National Basketball tournament. I mean, Davidson had, like, 1 Black player........."Naughty girls need love ......TU"(Win 67-63........Holloway 25pts)

DETROIT TITANS +14 over Kansas Jayhawks(Lose 65-50)
DETROIT TITANS +900 over Kansas Jayhawks-----I see Kansas as an Obama-associated team and I think they're in DEEP trouble in this game after the United States' failure, with Obama at commander-in-chief, to finish a long war WITCH has now led to a "brain injured" mass murder. (In fact, with my bracket ruined by another Kansas team's failure to win yesterday, the state could be in even more trouble). The Titans have only gone 12-19 ATS this year but they seem to be stronger late in the season. They do have wins against non-conference St John's and James Madison. Kansas lost to Duke, but how the hell did they lose to "White Boy" Davidson; they fucking suck. When Ray McCallum says, "We're gonna play like we've got nuttin' to lose".......yea I think Kansas is in trouble. (Lose 65-50..........thanks for running up the score, dumbasses; what did I lose by 1 point? We'll remember this at Barry's War Crimes Trial)

NORTH CAROLINA STATE WOLFPACK -3 over San Diego St Aztecs------Everybody knows NC State has gotten screwed by the Refs lately. The had almost a 20 point lead at Duke..........and the refs just let Duke rape them for balls......leading to a Duke victory in that game. The Wolfpack almost beat NC.........but the refs failed to call a foul on an obvious charge late in the game. In my view, NC State deserves better outcomes especially from the officiating crew. Williams, as a name, still seems to be going good with Indiana and New Mexico( L O B O S ) getting wins yesterday. The Pack also has a Leslie, the name of the golf course I used to play on a lot.(Win 79-65...........Richard Howell 22pts, Wheeler HS, Marietta, GA)

MICHIGAN -5(-120) over Ohio-------Michigan has a Jordan........and Jordan Taylor had 17pts and Jordan Hulls had 22pts in wins by Indiana and Wisconsin yesterday. Strength of schedule shows a massive difference as Ohio...........simply plays in the Mac. Ohio plays out of Athens, Ohio but.........thats not the REAL Athens(bwaaa). And Ohio is not the school where I learned Greek. Yesterday there was some hail in Michigan...........and an EF-2 tornado in Dexter. My interpretation would be along musical lines as Michigan's song includes "hail" and "victors".(Lose 65-60...........What a joke---the Big Ten Champion loses to a MAC team in the Big Dance. No, I didn't think Michigan had a real star; they didn't have a Jalen Rose or a Gary Grant........or a Mike McGee. But they seemed to get by on their defense and 3's........and coaching, maybe. Burke might be a star in future years but......without the hail, I probably wouldn't have bet this. But still, its a huge disgrace for the Big Ten)

PURDUE +2 over St Mary's(Win 72-69.......Terone Johnson 21pts)

BELMONT BRUINS +3.5 over Georgetown Hoyas-----Belmont has blown out a lot of teams. And they did play Duke and only lost by 1. Kerron Johnson sounds like a good name(Lose 74-59.....another honky-team that can't play.....Jack Jacobs was right: Its a Chain-of-Command failure. How do these teams get in with so many White players? This is BASKETBALL, bitch!)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

DAVIDSON +6.5 over Louisville(Lose 69-62)
DAVIDSON +255 over Louisville--------I'm gonna have to call this a BCLI Steam play as I am privy to significant information that I don't have the space to explain........ummmm, the line has already dropped from 7.5 which perhaps indicates the interest of some significant handicappers. Nic Moore was HUGE for Illinois State last night going 6 for 6 on 3ptrs and........Davidson has a Nik. Louisville has improved later in the season but Peyton Siva???? Do YOU like 'Paying your Visa'? My Visa is killing me; I had an 8.9% rate and then, when the financial crisis hit, it got raised, in complete contravention of the Terms of Service, to 13%. WTF, you know? Louisville's coach Pitino was paying his extortioness for a while, I think,......but then stopped, and made a big deal of it and had her prosecuted. In these times of Mass Moral Hazard, that's a big no-no.........and I think that hurt his team earlier in the season. Nowadays, disrespect for your extortioness is bordering on a CARDINAL SIN.(Lose 69-62..........Far too many White players on Davidson and I didn't know that. Louisville has a player named 'Justice'. Didn't know that either.)

MURRAY STATE RACERS -5.5(-115) over Colorado State------Racers have a Donte and.......considering that a Donte got bloody down in Columbus, was it?, being a hero......I'll play this.(Win 58-41)

WESTERN KENTUCKY HILLTOPPERS +26.5 over Kentucky-------WKY definitely has the +ATS as Kentucky was a joke ATS this I'll go with my ZEPHYR HILL-toppers.(Win 81-66)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MINNESOTA GOLDEN GOPHERS +2.5 over La Salle Explorers-----The recent drop in the price of gold I attribute to what will surely be a very brief decline in the level of fear pursuant to the rich financialists who move the financial markets. Coming out of Minneapolis(a Greek name)/St Paul(a guy who changed his name to sound more like the name of a Greek god/daemon)----with a Williams, the day after Chaz Williams had 28 points for the UMASS Minutemen and Coron Williams when 3 for 4 on his 3-ptrs for Robert Morris, Minnesota glitters to me. With an Earl and a Wright and a guy whose name sounds very close to Tyler Durden, I'd consider not betting against La Salle on some days........but you have to consider strength of schedule in this one; Minnesota's Big Ten competition has to be considered superior to the Explorers' opponents and La Salle HAS lost to Fordham, a team that loses a lot and often has gotten blown out this year(Win 70-61.........21pts for Rodney Williams)

CAL GOLDEN BEARS -2.5 over South Florida Bulls------I'll play another "Gold Team": Harper Kampf! AC Jorge G........David and a J Cobbs........should be good enough. Cal has the +offense and their names look pretty good right now.(Lose 65-54.........Kamp did ok but........Crabbe only 3 of 14)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS +2 over Ohio State Buckeyes-----Ohio State won with the revenge against Michigan yesterday so..........the revenge is looking robust and........Michigan State has the revenge against OSU in this game. One possible liability would be the fact that Scott Wood had such a bad game for NC State yesterday and........MSU has a 'Wood'. Detroit Pistons won with the revenge yesterday too so.........I think this is worth playing.(Win 68-64......Wow! Brandon Wood 21pts---a Season High)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

XAVIER MUSKETEERS +6 over St Louis Billikens(Win 71-64)
XAVIER MUSKETEERS +220 over St Louis Billikens-----Stl has the +ATS, Xavier has the revenge. Stl has Rob Loe but........the Xavier names look better.(Win 71-64......Tu Holloway 21pts.....Lyons 14pts.....Dezmine Wells 18pts)

WISCONSIN +4 over Michigan State-----Msu has the +offense, Wisconsin has the revenge least 3 of their starters are from Minnesota, home of prestigious Carleton College.(Lose 65-52........Thornton 4-4 on 3ptr's Sand Lake, MI......bad game for Gasser. But good luck, Wisconsin, in your upcoming game against Syracuse)

OLE MISS REBELS +7 over Vanderbilt-------Ole Miss has the revenge for a big 76-102 loss earlier. Rebels also have an AJ a day after Antawn Jamison led the Cavs to another upset victory.(Lose 65-53........John Jenkins 23 pts)

FLORIDA STATE +2.5 over Duke-----FSU has the revenge and the +ATS, Duke has the +offense(Win 62-59.........Nice Game, Florida State and............we'll see you in the Final Four)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

NEW YORK KNICKS +7.5 over San Antonio(Lose 118-105)
NEW YORK KNICKS +275 over San Antonio-----Knicks on a 1-3 ATS run........and its time for the LInsanity to kick back into gear. Jeremy Lamb got 22pts and the win for UConn today......JL-Jeremy....Spurs are a 1st place team and Lin plays his best against teams like that, you know, having beaten the Lakers and Mavericks. The Knicks are not, currently, a good ATS team----and the Spurs do have the +ATS. However, Lin's due for a huge game.(Lose 118-105.......You would have thought that the return of the Melanthropy would have helped the Linsanity continue to create wins. That's not what's happening.)
GEORGETOWN -2.5 over Pittsburgh teased with OREGON STATE +7.5 over Washington State-- I'm not sure every sportsbook will be so generous in regard to how many points you can get with OSU(check BETUS.COM), but GT and OSU both have the revenge AND a JC----an initial set that seems to be emerging with Jamee Crockett's 21pt career high for Depaul on 3/3/12 and Jackie Carmichael's 12pt win for Illinois State and Jordan Crawford's 31pts for the Wizards. And then the next day, 3/4/12, Denver and Western Kentucky both won with JC's while Jake Cohen had 24pts for Davidson in a win and cover over Elon. On 3/6/12, Jason Calliste helped Detroit win the Horizon league in a 70-50 victory. Oregon State has the +offense and Georgetown has the +ATS.(Win by 8.5 and 9.5......Unfortunately, BETUS decided to cancel my bet...........because THEY MADE A MISTAKE!!! (And people wonder how the US can commit mass murder in Afghanistan----BETUS is HOSTED as a sponsor on this site!). Don't fuck around---if you put the number out there, you gotta accept any bets that get put down with it. You can always CHANGE it..........but.......Oregon State would have covered even if BETUS hadn't made such a homicidal mistake; they won by 5. But for the purposes of this site, this is a win)

Saturday, March 03, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO DONS +8 over St Mary's Gaels(Win 83-78)
SAN FRANCISCO DONS +320 over St Mary's Gaels-----Double revenge for SF and I believe this game is in Las Vegas(neutral site). I like the fact that SF was a Williams a day after Cedric Williams got 22pts for NC Wilmington and Louis Williams got 25pts for the 76ers.(Lose 83-78....Angelo Colairo 1pt???)

DETROIT TITANS +1 over Cleveland State Vikings-----Detroit has the +offense and the double revenge at a neutral site(Win 63-58.......There were some real negroes in his game: Horizon League, Bitch!)

GEORGIA STATE PANTHERS -1 over George Mason Patriots-----G State is coming off a huge blowout win last night over Hofstra. In this game, Georgia State has the +ATS and the revenge....and Jihad Ali, which should be strong during America's "tornado punishment" week which, originally, was most likely precipitated by the Koran burnings in Afghanistan.(Lose 61-59.....Ali only 6 pts(2-11 shooting) )

IOWA STATE CYCLONES -1.5 over Baylor Bears-----Cyclones have the home revenge, home-off-road-loss and the +ATS. They're an underrated team this year who has beaten Kansas.(Win 80-72..........Scott Christopherson 23pts, La Crosse, WI)

Friday, March 02, 2012

PROVIDENCE +11 over Notre Dame(Win 75-69)
PROVIDENCE +500 over Notre Dame(Lose 75-69.......LaDontae Henton 18pts Lansing, MI)

Thursday, March 01, 2012

RUTGERS SCARLET KNIGHTS -3.5 over Villanova------Both bad ATS teams but Rice won yesterday on the road as an underdog...........Rutgers' coach is a 'Rice'(Lose 77-71)