Monday, September 29, 2014

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS +3(-115) over New England Patriots-----While its troubling that KC lost 26-10 to Tennessee in its last home game,  there's plenty to be optimistic about.   KC did out-gain Denver by 60yds.   They have Alex Smith at QB,  1 day after Steve Smith had 2TD and Torey Smith had 1TD in a Ravens' blowout win as Harrison Smith had an INT for the Vikings in their win.   KC also has Dwayne Bowe,  1 day after Dwayne Allen had a TD for Colts in a blowout win.  While McKnight is out with injury and Jamal Charles might be out,  I see many other offensives weapons....Anthony Fasano,  for instance,  1 day after Tony Romo wipe out the Saints and 2 days after Yale,  coached by TONY Reno,  beat Army for the 1st time since 1955.  Yes,  1955!!!  And considering all of the Jihadis having been furnished from the state of Minnesota to fight for Islamic Rights in Syria,  to see the Minnesota Golden Gophers and Minnesota Vikings both win as underdogs this weekend,  I feel really comfortable with Kansas City's Hali/Husain Abdullah Afro-Muslim defense.   You could say that the Patriots appear to lack punch so far,  but this observation is enhanced when we consider Brady,  and Michigan coach Brady Hoke under fire,  clinging to his job by a barely visible thread,  unable to see or remove a fainting,  concussed QB playing for his own team.   If that's not enough,  this bet gets you a home team with points.(Win 41-14............Jamaal Charles 3TD.........Justin Houston 6 solo TCKLS......Husain Abdullah IntTD..........Alex Smith 76%......Kelce a TD........Jaye Howard 3 Solo TCKLS and Garoppolo outperformed Brady by 88 QBR points)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS -13 over Jacksonville Jaguars-----Jaguars have shown the ability to lose by more than 13 points.(Win 33-14..........San Diego +3TO............Eddie Royal 2TD)
CHICAGO BEARS +2 over Green Bay Packers-----Apparently,  with the Packers slightly favored,  some people think the Packers are "supposed" to be good this year.   I think that's questionable.  Packers were +2TO last week---they WON the TO ratio----and still lost to Lions.  Bears are at home here so...........with a Chicago team like Northwestern winning hugely by a score of 29-6 over Penn State favored by 11 AT Penn State,  we'll go with Chicago.(Lose 38-17.........Can't believe Bears would break my 4-team parlay.  Guess its just that Packers have Cobb.)

DETROIT LIONS pk(-105) over New York Jets-----Jets are home here off 2 losses...........some might like them for that reason but.......nah,  Jets haven't proved to be a quality team yet(they only beat the Raiders by 5).   I think the Lions ARE a quality team.   With all those hundreds of flights cancelled yesterday and Friday in Chicago after the Aurora radar facility burned down,   I'll say the Jets stay grounded today.(Win 24-17........Lions +2TO...........Golden Tate 116yds........Stafford 70%)

RAVENS -3 over Panthers------INTTD for Trojans' Su'a cRAVENS last night.   Pitt Panthers lose to Akron yesterday at home as 20.5 pt favorites.(Win 38-10...........Steve Smith 2TD........Torey Smith TD)

HOUSTON TEXANS -2.5 over Buffalo Bills----Home-off-road-loss for Texans............and they got Mohammed on defense.(Win 23-17.............JJ Watt 80-yd IntTD..........Houston was -1TO)

STEELERS -7 over Buccaneers-----Steelers were -3TO vs Ravens in a horrible loss.   Maybe they're not that bad.  We'll see.(Lose 27-24............Steelers lose the game outright.  That's pathetic.  GWTD Vincent Jackson)

COLTS -7 over Titans-----I don't think Titans have shown they can score like the Colts can.(Win 41-17.........Dwayne Allen TD............Colts +2TO)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

NORTH CAROLINA STATE WOLFPACK +18.5 over Florida State Seminoles(Win 56-41)
NORTH CAROLINA STATE WOLFPACK +675 over Florida State Seminoles----FSU clearly overrated at 0-3 ATS......NC State pretty good so far,  with a 29-pt cover against USF.   NC State has the home revenge and..........Yes,  I want this outright victory.(Lose 56-41.......NC St up 38-28 with 6:37 left in the 3rd quarter.  HOW DO YOU NOT CLOSE THAT?  huh?  Coach Dave Doeren,  what the fuck?)

MINNESOTA GOLDEN GOPHERS +12.5 over Michigan Wolverines------If its true that Morris will be starting at QB for Michigan,  I'm glad;  they'll do much better with him.   But Michigan is clearly not----or has not proven----itself a team worthy of Big Ten competition.    It looks like Minnesota can't pass much.   This could be a liability for them.   But favoring Michigan by this much..........No.  Minnesota is gonna have to really suck to not cover this.(Win 30-14.........32 Carries by David Cobb.........TD Maxx Williams)

CINCINNATI BEARCATS +17.5 over Ohio State Buckeyes----OSU home off the bye but............Osu is soft this year.(Lose 50-28)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

REDSKINS -3(-120) over Giants-----Home-off-road-loss for Redskins with Cousins..........looks good.(Lose 45-14...........Done betting on Redskins:  Team sucks.  Cousins 4 INT.   Larry Donnell 3TD)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

DETROIT LIONS -1 over Green Bay Packers----Ohhhhh,  this is a huge play!  Yes.  Lions' loss at Panthers was troubling:  Johnson couldn't make the big catch....and -3TO on the ratio.   But that shouldn't happen again this year.   So, yes,  Lions are coming off a pathetic loss..and have home-off-road-loss.   Packers struggled to win last week(and really should have lost)....and their inferiority was proven the week before that when the Seahawks killed them.(Win 19-7...........Lions give 2TO----win should have been bigger......Isa Abdul Quddus 3 TCKLS....52-yd catch by Corey Fuller)

ARIZONA CARDINALS +3 over San Francisco 49ers----While the 49ers may not get as unlucky as they were last game,  the "Hail Mary" win for Arizona last night augurs well for an Arizona team in an Arizona home game and Arizona should be safe with an MSU QB,  Stanton..........." Yo, this Mar-quis,  baby.........are you down wit it?"(Win 23-14...........Tyrann Mathieu 6 TCKLS.....blocked FG by Tommy Kelly.........Stanton 54% 2TD to John Brown)

GIANTS -1 over Texans-----Giants look..............bad.  So far.  Is it time for a win in New Jersey?  -4TO for Giants last game.   Good position for Giants to win today.......hope they don't just suck.  I mean,  I hope they're not Michigan.(Win 30-17.......Giants +2TO.......Robert Ayers 3 solo TCKLS....Rashad Jennings 176yds TD........Daniel Fells TD......Victor Cruz TD)

CAROLINA PANTHERS -3 over Pittsburgh Steelers(Lose 37-19...........Antonio Brown 2 TD)

BILLS -2.5 over Chargers(Lose 22-10............2TD Eddie Royal for Chargers...........Rivers 72%)

PATRIOTS -14 over Raiders(Lose 16-9............Wow,  Patriots go +1TO and only score 16 vs the Raiders----I think they're degrading)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

MICHIGAN -3.5(+100) over Utah-----Certainly,  Gardner has underperformed.   But the Notre Dame game......ND did have the home revenge in that game and......they're also probably gonna be a pretty good team with Golson back this year.   True,  some were disappointed that Michigan didn't beat Miami by more points but..........Michigan lost the TO ratio by 2 in that game.   And most teams aren't gonna continually lose the TO ratio game after game.   The only problem with this bet---being that Michigan is due to overperform----is that Utah is off the bye.  And Fresno State and the Utes strength of schedule is........pretty weak so far.  (Lose 26-10.....Michigan -3 TO.   Not a Big Ten caliber team anymore.   Can't believe these losers blew my 3-game parlay.)

VIRGINIA +14.5 over Byu----Byu was -3TO against Houston and they still won(but didn't cover).  So maybe Byu is pretty good.   It certainly was strange how they beat Texas by so much.   Byu also has the revenge at home here.   However,  Virginia has Lambert,  a QB from Georgia,  and I can't help but notice the amazing 56-14 beatdown in Atlanta on Thursday.   UVA has -1TO at home while outgaining UCLA in a loss in which they covered.  Virginia is also 3-0 ATS and we can respect them here today with these points.(Win 41-33............Virginia outgains 'em by 190yds but give 2TO)

DETROIT TIGERS(Scherzer) -102 over Kansas City Royals(Shields)----There is some truth in the saying that baseball teams'll score a lot 1 days and get shut out the next.   And the Tigers did crush yesterday.   However,  even if both starters do well,  I like the Tigers' offense having those .300+ hitters in the 3,4,5 slots.......and that's not counting they're 1 and 2 hitters who,  while not currently hitting .300,  can hit for power.   Technically,  the Royals score 4runs per game,  and the Tigers 4.5.  So I'll look at this game from an offensive perspective,  the advantage of which should go to Tigers even in a close game decided by bullpens.  Oh,  and I think the Royals should be moved down to let the Mariners take a Wild Card.(Win 3-2...........Torii Hunter 2-4, HR)

OLD DOMINION +6.5 over Rice(Win 45-42)
OLD DOMINION +210 over Rice----Rice has played good teams,  but OD played a pretty even game,  statistically against NC State,  who I think is at least decent.   And then..........OD has an Atlanta QB,  Taylor Heinichbineineberliner,   or something.(Win 45-42.......amazing performance by Taylor Heinicke:  430 yds passing, 5TD,  1TD rushing.   TDs by Pascal, England and Vaughn......and 2TD by Antonio Vaughn.)

SYRACUSE -2 over Maryland-----Although its a mystery how Syracuse almost lost to Villanova,  the Orange has Ishmael(while Maryland has.....Andrew Isaacs??),  a name with an INTTD in the Atlanta Falcons victory on Thursday.   I think Maryland gets most of its offense from one player,  CJ Brown,  so we'll just focus on stopping him.   Ok,  Maryland only lost by an FG against West Virginia.   But technically,  Maryland got a +3TO in that game while getting outgained by 250 yds.

MARINERS(Young) +105 over Astros(Keuchel)------Keuchel is pretty good and Seattle is not any better vs lhps.   But this is a meaningful game for I'll go with the big man.

Monday, September 15, 2014

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Williams) +158 over San Diego Padres(Cashner)----To see the Padres favored at,  Ok:  the Phillies have descended to only having won 1 more game than the Padres have.  But the Padres score so little(3.25 runs per game),  and they are hitting only .225,  I'll be partial to going against them however good Cashner might be.  And I would say there had to be some positive action on Williams----Arkansas beating Texas Tech by 21 points with 4 TDs by Jonathan Williams......and Bryce Williams getting a TD in East Carolina's upset victory at VT.(Lose 1-0........Phillies waste fine performance by Williams as they let Cashner get a CGSHO 2-hitter against them.)

LA ANGELS(Shoemaker) -109 over Seattle Mariners(Iwakuma)(Win 8-1)
LA ANGELS(Shoemaker) -1.5(+185) over Seattle Mariners(Iwakuma)----Mariners in the Wild Card hunt and......although Iwakuma has been in decline of late,  he walks only 1 every 10 at-bats.  However,  Angels just seem to be kicking ass when Shoemaker pitches and,  here at home,  we can't ignore him at this price.(Win 8-1.........Brennan Boesch 2-4 HR,  Freese an HR)

MIAMI MARLINS(Cosart) +143 over New York Mets(Degrom)----Double Revenge for the Marlins against Degrom.   Stanton will, of course,  be out.(Win 6-5........GWRBI Jeff Mathis..........Hechavarria 2RBI)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

HOUSTON TEXANS -3(-130) over Oakland Raiders-----Record setting Bay-Area assault on the SF Giants last night as LA beats them 17-0.   Yeah,  I wanna play that.  Raiders at home.........and,  theoretically,  they could still be as bad as ever.   Texans QB.......Ryan Fitzpatrick----is it time for a Harvard man to do good?  Big victory in Boston last night---not Harvard----but Boston College....over USC as a 17-point underdog.(Win 30-14...........Wow,  good game:  Fitzpatrick was 73% and Houston got a +4TO ratio)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

TEXAS STATE BOBCATS +7(-120) over Navy Midshipmen(Lose 35-21)
TEXAS STATE BOBCATS +225 over Navy Midshipmen------Texas State home off a bye after........beating Ark Pine-Bluff.  They do have a guy named Carden,  the name that was instrumental--at QB---in executing the East Carolina upset victory earlier today at Virginia Tech.  Navy did well vs Ohio State in the 1st half..........but they wound up not even covering.(Lose 35-21.....Texas State:  Fail)
MIAMI HURRICANES -14.5 over Arkansas State Red Wolves-----No covers yet for Miami.(Win 41-20)

MIAMI OHIO +31.5 over Michigan----Miami lost to Eastern Kentucky but.............they lost the TO ratio by 4.   That's rare.   Odds are,  it won't be that bad for them in any other game.   Michigan?  Nah.  Coming off its first shutout since 1984----against Notre Dame---Michigan does have the home-off-road-loss,  but anyone who saw the game could tell that Michigan has some serious liabilities in terms of basic "ball skills", strength and conditioning,  size at running back,  passing skills, etc.   True,  Notre Dame might be really good and..........Michigan did cover a huge number against Appalachian State.  But this is a MAC team here. (Win 34-10)

Friday, September 12, 2014

BUFFALO BULLS +34 over Baylor Bears------Home Revenge, yo.  I'll bet the clock!(Lose 63-21)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

HOUSTON +18 over Byu(Win 33-25)
HOUSTON +645 over Byu------BYU +2TO in their surprising beatdown at Texas.  Houston -4TO in their shocking loss to UTSA.   BYU beat Houston by one point last year,  giving Houston the revenge,  here on the road,  where we'll play it having The J O'KORn at QB.(Lose 33-25......10 total rushing yds for Houston.  Pshhh.  They got the TO's;  Houston +3TO..........and the Jokorn threw 3 TD and zero INTs............just couldn't run anything)

PITTSBURGH +2.5 over Baltimore(Lose 26-6)
PITTSBURGH +123 over Baltimore(Lose 26-6........Justin Brown,  a fumble at the Ravens' 22yd line.....Heath Miller a fumble.   -3TO for Pittsburgh,  just a total Epic Failure......I guess being a rapist football player is just not cool this year....and,  of course,  Pittsburgh's QB is one.  And,  well,  the Ravens DID get rid of their woman-abuser---after the cover-up on the video tape,  that is.)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

MIAMI MARLINS(Cosart) +105 over Milwaukee Brewers(Peralta)----Keep rolling with Miami;  Peralta in decline over his last 3 starts.  Cosart seems to be improving.(Lose 4-1)

COLORADO(Matzek) +105 over Mets(Montero) 1st 5innings only(Lose 1-0)
COLORADO(Matzek) +112 over Mets(Montero)------Matzek coming off a CG SHO and 7 shutout innings before that.  The mystery the Rockies can have an utterly pathetic record(they are 20-51 on the road) while having a high team batting average of .275.  Matzek may be in the we'll pay them because of him.(Lose 2-0........just so unfuckingbelievable how the Rockies can get shut out by Montero---for 5inn----and the Mets bullpen.  It's just such a rip when I get conned into betting a Colorado game.  Oh,  I guess I beat the Broncos in the super bowl last year.)

ANGELS(Shoemaker) over Rangers(Tepesch) parlayed with GIANTS(Vogelsong) over Arizona(Collmenter) +165------Ryan Flaherty 4-5 today for Orioles!  Go with Ryan Vogelsong we will despite Collmenter being on a 21 innings hot streak.(Win 8-1 and 5-0)

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

MIAMI MARLINS(Koehler) +125 over Milwaukee Brewers(Garza)-----Koehler doesn't pitch shutouts,  but he's been consistent.   And he has the Pitcher Revenge here against the Brewers.(Win 6-3............GWHR Casey McGehee.....Marcell Ozuna 3-3, HR)

Monday, September 08, 2014

DETROIT LIONS -5.5 over New York Giants-----I'm a big Lions fan this year.  No matter what the line is,  who the opponent is,   I'd encourage you to bet them until they lose or don't cover.(Win 35-14.........Lions were +220yds, +2TO......Calvin Johnson 2 TD)

Sunday, September 07, 2014

DENVER BRONCOS -9 over Indianapolis Colts------I truly hate Colorado for all the money I've lost betting on Colorado sports teams(see how Colorado State busted my 2-team parlay),  and I wanted to bet on Luck and we all saw how bad the Broncos suck in the Super Bowl.   However,  see how bad a blue-and-white team like Dallas is fucking up right now and committing genocide all over the field,  I'm sure its impossible for any blue-and-white team to win on this day.   And considering how bad the Chiefs and Redskins did today for me,  with their Native American themes,  anything with the name 'Indian' in it is guaranteed to not win.  In addition,  with the historic Virginia Tech win yesterday coming with a little orange on the VT uniforms---and of course the significant 73-7 beatdown by the Orange Clemson----the Broncos are either a little or a lot orange depending on their uniforms......while orange didn't do bad today with Bengals winning,  Browns covering and Bears losing.(Lose 31-24............What the fuck are you DOING?  Broncos ahead 24-7 at halftime and they dont cover??  Broncos WIN the turnover ratio by 2..........and they don't cover.  Oh,  dropping passes,  falling down incompetently,  Demaryius Thomas was  HUGE liability in this game.  Massive liability.  Oh,  if the Broncos ever face a team that can stop the run(Colts can't)  they are gonna get FUCKED up.   Because Manning's arm is just so weak.   Guy can't even throw a spiral.   I predict Peyton Manning will throw 4 interceptions or more in a game,  3 times this year.   This is a joke.  Broncos are so fucking overrated.)
DALLAS COWBOYS +3.5 over San Francisco 49ers
DALLAS COWBOYS +155 over San Francisco 49ers------I cannot FUCKING believe this shit-----Robert Griffin sucks the Redskins are ripping me off.   Goddamit.  What kind of lead did the Saints FUCKING just blow.   THIS IS LOSING ME FUCKING MONEY GODDAMN MUTHERFUCKER.   i CANT BELIEVE THIS SHIT.  Oh,  I was gonna go with the golden-helmeted 49ers......but look at this shit:  the Saints are gonna lose!  fuck these bitches man.  kyke phaggot bitch.   No,  can't bet Sanfrancisco........even tho Francisco Liriano did pitch a good game yesterday.   Ok,  I'm gonna SHOW YOU how much money you'll be robbing off if you fuck up this goddamn game.
1. Dallas     +3.5  -110
San Fran. 49ers at Dallas Cowboys
Bet:     $19.00
Potential Win:     $17.27

1. Dallas      +155
San Fran. 49ers at Dallas Cowboys
Bet:     $5.00
Potential Win:     $7.75
              That's a helluva lot of money for someone's who's been ripped off by capitalism on his investments----his hard work from when he used to have a job,  all gone,  robbed into Goldman Sachs' coffers.   you know I fucking created Harry Potter, right?   Yeah,  A LOT OF MONEY for someone's who been ripped off by the Jews who he was only trying to help when they asked.   And now fucking ROBERT GRIFFIN'S ripping me off.  OH,  oh,  are the Eagles actually A-HEAD now?  psshhh.  What a joke.  Bottom line:   You lose that fucking money of mine on this game and we WILL get you fucks.   You know it right?  The 49ers are coached by a fucking "Michigan Man"........and he must lose.(What the FUCK are you doing you goddamned theives???  You know how much I need this fucking game.  YOU KNOW THAT!  It is fucking 13-3.  What the fuck?   INTERCEPTION!  dO YOU KNOW HOW MANY FUCKING PEOPLE YOU ARE KILING RIGHT NOW??  Do you have any fucking idea,  you cockroach pieces of SHIT???  Turn this game around FUCKING NOW,  or I'll cut all your fucking heads off.  NO....more TDs by San Francisco.  I'm sick you this shit.   ANOTHER INTERCEPTION of Romo.  wHY?  wHY ARE you killing so many people?   What right to you have to commit this genocide?  Stop this you murderers!   INTERCEPTION!   that's the 3rd one!  Why don't you just put an Israeli-made weapon like an UZI in the hands of a 9-year-old girl and just fucking SPRAY all these motherfuckers who you know you're gonna fucking kill anyway?   This will not stand.  This CANNOT be tolerated.  -4TO by Dallas as the Cowboys murder 24 children in an atrocity of genocide on the field.   Dallas wins the 2nd half 14-0 but still..........Lose 28-17)
REDSKINS +3 over Houston parlayed with CHIEFS -3 over Titans-----A 38-17 victory by the Central Michigan Chippewas over Purdue and I feel today's a good day to bet Redskins.   Fuck about RGIII is a "one-read passer"???  Sterling Griffin had 88 yds and a TD yesterday in a blowout 28-point win by Louisiana Tech,  a 15.5 point underdog AT UL-Lafayette.  So Griffin better dominate today.   {Houston's QB is Ryan Fitzpatrick?  That's interesting.}  Chiefs coming off an awesome season..........just the worst 2nd-half collapse in NFL history(To Luck) kept them out of the Bowl last year.  CHIEFS.  CHIEFS.  CHIEFS!  (Lose 17-6 and 26-10......Houston +1TO,  rgIII 78% but sacked 3 times......Alex Smith 3INTs......Chiefs -3TO in a pathetic performance at home.)

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES -10 over Jacksonville Jaguars----Jaguars aren't gonna start Henne, are they?  A U of M QB????  (BWAAAAA).  Maybe "Bortles" will get in but this is still a blow-out.  Georgia Southern Eagles 83-9 over Savannah State yesterday we go.  Eagles coach is Chip Kelly I Notre Dame's coach Bryan Kelly?   I think so.(Win 34-17......somehow they came back from 17-0.  Jax +2TO,  Allen Hurns 2TD for Jax............Fletcher Cox fumblRecTD....Darren Sproles TD)

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS -3(-115) over Atlanta Falcons------Although there's been talk about Brady and Peyton Manning being great QB's,   look at the Drew Brees offense in New Orleans:  isn't it always the most productive?   Yeah,  today Drew Brees is the best NFL QB of all time.   Oh,  yes:  the Saints wear gold helmets like Notre Dame, right?   Did Atlanta do anything to improve their 4-12 team from last year?  I'm not aware. (Lose 37-34.......Saints blow a 13pt lead as Matty ISIS cuts off their heads with ZERO INTs and 3TDs.   I was gonna say,  Air Force Falcons didn't win,  so why should Atlanta?  ISIS.)

MIAMI DOLPHINS +3.5 over New England Patriots(Win 33-20)
MIAMI DOLPHINS +170 over New England Patriots----------U of M QB......Pshhhh.  Fuck the Patriots.  Miami coming off a 3-1 preseason,  I'll play 'em.(Win 33-20.........2 fumbles by Brady.....Lamar Miller a TD)

Saturday, September 06, 2014

COLORADO STATE RAMS +7.5 over Boise State Broncos----With the North Texas Mean Green winning 43-6 today over SMU,  you'll recognize that Colorado State is also a green team,  isn't it?  Boise State has beaten the Rams in 3 consecutive previous meetings so Colorado State has the Triple Revenge and senior QB Garrett Grayson.(Lose 37-24.............Horrible.  The damnable state of Colorado,  robs more money from me.  CSU outgained by 200yds and they drop the TO ratio by 2.  Absolute and total failure.)

VIRGINIA TECH +10.5 over Ohio State-----Ohio State really looked weak in the 1st half of their last game vs Navy.   It's possible that was an anomaly.......but,  having lost their QB to injury early this season(pre-season),  its also possible they will underperform this year.  VT traditionally has a good defense and,  if its still good,  10 and 1/2 should be enough to cover.(Win 35-21.....even TO.......TD Sam Rogers.....)

Friday, September 05, 2014

TORONTO(Hutchison) -108 over Boston(Webster)-----Yeah,  Hutchison does have the revenge against the Red Sox who rocked him last start.....and he does have the ability to pitch very good games sometimes.   Toronto's offense is better and Webster hasn't really pitched deep into a game yet.(Lose 8-9......3-run lead in the 8th.  Blown.  2-run in the 10th.  Blown.  Aaron Loup BS 1inn,  2ER, 3H.......Casey Janssen L, BS 1/3 of an inning,  5H,  3ER)

Thursday, September 04, 2014

ST. LOUIS CARDINALS(Wacha) -112 over Milwaukee Brewers(Peralta)----Cardinals are 15-10 going back to the day Michael Brown was shot to death with 6 hits of bullets from Darren Wilson's gun.......Brewers?  Not so good at all during that stretch.   Theoretically,  Wacha's a great pitcher;  but he hasn't pitched since June 17th.  Peralta has had a substantially winning season;  but he's coming off 2 bad rockings.(Win 3-2...........Wacha goes only 3innings.   Marco Gonzales gets the Win)

GREEN BAY PACKERS +5.5 over Seattle Seahawks-----I like the fact that Green Bay has Lacy.....a day after the Twins destroyed BCLI with a 4-6 by Eduardo Nunez(and Edwin Encarnacion hit an HR for Toronto).   Both teams are ranked #1 in their divisions by SI;  so I don't see any reason why this game shouldn't be close.(Lose 36-16...........Packers OUTPASSED by 16yds.  Could see them getting outrushed,  which they did,  but OUTPASSED??  Important factor to consider in NFL:  Age.  Packers are just over the hill and...........nah,  I don't see them being competitive in this League anymore.  Good for the Lions, though,  cuz their in the same division.)

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

WHITE SOX(Danks) +110 over Twins(May)----Juan Lagares 4-4 yesterday in a win so..........we'll look to a John,  here,  Danks who has not produced a win in his last 5 starts.   And May,  well,  I don't see how you could have worse numbers than he has now.   In other words,  I don't think May is gonna pitch a no-hitter.(Lose 11-4........Eduardo Nunez and Eduardo Escobar go a combined 7 for 10 in this game;  Danks utterly annihilated while May pitches the best game of his life and,  once again,  all forces seem to be aligned against us.)

Monday, September 01, 2014

MARINERS(Young) +131 over A's(Hammel)-----A's haven't won too much with Hammel starting for them while Mariners have given Young decent run support lately.(Lose 6-1)