Sunday, September 11, 2016

CLEVELAND BROWNS +3.5(-115) over Philadelphia Eagles(Lose 29-10)
CLEVELAND BROWNS +150 over Philadelphia Eagles-----Looks like RGIII's gonna be weaker 10 for his number........and you saw the play of the day yesterday, #10 Cooper Rush Hail Mary to Jesse Kroll pitches to Corey Willis.....Central Michigan wins outright as a 17-pt underdog with 0:00 on the clock.  Good enough?  I do know one other QB with #10 who won: Christian Chapman on San Diego State.  And also,  Ohio........covered its line by about 18 points with Dorian Brown getting 122yds and Blair Brown at Linebacker.  New Mexico State,  an upset victory with Noah Brown at DE.(Lose 29-10..........How the fuck do I write "weaker" when I'm trying for "wearing"????  What the fuck is wrong with me?  Look at that!  "wearing 10",  I'm trying to write.  Wearing 10,  fucker.  Actually,  this was a close game until 6:47 left in the 3rd quarter.   Then the Browns quit.   In the highlights,  it looked like RGIII could throw a good long pass.  But 12 for 26 is not good:  Its below 50%.   RGIII couldn't win on September 11th,  and on September 14th,  RGI couldn't lay off on the murder-suicide.....
(9:37 p.m. EDT September 15, 2016
The deaths of racecar driver Robby Gordon’s father and stepmother are being investigated as a possible murder-suicide, police in Southern California confirmed Thursday night.

The Orange County Coroner’s Office determined that Robert “Bob” Gordon died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and the death of Sharon Gordon was due to strangulation, Orange police Lt. Fred Lopez said in a statement sent to USA TODAY Sports.)
  I guess Cleveland's better at killing people than helping me win the money I need to get back to even after that Cleveland bank,  National City Corp,  stole all my FUCKING MONEY,  maggot.)

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS -10 over Miami Dolphins(Lose 12-10..........Its 10-6 Miami winning in the 4th quarter!!!!!  Seattle's supposed to be a good team.  This is a disgrace.  Seattle sucks.   Start protesting America,  Seattle.   You're supposed to be better than this shit.)


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