Monday, April 30, 2007

BCLI line (official line)

Cubs--Hill -136 (-142)
Atl--Hudson -182 (-165) (BCLI)
Mets--Hernandez -135 (???) (Pitching Change)
SD--Peavy -200 (-265) (BCLI--Patterson)
LAD---Wolf -124 (+100) (The Man--Webb)
Det--Bonderman -110 (-155) (The Man)
Tor--Halladay -183 (-240) (The Man)
Laa--Lackey -127 (-170) (The Man)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cubs(Hill) vs Stl(Wells) UNDER 8.5(-120)--------Stl still not hitting and hitting only .214 vs lhp's. Wells going for redemption. Hill has totally shut down Mil, Atl and Cin this year and has been almost impossible to hit. (PPD)

BCLI line (official line)

Mets--Maine -168 (-200) (The Man)
Phi---Moyer -132 (-165) (The Man)
Col---Cook -109 (-122) (The Man)
Az---Johnson -158 (-130) (BCLI)
Nyy---Wang -167 (-185) (BCLI--Tavarez)
Cleve---Carmona -149 (-165) (The Man)
Minn---Santana -149 (-165) (BCLI--Maroth)
Sea---Baek -109 (-145) (The Man)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

PITT(Gorzelanny) -150 (BCLI line -145) over Cin(Belisle)-------This is a revenge game for Pitt as Belisle shut them down last meeting. Also, Gorzelanny is cruising and could be one of the most effective pitchers in baseball this year if he keeps up this pace. I'll pay the juice for him here. (Lose 8-1....Pirates are a terrible offensive team. Just terrible.)

FLA(Willis) +113 (BCLI line Fla -141) over Phi(Eaton)-------lhb's hitting .080 vs Willis. Marlins have better offense at this point and Eaton doesnt impress me. Line is WAY off. (Win 11-5)

TAMPA(Fossum) +1.5(-125) over Oak(Haren) (Lose 12-7)
TAMPA(Fossum) +170 (BCLI line +119) over Oak(Haren)----------well, it doesnt look like this is gonna win, but the reason i took it is because its a redemption game for Fossum and Oakland has averaged only 1 run per game over their last 3. (Lose 12-7....Fossum fails to redeem)

KC(Meche) -103 (BCLI line +104) over Sea(Weaver)---------Weaver has had 3 chances this year and he's been terrible every time. Opposing batters hitting .430 off him??!!! this guy has a problem. Meche is solid and can give you 8 innings. (Win, Weaver only got 1 out. what is wrong with that guy?)

BCLI Line (official line)

Cubs--Zambrano -138 (-105) (BCLI)
Mets--Glavine -184 (-240) (The Man)
Atl--Smoltz -133 (-121) (BCLI)
SD--Maddux -105 (-125) (The Man)
Tor--Chacin -128 (-117) (The Man--Millwood)
Det--Verlander -160 (-170) (BCLI--Silva)
Bos---Wakefield -116 (-105) (The Man--Karstens)
Cleve--Sowers -125 (-140) (BCLI--Bedard)
CWS---Garland -105 (-128) (BCLI--Weaver)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Cin(Milton) vs Pitt(Snell) UNDER 8.5(+100)------Two weak offenses hitting in the .230's. Milton going for revenge after Pitt got 10 hits off him in 5 inn last meeting. And Snell has been snuffing out batters invariably. (Win 3-1)

LAD(Hendrickson) -101 (BCLI line -130) over Sd(Hensley)-----opposing batters hitting .370 off Hensley. He has been terrible. I think Hendrickson is gonna break out this season. So far, he's been good but he hasnt pitched much yet. He went to a sports psychologist in the off season. I hate the Padres offense for their pitiful performance in the Peavy game. Dodgers offense is better. (Win 6-5)

Minn(Ortiz) vs Det(Robertson) UNDER 8(+100)------Twins have averaged about 2 runs per game over their last 5 and their average vs lhp's has dropped to .242. Ortiz is red hot and is not walking anybody. Robertson doing fine. (Push.....Zumaya gets hit....strange)

TEXAS(Tejeda) +112 (BCLI line Tex -115) over Tor(Towers)------altho Rangers offense is weak, I think its time for them to win a game. And Towers is quite hittable. Tejeda has been better than expected. (Win 5-3)

Tampa(Shields) vs Oak(Gaudin) UNDER 9(-120)------With Shields coming off masterful performance vs Cleveland, I think you have to go under again with Gaudin; he looks very good and Oakland's offense is very weak. Devil Rays dont have Iwamura due to injury. (Win 4-1)

BOSTON(Matsuzaka) +117 (BCLI line Bos -117) over Nyy(Pettitte)--------I was not impressed with Boston's performance yesterday vs the lefthander Loewen. However, I dont think you can make Boston the underdog here with Dice-K going and with Yanks losing, having a sorry bullpen, etc. A weak play but it must be played at this price. (Win 11-4)

BCLI line (official line)

Pitt--Snell -126 (-155) (The Man)
Phi--Garcia -115 (-165) (The Man)
Hou--Oswalt -140 (-155) (BCLI--Capuano)
Cubs--Marquis -105 (+115) (BCLI)
Cleve--Westbrook -129 (-165) (The Man)
Det--Robertson -109 (-150) (BCLI--Ortiz)
CWS--Contreras -138 (-120) (BCLI)
Oak--Gaudin -105 (-145) (BCLI--Shields)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

BOSTON(Beckett) -150 (BCLI line -145) over Balt(Loewen) (Win 5-2)
Boston -1.5(+100) over Balt-------Loewen is 2-0 but he has walked 1 batter per inning this year and hasnt pitched more than 5 inn per game. The Red Sox know how to walk and are hitting a pretty good .279 vs lhp's. Beckett has been strong and I still doubt Orioles' ability to hit a good major league fastball. (Win 5-2....Loewen seems to be the master of walking people and not letting them score......Boston offense unimpressive)

WASHINGTON(Hill) +1.5 (-105) over Phil(Hamels) (Win 4-2)
Wash vs Phil UNDER 8.5(+105)---------Hill has been doing the job and while the Nationals dont actually win games, I think its worth a bet that this one will be close and low scoring. (Win 4-2....Unreal. A miracle: Nationals win and I take the run instead of the juice)

BCLI Line (official line)

NYY--Hughes -110 (-175) (BCLI)
Laa---Colon -160 (-200) (The Man)
Oak--Kennedy -144 (-130) (The Man--Batista)
LAD--Penny -180 (-170) (The Man---Ortiz)
Phi--Hamels -197 (-250) (BCLI--Hill)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

TORONTO(Burnett) +175 (BCLI line +122) over Nyy(Pettitte)-----Blue Jays scored 10 yesterday....possible offensive breakout continuation here with Toronto hitting .322 vs lhp's. Pettitte hasnt done bad so far but.........I think he's overrated. Tor scores 1 run every 7 atbats vs 1 run every 6 for Yankees. Yanks offense better, but only slightly. Burnett is kind of hit or miss; he can definitely pitch a good, long game on any given day. Yanks bullpen continues to suck with another blow save last night. Price too good. (PPD)

SAN DIEGO(Peavy) -110 (BCLI line -106) over Arizona(Webb)------Peavy got hit by AZ last start which makes this a redemption game and a revenge game for him. It is also a revenge game for SD as Webb shut them down last meeting. -110 always cheap for Peavy. (Lose 3-2.....This is no doubt one of the most DESPICABLE and disgusting forms of defeat. Your starting pitcher k's 16, allows 2 hits, your offense out hits the other team 7-4 and then Trevor Hoffman comes in for 1 fucking inning, walks a guy and allows a game losing HR. If I were Peavy I would slit Hoffman's fucking throat. An absolutely sick fucking attempt at relief. Trevor Hoffman has got to be the worst closer in baseball history.)

BCLI line (official line)

Fla--Olsen -120 (+135) (BCLI)
Phi--Lieber -156 (-200) (The Man)
Stl--Looper -111 (-125) (The Man)
LAD--Wolf -152 (-140) (The Man--Lowry)
Cleve--Sabathia -160 (-210) (The Man)
Minn--Ponson -125 (-150) (BCLI--Perez)
Oak--Blanton -111 (-140) (BCLI--Washburn)
Laa--Lackey -156 (-240) (The Man)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

TAMPA(Kazmir) +147 (BCLI line TB -127) over Nyy(Wang)-----Kazmir going for redemption at +147??? The Yankees have done only slightly better offensively this year than Tampa. They have 116 runs vs Tampa's 102 and they have 6 more walks. Yanks are hitting .330 vs lhp's, so that is a risk. But i like Kazmir and I dont like Wang, who will be pitching his first game here. You think Tampa's bullpen sucks?? Look at the Yankees, they have Proctor! In fact, Yankees bullpen has combined for exactly ZERO saves. I'll take this number. (Win 6-4....Kazmir redeems)

FLORIDA(VandenHurk) -103 (BCLI line -134) over Atl(Redman)-------Redman not looking good having had 2 back to back bad starts and then a good one. VandenHurk hasnt done anything good yet. But at -103, you're getting a home team basically for free, a team that HAS outscored the Braves this year and is hitting 25 points higher. And you're getting a team hitting .318 vs lhp's going against a weak pitcher(Redman) who is left handed. Is VandenHurk that bad? (Lose 11-6.....Yes, VandenHurk sucks the wad. Send him back to Holland.)

BCLI line (official line)

Hou--Williams -119 (+105) (The Man--Maholm)
Phi---Moyer -185 (-210) (The Man)
Mets---Hernandez -191 (-210) (The Man)
Cubs---Hill -136 (-155) (BCLI--Suppan)
Stl---Wells -113 (-142) (BCLI--Harang)
Balt---Guthrie -140 (-107) (The Man--Braden)
CWS---Vazquez -116 (-150) (The Man)
Minn---Santana -183 (-240) (BCLI--Carmona)
Sea---Washburn -108 (+110) (PPD)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Update: After the games below, BCLI plays are 16-28 (-12.6units) and on the BCLI line differentials listed at the bottom, you would have gone 50-55 and made +7.21units if you'd have bet all those games on the BCLI side. Obviously, this is not the way its supposed to go. The BCLI plays are supposed to win, but April, as always it seems, has been a freakish month. Things must change.

MILWAUKEE(Vargas) +140 (BCLI line -105) over Cubs(Zambrano)------Vargas is K-ing everyone. Zambrano: wild as usual coming off 2 bad starts. Zambrano went 7 inn 5 hits and 3 runs vs Brewers last meeting so this is a team revenge opportunity. the number is just too far off. Did you see the pathetic Cubs bullpen yesterday? Sick (Win 5-4....yup, Cubs pen blows it again)

ANGELS(Weaver) -140 (BCLI line -128) over Det(Maroth)------no discount on the number but Maroth's primary advantage, that he doesnt walk people, will do no good vs Angels since they really dont walk. Angels hitting a healthy .278 vs lhp's. (Lose 9-5...Wow, Weaver sucks)

CLEVELAND(Sowers) +110 (BCLI line Cle -125) over Minn(Silva)-----Sowers going for redemption, Silva due to get rocked. good price to take. (Win 7-3)

BCLI line (official line)

Fla--Willis -167 (-136) (BCLI)
Mets--Maine -210 (-200) (BCLI)
Balt---Bedard -130 (-120) (The Man--Haren)
Bos---Wakefield -161 (-200) (BCLI--Ohka)
NYY---Igawa -120 (-165) (BCLI--Fossum)
Tx---Millwood -120 (-140) (BCLI--Baek)
CWS---Buehrle -113 (-123) (The Man)
Hou--Sampson -110 (+106) (The Man--Eaton)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

DODGERS(Tomko) -135 (BCLI line -177) over Pitt(Gorzelanny)-----Gorzelanny has done well but against weak offenses: Stl and Hou. LAD offense just too much better right now to ignore. (Lose 7-5.....Jeff Kent, Juan Pierre, Russel Martin....thanks for your 3 game-losing errors.)

METS(Glavine) -125 (BCLI line -157) over Atl(Smoltz)------good pitchers both, but Mets offense too hot. Andrew Jones not hitting. Price too good. (Lose 9-6......Jose Valentin, wife-beater, gets the game losing error. David Wright, 0-4 plus an error, and Scott Schoeweiss, terrifically ineffective out of the bullpen. Thanks, faggots.

Cin(Belisle) vs Phi(Garcia) UNDER 9.5(-105)-----Garcia and Belisle both going for redemption. Garcia did bad last time but against the Mets, a great offense. Belisle didnt look great to me last time but does well(.185 this year) vs lhb's and that is philly's threat with Howard and Utley. Cincinatti's scoring has been terrible. 9.5 again on the o/u???? Must be the stadium. (Lose 9-3.....Garcia redeems, Belisle fails to. Mike Stanton, fat pig, comes out for the lhb, Howard, and gives up the bet losing HR. What an asshole.)

Oak(Gaudin) vs Tex(Tejeda) UNDER 9.5 (-110)------I like Gaudin from seeing him and Tejeda has had too good starts. Oak did not follow up on their 16 run breakout from 2 games ago, Tx is hitting .221, Sosa still killing them. I can go under with this. (Win 4-3)

CUBS(Miller) +115 (BCLI line Cubs -128) over Stl(Wainwright)----Wainwright not that great and Miller not bad enough to compensate for this bad number and the fact that the Cardinals continue to NOT score. Well, in my opinion, Miller is not that bad, but I havent seen him yet. I'll take the number. (Lose 12-9.....Howry and Dempster out of the bullpen to lose it. Fuck the Cubs)

NYY(Wright) +165 (BCLI line +129) over Bos(Matsuzaka)------Yanks offense too good to be such an underdog. (Lose 7-6....Scott Proctor, not only does this faggot blow the save, he manages to lose the fucking game without getting a single out. What a killer. What a MASS MURDERER this bitch is.)

BCLI Line (official line)

Fla--Obermueller -161 (-150) (BCLI)
SF---Cain -147 (-200) (The Man)
Balt---Trachsel -110 (+102) (BCLI)
TB-----Shields -120 (+104) (The Man--Westbrook)
TX-----Tejeda -124 (-105) (BCLI)
LAA----Santana -117 (-150) (The Man)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Philly(Hamels) vs Cincinatti(Milton) UNDER 9.5(-115)----Hamels going for redemption. Phillies at .242 vs lhp's, Milton good vs lhb's, phillies best hitters bat left, Reds' scoring has been very poor and they are hitting .202 vs lhp's. (Win 4-1....Hamels redeems beautifully with 15 k's)

METS(Perez) -117 (BCLI line -110) over Atl(James)-----I hate to go against James but the Mets' offense is doing good right now and has done better then any other offense this year and they are hitting .352 vs lhp's. Oliver Perez is going for redemption after walking 7 in 2 innings last start. Braves are hitting .236, 70 points below the mets. (Win 7-2....Perez redeems)

DODGERS(Penny) -145 (BCLI line -141) over Pitt(Snell)------both pitchers have put up near perfect numbers but LA's offense is on an upswing and is really breaking out. Snell has faced 2 of the most underperforming offenses to build his numbers, STL twice and Houston once. I'll give this number to get the Dodgers offense here. (Win 7-3....hello Russell Martin)

CWS(Contreras) vs Det(Robertson) UNDER 8.5(+100)-----Whitesox hitting .174 vs lhp's and the Tigers are hitting only .239. These pitchers are both good and doing good and Robertson has faced Toronto twice, a team that hit lhp's well. Chicago doesnt. (Lose 7-5)

BCLI line (official line)

SF--Zito -110 (-150) (The Man)
Mil---Capuano -127 (-140) (The Man)
Phi---Hamels -119 (-130) (The Man)
Det---Robertson -128 (-140) (BCLI--Contreras)
Bos---Beckett -155 (-170) (The Man)
TB----Seo -105 (+135) (BCLI)
TX---Loe -148 (-110) (BCLI)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

CUBS(Hill) -120 (BCLI line -135) over Atl(Redman)-----Redman failed on his last redemption. Hill is on fire. I didnt think he was any good when he first came up, but he's definitely putting up good numbers now. Huge starting pitching adv. for Cubs (Win 3-0)

SEATTLE(Washburn) +155 (BCLI line +127) over Minn(Santana)-----Mariners have moved their average up to .252. Twins at .259. Washburn can hang with anyone; he's a little wild sometimes but Twins dont take walks well. The main reason Im taking this is because I think Santana might be a little overrated. last game i saw, he threw 93 tops but most of his pitches were in the high 80's. (Lose 6-5)

BCLI line (official line)

SD--Peavy -161 (-180) (The Man)
Mets--Hernandez -132 (-145) (The Man)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

CIN(Harang) -133 (BCLI line -131) over Hou(Sampson)-------Reds break out yesterday unexpectedly....hopefully it carries over to today. Harang going for redemption. Sampson a young pitcher, probably wont pitch more than 5inn. He did well last time but looks to have a pretty straight movement if i remember correctly. I still believe the Astros suck and have won luckily the last 3 out of 4. (Lose 7-2.....Harang redeems perfectly and Todd Coffey comes in, gets two outs, and HITS A LEFT HANDED BATTER. Todd Coffey, what the fuck? Do you know how hard it is for a rhp to hit a left handed batter?? Why? This idiotic negligence not only lost this game but it torched my conscience and vandalized my heart. Do you overpaid millionaires know how hard it is to watch my bankroll spilling blood because of your debaucheries? And I dont want to talk about Rheal Cormier. Why the hell is this pathetic professional failure even still in baseball. He's 39 fucking years old letting batters hit .360 off him. Dude, quit. I would like to compliment Ken Griffey Jr on his excellent outfield play in this game---after i warned about him----with the fence-catch saving an HR. Doesnt matter, I guess, when the Reds bullpen still wants to shove trash down my throat.)

BCLI line (official line)

Phi--Eaton -125 (-145) (BCLI--Bergmann)
Cubs--Zambrano -141 (-109) (The Man--Davies)
LAD--Lowe -117 (-107) (The Man--Lopez)
AZ--Webb -130 (-120) (BCLI)
SF--Morris -108 (-120) (The Man)
Det--Bonderman -155 (-200) (BCLI--Meche)
TB--Kazmir -138 (-123) (The Man--Bedard)
Oak--Haren -122 (-107) (BCLI)
NYY--Igawa -148 (-130) (BCLI)
Bos--Wakefield -107 (-125) (The Man)
Tex--Millwood -110 (+111) (The Man--Buehrle)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SF(Cain) -102 (BCLI line SF -125) over Colorado(Hirsh)-----Giants are coming off 2 days of offensive awakening after total weakness. Cain is doing well and is very hard to hit. If Colorado can't hit Zito's 85mph fastball, I doubt they'll have an easier time against Cain's 94. (Lose 5-3....What an absolute waste of a near perfect performance by Cain. A guy from Col gets a lucky swinging bunt hit to load the bases then Correia walks in a run then Linden, Bonds' defensive replacement in LF, runs down the fly ball, gets his glove all over it, and lets it fall. Simply disgusting. I would like whatever demon responsible for this unspeakably atrocious and freakish loss to speak to me directly. We will solve this problem, whatever the fuck it is. This simply cannot go on any longer.)

DODGERS(Tomko) +106 (BCLI line LAD -111) over Arizona(Owings)-----Dodgers seem to be breaking out offensively while Az's lineup is looking holey with Drew at .200. I saw Tomko's first start and his stuff looked good. Owings.....might be good and is a risk, but Dodgers offense right now plus Tomko is too good to ignore at this price. (Win 6-4)

Milwaukee(Bush) vs Cincy(Belisle) UNDER 9 (+105)-----these offenses have barely scored at all the last couple days and Belisle is on a rampage. (Lose 11-5....I was wrong: Belisle is not that good. Brewers can hit the low ball. If Griffey loafs in the outfield the next time i bet on the Reds, he'd better just retire right then and there or he'll start to have VERY bad luck. If the Reds are gonna start hitting they better KEEP hitting. I can't tell you how sick I am of this shit.)

KC(De La Rosa) +190 (BCLI line +156) over Detroit(Maroth)-----both teams are not hitting lhp's but batters are hitting .341 against Maroth. Maroth is strike-throwing, no-walks pitcher and KC is a swing away team. KC doesnt win much but they can win this one. (Lose 7-6.....and the difference in this game unearned run on a Tony Pena throwing error. Burn in hell, Pena, your career is over.)

BCLI lines (official line)

Stl--Wainwright -137 (-160) (BCLI--Gorzelanny)
Cin--Belisle -139 (-126) (BCLI)
Hou--Oswalt -170 (-200) (The Man)
Bos--Matsuzaka -119 (-150) (BCLI--Chacin)
TB---Fossum -132 (-108) (BCLI)
CWS--Garland -120 (-140) (BCLI--Tejeda)
Minn--Ortiz -125 (-102) (BCLI--Ortiz)

Monday, April 16, 2007

FLORIDA(Sanchez) +108 (BCLI line fla -112) over Hou(Rodriguez)----Marlins continue to produce scoring about 1 run every 6 atbats while Houston is scoring 1 run every 8 atbats. marlins are hitting .358 vs lhp's and I would score this pitching matchup either in Florida's favor or about equal. The offense's, however, are not equal: Astros suck. (Lose 4-3...yet another game where a team gets out-hit and still beats me. I cannot fathom this sick, twisted, heinousness continuing one more day. This is outrageous.)

COLORADO(Francis) -128 (BCLI line -136) over SF(Zito)----Francis is pretty reliable and I like him. SF offense has been one of the worst this year. Zito may have a problem after 2 bad starts. He relies on the curveball, which breaks better in heavy, humid air. Colorado air is not like that. Price is reasonable. (Lose 8-0...this bothers me. Zito was coming off only ONE bad start. That was my mistake. And he definitely redeemed. You need to take 4 or 5 walks against Zito and the Rockies only took 3. They did hit some balls hard that were right at somebody and were caught. Zito is throwing 84-86mph on his fastball. Seems slow. I also should have noticed that the Giants had broken out offensively the game before this one and seen the possibility for continuation. They proved they can hit a low fastball from a LHP. The jig is up on this terrible losing streak as the demons finally pop off at VT to protest BCLI's unjustified suffering. I feel the catharsis of the exorcism and know what the sound and the fury signifies: BCLI is now free to begin winning again.)

BCLI line (official line)

Atl--James -165 (-200) (BCLI--Chico)
Bos--Beckett -182 (-200) (The Man)
Det--Verlander -156 (-200) (The Man)
Tampa--Shields -128 (-112) (The Man--Loewen)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Milwaukee(Sheets) -117 (BCLI line -112) over Stl(Looper)-----Sheets going for redemption after giving up 9 hits against the Cubs. at 1 run for every 11.5 at bats, St Louis is one of the worst producing offenses, so far, in baseball. Cardinals have moved their batting average up to .240 while the Brewers have moved theirs up to .274. Looper has done well this year, but I dont want the under since im trying to avoid unders on day games(I dont know how much of a difference it makes, but I suspect..). (Lose 10-2....With the 3 American Negroes starting for the Brewers, Weeks, Fielder and Hall celebrating Jackie Robinson Day by going a combined 2 for 10, what can you say besides JACKIE ROBINSON PAVED THE WAY FOR THIS PATHETIC DISGRACE??!! You're all a dishonor and discredit to your race and the legacy of Robinson. The Oklahoma cracker, Braden Looper, owned you like slaves. Well, Fielder did have two walks and a not him. But those other nappy heads...what a disgrace. Sheets failed redemption and should be avoided. I seriously can't believe this shit. Go ahead Ismail Ax.)

BCLI line (official line)

Mets--Maine -250 (-280) (PPD)
Phi--Garcia -152 (-165) (PPD)
Cubs--Lilly -137 (-165) (BCLI--Lohse)
Az---Davis -112 (-130) (Pitching change--Kim)
Bos--Beckett -182 (-210) (PPD)
Balt--Guthrie -120 (-106) (PPD)
Minn--Bonser -125 (-170) (BCLI--Seo..Fuck why wasnt I on this?)
Tex--McCarthy -132 (-104) (The Man--Ramirez)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

TEXAS(Padilla) -106 (BCLI line -155) over Seattle(Batista)-----I was shocked by this line. Seattle is.....just.......not.......scoring. Texas has Sosa, who is already bringing the team down, but the Mariners have, like, 5 starters hitting in the .100's. And the Rangers have Kinsler, perhaps the hottest offensive player in baseball so far this year. Batista is on a redemption, having been ripped last start, but I've never thought he was very good. .288 BA against last year walking 1 every 2.5 innings.....that's weak. Padilla is better than that, not a lot, but -106??? gotta take that. (Lose 8-3)

FLORIDA(Olsen) +118 (BCLI line FLA -139) over Atl(Davies)-----Florida offense is doing about as well as you could want an offense to do while Atl is underperforming. Opposing batters hit .332 off Davies last year while he walked 1 every 2 innings. That's TERRIBLE. Olsen is much better. (PPD)

DETROIT(Durbin) +155 (BCLI line +141) over Tor(Burnett)----Durbin put up bad numbers last start, but i liked what i saw: his stuff is sneaky and I think he could be could vs rhb's. He's going for redemption here, the price is right and Burnett is prone to wildness. (Win 10-7...Durbin fails to redeem)

BCLI Line (official line)

Cubs--Hill -108 (-122) (The Man)
Mets--Hernandez -226 (-260) (BCLI--Hill--Nationals)
SD--Peavy -107 (-123) (The Man)
Minn--Ponson -111 (-145) (The Man)
Bos--Schilling -220 (-200) (BCLI)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Detroit Toronto UNDER 190 (193) REST6 (Win by 19)
Charlotte Chicago UNDER 194.5 (195) REST6 (Win by 13.5)
Golden State Sacramento UNDER 224.5 (208) REST6 (Lose by 8.5)

PHILLIES(Myers) -103 (BCLI line -135) over Houston(Oswalt)-------Redemption game for Myers. Myers is good vs rhb's and Astros are a right handed team. Astros also suck and even though the phillies offense is underperforming, they have MUCH more potential than Houston. (Lose 9-6...Brett Myers on redemption: ABJECT FAILURE. Brett Myers, you hot-headed, thug, wife-beating idiot. Why cant you listen to your fucking pitching coach when he says, "look, I know you wanna K this guy cuz he's already hit 1 home run off you today, and i know the bases are loaded, but we're winning 3-1, there's 2 outs and Carlos Lee is the only guy in this Astros lineup of clowns, hangers-on and minor leaguers who can hurt us. Why not throw him 4 sliders low and away and see if he'll ground out? If not, you walk in a run and its only 3-2, 2 outs. DONT CHALLENGE HIM, you're only throwing 89-90 anyway and your breaking pitch sucks." "I got no excuses. I flat-out stunk," Myers said. "It's frustrating. I feel I'm not myself. I feel I lost that Rottweiler aggression. I'm pitching like a scared dog. I'm sorry the fans had to watch that. It was terrible." Yeah, you're fucking terrible. You ARE a Rottweiler and you're stupid. 5 walks in 3 innings and you cant walk the guy who's about to hit a grand slam off you. Ridiculous that BCLI has to put up with this shit: Phillies out-hit Houston 11-8 yet still lose due to Myers' stupidity.)

MILWAUKEE(Sheets) -115 (BCLI line -120) over Stl(Reyes)-----This is a redemption game for Sheets after he allowed 9 hits against the sorry Cubs last start. Reyes can be good.....for only 5 innings while Sheets, on any given day, can pitch a complete game or even no-hit you. I have the Brewers currently hitting .264 and Fielder has started to hit. They're not a great offense but they are scoring more than Stl is and Stl is.......very weak now. The only time they hit is when i bet against them and Brad Lidge is pitching. Brewers should seize this opportunity for a win. Cardinals are really, really not scoring. (PPD)

TAMPA(Kazmir) +200 (BCLI line +150) over Minn(Santana)-----Twins are weak. they score only 2 off Fossum yesterday which means today, against Kazmir, they could score 1 or none. With Santana pitching, at least Carlos Pena, the worst baseball player in modern times, should be out of the Devils Rays' lineup. Tampa's lineup DOES have holes but it also has sufficient talent and after the 3rd base coaching CATASTROPHE of last night, I expect a solid and very SERIOUS attempt to win this game. I'll take the price. (Win 4-2....Kazmir acutally can throw 94mph....harder than Santana was throwing)

YANKEES(Igawa) -105 (BCLI line -120) over Oak(Haren)-----I do not know if Igawa has talent, potential, skills or good stuff. However, it is a redemption game for him as he failed in his first start. But I also know that the Yankees are the richest sports team in history and Igawa wouldnt be there unless he's got something. Coming to the Yankees, coming off a rocking against Baltimore, Igawa simply has to want to do well in this game more than he ever has before. As far as the offenses, there is no comparison: Oakland is soft weak and lame and the Yankees are performing, hitting and scoring. (Lose 5-4.....Igawa redeems, Yanks out-hit A's 10-7 yet still lose. What the fuck is going on?)

BCLI line (Official line)

Pitt--Duke -131(-153) (BCLI--Ortiz)
Mets--Pelfrey -174 (-200) (The Man)
AZ--Webb -156 (-175) (BCLI--Fogg)
Balt--Bedard -149 (-173) (The Man)
Tex--Millwood -113 (-103) (BCLI)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

*TAMPA(Fossum) +145 (BCLI line TB -126) over Minn(Silva)------right now, Tampa's offense is significantly better than the Twins'. Twins are hitting .230 and Tampa has scored between 75% and 100% more runs this year than Minnesota. Redemption game for Fossum as he got rocked by Toronto last start(and Tor hits lhp's very well). Betting on a pitcher who is coming of a bad start was a strategy that BCLI used successfully last season. Based on my data, I would say Fossum has only a 33% chance of having a bad start here and a 62% chance of having a good start. +145 is more than enough for this situation where you're getting an offense that you want to have and you're going against an offense that has been lame so far and a pitcher, Silva, who can be hit very, very hard on any given day. This is my favorite bet so far this year.
(Lose is sometimes amazing how much shit you have to eat betting on baseball. It wasnt enough that Fossum redeemed himself or that Tampa out-hit the Twins 12 to 8. It was the fact that in the 9th inning, with Zobrist on first and no outs in a tie game, Crawford hit a double and didnt bother to notice, WHILE THIS MORON WAS ROUNDING 2ND, that the 3rd base coach had held Zobrist at 3rd base. So Crawford somes into 3rd and Zobrist is still AT 3rd. Normally, in this pathetically stupid situation, you stay on the base and let them tag one of you out. But No! Zobrist runs home(gets tagged out) and Crawford runs back to 2nd(gets tagged out). So instead of runners at 2nd and 3rd, no outs, its a double fucking play for the Twins. Its this kind of unconscionable shit that needs to stop for BCLI. BCLI does not deserve this despicable, idiotic bad luck. Something needs to change. RIGHT FUCKING NOW.)

TORONTO(Ohka) -126 (BCLI line -155) over Det(Maroth)-----Redemption game for Ohka coming off a rocking by the Devil Rays. Toronto is hitting in the .290....Tigers are hitting .235. Toronto SHOULD HIT lhp's and IS HITTING lhp's at .361. Maroth is a lhp. Price is good. Jays should be ripping here. (Lose 5-4.....another piece-of-shit occurrence. Toront out-hits Detroit 12 to 9 and the difference in the game unearned run! Thanks for the 2 errors toronto.....dumbasses)

BCLI line (official line)

Mets--Glavine -165 (-152) (BCLI)
Atl--Smoltz -238 (-310) (BCLI--Bergmann redeems)
Balt--Trachsel -149 (-118) (BCLI)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Washington Miami OVER 193.5 (200.5) REST2 (Lose by 26.5)
Philadelphia Boston OVER 182.5 (194) REST2 (Win by 13.5)
Seattle Phoenix UNDER 214.5 (207) REST5 (Win by 14.5)
Indiana Milwaukee OVER 199 (198.5) REST3 (Win by 3)

BCLI Line (official line)

Fla--Mitre -150 (-110) (The Man--Bush)
Atl--James -220 (-260) (The Man)
SD--Maddux -166 (-139) (BCLI)
LAD--Penny -120 (-146) (The Man)
Oak--Kennedy -105 (-112) (BCLI--Buehrle)
Tex--Tejeda -132 (-157) (BCLI--Shields)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Seattle(Weaver) vs Boston(Beckett) UNDER 9.5 (+100)------Weaver found his adjustment last year and should be at his best. Red Sox offense is very weak now and Mariners havent shown any offensive production. Beckett's a strong pitcher. I'll try an under here (Lose 14-3....thanks for the 2 innings of work, Weaver, you nappy-headed motherfucker)

FLA(Vanden Hurk) -115 (BCLI line -147) over Milwaukee(Vargas)-----Brewers arent hitting and Florida definitely is. Vargas is no better than an average mlb pitcher. (No Action.....Great! a tie fucking game because the nappy-headed Venezuelan Jorge HOlio comes in for 1 inning and walks the fucking leadoff man. Fuckin Ho. Vargas did do pretty well.)

BCLI line (official line)

Pitt--Gorzelanny -105 (-125) (BCLI--Keisler)
SD--Hensley -105 (-128) (BCLI--Morris)
Atl--Hudson -220 (-260) (The Man)
Bos--Beckett -158 (-200) (The Man)
Az--Gonzalez -115 (-125) (The Man)
Tor--Towers -174 (-150) (The Man--Greinke)
Tex--Wright -115 (-140) (The Man)
Nyy--Pettitte -130 (-140) (The Man)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Houston Seattle OVER 192 (194.5) REST3 (Lose by 7)
Detroit Knicks OVER 182 (193) REST3 (Lose by 8)
Toronto Minnesota OVER 195 (196) REST3 (Win by 16)

TAMPA(Jackson) +140 (BCLI line TB -110) over Texas(McCarthy)-----there are some holes in TB's lineup but there's also Delmon Young and Iwamura(hitting .600). So far, Tampa's offense has done better than the Rangers', who only seem to score when i bet against them. Jackson is a risk, because he's hittable, but +140 for tampa's offense right now is good enough. (Lose 8-4)

CUBS(Lilly) -156 (BCLI line -190) over Houston(Williams) (Lose 5-3)
CUBS -1.5 (+140) over Houston--------The Astros Fucking Suck. There is no way they win 70 games. And BCLI can completely, STRENUOUSLY endorse this contract at Tradesports to sell
The Astros have a fossilized Biggio and Berkman and nobody else. Lilly is good, Houston sucks. I'll make two bets on this and plan to continue to bet against the Astros all season. (Lose 5-3....I cannot fathom a team so bad that they lose their home opener to the Astros. Any decent college team could beat the Astros. This is a black mark, a PATHETIC black mark on the Chicago Cubs. Sick.

BALT(Cabrera) -127 (BCLI line -150) over Detroit(Durbin)------Cabrera is a serious pitcher who can dominate on any given day as long as he doesnt walk the game away. Orioles have proved they're ready to play by taking 2 from the Yanks. The Tigers havent done anything comparable yet and Durbin is too much of a question mark for only -127. (Win 6-2.....some very bad swings by the Orioles.....Durbin didnt look as bad as his numbers)

CWS(Contreras) +155 (BCLI line +105) over Oakland(Harden)-----unless theres something wrong with Contreras, this number is wrong. Contreras was rocked his first start, but at +155, I'll bet he comes back and does the job. Oakland still doesnt look good to me. (Win 4-1)

BCLI line (official line)

LAD--Schmidt -135 (-152) (BCLI--Francis)
Fla--Sanchez -138 (-120) (BCLI)
SD--Young -150(-131) (BCLI)
Cleve--Carmona -123(+120) (PPD)
Tor--Burnett -153 (-210) (The Man)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

FLA(Olsen) -118 (BCLI line -137) over Phi(Segovia)-----Florida has scored and hit as well as anyone this season and you have an excellent pitcher at home against an unknown pitcher for only -118. Phillies may have problems with lhp's because Utley and Howard dont switch hit (Win 6-4.....fla bullpen questionable)

CLEVALAND(Carmona) +130 (BCLI line cleve -123) over Seattle(Hernandez)----I give the home team, Cleveland, 20 cents and then another 40-50 cents for having a better offense. Now, is Felix Hernandez 110 cents better than Carmona?? I dont think so. Felix had 12 k's in his first start in 8 inn. I doubt he pitches more than 5 inn in the arctic weather and will be surprised if he's that effective. Seattle has 4 walks this year in 89 ab's and is hitting .180. Cleveland's hitting .310. If they play this game, I want Cleveland at +130. (PPD)

Stl(Wells) vs Hou(Jennings) UNDER 9 (-110)-----Still not walking, hitting or scoring. These are two of the weakest offenses in baseball YTD. I saw Wells' first game and he looked to have decent stuff. I'll go under again and again until these teams produce some offense. (Lost 10-1........hey, Brad Lidge needs some work, lets put him in to mop up! 5 fucking runs in the 9th inning. Garner, you stupid fucking idiot, why dont you put Lidge into your fucking batting lineup if he needs work. Astros are, and will be, the WORST FUCKING TEAM IN BASEBALL)

BCLI line (official line)

Cin--Milton -136 (-115) (The Man--Duke)
AZ---Hernandez -124 (-140) (The Man)
SD---Peavy -172 (-200) (The Man)
SF---Zito -130 (-140) (BCLI--Wolf)
Tor--Halladay -107 (-150) (The Man)
Minn--Santana -158 (-200) (The Man)
DET--Bonderman -160(-175) (The Man)
LAA--Escobar -166 (-150) (The Man--Blanton)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

METS(Glavine) +113 (BCLI line Mets -115) over Atl(Smoltz)----Mets have 21 runs in their last 2 games with Glavine going and they're an underdog?? (Lose 5-3.....what a joke. Mets out-hit them and scored more earned runs)

BOSTON(Tavarez) +117 (BCLI line Bos -117) over Texas(Millwood)-----This line opened at Texas -145. Clearly way off. Texas does not have a single hitter hitting over .231 this year. I dont know how Tejeda shutout the Red Sox yesterday. Boston may not be hitting well yet either, but i think their offense is clearly better than the Rangers'. I saw Millwood pitch his first game and was not impressed. (Lose 8-4....Tavarez 5 walks?!....Boston bullpen questionable)

Stl(Reyes) vs Hou(Oswalt) UNDER 8 (-120)-----both offenses have not produced anything. Oswalt always has a chance to completely shutdown a team. I'll try an under here. (Win 5-1)

BCLI Lines (official line)

Mil--Sheets -140 (-115) (The Man--Zambrano)
LAD--Lowe -107 (-140) (The Man)
Fla--Willis -105 (-115) (The Man)
SD--Wells -133 (-145) (The Man)
Nyy--Igawa -170(-200) (The Man)
Det--Maroth -110(-130) (The Man)
TB--Fossum -105(+125) (The Man--Ohka)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Dallas Denver UNDER 211 (201.5) REST5 (Win by 65)
Cleveland Washington OVER 196.5 (200.5) REST3 (Lose by 3.5)
Indiana Charlotte UNDER 193 (195) REST5 (Lose by 21)
Phoenix New Orleans OVER 205.5 (202.5) REST3 (Lose by 7.5......Fuck this)

Baseball looks too tough today so I'm skipping it.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

ANGELS(Saunders) -135 (BCLI line -170) over Oak(Gaudin)----Angels are hot and i like what I've seen of their bullpen. Despite whipping seattle 9-0 last night, I have questions about Oakland. And with them starting a relief pitcher, Gaudin.......Im going against them, daring their bullpen to prove me wrong. (Lose 4-3)

DETROIT(Verlander) -140 (BCLI line -152) over Tor(Chacin)-------I think the Tigers should hit lhp's well. Verlander, at his best, is much better than Chacin. It looks like the Tigers' problems yesterday were the work of one man, Jason Grilli. May he not pitch in this game (PPD)

ATL(James) -105 (BCLI line -124) over Philly(Eaton)------There is a big difference between James and Eaton which is not reflected in a -105 line. I respect the Phillies' offense but they havent done much yet and I would be surprised if they hit James. I would be even more surpised if Eaton DIDNT get hit. (Win 8-4)

BCLI lines (official line)

Cin--Lohse -127 (+100) (BCLI)
Wash--Bergmann -118 (+110) (The Man--Gonzalez)
SF--Morris -122 (+105) (BCLI)
CWS--Buehrle -127 (+100) (BCLI)
NYY--Pettitte -190 (-300) (BCLI--Seo)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Atlanta New Jersey UNDER 190 (193) REST7 (Win by 3)

Ugh! I need to quit this fucking basketball shit. Its early for baseball, but after looking at Olsen sitting there at -134 against Hill and saying hmmmm, and then watching Florida win....I think I can start this campaign which will be, if all goes well, the biggest BCLI beatdown on market makers in.......well, anything less then a 60 unit win this MLB season and I'm not gonna be very happy.

METS(Maine) -105 (BCLI line -127) over Stl(Looper)------not much to analyze this early but I can't ignore Maine at -105. Cardinals offense apparently still hiberating with only 2 runs scored and Maine is good, very hard to hit. Looper now gonna be a, Im not afraid of that guy. -105 is too good (Win 10-0)

BCLI line (official line)

Col---Lopez -120 (+100) (BCLI)
Hou--Williams -146 (-160) (BCLI--Gorzelanny)
SD--Young -116 (+105) (BCLI)
Det--Robertson -125 (-115) (BCLI)
NYY--Pettitte -190 (-290) (Rainout)
CWS--Garland -130 (+100) (The Man--Westbrook)
Bos--Beckett -150 (-165) (The Man)

Other than that, the BCLI line is very close to the official line on the remaining games.
Angels look pretty good, good bullpen, good offense. Washburn and Bonser put up good numbers last night but they both looked pretty wild. Will Oakland's bullpen be as strong this year? Will Orioles have trouble with a good 4-seam fastball?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New Orleans Milwaukee UNDER 201.5 (197) REST5 (Lose by 18.5)