Sunday, December 30, 2012

MINNESOTA VIKINGS +3 over Green Bay Packers-----Home revenge for the Vikings and they need the game more(tho Packers do have some incentive to win).   Do I have confidence in Christian Ponder as a QB?  No;  he's not a real passing threat.  Adrian Petersen could do something(but you have to see the 'match' in the Packers' Ryan Grant).   Rodgers can put up points, but is it a positive that his initials (+15) compose the name of the hottest Christmas gift in America right now?  (it was last week so....).  Yeah,  he'll be a menace.  But the pick is the Vikings in these menacing times as clearly,  CLEARLY,  the American CIA has infiltrated BCLI and screwed up some of(most of) its recent picks.  This is surely HELL........and its fucked up as my Ipod is constantly lying to me.  Motivationally,  this play does make sense.  But, considering the circumstances,  I wouldn't recommend betting money on it.(Win 37-34...........Packers' defense sucks.   Without Rodgers,  this team would be a complete joke.)

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS -11 over St Louis Rams------Wo!  Seahawks dominating!  Did Luc Richard score 19 for the Bucks yesterday?  Louis Garrett got 16 for San Jose St.  Lou Williams 21 points for the Hawks yesterday!   BET AGAINST ST LOUIS.(Lose 20-13...........Seattle's a fucking fraud,  they score 150 points in their last 3 games........and can't cover with the home revenge against the Rams?)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

AIR FORCE FALCONS -1.5 over Rice Owls-------Rice is a much better ATS team have to put your faith in Air Force's defense considering that Rice has put up some big offensive numbers and......Air Force doesn't really pass.   Nominally,  Air Force is huge here:  Tyler Tettleton HUGE for Ohio yesterday in a surprisingly colossal beatdown.......Tyler Futrell 133yds season-hi also for Ohio....Tyrel Wilson, fumble rec for VT yesterday and.......that name will be on Air Force today.  But also,  Tucker Tipton......(AF player).......Tucker Halpern HUGE with a season-hi 28pts in Brown's 12pt-underdog upset of Providence yesterday.   Donte Foster a TD for Ohio yesterday and......"LaDontae" had a lot of points for Providence........AF has that name too.(Lose 33-14........What the FUCK?  You knock out their starting QB and you can't fucking close?   This is the Fucking Armed Services Bowl !   Rice is not an Armed Service;  Rice is a private school for geeks and nerds.   I don't think I've ever been so fucking pissed.  B-2's fucking F-22's,  what the fuck you call 'em,  THEY COME DOWN.  Hard.  Bitches.)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

UCLA BRUINS -3 over Baylor Bears----Corey Brewer 6-7 on 3ptrs,  27pts season-hi......"Angels in the wing ass-nekkid do your me what that bacon-soda it for your King..."(Lose 49-26............I cannot remember...........I cannot FATHOM.......I cannot conceive of........a more PATHETIC and WORTHLESS defensive effort than this UCLA pile of CRAP.   Baylor gave them 3 TURNOVERS!   and UCLA loses by 23 points?  Trust me,  we will fucking DESTROY the city of LA........if anything like this EVER happens to me again.   I'll fucking rip that fucking bitch owes me fucking 70 million anyway.  What.  The. Fuck?)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

RAPTORS +13.5 over Spurs-----Raptors have been hot since December 14th including a victory over Houston,  the best team in the NBA right now.   Raptors also have the revenge.(Lose 100-80......Fuck this losing garbage.......Kleiza 1 of 8 FG?)

GRIZZLIES -9 over 76ers------Grizzlies are definitely the +ATS team here but they also have home-off-road-loss........and I like that they have GASol,  with the latest shot in the War Against America taken by "NarGAS",  an Iranian female(mirabile dictu).(Lose 99-89.........Disgusting, Memphis sucks.  #4 Dorell Wright 28pts season-hi, Los Angeles)

ATLANTA HAWKS -8 over Detroit Pistons----Hawks have the Jeff and the JS and.........look what the Celtics did to the Nets yesterday with Jeff Green and Jared Sullinger.(Lose 126-119..........Fuck this shit;  I will not be FUCKED WITH like this!!!  Fucking garbage maggot asshole bych.)

CENTRAL MICHIGAN CHIPPEWAS +6.5 over Western Kentucky-----CMU did disgrace BCLI earlier in the season with their pathetic effort against MSU.  However,  they could have some motivation due to, the general question,  Why is this team in a Bowl game?  Western Kentucky is definitely the better ATS team(but look at what happened to 11-1 ATS Fresno State!  Jeez,  they got destroyed by SMU).......and they've walked the walk,  playing---and covering against---Alabama.  Apparently,  this is WKU's first Bowl game(how can you go against them?) but with Ryan Grant having 2 TD in a Packers 55-7 massacre while Ryan Tannehill won with 2 TD for the Dolphins, that name looks healthy and we'll go with the double-R as Rajon Rondo had 19pts last night.(Win 24-21)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

PITTSBURGH STEELERS -3(-120) over Cincinnati Bengals-----Steelers control their own destiny and have the home-off-road-loss;  Bengals have the revenge.(Lose 13-10.......I knew the Steelers only scored 16 against the very lowly Chiefs but..........they're playing for the playoffs here!!!  10 points??!!!!!   Epic....EPIC fail.   Roethlisberger 50%?  Terrible.   Should have played the Seahawks.)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

XAVIER -10 over Wofford----Two players named 'Xavier' playing for Colorado in a 98-51 beatdown last night.   Combined,  they went 5-6 on 3ptrs and Xavier Johnson had a season-hi 17 pts.  Xavier also has a player named Landen Amos........and Landon Drew had a season-hi 19pts in a CS Northridge upset win yesterday.  Xavier has the +offense and home-off-road-loss;  Wofford has the +ATS.(Lose 56-55...........Epic Fail,  Xavier is highly overrated now at 2-5-1 ATS)

Friday, December 21, 2012

INDIANA PACERS -3.5 over Cleveland(Win 99-89)

Monday, December 17, 2012

TENNESSEE TITANS +1 over New York Jets-----After losing 3-in-a-row,  Titans seem due for a win while Jets........beat Jax and Arizona (7-6).......seem due for a loss.  Titans have home-off-road-loss.(Win 14-10.......Titans +5 TO........#28 Chris Johnson TD)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

CHARLOTTE BOBCATS -1 over Orlando Magic----10 straight L's for Charlotte.........but is it time for a win with..........Kidd-Gilchrist on the floor for the Bobcats?(Lose 107-98......Magic dominating right now........3pts for Kidd-Gilchrist.....Charlotte's a bad team but #15 Kemba Walker--32pt career high,  UConn Husky------can play.)

KNICKS -10.5 over Cleveland----Season-hi 31pts for Nikola Pekovic playing for Minnesota....Career-hi 17 rebounds for Nikola Vucevic on the Magic last night......and today,  Nikola Malesevic had 12pts for Rhode Island in their 22pt beatdown of SMU.  I'll lay these points for Knicks.(Lose 103-102.....Jason Kidd 3 for 13 on 3-pointers;  Kidd,  if you're not hot,  don't shoot....just pass the ball.)

Friday, December 14, 2012

GOLDEN STATE -4 over Orlando-----Golden State has the revenge on the road here.(Lose 99-85.....too many white players on the floor for GS;  their luck runs out as I guess they just can't beat the Magic......37% FG for the Warriors.)

CLEVELAND +3 over Milwaukee parlayed with DENVER NUGGETS pk over Memphis parlayed with CELTICS +3 over Houston(+600)-----Cleveland has the revenge and home-off-road-loss---give them a chance here although they don't win much.........Nuggets have the home-off-road-loss,  Memphis has the revenge.(Lose 101-89..........and 90-86........season-hi 33pts for Milwaukee's Monta "American Psycho" Ellis)

Sunday, December 09, 2012

GREEN BAY PACKERS -6 over Detroit------Despite the Lions having the revenge and coming off 2 losses which were very close to being wins,  Jets winning today with the EAGLES----an upset win----I think you have to put something on the GREEN here with the Packers at home.(Win 27-20.........#76 Mike Daniels Fmbl Rec-TD)
KANSAS CITY CHIEFS +7(-105) over Cleveland Browns(Lose 30-7)
KANSAS CITY CHIEFS +260 over Cleveland Browns------Chiefs getting a taste of winning.....tryin to build some momentum........should have a chance to win this game with their new QB(who will, I believe,  be having the revenge against his former team) in there.   The problem with this line is that the Browns usually don't beat teams by 7 points.   Its happened only once when the Browns beat the Bengals by 10 points.(Lose 30-7........Dropped potential INTs by Chiefs #29 Eric Berry......and another guy;  gotta take advantage when Wheeden's throwing those highly interceptable balls.  Browns come with 30 unanswered points after 7-0 Chiefs lead.)

NEW YORK JETS -2.5 over Jaguars-------Danny GREEN season-hi 23pts out of North Babylon going 7 for 9 on 3ptrs as the Spurs crush last night----Hey,  I'm going Green today.  Garlon Green MADE HIS 1ST 2 3PTRS OF THE YEAR yesterday for Tcu blowing my cover on Tulsa.   Even more saliently,  Marc Sonnen went 7-10 on 3ptrs to score 21 points and ruin BCLI's top play yesterday against Northern Iowa.  That can mean 1 thing and ONLY 1 thing:  Marc Sanchez will have the opportunity to have The Game of His Life today.  (of course,  you also had Mark Lyons having a season-hi 20 pts for Arizona yesterday while Marco Bellinelli had a near season-hi while beating the Knicks as Sacramento got a rare win-which was a beatdown on Portland---with DeMarcus Cousins getting 19pts).   Henne had a couple good games for Jax but............not last game. 17-10...........Excellent strong running game by Jets Shonn Greene and #29 Bilal Powell to KEEP the ball when leading and KEEP the lead)

ST LOUIS RAMS +3(+105) over Bills------Hawks' Lou Williams had 21pts yesterday so.....the 'Lou' should be ok.  Rams may not be the best team but at least you can say they do well against the 49ers.(Win 15-12........#18 Austin Pettis, Boise State,  heroic game-saving catch on 4th-and-1......Brandon Gibson GWTD,  true heroism.)  

Saturday, December 08, 2012

GEORGE MASON -2.5 over Northern Iowa-----George Mason has the +ATS(Lose 82-77)

TULSA GOLDEN HURRICANE -7(-115) over Tcu-------Well, this line is moving.....but with the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles winning on Thursday and the Canisius Golden Griffins winning yesterday(covering by 15 points) and Golden State winning yesterday on the road as a 6.5 pt underdog,  I'll go with it as Tulsa does have the +offense and +ATS.(Lose 50-49.....Garlon Green made his 1st two 3ptrs of the year;  that's gotta mean something.)

GEORGE WASHINGTON COLONIALS +8 over Kansas State-----KSU has the +offense;  GWU has the home-off-road-loss(Win 65-62...........Dwayne Smith season-hi 14pts)

Sunday, December 02, 2012

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS +4 over Carolina Panthers(Win 27-21)
KANSAS CITY CHIEFS +170 over Carolina Panthers------It's finally arrived:  With a Notre Dame QB in for the Chiefs,  this IS the BCLI Redemption Game Of The Year.   While most fans may not consider how much pressure professional players are under,  there is no doubt that Romeo Crennel will make sure every Kansas City player understands that this recent tragedy would not have happened if the Chiefs were 2-4 at home(instead of 0-6) or 3-8 overall(instead of 1-10).   This is IT.....This is The League.......these are the Big Games that every player wants to be in.......and while the Chiefs have endured 7 straight games of HORRIBLE offensive output,  its just not possible that they score less than 40 in this game----this IS 'The Last Boy Scout' for real.....and if Charles and McCluster have to pull out their jammies in mid-stride to blow away the defenders to get into the endzone to atone for their woeful lack of TDs this year,  they will DO that.  "A lot of rappers try approachin tha palms'll punish the people while I'm up at the podium....pharaoh foldin' ' wash clothes again,  I'm a vote you in the flow go choke ya kin broke I leave most of them.....slow I keep my motion in----Eye on the Prize......I silence the wise with lyrics makin' sci-en-tists cry.......making the secret Society expose they purpose....makin 'em release info,  and explodin my surface......I'm takin my time to birth this---Rap Entity Earthless.....Its Show-time, there's No ready when the curtians split,  I'm hurtin' shit........too powerful for pain-killaz......on the concrete jungle we trained Gorillaz."(Win 27-21....Brady Quinn 82.6%......Jon Baldwin TD..........#81 Tony Moeaki TD......clean game with no turnovers..........".......Double Zoloft and coffee.......A-O-T-P would exhaust B...........can't keep a gear cuz I'm blingin with F's......but I got my mind right so swing your shit to tha left...."