Sunday, January 31, 2016

ARIZONA STATE SUN DEVILS +2 over Oregon Ducks--------Arizona State looks like they have a piss-poor 2-6 Pac-10 record.   Time to win.(Lose 91-74............Chris Boucher 26pts.  Home teams are really sucking I guess.  ASU loses the 2nd half by 16pts at home)

BOSTON TERRIERS -3.5 over Lehigh Mountain Hawks----Boston has the Revenge at home and the +offense and Nick Havener,  a day after Nick Faust got a career-hi 14 rebounds in a win for LBST and Nick Rutherford had 12pts for Florida Atlantic.(Lose 75-73..............they won.  But perhaps home court advantage is overvalued now:  Not enough.)

IOWA -13 over Northwestern-----Iowa has the home-off-road-loss and NW is off 2 30pt+ losses.(Win 85-71)

MARYLAND -4.5 over Ohio State------Ohio State has the home revenge..........but Maryland beat them by 35 points.   Not sure if Ohio State is so good this year.(Win 66-61)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

JAMES MADISON -3.5(-115) over Nc-Wilmington(Lose 78-73............I'm shocked;  didn't think this would be a problem,  with James Madison on a strong 5-0 SU and ATS run coming into the game.  Jackson Kent:  pathetic 1-6 FG,  0-3 on 3s.........Shakir Brown 1-8FG,  0-4 on 3s.  Pathetic.)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NORTHERN IOWA PANTHERS -14.5 over Bradley Braves-----Well,  UNI's been losing.  But Bradley's been astonishingly good at losing by double-digits.(Win 68-50.............Paul Jesperson 28pt season-hi,  8-11 on 3s)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

JAMES MADISON DUKES -2.5(-115) over Elon Phoenix------JMU on a 5-1 ATS runs and the only game they've lost this year was...............Elon.  So JMU has the Revenge here on the road.(Win 82-64.........Paulius Satkus 14pts)

MARYLAND +3.5 over Michigan State----Linemakers seem to be expecting Michigan State to do something good just hasn't been happening.  (Lose 74-65.........Bryn Forbes 25pts.........Valentine 19pts)
PATRIOTS over Broncos parlayed with CAROLINA over Arizona +165-----its a revenge game for Patriots and while car-az is the real super bowl this year and could be a tossup, i'll take car on the strength of their season.(Lose 20-18........gave Patriots the BoD because they had the revenge a significant view,  Brady DID NOT serve his 4-game suspension this year wouldn't have looked good if he were allowed back in the super bowl.   In addition,  the Patriots were terrible:  Brady 48% passing.  Patriots 44 total rushing yards.   Completely unworthy.   Denver was +1 TO and Manning was 53%.  Owen Daniels 2 TD.)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

ATLANTA HAWKS +1.5 over Sacramento Kings------Both teams on 3-0 runs.  Atlanta is 11-10 on the road.   UCLA won yesterday 82-73 as a small underdog with 12pts from Aaron Holiday while,  in a much bigger upset,  Saint Louis won as a 9pt underdog over Davidson with 18pts from Aaron Hines.  So,  while Kings are at home,  Atlanta Hawks have Al Horford.(Lose 91-88)

NORTH TEXAS MEAN GREEN EAGLES +13.5(-115) over Middle Tenn St Blue Raiders----Both teams have beaten UTSA.  But North Texas is only 3-10 ATS.   And while Green didn't do well yesterday with Michigan State's shocking loss,  Texas,  overcoming a 12pt spread,  beat West Virginia by 7 points.  With Allante Holston possibly coming off the NT bench,  we'll go with it.(Lose they're 3-11 ATS)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

BROOKLYN NETS +13.5 over Cleveland Cavaliers------Cleveland,  only 13-9 SU on the road.  Brooklyn does have the home Revenge and is home-off-2-road losses.(Win 91-78.........Brook Lopez 16pts)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

AUBURN TIGERS +115 over Alabama Crimson Tide-----Alabama is........questionably the better team,  but with Syracuse's upset over Duke yesterday with Tyler Lydon and Tyler Roberson combining for 22,  I'm comfortable playing Tyler Harris at home with Auburn here.  And with Sanders now leading in New Hampshire by 30 points,  BCLI will feel some burn here.(Win 83-77.......Kareem Canty 5-8 on 3s,  25pts.........Cinmeon Bowers 20pts)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

BRONCOS -1 over Steelers teased with Broncos vs Steelers OVER 35.5-------Brown is OUT for Steelers,  Roethlisberger's gonna play hurt.  Broncos have the home Revenge and DeMaryius Thomas have #88 which we just saw do so well on Greg Olsen,  just a day after Maryland crushed Ohio State and Notre Dame beat Duke.(Win 23-16)
CANISIUS -3.5(-115) over Quinnipiac-----Seton Hall.........huge win at Providence with coach Kevin Willard---CanISIS has Kevin Bleeker.  76ers win!!!  With Robert Covington getting 16.  Southern Miss at +9 getting the outright victory at Fla Int with Robert Thomas III getting 9;  looks like Kassius Robertson should be in shape to dominate today.   Canisius.........with the road Revenge here and I think its time for BCLI to cash in with this team.(Win 63-53..........Jermaine Crumpton 17pts..........Robertson 11pts)

CAROLINA PANTHERS -150 over Seattle Seahawks-----Seattle lost to Carolina in Seattle,  in a game in which Seattle was +2 TO.   Whatever the auguries may be,  the Panthers have clearly had a much more solid regular season than Seattle, who lost to the Rams twice.   And,  of course,  Seattle really shouldn't be here,  only sneaking in by an inexplicably missed kick against the Vikings.  Ok,  Seattle scored 10 points in that game.  Lynch should be in and,  at -2.5,  the linemakers are giving Seattle some respect in this line.(Win 31-24.........Newton 72%.........Jonathan Stewart 2TDs.........Greg Olsen 77yds, TD..........Carolina +2 TO)

Saturday, January 16, 2016

ARIZONA CARDINALS -7(-120) over Green Bay Packers------Arizona usually wins and has had some big wins.   It was a little disturbing---and suspicious----when the Redskins quit in the middle of their Packers' game.   Because I really can't imagine a Wisconsin team being permitted to advance after the atrocity of Mal-justice put on Steven Avery by Manitowoc County,  Tom Kocourek,  Gene Kusche,  Mark Rohrer and all those other Polachs up there.  Tyrann Mathieu is OUT but........Ha-ha-Hillary Clinton-Dix?  Come on---its time to pay Avery(after 18 years) and let him out of jail.(Lose 26-20..........another hail mary by Jeff Janis)
LA SALLE EXPLORERS +14.5 over Rhode Island Rams---------La Salle:  lost by 46 to Miami,  beat Dayton.(Win 73-62.............Johnnie Shuler 5-7 on 3s..........they hung in there, tho they're clearly not as good a team as RI)

TENNESSEE-MARTIN SKYHAWKS -4 over Jacksonville State Gamecocks------Jacksonville State did take Alabama to OT,  but I think I'll take Skyhawks here.(Lose 82-60...........I don't know what happened in this disaster........Erik Durham 31pt career-hi???  Tenn-Martin committed 12 fewer PFs and still got destroyed..........hmmm,  maybe this means the Seahawks will lose.)

CLEMSON TIGERS +3 over Miami Hurricanes-----This line is down to 3 now,  so I won't bet much.  Clemson has been an underdog in its last 4 games and has won them all.  Miami.......has some good wins and usually wins but has actually lost to Northeastern earlier in the season.(Win 76-65.........Blossomgame 25pts..........Jordan Roper 18pts..........Donte Grantham 14pts)

BROWN BEARS +15 over Yale Bulldogs------Both teams have played a lot of un-lined games,  but Brown covered vs Georgetown and SMU.  And they took Rhode Island to OT.(Win 77-68.....Cedric Kuakumensah 18pts for Brown)

LOUISIANA STATE TIGERS -8 over Arkansas Razorbacks------Ark is a better ATS team this year,  but both teams are bad road teams so far.  LSU at home here and they've beaten Kentucky which........well,  Ohio State's done it too.(Lose 76-74........LSU shoots 54.8% on 31 Free Throws;  this is not a serious team.  Did Shaq go to LSU?  Shaq needs to return to his alma mater and give a Free Throw shooting clinic.   Pathetic.  Retarded.   Learn to shoot a Free Throw.)

INDIANA -11 over Minnesota--------Minnesota just not good.  Too many big losses.(Lose 70-63.........I can't win a damn favorite because of Joey King 4-5 on 3s, 18pts.   Robert Johnson a pathetic 0-4 FG and 3 TOs)

BYU COUGARS -9 over Portland Pilots-------I consider BYU a "+" team and............Portland just seems to be getting worse.  So I'll lay the number.(Lose 84-81..........BYU lost this game with a pathetic Kyle Collinsworth going 4-17 FG with 5 TOs)

Monday, January 11, 2016

CLEMSON +6.5(-115) over Alabama(Win 45-40)
CLEMSON +210 over Alabama-----------I didn't SEE Alabama run up the score on my Michigan State +10 bet.  But I heard that Alabama looked pretty good.   Personally,  I don't think Michigan State belonged in this Final Four,  but they somehow won enough games to get in.   Alabama was +4 TO against Michigan State and won 38-0.    Ok,  let's see if they can get that lucky again----I doubt it.(Lose 45-40........Clemson actually was good on defense 95% of the time it looked like,  but there were just 3-5 defensive breakdowns which were just...........too permissive.  Alabama does an onside kick for no reason and recovers it.  ???  Stupid.  Hunter Renfrow 2TD.  Alabama was +1 TO.   I think the best team in the country this year was probably the Ole Miss Rebels.  Why weren't they in this playoff?)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

WASHINGTON REDSKINS pk over Green Bay Packers---------Some might say the Packers suck this year because they lost at home to the Lions and Bears.  But the Packers are 9-7 ATS(like the Redskins) so........they can be good more than half the time.   Would you bet on Kirk Cousins the day after Kansas City won 30-0?  Would you bet on Washington the day after the Washington Wizards beat the Orlando Magic?   Redskins did finish out the season much hotter than GB.  Even so,  the Redskins allowed more than 20 points in all of their last 4 games.  So the defense has to tighten up here in this home game.   If you saw Martavis Bryant's Sagittarian heels-over-head bicycle-catch for a TD yesterday----for the winning team----know that the Redskins have a Sagittarius at running back.(Lose 35-18.......Although I was aware of the Redskins' tradition of fielding markedly un-athletic players.......pshhh:  what joke.   Washington Redskins' defense breaks down and quits in the 2nd half.  This was IN WASHINGTON! !)

Friday, January 08, 2016

OAKLAND GOLDEN GRIZZLIES +125 over Valparaiso Crusaders---------Cal State FULLERTON pulling off the upset last night with Khalil Ahmad getting 14pts.  And with ISIS pulling off that hit in Philadelphia(on a cop,  no less)..........I'm feeling the Saracen,  dude.(Lose 84-67.........Very troubling that the powers that be chose to allow this result.  This was Kahlil Felder's WORST game of the season.  He was 8-28 FG and 2-10 on 3ptrs.   28.6% shooting percentage was be FAR his LOWEST of the season.  Felder only scored 20pts.   If Crusaders are gonna beat me like this,  you're looking at a whole new Mad-Max style of apocalyptic civilizational warfare.
(OAKLAND -- In a shooting inside a packed BART train that had some passengers believing the train had been taken over by terrorists, a man was killed Saturday night by another man who soon fled the train after it stopped at the West Oakland station.).........)

Thursday, January 07, 2016

MICHIGAN +8 over Purdue(Lose 87-70)
MICHIGAN +320 over Purdue----------At Purdue here.  LeVert is questionable to play in this game(they didn't need him last game),  thus the juice.   I see Michigan as definitely one of the top teams in the Big Ten this year so..........I just think they're capable of winning against any Big Ten opponent on any day and see they're underdogs.(Lose 87-70........Michigan's not getting inside on anybody---certainly not Purdue.   So they're just not gonna win unless they shoot at least 50% on 3s.   Michigan shot 40.7% on 3s in this game.   For them,  that's not good enough.  True,  Wagner only got 4 minutes of game time,  which is waste of this team's true, hidden powers.  Zak Irvin 2-10 FG,  0-3 on 3s,  not good.   DJ Wilson 1-5 on 3s.  Rahkman 25pts career-hi........but not good enough.   He still could shoot much better.)

UTAH JAZZ +7.5 over Houston Rockets-------Utah has the Revenge.(Lose 103-94........Utah wins the 1st half 44-39 and..........Dude,  COVER THE F U C K I N G  S P R E A D.  Quitting fucking pieces of shit.)

GREEN BAY PHOENIX -3 over Cleveland State Vikings------GB's been covering;  gotta give 'em a chance here.(Win 87-67........Turner Botz 20pts..........amazing turnaround for GB after Vikings opened a 15-3 lead to start the game with some of the most pathetic basketball played by Green Bay that I've even seen............Carrington Love 16pts............Jordan Fouse 14pts.........Khalil Small 9pts........Jamar Hurdle 11pts)

ARIZONA -3(-115) over Ucla-------Ucla at home here but.............they didn't win the last time I bet on them.(Lose 87-84.......Prince Ali 6pts for UCLA.......Bryce Alford 25pts)

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

CHARLOTTE HORNETS -2.5(-105) over Phoenix Suns--------Charlotte on a 1-4 ATS runs........Phoenix off a 20pt loss to the Lakers.  Ahhhh,  Charlotte does have the Revenge here but they are on the road.(Lose 111-102...........Frank Kaminsky 1-8 FG,  0-3 on 3s.  Sucks.  Brandon Knight 18pts for Suns.........Teletovic 19pts)

CLEVELAND CAVALIERS -7.5 over Washington Wizards parlayed with CENTRAL FLORIDA KNIGHTS -8 over South Florida Bulls parlayed with EMU +3 over Central Michigan(+590)-----Wizards on a 6-2 ATS run but Cleveland has the Revenge.(Lose 121-115.........What a shame that this bet would have won if LeBron James hadn't have let the ball get stolen by Marcin Gortat to allow John Wall to make TWO 3-ptrs in the last 30 seconds.)

NEW YORK KNICKS +7.5(-115) over Miami Heat-------Both teams on 3-1 runs.  Knicks have the Revenge and played last night.(Win 98-90...........Carmelo Anthony 25pts.......Robin Lopez 19pts........Derrick Williams 13pts)

NORTHERN IOWA PANTHERS -7 over Missouri State Bears--------Both teams on 1-4 ATS runs.(Lose 59-58.............Jeremy Morgan a horrible 0-5 FG and 3 turnovers for Northern Iowa.)

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

CHICAGO BULLS -8.5 over Milwaukee Bucks-------well Bulls have Bobby Portis here and........looks like Bobby Ryan got the 2G w/ GWG for the Senators last night.   So.........Justice for Steven Avery...and go Bulls.......because the injustice wrought by Manitowoc County,  in 1985 when I still had a chance to HAVE A FUCKING LIFE,  just destroyed it----destroyed my life!(Win 117-106.........Jimmy Butler 32pts........Gasol 26pts.........Derrick Rose 16pts.........Taj Gibson 11pts)

EAST CAROLINA PIRATES +12 over Tulsa Golden Hurricane----EC doesn't usually lose by more than 10.(Push 55-43.........East Carolina loses 1st half by 23.........6 TOs by Caleb White who was 3-12 FG)

Saturday, January 02, 2016

ARIZONA STATE SUN DEVILS +2.5(+100) over West Virginia Mountaineers------Big 12 not doing so good in bowls.(Win 43-42...........4TDs thrown by Bercovici..........2TD Tim White)
PROVIDENCE FRIARS -17 over St John's Red Storm---------Well,  STJ has lost by more than 20 to Incarnate Word and they've lost to the New Jersey Institute.  They're clearly not a serious team this year so I'll take advantage of this Lock despite the high number.(Win 83-65.........Kris Dunn 26pts,  4-7 on 3s..........Rodney Bullock 13pts.......Ben Bentil 20pts.......Kyron Cartwright 11pts)

TULANE GREEN WAVE +10.5 over Connecticut Huskies------Malik Dime had 15pts for UW Tulane has Malik Morgan(Win 75-67..........I have a lot of respect for this Green Wave team for not quitting,  which they could have done after losing the 1st half by 10.)

SETON HALL -10 over DePaul--------Evan Hall 14pts last night for IUPUI in a 77-66 upset victory.  This better be a beatdown because,  you know,  10 pts.(Lose 78-74..........Carrington 1-7 on 3s........Veer Singh 1-5 FG and 0-4 on 3s)

Friday, January 01, 2016

UTEP MINERS -7 over Rice Owls parlayed with UCLA BRUINS pk over Washington Huskies------UCLA's beaten UNLV and Gonzaga so they're probably a better team than Wash,  who beat Seattle and Montana.(Lose 96-93 and 61-60..........Atrocity.  4 TO's and 4 PF's by Hooper Vint in only 17 minutes of play.........Miners lost the 2nd half badly.......expected more than 12pts from Omega Harris......Andrew Andrews career-hi 35pts and 15pts by Malik Dime for Washington.  UCLA fails for me but it wouldn't have mattered.)

PHILADELPHIA 76ers +3.5 over Los Angeles Lakers----76ers have 3 wins this year;  Lakers have 6.  Both teams coming off wins,  which is rare.  Lakers have the home revenge--and normally I'd bet on that.  But I bet Lakers with the home revenge recently...........and they lost for me(against Houston).  So we'll try to punish them for that loss here.   76ers are on a 2-1 run over their last 3 !!(Lose 93-84.........Isaiah Canaan 1-8 on 3s plus 3 TOs..........Ish Smith 3-19 FG ?????  God, that's bad.  Nik Stauskas 0-5 on 3s)
NOTRE DAME +6.5 over Ohio State(Lose 44-28)
NOTRE DAME +195 over Ohio State------Milwaukee Bucks did win yesterday as a slight underdog but its not gonna matter;  Ohio State is in the pathetic Big Ten conference and has actually lost to Michigan State,  a team exposed last night as a fluke "champion" from most certainly is now a "flukey" conference.   Prosise was OUT last game for ND when they lost to Stanford by 2.   It says he might play in this game.   Notre Dame's loss to the excellent Clemson came by only 2 points and..........Ohio State is a 5-7 ATS from a bad conference.(Lose 44-28........This is truly beyond disappointing that Notre Dame lost all this money for me.   Ohio State didn't even beat the pathetic Michigan State!   What the hell?  Porous ND defense,  I guess,  let Elliott score 4 TDs.    I can't believe this shit.)

TENNESSEE -3.5 over Northwestern teased with FLORIDA +10.5 over Michigan------How did Northwestern beat Stanford?  I really don't know:  they won the TO ratio only by 2.  When Northwestern beat Wisconsin 13-7,  NW was +5 TO.   Tennessee lost only 19-14 to Alabama!  The Big Ten champion,  MSU,  lost 38-0 to Alabama.....yes,  The Big Ten Champion did that.  Wisconsin must have had a lucky day and just got by USC.   But now the Big Ten has been exposed:  they suck.  Questions exist about why Florida only beat Vanderbilt 9-7 and why they lost 27-2 against FSU.  But look at this:  Florida scored 15 points off Alabama!  That's WAY better than the Big Ten Champion did vs Alabama.   In fact,  Florida beat Mississippi(a team that beat Alabama) 38-10-----tho they got the +4TO in that game.(Lose 41-7..........Why a fake field goal,  Florida?   Stupid penalties(for 66 yds) committed by Florida.  Florida loses the 2nd half 24-0,  losing me this bet.  Total Quit.   As for my predictions,  As of this time next year,  41% of what is now known as the State of Florida will be underwater.)