Sunday, May 29, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Cain) +128 over Milwaukee Brewers(Gallardo)----------Have I bet the Giants yet this year? After 1 hitting the Cardinals on May 7th, Gallardo swept thru the weak offenses of Washington, SD and Pittsburgh; he is hot right now......and he's got another weak offense here. However, Freddie Freeman was 3-5 last night and Sanches won for the Marlins. Gallardo is also easier to hit than Cain and..........with Brian McCann going 4-5 with 2 HR's yesterday, I'll take an MC here.(Lose 6-0........Cain gets rocked; Gallardo dominates)

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Maya) -110 over San Diego Padres(Moseley)------Moseley is ok but has been rocked twice.......neither offense very good.......I'll take a home team with this new guy.(Lose 5-4..........R-yan Ludwick 3-4)

METS(Niese) +105 over Phillies(Worley)-------Jonny Gomes 4-5 yesterday..........Jonathon Lucroy getting the GWRBI for the Brewers and this guy for Colorado, Juan Nicasio..........BIG support with 15 runs and he shut 'em out. Mets at home with the revenge against Worley who shut them down last time. Phillies only have 3 guys hitting above .250 and Niese is better vs lhb's(Win 9-5.............Jose Reyes 4-5........Josh Thole 3-4)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Romero) +142 over Yankees(Sabathia)(Lose 5-4.....Frank Francisco with the BS and the L)
TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Romero) +150 over Yankees(Sabathia) 1ST 5INNINGS ONLY--------TBJ's hit .256 and slug .417(Yanks are .252/.443). Romero has had a couple of bad games but he is statistically as good as, or better than, Sabathia this year.(Win 4-1)

Braves(Jurrjens) vs Pirates(Morton) UNDER 7.5(-120)---------Totals are going low this year; Padres/Mariners was 5.5 two days in a row.(Win 2-0)

CARDINALS(McClellan) -121 over San Diego Padres(Harang)--------Harang is 5-2 but Aaron Heilman just got ROCKED by the Rockies.........5 runs in 1inn. And Stl's offense is hitting .282 while the Padres struggle day after day to score more than 1 or 2 runs per game.(Win 3-2.......Daniel Descalso GWRBI.............Tony Cruz 3-5)

Monday, May 23, 2011

TEXAS RANGERS(Ogando) -158 over Black Sox(Danks)(Win 4-0)
TEXAS RANGERS(Ogando) -1.5 (+135) over Black Sox(Danks)----------Alex Rodriguez went 4-5 yesterday along with Alexei Ramirez who had 5 RBI so.............Michael Young WAS in the lineup yesterday and the Rangers still only scored 2 runs; Rangers are not scoring well now, however, Michael Brantley and Miguel Olivo both had 3 hits yesterday. Ogando's always playable because he's done well, perhaps the Rangers will hit today(Win 4-0............CG for Ogando....Michael Young 3-4.............Nelson Cruz HR)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

CUBS(Russell) +180 over Red Sox(Wakefield)-------Last night, just after Sean MARSHALL entered the game to become the pitcher of record if the Cubs were to win, the Cubs offense comes alive(on a day when Joe MATHER was 4-6 with 4 RBI and an HR AND the GWRBI to beat the Angels) and creates victory. Hopefully, that momentum will carry over here(Shields did have 13 k's today so....)(Lose 5-1..............Didnt think Wakefield would do this good.......Adrian Gonzalez 4-4)

MIAMI HEAT -4.5 over Bulls------I'm pulling for the Bulls in this series but today............Tillman and the Orioles won............Derek Lowe and the Braves lost............just looks better for the Heat today(Win 96-85......yup, Chris Bosh 34pts)

Friday, May 20, 2011

BOSTON(Lester) -1.5 over Cubs(Davis) parlayed with BLACK SOX(Humber) over Dodgers(Lilly) +208---------While Juan Rivera's 2-3 and HR carried the Blue Jays to victory yesterday, did you know the Cuban Juan Miranda went 3-4 for Arizona? Although there are problems taking the CWS against an lhp(Dunn's 0-26 against lhp), Konerko can hit lhps and Humber's been pretty I'll go with them at home.(Lose 6-4.............What a tragedy; What an UTTERLY SAD CalvinSchiraldiBobStanleyesqe misfortune..........2 outs in the 9th and Sergio Santos, who has NOT ALLOWED A RUN THIS YEAR, gives up the game-tying HR(to Russ Mitchell, Rome, GA). I really could have used this +208 money)

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Marquis) +131 over Baltimore Orioles(Arrieta)---------Both these pitchers, being 5-1 on sub-.500 teams, have had success with Arrieta holding opposing batters to a .221 average. Marquis has gotten pretty good run support; lets see if he gets the luck a day after Giambi raised his average to .194 by hitting 3 HR's(Win 17-5.........WOOO-wewwww, hola-blu. Y'all want me in DC, eh? Heh heh heh. It was actually Jason Werth who was the hero with 2HR with Espinosa's 5 RBI and Wilson Ramos' 5 runs scored. Marquis "has gotten good run support", finally I'm right about something)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

*RANGERS(Holland) -105 over Royals(Hochevar)(Lose 2-1)
Rangers(Holland) vs Royals(Hochevar) OVER 8.5(-120)----------Cannes banned Von Trier........who is Danish. And if you look at how well the R-yans(starting May 5th with Ryan Sweeney's 5 for 6) have been doing(Dempster's team won for BCLI yesterday)...........and Adrians and Brian.......(Wilson blew the save to get the win last night)..........well I think Holland will get support. In addition, Luke Scott was up with BASES LOADED 1 out last night in extra innings at home against the Yankees(just BUNT it or something and you win the game). He failed to drive in the run by STRIKING OUT; Orioles lost; BCLI lost ON them. RE this, I think Hochevar could get hit SO hard that the game could go OVER the total.(Lose 2-1.........We've been taunted; Holland took the W for the Royals while the Holland we bet on had one of his very best starts, yanked in the 9th inning so Feliz could come in and blow the save with a Wild Pitch. But WHERE THE FUCKING HELL WAS THE OFFENSE?? Oh, Michael Young wasnt in the lineup. You know what? Are the Rangers really that good of an offense anymore? They dont have Guerrero.........they dont have Young's gone. What the fuck?)

INDIANS(Carmona) +120 over White Sox(Floyd)----------Carmona definitely has the revenge against the brutal rocking he took at the hands of the White Sox at the very beginning of the season. I dont really understand this line: CWS scored a SINGLE run yesterday therefore........they're now favored???(Lose 8-2.......Carmona gets destroyed; what a disaster. You cant hit Gavin Floyd??? I could hit Gavin Floyd. I dont know; Indians may have been gassed. They certainly arent hitting for me)

PHILLIES(Blanton) +115 over Colorado(Chacin)--------Johnny Cueto lost to the Pirates today as a big favorite...........think it might be time for the Phillies to hit a bit(tho they dont have Utley and Chacin has done.......probably a little better than he's really capable of)(Lose 7-1........The Phillies have embarrassed and disgraced me; John Buck can go 2-2 with 2 BB's, Jay Bruce can hit 2 HR's and go 3-4, Jason Bay can go 3-4 and Joe Blanton............can give up 5 ER's in 3inn??? Its gotta be the Phillies. They SUCK. The PHILLIES FUCKING SUCK)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CUBS(Dempster) +139 over Marlins(Nolasco)---------Dempster had a 9.58 ERA before catching some air on May 3rd and pulling off 3 good starts. Cubs are a free-swinging team which should help them against Nolasco, who doesnt walk people(Win 7-5...........Koyle Hill 3-3........Reed Johnson HR)

RAYS(Hellickson) -105 over Blue Jays(Litsch)-------No reason not to bet Hellickson this year and........with Mark ELLis raising his average to .210 yesterday with a 3 for 4 and 4RBI along with Brent MorEL getting 3RBI with an HR as well.........(Win 6-5............Elliot Johnson 3 RBI)

INDIANS(Masterson) +109 over White Sox(Peavy)--------Masterson is coming off his only bad start this season(which lost me money) but we can give him a 2nd chance as the Indians' offense is hitting a good deal better than the Sox'(Lose the Indians can go 19, 7, ZERO. But Peavy's a JP; should have laid off I guess)

RANGERS(Ogando) -131 over Royals(Duffy)--------Alex Rodriguez 2 HR's yesterday........I'll take Alexi(Win 5-4.........Adrian Beltre 3 RBI)

ORIOLES(Britton) -115 over Yankees(Colon)----------Rained out yesterday, I'll still take Britton(Lose 4-1.........A-Rod 4-7.........Luke Scott K's with bases loaded 1 out in the bottom on an extra inning at home in front of home fans----Jeez, this is the Yankees; just win the fucking game)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Britton) -104 over Boston Red Sox(Wakefield)(PPD)
BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Britton) -110 over Boston Red Sox(Wakefield) 1ST 5INN ONLY-------The Red Sox have a number of hitters, including their current monster Gonzalez, who bat left-handed and dont switch; Britton should have the advantage. But lets look at how the Orioles offense has scored 22 runs over its last 3 games. Interestingly, two days ago, IAN Kennedy pitched a 4-hitter and won while IAN Kinsler went 4 for 4.............and on that same day, guess who had 3 HR's for Toronto: Jose Bautista. Hopefully, that will have a positive effect on 'Britton'.(PPD)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

ST LOUIS CARDINALS(Carpenter) -105 over Cincinnati Reds(W0od)------------Both starters have been roughed up at times this year but if you consider the complexion of Josh Collmenter winning almost magically as his team only got ONE TOTAL HIT for him and Johnny Cueto winning with huge offensive support while Dave DeJesus got 2 Runs 2 RBI's and 2 BB's yesterday(one day after he went 2 for 3) while the Marlins also won, you'd wanna consider a pitcher named Chris Carpenter. And the Cardinals offense is arguably the best, leading in Runs and 2nd in Walks with the best hitter this year, Matt Holiday, and also David Freese hitting over .400 vs lhp's.(Lose 9-7........Oh, thats right; we fucked up their airport. Guess they're not gonna play for us. Pujols, a lackadaisical error. Jay, an error at 2nd base. At least they had the good sense to not swing against Chapman, the wildest pitcher in MLB history(or close to it). (4 runs Chapman gives up without giving up a hit?????!!!! Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa). Let's be real; this game could have been wasnt really close. VERY POOR support for Carpenter who really didnt do well----7 ER's. I bet on the Cardinals...........and I lost money.)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

CUBS(Coleman) +146 over Cardinals(Garcia)-------Cubs offense perked up yesterday; there's no reason why this team cant win-----just take some walks, please.(Lose 9-1...............Casey Coleman rocked; Soriano swinging at pitches over his head............Baker 3 for 4)

INDIANS(Masterson) -102 over Tampa Bay(Shields)-------Masterson's a good bet this year; Indians at home(Lose far Masterson's worst outing this year)

ROYALS(O'Sullivan) +180 over Yankees(Nova)-------I think O'Sullivan deserves more wins than he currently has(Win 11-5.............Eric Hosmer 3-5, HR..........Billy Butler 4-6)

Friday, May 06, 2011

KC ROYALS(O'Sullivan) +114 over Oakland A's(Gonzalez)---------Royals are coming to play this year(I thought their record was better than 17-14) and while Gio is always capable of throwing a good 6innings, A's offense is still (.237) one of the most impotent.(Lose 3-2)

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Zimmerman) +140 over Marlins(Nolasco)-----Nats coming off being swept by the Phillies; both pitchers have good control but you gotta look at Ryan Hanigan's 3-4 with Ryan Sweeney's 5 for 6 . Nats have a Ryan........they also have a Jason Werth and.......Hammel did well for the Rockies yesterday(Win 4-2...........Jerry Hairston 3-3)