Tuesday, April 29, 2014

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS +7 over La Clippers(Lose 113-103)
GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS +260 over La Clippers-----I actually thought it was racist that the line didn't move an inch last game between these teams after it became known that the La Clippers were under racist ownership.   But now this line??   What,  this game is in LA so..........?   LA,  an entertainment industry city where producers and directors have recently been exposed as traffickers in young boys for sex abuse purposes?????
   (TV executive Garth Ancier, former Disney TV president David Neuman and Broadway producer Gary Goddard, all of whom were sued Monday for forcible child sexual abuse by Michael Egan.....)
    Like that's gonna help an LA basketball team??????  Come on!  Sterling,  the Clippers' owner,  and the primary LA industry are all about profiting from human exploitation with a racist disrespect and contempt for "the talent" thrown in as an added insult to go with the injury.

Tigers(Verlander) vs White Sox(Quintana) OVER 8(-120)-----Dunn usually hits about .215 while taking walks, K-ing and hitting HRs.   But this year,  he's hitting .274 which just goes to show how fit and improved this CWS offense is this year.  Tigers are hitting .293 vs lhps so,  even though these are the teams' #1 or #2 starters,  we'll support the offenses.(Lose 113-103......Well,  now that the Clippers have won this series,  while racism has won,  it just goes to show that most publicity is "good" publicity.   "Oh,  the owner's racist.  So what,  let's let his team still win.")

Monday, April 28, 2014

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Ross) +157 over San Francisco Giants(Bumgarner)-----Bumgarner has been getting hit some.....but he has faced Colorado twice.   This game is in San Francisco but it could be,  perhaps,  more a "home game" for Ross who is from Berkeley.   The Giants should be favored,  yes,  but at .234,  they're not hitting an enormous amount better yet than the Padres who,  though they've been a weak offense,  just got Maybin back in.   Ross has been pretty good and,  provisionally,  I just think there could be more run support for him here,  in this Bay Area game,  than for that North Carolina cracker the Giants are throwing.(Win 6-4..........Rene Rivera 5RBI, HR)

SAN ANTONIO SPURS -4 over Dallas Mavericks-----Well,   Spurs are down 2 games to 1 so......time to even it up.(Push 93-89)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS +2 over La Clippers-----As a society......a culture.......a nation........a civilization........we have battled against the notion..........the suspicion..........that the owners of this capitalistic economy were racists.   With the racist audio coming out from Clippers' owner Donald Sterling,  and with perhaps one of the most famous names in NBA history,  Magic Johnson,  now in protest and boycott of all Clippers' games for the duration of Sterling's Racialist Reign,  it is almost unfathomable to believe that any minority who dons a Clippers uniform today,  or in any game before the Clippers franchise designates Sterling for assignment,  could avoid the "Race Traitor" self-perception as the Plantationist Ideology of Clippers' ownership crystallizes the full form of its heinous,  exploitationist, scornful ugliness into public view.
    Could any of these savage,  racial images help the Clippers play better basketball or diminish their opponents' thirst for victory?  We cannot believe it.   And so we will release this,  the BCLI ANTI-RACISM GAME OF THE YEAR.(Win 118-97..........Truly an epiphany of racial harmony can now break out and seep into the populace,  at long last after so much suffering under the Ownership and Human-trafficking mentality,  widespread and callously institutionalized into this nation's capitalist economy,  from the history of America's cold-hearted,  reptilian growth-strategies of slave-driving paternalistic exploitation that have established so much sinister racial inequities and racist oppression.   FREE AT LAST...........!.....with Harrison Barnes...15pts.   Curry had 33 and Iguodala with 22pts.   Mark these Heroes and this Glorious Liberationist Victory,  standing the test of Time,  breaking America's DESPICABLE racist legacy which refuses to die like a regenerating cockroach breed,   and remember that it was the Golden State Warriors who did this.)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

REDS(Leake) +114 over Braves(Hale)(Lose 4-1......Yeah I don't think there's much going on with the Reds this year......just testing them to see if they'd play for us today.   Justin Upton 3-3, HR)

Friday, April 25, 2014

TAMPA BAY RAYS(Archer) -137 over Chicago White Sox(Johnson)----Cws hitting .270;  TB hitting .250.   Rays walking more than Cws.  Johson is walking 1 every 2inn and...........Archer doesn't walk many batters.   I will say that........I don't see the Rays as a sub-.500 team this year and,  being at 10-12,  the Rays are below their projected pace.(Lose 9-6.....it seemed to me that Grant Balfour could have challenged more hitters more often with ordinary fastballs in his 2/3 of an inning blowing of a 2-run lead which included 3 walks.   But.......there were some close calls he didn't get and, when he eventually did go to the fastball after loading the bases with sliders after almost getting a game-ending GIDP,  Abreu hit a grand slam off it.)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Rienzo) +174 over Detroit Tigers(Smyly)-----Apparently,  the Tigers are supposed to be a lot better then the Sox this year.   But White Sox offense looks strong so far,  scoring more than 5 run per game.(Win 6-4......HR Abreu and Grand Slam Marcus Semien......Paul Konerko 3-4,  Wow,  the White Sox are gonna be good this year.)

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Vargas) +116 over Cleveland Indians(Masterson)-----Well,  here's Jason Vargas for Royals and he's doing good.   And yesterday Jason Castro was 2-4 w/HR and Jason Hammel pitched a 7inn 4hitter for the Cubs.   Indians do have Jason Kipnis and they have walked more than the Royals,  but they are weaker vs lhps.(Lose 5-3......eyeballing this game I can tell you Vargas is shaky;  he needs GIDPs to win,  I think)

YANKEES(Pineda) +112 over Boston(Lackey)-----Pineda and Yankees looking pretty good.(Lose 5-1.......Pine tar on Pine da's neck.........didn't look that good.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(McCarthy) +103 over Chicago Cubs(Hammel)-----These teams are a combined 11-29 so it can't be so stupid to bet against either one of them.  Arizona is clearly not walking,  taking about 1 every 15 at-bats.   And besides the recent win by Marco Estrada and pitching gem by Mark Buehrle,  I can't think of any cause that would trigger the timely reform of that rally-killing,  gaping hole,  Mark Trumbo,  in the middle of Arizona's offense.   McCarthy has been hit this season,  but he had to face Rockies' Murderers Row.   And while Hammel has been good,  outperforming his Career Effectiveness Quotient,  I like the fact that Arizona has Cliff Pennington 1 day after Cliff Lee went 8  4  0  0  10.(Lose 9-2........Well,  Hammel's real good.)

MIAMI(Fernandez) +116 over Atlanta(Wood)------Marlins are 0-7 on the road but,  man,  their offense is in shape,  walking,  hitting .271 and scoring almost 5 runs per game.(Win 1-0  GWRBI Casey McGehee)

Monday, April 21, 2014

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Lee) +101 over La Dodgers(Maholm)-----Lee has given up 40 hits in 27 innings.......that's a lot but he doesn't walk people.   Phillies are doing much better vs lhps(at .317) than the Dodgers.(Win 7-0.......Let's see,  Puig hits safely in the 1st inning because the Phillies' 1st baseman's glove can't close fast enough on the ball which hits it.  Then Puig is thrown out trying to score from 2nd on a ground ball up the middle when Chase Utley makes a spectacular defense play to field the ball and throw quickly to home plate to preserve Lee's shutout.......Carlos Ruiz 3-4, 4RBI, HR.......Lee 10K's)

LA ANGELS(Richards) +106 over Washington Nationals(Roark)-----Hamilton is out......Roark is.....not doing great so far.   Richards has been hard to hit and........well,  the real reason,  of course,  that the Boston Marathon got bombed,  that is,  the real reason that Martin Richard(et al.) is dead,  is that there was a Washington-authorized US drone bombing less than 48 hours before the Boston marathon last year.  Certainly,  American State Media won't report this fact or imply the STARK connection.  But now......the Washington-authorized Murder Machine has been at it again,  murdering more than a few(in the double digits) innocent Arabs this past weekend in a flurry of cowardly drone strikes.   So,  what the hell,  we'll just destroy Washington's baseball team.(Win 4-2......Very nice:  an Error by Ian Desmond leading to 4 Unearned Runs as Raul Ibanez picks up a PHGW 3RBI hit.....Erick Aybar 3-4)
ORIOLES(Chen) +140 over Boston(Buchholz)-----Ahh---I'll........take the birds.(Win 7-6......Every Oriole who came to bat got 1 hit.......except Lombardozzi who got 2 hits.)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

NEW YORK METS(Wheeler) -115 over Atlanta Braves(Hale)-----Mets are walking better than Braves at this point and..........Hale has been walking people.(Win 4-3......3inn 0 Hits from Dice-K in a 14inn game......David Wright 4-6)

OAKLAND A's(Chavez) -1.5(-120) over Houston Astros(Peacock)-----Every season,  year-in-year-out it seems the A's take walks......been going on a long time and,  this year,  it looks like they're taking 1 walk every 7 ab's.   But this guy Chavez is just so smooth...........his mechanics remind me of ME when I used to pitch(somewhat Dwight Gooden-ish).   So I'll lay the run with him as he.......lets see....has only walked 2 batters this year?  Yeah,  that's right.(Win 4-1.......Josh Donaldson 3-4, HR)

DETROIT TIGERS(Porcello) -138 over La Angels(Santiago)---------Tigers hitting .265 with Cabrera still only at .232.(Win 2-1..........Andrew Romine 2-2)

ROCKIES(Nicasio) over Phillies parlayed with ROYALS(Ventura) over Twins(Hughes) +165-----Phillies do have Ryan Howard,  which is a risk considering what happened yesterday,  but we'll go with Nicasio because he's getting the job done with the Rockies,  at home today,  hitting a good .292.   The Royals game is pitching mismatch.(Lose 8-3 and 10-9........I guess Ventura can get rocked.........yup,  Howard went 4-5 with an HR)

Cardinals(Miller) vs Nationals(Strasburg) OVER 7(+110)------See if I can win a total in this day game.....obviously with Ryan Braun and Ryan Hanigan both getting 2HR yesterday to win their games,   Ryan Zimmerman should help the Nationals score today.   Strasburg is known to be able to do good,  but he hasn't really done that this year.(Lose 3-2........Zimmerman didn't play,  but Espinosa was 3-4)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

MIAMI MARLINS(Alvarez) -103 over Seattle Mariners(Elias)------Elias is the better SP so far,  but with Aaron Harang pitching a no-hitter through 7 innings yesterday and Aaron Hill getting the GWRBI also for Arizona,  Marlins do have Adeiny Hechavarria........and while Alvarez is walking 1 every 2inn and doesn't have a Win yet,  I'll look to Perez's 12-0 win for the Rangers yesterday and see if the good-run-support for a Venezuelan pitcher phenomenon can follow here.(Win 7-0......Wow,  Alvarez a CG 2-hitter with 0 walks..........Ozuna 2-4, HR........Hechavarria 3-4.......Solano 2-4)

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Buehrle) +107 over Cleveland Indians(Kluber)-----So far,  Buehrle's been a more effective SP than Kluber.  I see no reason not to bet him.(Win 5-0.........Dioner Navarro 2-4........Buehrle a 7inn 4-hitter)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

LOS ANGELES DODGERS(Ryu) +115 over San Francisco Giants(Bumgarner)-----This is the BCLI REVENGE GAME OF THE MONTH.  Ryu,  obviously,  had some bad luck when he faced the Giants last start.  Kemp is low,  at .194,  for the Dodgers right now......but he should hit the LHP.   And I think most would agree that it would be---considering CNN's addictive overkill on the missing-at-sea plane story----too cruel if the Giants sank Ryu's ship again.(Win 2-1)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

ROYALS(Guthrie) -115 over Astros(Keuchel)------Royals only have 2 home runs this season!  And there were 10 HRs hit in a single game 2 days ago between the Pirates and Reds!  Well,  that should improve and,  at .237,  Royals are still hitting for a higher average than Houston is.(Win 6-4.....Yes!  Mike Moustakas GWHR,  Danny Valencia 2-3 HR,   Danny Duffy get the W and God Save the fucking Queen!!!)

BLUE JAYS(Dickey) over Twins(Pelfrey) parlayed with METS(Gee) over Diamondbacks(McCarthy) +280-----While Dickey has walked 10 in 18inn this year,  Pelfrey has been downright horrible.  I have to expect that Curtis Granderson will be hitting higher than .170 soon for the Mets but,  as it is now,  Arizona is hitting .250--but not walking---while the Mets are hitting .226.   Even with Arizona having such a bad record,  I've learned that its a mistake to say Az is "due for a win".   Their SPs can't stay in the game long enough and their bullpen might not be very good.(Win 5-2.....wow,  7inn 3-hitter with no walks by Gee)

Monday, April 14, 2014

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Collmenter) -131 over New York Mets(Wheeler)(Lose 7-3)
ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Collmenter) -1.5(+155) over New York Mets(Wheeler)(Lose 7-3........Lucas Dudah 4-5.......Montero 3-3.......Diamondbacks?  Nah,  not happening this year.  Huh.  Just a couple of years ago I thought this team had so much potential.  The "idea" here was....that the day before this game, Aaron Harang got huge run support and won 10-2 while.........here Arizona has Aaron Hill.   See?  Well,  that's the Braves,  a quality team.   Arizona is, like,  worse than AAA this year.)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

BOSTON RED SOX(Doubront) -104 over New York Yankees(Nova)-----A victim of Boston Terror from the studio in tears sent............
   .........by the callous NBC Meet The Press to commemorate the event...........
 ......"We must speaketh the name,  for we are High Priests of News............."
   ......."But he blew off my leg, MSNBC,  what more of humanity must you wish to abuse.....?"
    ...."We are The Press and you are only Meeting us......."
            "And you assholes promised not to name-drop,  and now you betrayed the trust......"
"Be not afeared of the Ghost-ah,  Meet The Press is not Oprah............
   We are MSNBC and must speak the name true.......
          ..........Perhaps Anderson Cooper would care about you......"
   Rarely does a game follow such definable lines:  Do you have empathy for victims of Boston Terror?  Or are you with the callous "Hard News"-NBC Meet The (unmercifully disrespectful) Press-ers of New York?(Lose 3-2.......TAMERLAN.........Czarnaev.......rules Boston now;  guess MSNBC was right.)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

ATLANTA BRAVES(Wood) -139 over Washington Nationals(Jordan)(Win 6-3)
ATLANTA BRAVES(Wood) -1.5(+160) over Washington Nationals(Jordan)----Alex Wood.  Let's cut this up.  Let's lacerate these Nationals.  Yo.  Cut it up.  Slash and weave.  Slice and dice.  Cut and run.  "WHAZZ-AH....new girl.............ain't got time to play...........
.............this just a crazy crazy crazy little mixed up game..........she just a victim of so-ci-ety and all dese things...........Now where I come from............w'on't society tell us how its suppose to be......................its all about BEING there.................EVERYBODY'S GOING UP-TOWN........"(Win 6-3......Freeman 3-5 HR.....Justin Upton 3-4........BJ Upton HR......Evan Gattis 3-4)
KEVIN STADLER +6000 to win Masters-----Stadler's only 3 strokes off of 2nd place now with Watson 3 strokes ahead in first.  Kevin Ollie won the Final Four with Connecticut so........I figure if I also bet Watson,  I'll probably do what I was very upset I couldn't do last year.   And that is to win a Major.(Lose by 8)

BUBBA WATSON +160 win Masters-----Emma Watson in theaters now in a movie called Noah so........it makes sense that Watson would win.  But if he fades,  the winner should be Stadler.(Win by 3.............Yes!  Won a Major.   TELL Tiger Woods I give professional golf lessons.)

Friday, April 11, 2014

COLORADO ROCKIES(De La Rosa) +148 over San Francisco Giants(Bumgarner)-------De La Rosa has not been successful this year so far.   However,  and regardless of how many games were played at Coors Field,  the Rockies' offense has done well hitting .320 with 5 starting players currently hitting over .380.   So.......yeah,  Bumgarner's a better pitcher but........
(VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis has asked for forgiveness from people who were sexually abused by priests....)
...................................Wow.   You really don't know me if you can't understand why this is like Lloyd Blankfein asking National City shareholders to forgive David A. Daberko and James E. Rohr of the Pittsburgh National Bank Corporation for stealing 90% of their wealth,  life savings and net worth.   UN-fucking-believable.   I hadn't realized how much headway the Illuminati have made towards the extirpation of the Catholic Church.(Lose 6-5........De La Rosa can look quite good at times,  striking people out on breaking balls.  But it doesn't always work out for him.   He can have bad starts that look...........bad.   He came very, very close to winning this game.   But his control was,  well,  1 Wild Pitch and 1 Hit Batter.........ALMOST good enough,  but not.   That is,  if the Giants' pitcher,  Madison Bumgarner,  had had, in his 2 plate appearances,  say,  only 3 RBIs(instead of 5),  the Rockies would have won.   Yes,  because the Rockies did outhit the Giants 11 to 6.)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Sale) -153 over Cleveland Indians(Carrasco)(Win 9-6)
CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Sale) -1.5(+135) over Cleveland Indians(Carrasco)----Hopefully the Sox offense will stay hot through this game.(Win 9-6.........Connor Gillaspie 2-3, 4RBI.....Adam Eaton and Adam Dun both 2-3)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Salazar) -130 over Chicago White Sox(Danks)(Lose 7-3)
CLEVELAND INDIANS(Salazar) -1.5(+125) over Chicago White Sox(Danks)-----Indians are hitting a modest .241 so far but man are they walking.  They also have Carlos Santana AND Jason Kipnis.   That matters because,  well,  Charlie Blackmon 3-5 yesterday,  Carlos Gonzalez 3-5 yesterday.....Carlos Beltran 3-3 w/ HR.....for the Brewers Carlos Gomez 3-5......Jason Heyward 3-4 and Jason Kubel  4 for 5 for the Twins.(Lose 7-3.........Salazar 10 K's in 3 innings but......man,  that guy cannot throw a palm-ball----wild as hell.   Asdrubal Cabrera tried to help with a 2-4, HR but Santana and Kipnis went a combined 1 for 8.   Alexei Ramirez keeps slashing with a 2-4, HR)

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Arroyo) +117 over San Francisco Giants(Lincecum)-----Ok,  time to git real:  This team is 2-8.  2 and 8.   Are they that bad?  Of course not.  10 runs of support for Martin Perez from Texas yesterday and Russell Martin had the GWRBI for Pittsburgh last night beating the Cubs and,  thereby,  ruining my bet and blowing a +630 3-team parlay of mine which---had it won--would have made me more than 12 much-needed dollars.   Well..............Arizona has Martin Prado so...........let's see something here.  Look,  I am not gonna start losing this year.   I cannot allow that to happen;  nobody's paying me and it seems like just about everybody owes now.   I keep getting poorer and poorer while the price of everything keeps going up.  THIS IS UNSUSTAINABLE.   There is only one way,  considering that noone wants to help me,  to beat this impoverishing situation and that is to win.   The initials on the Murrysville Ripper today were AH and Arizona has Aaron Hill who I expect to slash out some pretty major offensive production tonight.   "When tha............grass is cut the snakes a' show...........I gotta thank tha little homie Naz for dat tho..........savin me the hassle of speakin to half-of-these assholes..........."(Win 7-3...........Paul Goldschmidt HR 4RBI.......Gerardo Parra 3-5)
ROCKIES(Nicasio) -166 over White Sox(Johnson)(Win 10-4)
ROCKIES(Nicasio) -1.5 over White Sox(Johnson)-------So the White Sox scored 15 runs yesterday---the day after I bet on them.  Well,  they're not gonna do that today.(Win 10-4.....DJ Mathieu Charlie Blackmon Carlos Gonzalez each with 3 hits.......Justin Morneau 2-2)

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

CUBS(Jackson) +108 over Pirates(Morton)----Cubs are 2-4 right now and they have a chance here at home to NOT start falling further and further behind.   Offensively this season,  the Cubs have done almost as well as the Pirates.........so things are still looking fairly equal.(Lose 7-6........decent offense for Cubs here but Jackson just got rocked)

SEATTLE(Paxton) -111 over Angels(Santiago)(Win 5-3)

TAMPA BAY(Archer) -114 over Kansas City(Ventura)(Win 1-0........GWRBI James Loney)

Monday, April 07, 2014

MINNESOTA TWINS(Correia) +133 over Oakland A's(Kazmir)----No problems so far with Twins' offense as they've scored at least 7 runs in 5 of their first 6 games. (Lose 8-3.......Wrong;  Twins had had only 3 games scoring 7 or more runs.........but 7 runs or more were scored by at least 1 team in 5 of the Twins' first 6 games.  So...........Twins bullpen is not good.   In this game,  Sam Deduno adds a balk to the two WP's he picked up on April 2nd.   I'd look to bet Overs on Twins games.)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Paulino) +127 over Colorado Rockies(Lyles)----Major beatdown by Atlanta Hawks last night with Paul Millsap getting 17pts.(Lose 8-1..........White Sox are a horrible offensive team.  There was nothing I saw in Lyles that looked difficult.   WSox are just a weak offense(Do they have anybody new this year?)......Paulino?  No.  Nah.  Throws too many fastballs,  doesn't really have any offspeed---or at least he doesn't have the confidence to use it.   CWS is a go-against team and they'll have a worthless season this year.)

Sunday, April 06, 2014

NEW YORK YANKEES(Sabathia) +109 over Toronto Blue Jays(Hutchison)----ConneCticut huge......over Florida yesterday and we're going with CC.   Whew,  Yankees have MCCann.......in addition to Beltran and Ellsbury.   This team should hit well,  eventually.(Win 6-4......HR Brett Gardner......Kelly Johnson 2RBI)

Saturday, April 05, 2014

KENTUCKY over Wisconsin parlayed with TAMPA BAY(Price) over Texas(Martinez) +183-----Wisconsin did have an impressive win over Baylor but their win over Arizona didn't impress me because I didn't think Arizona that great.  Kentucky,  let's see,  beat a no.1 seed Wichita State,  then last year's champion Louisville and then Michigan.  Considering that this is basketball,  not golf,  and understanding that Wisconsin is an almost entirely White team,  it goes far beyond a reasonable imagination to see Wisconsin beating a team as Black as Kentucky even if you devalue players for being Freshmen.   Wisconsin has Frank Kaminsky and Kentucky has real and extensive depth.  However your associations run,  the bottom line is that Charlie BLACKmon went 6 for 6 with an HR yesterday for Colorado.(Win 74-73 and 5-4............James Loney 2-2,  GWRBI and 2BB.....Matt Joyce 2-4, HR)
PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Lee) -120 over Chicago Cubs(Samardzija)(Win 2-0)
PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Lee) -1.5(+145) over Chicago Cubs(Samardzija)(Win 2-0)
Phillies(Lee) vs Cubs(Samardzija) OVER 6.5(-105)----The Philadelphia 76ers won last night.........and that doesn't happen very often.......hmm,  sunny day at Wrigley and the o/u is 6.5???  Well,  Phillies got Mayberry.(Lose 2-0.........Chase Utley 3-3, HR)

METS(Gee) +118 over Reds(Cueto)-----....and Mulberry was the name of the place---East of Tampa---where from came Danny Ferguson,  the door-holding hero in the recent Fort Hood denial-of-forms shooting.  Well,  its enough that the Mets have Daniel Murphy.(Win 6-3.......Pinch-Hit,  Game-Winning,  Walk-off Grand Slam by Ike Davis off JJ Hoover)

Friday, April 04, 2014

TAMPA BAY(Odorizzi) -144 over Texas(Saunders)(Win 8-1)
TAMPA BAY(Odorizzi) -1.5(+140) over Texas(Saunders)----For the Braves,  Evan Gattis his a home run today in a heinously pathetic and idiotic Nationals' loss.  So let's see what Evan Longoria can do and if the Rays can hit for us.(Win 8-1..........Sean Rodriguez 4RBI, HR)
SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Vogelsong) +156 over LA Dodgers(Ryu)(Win 8-4..........all-time worst outing for Ryu)

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Zimmerman) -161 over Atlanta Braves(Hale)-----Well,  some might see this as a high price but........Nationals seem to getting hits,  most of them,  except for Harper.......see if he can kill this mockingbird Hale today.(Lose 2-1......Idiotic baserunning by Ian Desmond trying to steal 3rd with no outs!   Why?   He runs half-way and then turns around.   When you decide to steal,  you gotta keep going,  there's not that much time.  Any kid knows that.   Dominant start by Zimmerman wasted because the Nationals can't hit..........Bryce Harper:  Pathetic.  A highly hyped player(I don't really consider him a Major League hitter) for what he did in college WITH ALUMINUM BATS.   He's not demonstrated that he can hit with wood bats.  Apparently,  he's holding his hands higher this year but.......I don't think that's gonna work......his stance has always been too knarled and tight.......you can't just flick your wrists and hit a home run with a wood bat.....gotta anticipate.....have a longer swing..........gotta have a bit of a weight shift.   Despicable loss for us laying -161 on the Nationals at home.)

ARIZONA(Delgado) over Colorado(Nicasio) parlayed with MARLINS(Koehler) over Padres(Stults) +340-----On April 2nd,  Aaron Harang threw a 6-inn 2-hitter while Allen Huddleston was getting 20 points for Fresno State in a win.   Adeiny Hechavarria and Aaron Hill both had 3 hits yesterday so....we'll go with their teams today...........Miami,  off to a 3-1 start;  maybe they'll be good this year.(Lose 12-2........Uhhh,  Diamondbacks can only get 2 runs going against Nicasio at Coors Field????  That's weak,  major weakness alert for Arizona's offense.)

SEATTLE MARINERS(Young) +140 over Oakland A's(Straily)----------Give this team another chance to win for me.(PPD)

Thursday, April 03, 2014

SEATTLE MARINERS(Elias) +131 over Oakland A's(Chavez)----Mariners are dominating early in the season.(Lose 3-2.....GWHR Coco Crisp........Elias only allowed 2 H but......Mariners didn't hit)

ASTROS(Oberholtzer) +131 over Yankees(Nova)----Ivan'll be throwing bullets today but I'm not sure the Yankees are ready to win yet.(Lose 4-2.......Houston got 5 walks off Nova but.....I guess the Yankees bullpen is good.)

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

FRESNO STATE +1 over Siena-----Fresno has the revenge for......a game just 2 days ago.  They also have Allen Huddleston one day after Minnesota won with 30 combined points from Austin Hollins and Andre Hollins.(Win 89-75..........Huddleston 20pts.....Tyler Johnson 19pts.......Paul Watson 14pts....Cezar Guerrero 13pts)

ASTROS(Cosart) +145 over Yankees(Kuroda)----Could the Yankees,  with the usual older expensive new players like Soriano and Beltran,  be undergoing some punishment this year for dumping Cano?(Win 3-1........Dexter Fowler 2-4 w/HR)

LOS ANGELES DODGERS(Haren) over San Diego Padres(Ross) parlayed with RANGERS(Ross) over Phillies(Kendrick) +210-------Dodgers' offense should be better than Padres' over the long run....but could Haren be good again for this year?  We'll try him.   Rangers have Choo and Fielder this year with Ross making his first career start.(Win 5-1 and 4-3........Thank you Jonathan Papelbon........Leonys Matin 2-4...........Haren 6inn 0R 0BB)