Wednesday, May 16, 2012

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Paulino) -128 over Baltimore Orioles(Hunter)-----Royals on a 4-game win streak........Paul Konerko's 3 for 4 with HR yesterday maybe helps Paulino today at home.(Lose 4-3.......Come on!   Broxton blows the save with a 2-run lead;  ruined my round-robin parlay.  I should have gone at least 2-1 on these picks.   An excellent start by Paulino wasted by Broxton)

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Gonzalez) -139 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Bedard)-----With a pitcher like Gonzalez,  doing very well this year,  being at home here,  going against the weak-hitting Pirates.....that's all I need to think about.(Win 7-4........Adam LaRoche 3-4 4RBI)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Corbin) -107 over Colorado Rockies(Moyer)------Rockies at home here now so this could be a slugfest.....we'll give Corbin a try and,  although Moyer has beaten BCLI once this year,  note that that was BEFORE Jaime Dimon was exposed as just another over-paid bank executive with a reckless lack of risk-management skills.(Lose 6-1..........Corbin got hit but.......another pathetic offensive failure against Moyer's 68-mph eephus-slurves.   Learn to fucking hit, Arizona)


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